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Hi , Friends , Here i Present my first OS in the Forum, About Ram and Priya. This OS will be a kind of thrill. I cannot promise you that when this OS will END , Ram Priya will be together ; they might end up getting Apart. From the Title you can well understand or Guess what i am going to show you all. This OS will be maximum of 5-6 parts.



Split-1 -- Page-1

Split-2 -- Page-7

Split-3 -- Page 12

Split -4-- Page 16

Split 5-- Page 16

Split- 1


In a beautiful evening, clad in a tuxedo, he walked into the marriage of the most prestigious person's daughter in Mumbai. As he walked towards the bride and the groom, many girls almost lost their senses. Draped in white tuxedo, fitting perfectly to his physique, with his gelled hairs perfectly back brushed, he appeared to a Greek God. He walked till he was not stopped by a Lady. Taking his name, the lady stopped him.


He smirked as her voice soothed his ears. He didn't turn to her. With his back facing to her, he waited for the lady to come to front. He dashed his hand into the pockets of his trousers.  The lady draped in a black pure silk sari, with the pallu flowing like a river from her shoulder stepped to the man. She checked the man from tip to toe with her hands clasped against her belly. As the lady moved her right hand, the man repulsed saying that she will mess his hairs. The lady didn't stop; she came closer, making the man, nervous. He winced his face, leaning himself to the wall of air, he asked her to stop. Without taking him seriously, the lady moved other hand up in the air. The man became more nervous, he tripped, and missed a step, and he was about to fall ... And the lady helped him to stand holding his hand.


Thanks..'  He said ... smiling graciously, the lady said, there is no need to say thank you to your wife Ram. Shall we wish the newly wedded couple?'  She ran her finger through the few strands of his hair. Yes please' he said .Asking her hand on his; he smiled to his beautiful wife. She, Priya, Priya Ram Kapoor, slithered her hand on her husband's. They walked up to the dais after wishing the couple, they snapped few pictures with the couples and guests. People find themselves lucky to be around the Kapoor couple, who individually holds a firm identity in the society.


Ram Kapoor ,  a businessman , exploring in seven avenues , was awarded with the most successful businessman of the year married to Priya Sharma ,  a famous journalist , from whom almost every politicians to businessman and even socialists remain freighted to speak , as she holds proof against her every word, to be precise in her statement... I live with evidence against my every breath.'


 The famous couple walked out of the wedding party, briefing dinner. A bouncer came with their car. Ram skidded to the driver's seat where as Priya settled by him. She loosened her hair and allowed them to wave around her shoulder. Stop killing me with your exquisite looks priya.'  He said as he pushed the accelerator, and dashed the car into the Mumbai road.


Do you really think , I will refrain from doing the same ...'  She said running her finger through his face. He smiled. After driving for a while, he parked the car in the lobby of the Grand Hyatt. Priya was well aware of the undeclared plan so called surprise by Ram. It was their 5th anniversary, and how can Ram keep away from making the day special for them. Priya walked out of the car, as the man himself opened the door for his lady. They were popular everywhere. Ram always used to have a Suite Booked in his name there. They are a perfectly miss matched persons, from different fields contrasting each other, but they get placed in the missing gap of the puzzle when they come together. Ram planned everything about their wedding anniversary night a way back. So priya has only one thing to do, to follow the man.


The world knows , If Priya Kapoor bends infront of someone , it is Ram Kapoor her husband, and The Ram Kapoor the hot shot business man , is well known for his honesty. The first quality that made priya fall for him. Ram Kapoor failed her for the first time in an interview. Failed in the sense, Ram was the first person, against whom; priya didn't get any charges of misdeeds or corruptions. Ram was the first person, who was interviewed by calm, smiling Priya. Ram was the first person, who was asked less and was asked to speak more by Priya, the Hot shot journalist, who is a terror for the Aristocrats.


 Ram Kapoor, hailing from a big family, born with silver spoon in mouth is an ambivert person. He speaks, only what is needed. The eldest of the four siblings Ram, heads the kapoor Industries.


Priya Sharma, now Priya Ram Kapoor an extrovert person, born in a middle class family, is the eldest of the three siblings. She achieved success in her life, through her hard work. The status, glamour are achieved by her after a great struggle.



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Posted: 2013-09-28T08:11:33Z
Wow! It looks like some fantastic updates are coming in future. Awesome starting. Thankx a lot for this brilliently presented OS. Waiting 4 next part. (y)
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Posted: 2013-09-28T08:30:17Z
Its just classy...very good start.  Eager to read this OS. Waiting for the updates.

By the way, no negative ending yaar.  I cant simply tolerate it.  Please consider.  But whatever u think that will suit the story... its okay 

Please continue soon.
Thanks for the pm.
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Posted: 2013-09-28T09:05:28Z
nice start buddy continue
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Posted: 2013-09-28T09:22:52Z
it was nice one with concept but pne thing is common that ram priya love each other
continue soon waiting for the next part and thanx for the pm
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Posted: 2013-09-28T09:59:43Z
wonderful...starting just wow...cont soon
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Posted: 2013-09-28T10:04:28Z
Good start
Plz cont
Thanks for pm
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Posted: 2013-09-28T11:22:13Z
Nice nd different.. lovd d descriptions... continue soon...
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