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hello everyone, am back again with another OS of mine on RaYa, I know ke main apni utpatang ideas se aap sab ko bore karti hoon par kya karu RaYa mere andar aisa bas gaye hain ke main chahu bhi toh usse alag nahi ho payungi, so jab tak RaYa hain tab tak shayad mere yeh stupid OS's bhi honge aur main aap sabko usse post karke pareshaan bhi karti rahungi, so here comes my new one. This will be in two parts, agar achha laage tabhi aage barayungi varna MOD's can close the topic.

It happened...by chance

She was about to scream when someone put cloth on her mouth and her eyes were also padded, she tried to free herself from the clutches of those people but she couldn't. All she could realize that she was been dragged in a car and now they were taking her to some place. The people were not talking among themselves; the only sound she can hear is the sound of vehicles, mostly large vehicles. Kehte hain jab ek organ kaam nahi karta toh dusra kuch zyada hi active ho jata hain, she was blindfolded so her ears got active, she could easily understand that the sounds of heavy vehicles were of trucks and thus understood they are going through National Highway. Initially she protested and tried to free her but now she is calm, she understood that she can't do anything to come out from these people. The Bolero was going through National Highway, they were near their destination. Those people didn't even touch the girl in fact they were always cautious about her dignity and safety. After about an hour later the car stooped near a haveli. They made the girl came out from car and came inside the haveli. Haveli is a big one with a big courtyard inside, it is the typical one. The entire haveli is lit with lights from chandelier, maano jaise roshni ka mela laga hua hain. Those men took the girl in one of the room and opened her mouth and eyes. For moment she couldn't see anything but as the lights gets accustomed to her eyes she slowly opened it and found her standing in the middle of the room. The girl was about to ask something but instead she heard a deep manly voice, she turned and saw a man standing in front of the door of the room. He was about 6 feet tall, dark with sharp features. The most prominent among it is his eyes they have so depth in it, as if many secrets are buried under it. The person came in the room and said,

Man - well Miss Priya Sharma, I hope my men didn't cause any trouble for you?

Priya - who are you? and why your men brought me here? what do you want?

Man asking his men to wait for him in the other room while he took a seat and asked Priya to take her seat.

Man - Miss Sharma, have a seat first.

Priya - am not here to sit down, I want my answer.

Man while taking his seat smirked at her and then said, well if you insist so then I would say I have actually abducted you.

Priya - whaaat?

Man - yes you heard me right.

Priya - what non sense is this?, who are you and what do you want?

Man looked at her for some more time, she is a pretty good looking girl, she is only 22 years old but doesn't look more than 17-18. The only daughter of Sudhir and Shipra Sharma and youngest of her four siblings. She has just completed her studies. Priya is very pampered and loved by her three elder brothers.

Priya found the man is staring at her, she was feeling restless, so she again asked him about the reason behind all these.

Man - well my name is Ram Kapoor and you are now in my haveli. I have abducted you but let me tell you no body will do any harm to you, you can do whatever you want here but don't try to escape from here otherwise the result will be worse.

Priya - why have you brought me here?

Ram - to teach your brother and father a lesson, they need to know how it feels when someone's daughter, sister is in pain due to their actions.

Priya - you can't keep me like this, I will... saying this she started to go from the room, but her attempt failed as Ram was swift enough to pull her back and make her stand closer to him, his voice hissed as he said,

Ram - don't try such stupid games with me Miss Sharma, otherwise anjaam bohot bura hoga, bhalai isi me hain ki aap yahan chupchap mehmaan banke rahiye, saying this he left the place leaving Priya rooted there.

After a few seconds later an elderly women came in the room and saw Priya was seating on the chair. She came near to her and kept her hands on her head. Priya turned and found an elderly lady standing there.

Priya in her tears said, mujhe ghar jana hain...

The lady came closer and took her in embrace. Priya was sobbing badly. The lady caressed her hair and tried to pacify her. After some moments she called someone and asked Priya to take her in some another room.

Priya was sitting on the bed hugging her knees, resting her chin on her knees. She still had marks of tears on her cheeks. She just wanted to go back to her parents, her brothers. After some times that lady came back, she saw Priya sitting like that; she sighed and came to her,

Lady - beta, yahan tumhe koi taqleef nahi hogi, koi tumhe kuch nahi karega.

Priya looked up and said, mujhe ma papa ke paas jana hain

Lady - yeh kuch kapde hain, tum jaake naha lo

Priya - mujhe yahan kyun laya gaya hain?

Lady - main tumhare liye khaane ke liye kuch bhej deti hoon.

Priya - plz mujhe yahan nahi rehna hain, I want to go home, saying this she started crying.

The old lady came out from her room and make her way to the hall. She stopped in front of a room and slowly opened the door. The room seemed huge with a big chandelier exactly in the middle with many small lights illuminating the room with brightness. The entire room has thick carpet on the floor with antique furniture. It's a study cum playing room. In one side there is a huge collection of books and another portion there is a billiard table situated. Ram Kapoor was sitting on a sofa in the room, he seemed in his deep thoughts. The lady came and kept her hand on his shoulder. Ram turned to her.

Lady - yeh sahi nahi hain beta, woh bachhi hain, aise kaise tum usse...

Ram - I know daijaan, but I had no option other than this.

Daijaan - yeh koi tareeka nahi hain Ram, usse jaane do

Ram - main janta hoon lekin uske pariwaar ko samjhane ke liye yehi ek tareeka hain

Daijaan - Ram main manti hoon Esha ke saath jo hua hain waisa nahi hona chahiye tha, par iss tarah se uss baat ka haal toh nahi hoga

Ram - daijaan aap janti hain, yeh mera tareeka nahi hain lekin Sharmas ne mere samne aur koi option nahi rakhha hain, agar mere behen ke liye mujhe yeh bhi karna pare toh main karunga.

Daijaan - main janta hoon Ram, tumhare liye Esha aur Natasha kya hain, tum unn dono ke sirf bada bhai hi nahi balki maa aur baap dono ho, par beta yeh bhi toh socho Priya bhi kisiki beti hain, behen hain...

Ram - Miss Sharma ko yahan koi taqleef nahi hogi, kisi bhi tarah ki koi badsaluki ya asamman nahi hoga unke saath lekin unhe aise hi rehna parega yahan.

Daijaan - theek hain beta, jaisa tum chaho lekin phir bhi main yehi kahungi ke jo tum kar rahe ho woh sahi nahi hain saying this she got up

Ram - daijaan, Esha ne khana khaya?

Daijaan - woh tumhare bina khati hain kya?

Ram - theek hain toh aaj main, Esha aur Natasha ek saath khayenge, aap khana lagwaiyye


Jab tak Ram apne beheno ke saath khana khaate hain tab tak dekhte hain ke kya hua tha jiski wajah se Ram ne Priya ko aise agwaah kiya hain...Ram Kapoor, Kapoor khandaan ka bada beta aur Kapoor Industries ki owner bhi. Esha aur Natasha are his younger sisters. After both his parents died he took the responsibility of his sisters. Daijaan was always there for Ram and his family, in fact she is like mother to all three. Ram is 30 years old and most of the time he is out of India for his business purpose. Esha is 7 years younger while Natasha is 13 years younger than him. All the problem started when Esha was in her college where she fell for a guy named Siddhanth Sharma who was doing his Master's in the University. Both loved each other and thought of staring new life after they both complete their studies. Siddhanth Sharma is the son of Sudhir Sharma, a famous politician. Everything was going good until and unless that worst happen. Siddhanth and Esha married secretly in a temple about six months ago but Sudhirji and his wife Shipraji didn't consider the marriage. Initially Siddhanth supported Esha and tried to reconcile the situation with his family but he came back to his family leaving Esha. It was about three months back, Ram was then in London on a business trip. Daijaan called him up and asked him to come back as soon as possible. After coming back to India and hearing everything, he tried to settle down the matter amicably but nothing happened. Ram even talked with Siddhanth but he said he can't leave his family. Ram was trying every possible way to make the situation better but nothing happened. In the middle of this Esha started refraining from all things, she even tried to kill herself, Ram was mentally shattered, he can't see his little sister in so much pain and it was then when he decided that he has to make them understand how it feels when someone's sister and daughter goes through similar trauma. Ram inquired about Sudhir Sharma and his family and found he has a daughter who studied outside the city and was about to come home after her final exam. From that day Ram started keeping his eyes on her, for past three months Priya was constantly under watch by Ram's men and finally today she is in this haveli.

Priya on the other hand was still sitting on the bed. The food was lying on the table, she is staring at some other direction and her mind was thinking back to her parents and brothers. Priya aaj apne doston ke saath picture dekhne gayi thi, though her father is in politics still she is much grounded person. Very bubbly and sweet girl, she always loves to spread joy and love to everyone. She is the youngest among her siblings. She has three big brother, and two lovable bhabhis, she is actually the apple of everyone's eyes. She has just completed her studies and wanted to do social work. She is very close to her dadi and badi bhabhi. Today after coming out from movie hall she was waiting for a cab when she was pulled and blindfolded and put in the car. Priya was thinking about herself and once again the tears made path to shed from her eyes. She was feeling miserable; she even couldn't call to her parents as they have taken her phone. She lied down on the bed still hugging her knees and kept crying.

Next day in the morning, daijaan came to her room and found Priya is sleeping in cuddled position. The food was still lying on the table, and she didn't change also. Daijaan came and sat beside her and lovingly caressed her hair. She can see the tears on her cheeks. She felt bad for her. For moments she sat beside her sleeping figure then came out from room.

At the breakfast table, Daijaan was serving Ram and Natasha, Esha is still recuperating from the incident and hence she doesn't come out from her room.

Ram - Miss Sharma kaisi hain daijaan?

Daijaan - Ram, usne kal raat ko kuch nahi khaya, maine nashta bheja hain par usne mana kar diya.

Ram didn't say anything rather concentrated on his paper.

Natasha was listening to the conversation, she asked, koi aya hain kya hamare ghar me daijaan?

Daijaan - haan chhoti, hamare ghar me ek mehmaan aayi hain?

Natasha was very happy to hear this, actually she feels bored in this haveli, abhi school ka bhi chhutti chal rahi hain and with that uski di yani Esha bhi aajkal usse baat nahi karti toh she feels lonely, so she got excited hearing this, she asked, kahan hain woh, aapne bulaya nahi?

Ram - chhoti, unki tabiyaat kuch theek nahi hain, tum apna nashta karo

Natasha ko sab chhoti bulate hain, she is the youngest and very dear to her brother, woh Ram ki bohot kareeb hain.

Natasha - bhai aap hi kehte hain na ke mehmaan bhagwan jaise hote hain aur agar unki tabiyat kharab hain toh hamein hi unhe dekh bhaal karni paregi na?

Ram - tum pehele apna nashta karo, turning to daijaan asked, Esha ne kiya nashta?

Daijaan - nahi

Ram - main jaake usse le aata hoon, saying this he came in her room.

Ram came in her room and found her sitting on the windowpane and looking outside. He came to her and kept his hand on her and said, Esha, tune nashta nahi kiya?, dawai bhi toh khani hain?

Esha - bhai mujhe bhook nahi hain

Ram came and sit in front of her and said, aise kaise?, tujhe toh hamesha bohot bhook lagti hain, aur aaj daijaan ne nashte me puri aur chholey banayi hain, teri favourite, chal aaja, aaj hum ek saath beyth ke nashta karenge.

Esha - bhai mujhe sach me...

Ram - mere liye tu itna nahi karegi...

Ram, Esha and Natasha were having their breakfast, daijaan was very happy to see Esha on dining table. She just wanted her children to be happy. Ram is trying every possible way to make Esha come out from trauma and depression. Natasha too misses her di, ma papa ke jaane ke baad di hi uski sabse achhi dost bhi hain aur sahara bhi.

Ram left for his work and Esha was in her room. Daijaan came to Priya's room and found she is sitting on the bed hugging her knees and resting her chin on it. She didn't even change, nor touched her food. Daijaan came to her and said,

Daijaan - aise kab tak beythi rahogi?, kal raat se tumne kuch nahi khaya, jao jake fresh ho lo

Priya looked up at her and said in firm voice, mujhe ghar wapas jaana hain

Daijaan - kyun bekaar me zid kar rahi ho

Priya - aakhir maine kiya kya hain jo mujhe iss tarah yahan rakhha ja raha hain?

Daijaan - tumne kuch nahi kiya, tumhare papa aur bhai ne...she couldn't finish her words as she saw chhoti was standing on the door of the room. Daijaan didn't want chhoti to know all these, she is still a small girl, so she didn't say anything and came out from the room.

Priya hugged her knees more tightly and started dropping her tears. Natasha looked at her for some time and then came inside. She came and sat on the bed and looked at her. She saw Priya was crying.

Natasha - aap ro kyun rahi ho?, mehmaan thode hi na rote hain, saying this she wiped her tears.

Priya looked at her, Natasha smiled and said, mera naam Natasha hain, aapka naam kya hain?

Priya in between her sobs said her name.

Natasha - aap hi ho na hamare naye mehmaan, bhai bata rahe the, aapki tabiyat kharab hain?

Priya now wiped her tears, and nodded her head in negation.

Natasha - toh phir aap ro kyun rahi thi?

Priya rested her chin on her knees again.

Natasha liked Priya, so she started her non-stop chatting with her, Priya kabhi kabhi respond kar rahi thi lekin most of the time she was quiet. After some time Natasha said, kya main aapko Priya di keh sakti hoon?

Priya smiled faintly and said yes. Priya ko Natasha ke innocence ache lage.

Natasha looked at the table and saw her plate was lying there, she said, aapne nashta nahi kiya?, saying this took the plate and came on the bed, she took a piece and placed in front of her mouth. Priya looked at her for some moments and then took that piece in her mouth. Natasha became very happy seeing this. Daijaan was watching them from outside the room, she smiled and move from there.

The entire morning Natasha gave company to Priya and they chatted for long. In fact Priya is now liking her company. She is not very young than her and thus these two really gelled well. Baton baton me Natasha ne apne family, bhai, di, aur daijaan ke bare me bhi bataya.

Natasha - aap ke ghar me kaun kaun hain?

Priya - sab hain, ma, papa, dadi, mere bhaiyya aur bhabhi

Natasha - aap toh bohot lucky hain ki aapke paas aapke parents hain

Priya looked at her and found her teary eyes, Priya felt bad, she can understand how it feels to be away from parents, peechle ek din me usse yeh ehsaas ho gaya hain

Natasha - pata hain, meri di bhi bohot udaas aur dukhi rehti hain aajkal, mujhse baat bhi nahi karti hain

Priya - aisa kyun?

Natasha - pata nahi, koi mujhe kuch batata nahi hain? aap miloge mere di se?

Priya was about to say something when someone came and asked Natasha that daijaan was calling her.

Priya was again left alone in her room. She got up from bed and came to bathroom. She took her shower and came out from changing room wearing a salwar kameez which daijaan kept for her. Priya was thinking about her family, her parents and brothers must be very worried for her. By now her father must have started searching her. She was feeling miserable.

In the evening Natasha came in Priya's room and said,

Natasha - Priya di, aap chaliye mere saath

Priya - par kahan?

Natasha - chaliye na, phir batati hoon

Natasha and Priya came in the terrace of the haveli. It's a huge one with a big jhula in one corner and in other portions many seasonal flowers are there, it seems a mini garden in teraace. The sun has already set in and now the sky is having stars and moon is shining brightly. The sky is looking beautiful, maano jaise lag raha hain ki neele odhni me silver ka chota chota bulb timtim kar raha hain. For moments Priya couldn't say anything, she just kept watching the entire thing.

Natasha - kitna sundar hain na?

Priya - bohot pyaari hain bilkul tumhari tarah, said this while giggling.

Actually Priya ab apne aap ko samhal rahi thi, she understood that she can't escaped from here but at the same time was very curious why the person has brought her here. She was thinking such and remembered what he said yesterday; in fact today in the morning too daijaan was saying such but couldn't finish her words. Priya was thinking, mere papa aur bhai ne aisa kya kiya hain jo Mr. Kapoor itna gussa hain unn logo par aur agar kuch hain toh isme meri kya galati hain, she actually can't solve the puzzle, somewhere something is missing in it. Priya's thoughts disturb as Natasha pulled her hand and said,

Natasha - chaliye, main aapko apni di se milwati hoon

Both came in Esha's room, Natasha opened the door and found the room is dimly lit and Esha is sitting beside window and gazing outside. Natasha softly said,

Natasha - di

Esha turned and looked at her, Natasha switch on the lights, that's when Priya saw a girl aged almost her but she was looking very pale and disturbed.

Esha - mujhe akela chhod de chhoti ju jaa yahan se

Natasha felt sad and pouted her lips, she wanted to spend her time with Esha but she is not even interested in talking with her. Natasha was still standing there, when Esha again said,

Esha - maine kahan na tu ja...couldn't finish her words as she turned and saw someone standing with chhoti.

Natasha looked at her and said, di yeh hamari mehmaan hain

Esha looked at Priya for some time and then asked chhoti,

Esha - kaun hain yeh? aur yahan kya kar rahi hain?

Natasha - di, inka naam Priya hain aur yeh hamari mehmaan hain

Now Esha came to her bed and asked them to sit. Priya sat on the chair while Natasha sat on the bed. Esha was now little inquisitive about Priya, on the other Priya was watching her.

Esha - kya hum pehele kabhi mile hain?

Priya - mujhe nahi lagta hain

Esha - mujhe lagta hain main aapko janti hoon

Priya smiled and said, main yahan peheli baar aayi hoon

Esha - kya aap bhai se business ke silsile me milne aayi hain?

Before Priya could answer anything Daijaan came and said to Natasha, not to disturb her di and even asked to leave her room. Actually she doesn't want Esha to know about Priya varna woh yeh baat kabhi bhi bardaasht nahi kar payegi, but Esha forced Daijaan that she wanted to chat with them. Aaj bohot dino baad Esha ne kisi se baat karne ke liye raazi huyi hain, she caressed her head and kissed her on forehead and asked Natasha not to disturb her di. Within some minutes these three started chatting, Esha ko Priya pasand aayi, infact yeh dono lagbhag ek hi age ki hain toh bonding zyada achhi ho gayi. Meanwhile Esha started calling Priya by her name and also dropped the formalities of aap', Priya sensed a warm feeling in her behavior, and she too liked the sisters. Bade dino baad Natasha apne di ko yun haste huye dekh rahi thi she creeped to her di and took her in her hug, Esha too possessively hugged her and caressed her cheeks.

Natasha - I missed u di

Esha - but I luv my chhoti.

Natasha kissed her cheeks and both remained in tight hug for some time. Priya ko yeh dekh ke bohot achha laga, she too missed her family. She very gently wiped her tears. On the other hand Daijaan was very happy to see Esha like this, jab se woh wapas aayi thi tab se uske chehre se haasi chali gayi thi, din raat bas Siddhanth ke bare me sochti rehti hain, infact she tried to kill herself but last moment me Ram ne usse bacha liya tha, she was devastated, she could digest the fact that Siddhanth abandoned him, aaj bhi woh Siddhanth ke naam ka sindoor lagati hain, chhupake lagati hain par daijaan ko pata hain. Daijaan se Esha ki yeh halaat dekhi nahi gayi and he asked Ram to shift here, sheher se thodi door yeh Kapoors ke purkho ki haveli hain, sab ko laga tha agar kuch din sab se Esha door rahegi toh usse achha lagega but aisa kuch nahi ho raha tha, Ram ne bohot koshish ki inn teen mahino me par kuch nahi hua, aur aaj iss ladki ke aate hi Esha ne sirf baatein hi nahi balki hass bhi rahi hain, anjane me hi Daijaan Priya ko bohot saari dua de di. She turned her face and found Esha and Priya are listening to Natasha who is making funny faces and was trying to imitate someone and both of them are laughing heartily.

if you all like it then do hit the "LIKE" button and give your valuable comments, next part will be the last one, if you all like it then will only update the finale otherwise MOD's are free to close the topic, so now everything is in your hands, you all tell me what to do, will wait for my result.

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best things: Esha n Ram and Priya n siddhant are siblings LOL Clap Clap
Ram has abducted Priya to teach a lesson to her Father n brothersConfused
sudhir sharma is  a politician and wat problem they hv in accepting sid-Esha marriageConfused
bechari ko wajah bhi bata dete sahi se, shayad wo khud samne se help karti, but no worries
story is brialliantly written..loved it
and pls dont ask whether u should continue or not, infact update it soonSmile
thanks for the pm Tongue
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Posted: 2013-09-24T04:57:50Z
Woww...Very nice and interesting.  Ram has abducted Priya and I find this Priya cute and childish.  She gelled well with his sisters.  Lets see what happens.

Please continue soon.  Thanks for the pm.
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Posted: 2013-09-24T05:04:37Z
Beautiful story...
Ram ne jo kiya sahi nahi kiya though his intentions are not bad but love birds ko milane ke liye koi tho bahana chahiye na...
Good iss story mein ek saath do do love birds milenge.Smile

Thanks for PMSmile
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Posted: 2013-09-24T05:05:28Z
good one..ofcourse next uodt do
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Posted: 2013-09-24T05:43:53Z
Nice start...
continue soon !!!
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Posted: 2013-09-24T07:32:37Z
very nice start
continue soonSmile
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Posted: 2013-09-24T08:33:54Z
Thx for the PM.
beautiful beginning..
Oyye rambabu priyaji ke apharan kar liye LOL  alah angle hai, ghee agar seedhi ungli se nahi nikle toh tedhi karni chahiye, issiliye rambabu ne pehle siddhant n family ko samjhaya, jab baat na banni toh useeki behn ko utha laaye. ab dekhte hai how raya fell for each other.
Nuts seems to be very bubly n cute , innocent girl.
Nice write up.looking forward.
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