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Hi! Friends, I am representing a small write up on love birds Raya. Hope you guys enjoy it. I will be glad by your valuable commentsSmile 

Thank you.  

This is my another write up:-



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One Time Read: Page-18

OS: Rain of Love



Priya: Kya hua?

Ram: Arre  yaar mujhe kya pata...

Ram again try to start his car in middle of lonely road as his Rado D-Star 200 shows that its quarter to twelve at night.

Mr. Husband curses himself that why he is so sensitive and kneeled down to his wife's every foolish wish each and every time. When his darling love demanded for kulfi at this odd hour of time and that too when earth is quenching her thirst and almighty is in full mood to fulfill his dearie earth's craving by living no stone unturned and pouring water using its full strength and making clouds thunder.

Ram: I hate rains... (he glanced at little worried priya fully annoyed, then goes back to his work of  twisting car key in its room by his right hand while the other rest on steering wheel)

His dear wife leans down a little to his side to take a close up as how he is making the car start while her lips are twisted to one side and her hands are rested on her lap entwining together.

As she leans down Ram gives his love an disturbing look once again and then goes back to his work.

Ram: Iss ko abhi band hona tha...ghar pohochne ke baad kharab ho jati... (In exasperated mood)

Priya: (opens the window unnoticed by her husband and takes her palm out as she looks upwards to clouds pouring rain playfully, a broad smile appears on her face as she lifts her shoulders upwards in childish mood) Waooow... I love rains...

Ram glances at Priya as her voice intrigue him and shaking his head left to right and vice versa, a small smile creeps his lips...He takes out his mobile from his white kurta's pocket to call at KM for sending another car to fetch them but by ill luck phone's battery is down, he demands priya for her phone)

Ram: Priya apna phone do... bansi kaka ko call kar ke keheta hoon ki driver ke saath doosri car bhijva dein .

Priya: (looks back to her husband)Apne phone se call kijiye naa...jaldi jaldi mein main phone laana hi bhool gayi...

Ram: (dismayed) what...phone nahi layi...ab ghar pe call kaise karoon aur doosri car kaise mangavaoon...mere phone ki battery ko bhi aise time par down hona tha...Jesus(flying his plam upwards in air and then smacking them on steering wheel with force)

Priya: (sees her husband naively, after a pause with little smile) walk karke chale...kitni achchi baarrish ho rahi hai dekhiye naa...(now with little teasing tone) aur lage hathoon apki exercise bhi ho jayegi...

Ram: (grimaces) Kya...Kya kaha tumne...Mujhe mota kaha...priyaaa...ufff tumhara kiya karoon mein...itni baarish mein walk karke ghar jana chahati ho ya hospital poonchne ka irada hai tumhara ...you are imposible darling(smirking while glancing at her)...pata bhi hai ghar kina door hain yahan se... (Vexatious and displease with the current situation)

Priya: (biting her tongue and smiling hesitatingly) Sorry...

Ram: (irking  and pressing his  lips into a hard line as he looks upwards by lifting his neck back with closed eyes) Abb iss barish mein bhahar jakar dekhna padega is car ko...

As Mr. Husband fully nettle, making his face in eeewww expression steps down the car to make a check with the problem, he comes in front of the car and lifting up the car hood, he merges in his work to correct the problem. Finishing his work and keeping down the hood on its place, as he lifts his face he is dumbfounded to see his wife not on her place. Restlessly he sees right and then left and notice light of his life joyously playing in rain by flying her arms and facing upwards with closed eyes, for once he is enchanted by the heavenly scene in front of his eyes with ravishing and relaxing smile adorning his lips but coming back to his senses suddenly, he move towards her and lifted her up in his strong masculine arms...

She is astound by his actions...

Ram: (naughtly smiles looking in his swains bewitching eyes) Tum aise nahi manogi... (he orders)Chalo car mein  warna bimaar pad jaoogi...

Priya: (goes reddening, bites her lip,looks in her beau's vivid eyes as her hands are wrapped around his neck)

He walks back to car with his honeybunch in his arms. Making her touching her foots to the ground, he makes his firm grip by his left hand on her waist letting her to stand close to him near his thorax as she lays both her hands on his chest while looking at her hubby's face with all her love oblivious to what her romeo doing. He began searching for car keys in his right pocket of fully drenched kurta, not finding the same he frowns in confusion and makes his way to left pocket, but in vain, he once again searches for the same with akin procedure, suddenly he stops and peeps inside the car through closed mirrors, he get aghast...

Will be continued...Smile

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mai bi in donon ka pyar ka bharish me bhig raha hun
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Posted: 2013-09-23T08:27:48Z
Wow...just beautiful like rain...
Cont soon
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Posted: 2013-09-23T08:37:46Z

Contn soon...
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Posted: 2013-09-23T08:54:07Z
Continue soon !!!!!!
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Posted: 2013-09-23T09:47:28Z
awesome continue soon
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Posted: 2013-09-23T09:51:12Z
raya romancing in rain lovely
continue soon the next part
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Posted: 2013-09-23T10:31:41Z
Nice OS.. whenever i read rain scene in members stories i questioned myself why didn't cvs include rain scene of both RaYa together in Epi.. Continue next part soon..
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