Os-2nd part Eternal love of a husband

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The eternal love of a husband-

This os  was started for Riddhi (rampriyarocks)

And the next part is also for Riddhi .

I have no plan to continue it ..but Yday I got a PM that she wanted to leave IF..and all that I know that She needs a break..i know her exam is knocking at the door ..but  I consider this family as my extended family and I got many one from this forum too..Riddhi is one of the best one ..she is my lil sis ..and all I know its my weakness to talk with her ..so if she leaves this forum ..how will I talk with her ? so riddhi it's a request from ur sis ..plz don't leave ..hope u will not..

Moving to the update

The previous pat was ended where Ram could see tears of Priya .

Ram can't bear her tears from the very beginning..

At their marriage day when Priya broke into tears for leaving her family ,Ram consoled her by saying that he could not control his own too..but this time ..for the very first time Ram is happy to see the water drop from his wife's eyes..as ..after their marriage whenever Priya cried  it gave him pain in his heart ..he considered himself as the reason behind her weeping..but today when he saw her tears ..he feels very happy that if anyone except him blame himself for her tears ..he will  be the happiest one then.

He clutched her palm tightly and said

Priya mujhe pata to tha  k tum mujhe sun sakti ho..aur aaj yakeen bhi hogayi ..plz aap to wapas aa jao ..

Suddenly he felt some movement in her fingers as he clutched it in his palm..

He called very loudly

Doc ..plz come soon..doc..i can feel Priya's movement..

Priya is back..doc

With this loud buzzing every one including the nurses also came to the room.though the knew that when Mr. RAM  Kapoor comes to visit his wife he needs empty room only for both of them..he does not like any one surrounding with them at that special time of them..special coz ram shared his each and every emotions..and daily tidbit as a routine with his wife..

Doc came and checked Priya once then looking towards him he said

Mr.Kapoor ..U r right .. yes ur .ur wife is back.ur  love brings her back towards u..

Ram: no doc not mine her love towards me back her in my life..she cant see my tears ..pain in my eyes and 7 years of my pain is enough to return her back.

The doc was amazed to see their love..realize their love..

He heard about love and its eternity but in his life he never thought to experience  it in front of him..never ..this 7 years he is the only witness of a husband's love ..which is unconditional..and increasing day by day..and when the love of this man is able to get back his wife his wife ..this time also he gives the credit to his lovely wife and her love ..then must be her love is sacred and a special only for her man..which Mr.Kapoor experienced a long before,the result is in front of him..

Doctor came close to Ram kept his hand on his shoulder and said ..she is urs now..but we have to take care of her very well ..as she is very much week..

Ram: kya main Priya ko ghar le jaa sakta hu?

Doc was shocked with his rly .

Nehi ..u know she is week..all time she needs a special care for her ..and also a good medication ..which is quite bit of impossible at house .

Ram: I know Doc..but all I want k jab bhi Priya  aapni aakhen khole hum sab ko dekh paye ..

Wo mehsoos kar sake k wo ghar me hi aapne ghar me

Jo use khushiya de sake..and main hoo uske pass 24 hours rahunga main..

Doc could feel his feelings ,and as he was experienced with his love so he had to give him  permission

At kapoor mantion.in their green room..

After all set

Still now Priya did not open her eyes but whenever Ram talked with her she responded by her finger's movement ..and after 7 years that is enough for Ram.

Ram came very close to her  that his hot breath on her face..which ram could sense, it hurts him a lot as whenever Ram went so much close to her that Priya could feel his hot breath on her face she shivered .. after  their consummation and also after their 14 years of marriage life it did not change ..that Priya tightly closed her eyes whenever ram came very close to her but now she does not react a little bit ..

Ram closed his eyes a lone tears escape from his eyes it drops on Priya's face and Priya moves her finger little just like she wanted to say PLz Mr,Kapoor don't cry..main aapki aaansoo bardast nehi kar sakti.u know its my weakness.main hoo aapke paas ..humesha thi..aaj bhi hu ..aur rahungi bhi..

 Ram could sense her emotion..in the journey of their  life  they did not require more words to express their feelings ..all unspoken words the understood without voice by facial expression and their heartbeats ,,and after 23 years of their marriage ..it becomes more strong and strong

caressing her forehead ram said..ok Priya I promise u ..after today I will not cry..never not for a single..

I promise now plz keep ur promise Priya ..tum ne promise ki thi na kabhi mujhe chodke nehi jayogi..i can feel u ..aab aakhen bhi khol do plz..tumhe nehi dekhna hai ..Tumhare Mr.Kapoor kitne handsome hogaya hai ..in sath salon me..pata hai..aab to mujhe spectacle bhi jarurat padta hai ..but tumhe dekhne k liy nehi ..

Tumhe to main band aakhon se bhi dekh sakta hu na

Ok..aabhi rest karlo main aata hu..and kisses her for head,and her eyes too..

This is enough for Priya to open her eyes ..

Priya slowly open her eyes

After a long gap she opened  her eyes and the first thing she can see that is her RAM,Her Mr.Kapoor

Which reminds Ram her confession day for the very first time after a fight when she said

Meri har duyao me aap shamil hote hai ..mere din k shuruayat aur mere dinka aant aap ke nam se hoga ..mere marne se pehle aagar mai kisika chehra dekhna chayungi to  wo aapka hi hoga ..

This words breaks ram's chain of thought ..never ever in his wild dream he thinks about her dead..

Priya u r back in my life ..i love u Priya love u very much

I promise after today ..my all time is only for u and u ..love u ..Priya just stared at him blankly ..



Hope riddhi u will understand my feelings too..plz don't leave ..u r now part of my life


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Posted: 2013-09-21T05:50:49Z
beautiful end...
atlast priya opnd her eyes to see her handsome...
ram is so cute...

thnx fr the pm...
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Posted: 2013-09-21T05:52:31Z
it was beautifully written
thanx for the pm
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Posted: 2013-09-21T06:12:12Z
Lovely update yaar...
bhut bhut emotional update tha yaar...
yayy priya ne ankhe kholaSmile
yaar yha aakr end kyun kiyaCry
continue soon jaanu !!!!!
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Posted: 2013-09-21T06:12:41Z
its very touchy and emotional, I was so much carried by the scenes that I can actually visualize Ram in such condition, its beautiful
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Posted: 2013-09-21T06:13:05Z
thanks for PM
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Posted: 2013-09-21T06:35:26Z
thanks for the PM
loved it...
very emotional
update soon
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Posted: 2013-09-21T07:07:21Z
Beautifully written...!  Can sense Ram's emotions. Will be happy if u continue it.

Thanks for the pm.
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