OS:Come to me

Posted: 2013-09-16T05:47:26Z
Now , nobody can save you guys Evil Smile
Since I have joined the forum and I can't stop myself from writing(even though i know I write crap), you guys will have to suffer now.
This OS is a result of 2:00 AM insomnia , Ok not full OS but the idea LOL
so here goes my first OS.Hoping that you guys will like it .

OS: Come to me 
Since the moment Tara's mother had told her about thakur jayraj coming to their home and asking her sister's hand for marriage , she had known that there has to be a very strong and an unlikable reason for uber rich people coming down to their shack of a home. 
They really have to be helpless and desperate to be trying to find help in the poor localities of bhopal. Heavenly bodies crashing to earth was,is and always will be rarity.
What ever it was Tara knew that nothing could be worst than seeing her family  on the streets. She could tolerate everything , she could bear every pain of life but could not even think about seeing her family naked in front of the world without any roof on their heads. After her shop,the only survival hope of the family was literally thrashed in front of her eyes,she had no idea how she will take care of her family, how she will pay the bank installments, what will happen to her siblings and most important where will all of them stay.
 Her life was falling apart in front of her eyes. As it happens with all the helpless humans , she also turned to the divine powers to save her family and when she came to know about the marriage proposal , it was like an answer directly from the heavens above to pull her and her family out of impending misery which was getting inevitable with every second. 
 She couldn't let this opportunity and the only hope of survival to slip out of her hand. She literally ran to grab this opportunity towards the speeding car, convinced thakur jayraj and also managed to convince her ma who was dead against the proposal. 
Every thing was moving smooth and moving really fast. Thakur jayraj seemed in super hurry to get her married to his son. Everything was acceptable to Tara and she was ready to go to any heights to make this work. 

She even agreed to get married at the airport instead of the their home and sat bravely with thakur in the car. To say she was surprised when instead of airport the car pulled up in front of the central jail gate would be an understatement. Thakur jayraj asked her to trust him and move ahead and she instantly knew that she has bargained for much more than she thought. 
She somehow forced herself to move ahead filled with hesitation, confusion and apprehensions. But her fears knew no bounds when she realized that she was supposed to get married to a jail convict.
The man , her groom, tied in chains seemed mysterious, lethal and extremely dangerous. As soon as she saw her , her reflexes took over and her feet started running on their own.she wanted to run as fast as possible to get away from this nightmare and save herself and her life. She had to stop when she encountered the locked doors and within seconds thakur caught up with her. she forgot every thing about her family,their miseries , their future and every responsibility that was on her head.,right now only thing mattered was to save herself.
 Not a single word coming out of thakur's mouth registered in her brain, she was banging the iron rods of the gate frantically to get them opened up. In between her banging ,shouting and thakur's words,something made her turn towards the person who was standing as still as death. 
He was staring at her continuously with out any reaction to any activity around him. Tara didn't know what happened to her. Her eyes were now glued to the stranger's intense piercing gaze without any logical explanation. The intensity with which he was looking towards her was drilling a hole into her soul and making her hollow from inside.
 Those dark,deep and highly irresistible eyes were calling her, forcing her to over- ride her reflexes,pulling her towards him. Tara realized that her helpless feet were moving towards him irrespective of her brain's constant and now furious commands to ran away in opposite direction as fast as possible. His presence was calling her and every cell in her body seemed defenseless towards his magnetic pull. She was now under the spell of his hypnotizing eyes and the only thing she could hear, she could understand ,she could make out were the three words that were constantly echoing in her brain - Come to me, Come to me and Come to me.
Please leave comments even if you thought it was pure s*

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Posted: 2013-09-16T05:48:38Z
nice OS Smilei wish u continue it 
and the first OS in this forum congratsClap
looking forward for more writings from uTongue
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Posted: 2013-09-16T06:15:03Z
Awesome...continue writing please...
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Posted: 2013-09-16T06:41:48Z
awesome...Day Dreaming...hope something like this happens tonight
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Posted: 2013-09-16T06:50:42Z
Nice OS!.. I hope this happens Embarrassed
Looking forward to reading more OS written by you :)
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Posted: 2013-09-16T06:56:55Z
Originally posted by sparkle2985

nice OS Smilei wish u continue it 
and the first OS in this forum congratsClap
looking forward for more writings from uTongue
Are you sure LOL
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Posted: 2013-09-16T06:57:15Z
Originally posted by ddFan2012

Awesome...continue writing please...
Thanks Big smile
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Posted: 2013-09-16T06:58:36Z
Originally posted by pallo2504

awesome...Day Dreaming...hope something like this happens tonight

Unfortunately I don't think anything remotely close to this will happen Ouch
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