Ek Boond Ishq: Live Update And Episode Discussion Thread #1

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In case you don't know, Live Update is for Posting updates and discussing Episodes as they get telecasted by anyone in the forum. This reduces the burden on Written Updaters and helps a lot when any WU goes amiss.

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1. Do Not Bash Any Actor
2. No Personal Chatting/Spamming. Please restrict your posts to comments on the update provided only
3. Please avoid long quotes. While quoting please try to keep the post/reply you want to refer only.
4. Avoid getting personal or usage of abusive language
5. No negative commenting on any community/group etc.
6. All rules under Ek Boond Ishq Rules and Regulations

apply here as well.


Please PM me in case you are interested in being an updater.

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Story So Far (Episode 1 to 12)

The show introduces us first to a she-male Kalavati, all set to do a pooja which (s)he does as a ritual. Enter tomboyish brat Tara who gatecrashes Kalavati's pooja in an attempt to get back her chat-stall keys that she accidentally lost while having a fight with some rowdy locales. She is able to escape narrowly, but earns Kalavati's wrath in the process and a chase ensues with Kalavati's men hunting for her in Bhopal fearing she may disclose Kalavati's secret of being a she-male.

Parallely we find Mrityunjay, a convict entering Bhopal Central Jail
His father Jayraj Singh wants to get him out at any cost and is frantically searching for a bride for his son. A matchmaker pundit suggests a girl Nandini as a match for him. We later find that Nandini is actually Tara's elder sister.

Tara's chat stall is quite a success and she considers it at par with her father who will help her get her sister married, her brother graduated and bank loan installments paid. But unfortunately municipal authorities pull it down.
Meanwhile Tara's mother rejects Jayaraj's proposal for his son with Nandini. A desperate Tara accepts it for herself anticipating this will ensure her family problems are solved.

We also find that Nandini is a demure but ambitious girl who wants to get rich by marrying a rich guy. She befreinds and then begins dating Aditya and dreams of getting married to him. We later get to know that Aditya is Jayraj's son as well.

At Bhopal Jail, Mrityunjay is instigated by some inmates that he will have to pay now for the fun he had in past and he gets into a major strife. This causes other jail inmates to get scared and distance themselves from him as they know that he is convicted for a brutal rape and murder. Mrityunjay is hardly interested in meeting his father or hoping for his release as he says he has already done the last rites for himself before landing here.

Back at Tara's home, her mother Aradhana is annoyed at her accepting marriage proposal for Jayraj's son. Tara tries to convince her at this and her brother then tells her that the stall has been pulled down and they are now left with no source of income. Aradhana silences for a while but is not convinced. But later a generous act of Jayra's causing the evacuation of Tara's house to get stopped manages to convince her.

Neither Jayraj's wife nor Aditya want him to get a low standard daughter-in-law in the house but Jayraj is adamant.

Marriage preparations are done and on the day of the marriage Jayraj deludes Tara that the marriage cannot take place at their house and they need to get married at the airport as his son needs to leave for abroad asap after that.
After much convincing Tara agrees only to find that she has been taken to Bhopal Central Jail to get married to a convict who is none other than Mrityunjay.

She decides to flee, only to be stopped by Jayraj and convinced into marrying Mrityunjay in lieu of a better future for her family. We find that Tara's family gets deported to a posh mansion complete with facilities, all the luxuries Nandini desired for, MBA admission for her brother Bunty and a beautiful temple for her mother. She agreed on the condition that Jayraj will never disclose to her mother that she married a convict.
Jayraj takes Tara to his house to welcome her as a daughter-in-law. Meanwhile Kalavati's men find out about Tara's whereabouts.
As soon as Tara lands at Singh house, she mistakenly intrudes into Bade Bhai sahab's territory there (he is apparently Jayraj's elder brother) trespassing which is prohibited. She escapes unscathed though, I mean, doesn't get caught.
We are introduced to Nirmala (Jayraj's wife), Daijaan (seemed like the head servant, but nomenclature suggests she brought Mrityunjay, Aditya and their sister up), Meethi (Aditya's wife, yes he is already married), Vasu (Mrityunja n Aditya's sister) and Fahim (another house help having distinct feminine traits and a mysterious aura around him though he is really friendly with Tara). Nirmala doesn't have quite of a liking for Tara due to her background and family but Meethi becomes friends with her instantly.
Meanwhile, Aditya breaks off with Nandini, which seemed like he was bored of her now and didn't want her anymore. Nandini is distraught at this and vents out on Aradhana for only worrying about Tara even though Nandini is her daughter too and the elder one.
Tara is in awe of the lifestyle at her in-laws place and also faces criticism from Nirmala and Daijaan for her crude ways and dressing style. Jayraj is still pursuing his attempts to get bail for Mrityunjay and discusses this with Tara who is not very happy with the idea as she has fear and a faint amount of contempt for Mrityunjay. Jayraj denies bringing Tara for pag-pheras to Aradhana's house explaining that he is waiting for Mrityunjay to be back so that the couple can do the ritual together. Aradhana is convinced with this.
Kalavati's men have found out that Tara is now married and he is surprised and rues on the fact that how come their community was not invited for the marriage as no auspicious occasion is complete without eunuchs blessing the family.
Tara is still making attempts to venture or rather trespass into Bade Bhai Sahab's territory. She is stopped by Aditya the next time who informs her that women of the house do not go there as Tayaji is a Bal Bramhachari (Bachelor for Life). Tara finds a bangle at the door after he leaves and is suspicious on this fact. She also gets a scolding when she tries to go there again suspecting the house to be on fire and Tayaji's room to be the source.
Jayraj is finally able to arrange for Mrityunjay's bail. He arranges for Mrityunjay-Tara reception. Tara's family is unable to come there as Bunty catches a cold but Nandini comes there for a little bit of time. Also we see Jayraj's Bade Bhai Sahab whose name is Rudra and he happens to be Kalavati himself, refuses to attend the reception as he considers that Mrityunjay has committed a grave sin and deserves to be punished for it and not rewarded with marriage or celebration.
Meanwhile on way back home, press-reporters corner Jayraj-Mrityunjay's car and question them on his conviction, how he got bail and his marriage. Mrityunjay gets infuriated and indulges in a fight with the reporters. Jayraj stops him and apologises to the reporters and brings him home.
To be continued...
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Friends... The thread is up and ready for replies Smile
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Hey great stuff Niharika! Thanks for taking the effort to archive it and provide us with LUs as well, much appreciated!! 
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Epi starts with Tara's mum trying to call Tara.
Call connects but phone is in the car

At BCJ, Jayraj asks MJ to sit and Tara flees off like PT Usha, but the shut door of the Jail stops her

She argues with Jayraj that he ditched her into marrying a "Lohe ki Dukaan" (shop of iron) who is already at his Sasural (indian colloqiual for Jail) (my God her language!! LOL

Jayraj stops her saying that if she leaves, she will leave her family's good fortune behind. Else they will be blessed with all Tara has ever wished for them
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Tara sits down the rituals begin. All the while Mrityunjay had a look on his face like he was saying "Do all you like to me, I am beyond any pain in the world now"
Tara cried all along.

Hands met, pheras happened and their eyes never met.

Meanwhile Tara's family is deported off to a posh house with all facilities.
Her mom is still worried about Tara.

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Jayraj calls Tara's mom assuring her that the wedding is done and he will soon get Tara back home. She is relieved.
As soon as the marriage finishes Mrityunjay is taken away leaving Tara wondering that what kind of marriage was this, where they couldn't even see each other properly. (Gosh! All the while both looked they were undergoing some torture which was now over Cry )

After MJ is gone Jayraj speaks to Tara. She promises him that she will never question him in future but in return he must never answer her mother's questions. Jayraj promises her that he will never let her complain. People must have listened to great stories about parents and kids but they will create a great story of a father-in-law and daughter-in-law and will fix everything together. (I was immensely touched by this one Smile )

He also said that people say that they are not getting a DIL but a daughter, but I will get a DIL only as a daughter will leave the house someday but a DIL stays in the house forever and makes it her own. Epi ends with a satisfied look on Tara's face

Precap: Tara is roaming around in her Sasural LOL and trips over a vase by mistake. Her Sasu Maa goes to look for the noise source n Tara hides

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