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Hi everyone...this my first writing,i dont knw whether it s upto to the mark or nt, i just tried,it will be in 2-3 parts...i want to dedicate this one to my love sakshi mam and ram sir,little amrita...and also to all forum members,raya fans and malathi its for u...pls pardon me for my mistakes and gv ur suggestions to continue t or nt ...

It was chill and cold outside.The delicate rays of the sun tried peeping out forming a silver lining to the clouds .The cool monsoon breez blew past his wet hair giving him goose bumps.He sensed nothing unusual about that morning as he set out for his business kingdom.The RAM KAPOOR,the great business tycoon was in his BMW racing through roads of mumbai to his office.the usual route,the similar atmosphere...but hold on,whose figure was that which stood by the bus stand.He strained his eyes to see the person amidst of the crowed.

As he neared ,his eyes showed him the most loveliest creation of god.He could see her glowing skin and those pair of doe like eyes.The firm jawline and those lips that looked riper than cherries just mesmerised him.Never had seen an eternal beauty like this.her brunette hair was on the side of her left shoulders.
She was holding luggages.He stopped his BMW and parked it in nearby parking lot and went near the place so that he can see her ,which he never did before tht too to see a girl...something magical was there in her.A look at her confirmed that she s waiting for bus.He wished the bus to be delayed but there came...the yellow bus,honking its horns.But she didnt move even an inch but just looked expectingly at the bus.Was she was expecting someone?He saw her eyes they are filled with some kind of lonlieness along with hope in them.The bus moved.He looked at her...It hurt his heart to see her disappointed.At the moment he wished to console her and wanted to bring twinkle in her lovely eyes.But he feared.

The sun shone brighter now.As the day grew brighter,she looked more and more divine.He was glad to see her...nothing in this world mattered anymore for him, for the first time in his life not even his business...

People came and went passengers moved in and out buses of all colours passed by. he could see that she was tensed.Her brows arched up with dismay and she looked as if she would burst out any moment now.He watched her each action and movements.he observed her attire ,she had worn a simple tunic and a pink shawl was wrapped carelessly around her delicate shoulders and wearing a blue jeans and she often glanced at her wrist watch.

He keenly observed her ,a look at her confirmed him tht she s not married.this thought gave him some kind of satisfaction.

His glance went to the suitcases she had.Two of them...quite feminine.Where was she heading to?his curiosity increased as day progressed and her face lost its charm . He saw those first glimmering precious droplets that escaped her eyes.Those tears depicted her welling emotions.She stood there lifeless..Just the drops rolled along her rosy cheeks.it hurted him a lot to see her cry but still he couldnt muster up the courage to ask 'why'? His heart burnt inside.

The heavens could not control anymore the drops seen in her innocent eyes made them shed their own .

she caught the handle of her bag and she dragged herself against the force of nature.He wanted to talk but he feared,he could feel the pieces of his heart shattering as the angel walked away..

.he went back to his car,never ever in his life he has done like ths,he saw his iphone which he left in his car which was bombarded with hundreds of miss calls...still he was in her thought..

.his mind was asking him many questions,why ths happened to me,why i m feeling like she belonged to me and she s waiting for me...he didnt have any answers...he watched her standing there from morning but he didnt knw what actually made him to do so...

PRECAP:but that night had something awaiting for him,it s tht night tht changed his life,rather than their life
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Posted: 2013-09-15T12:18:01Z
hey u have started an osClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap

nice name my loveWink

btw it is soo confusingConfused

looking more for ur os as want to see how story unfoldsSmile
may be next part make it clearSmile
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Posted: 2013-09-15T12:24:52Z
Wow advitha nimmolgu obba adbhut kaviyitrI. Tumba chennagide. Thumbs up especially priya's everlasting beauty description.

Yenu doctre malegu preetigu vihshesh Nantide alva. ganesh movie thara aagoytu.Smile
I really liked the way u described nature n its bliss,  priya her posture her eyes n cherry lips (adbhuta kalpane) her charm n ram loosing himself in her eternal beauty just to know whom she I waiting why she is sad feeling very sad seeing her sad face. His disappointment of not getting the Focourge n bechaini fabulous advitha.
Story start superb, description amazing n end shocking n lil consfued but hopes alive just bcoz of 100 missed calls.
I feel ram is waiting for her only bt just lost himself in her.
Continue soon.
I started reading b4 u pm. Thanku for. The pm.
I happily and humbly accept your dedication. It's an honour for me thank you dear. Thank u so much.
Bareeeta iri. Naavu ododikke sada siddha. Smile Edited by bpatil3 - 2013-09-15T23:37:06Z
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Posted: 2013-09-15T13:34:34Z
Hey Advitha..good to see u writing.. Thumbs Up
Nice start...little confusing though..may be picture will get clear in next..
Beautifull description of nature, Priya's beauty nd Ram's thoughts nd feelings.. Clap
Looking forward to it..
Cont soon nd thanx for pm..
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Posted: 2013-09-15T14:20:11Z
interesting ...update soon...
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Posted: 2013-09-15T15:44:12Z
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Posted: 2013-09-15T22:43:17Z
hai very nice nd lovely starting but what about the night waiting for next one ClapClapClap
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Posted: 2013-09-15T23:50:55Z
hey advitha... good start doesnt look like that  r writing for first tymTongue
jab aap itna accha likhte ho y didnt u started writing before Confused
continue soon and thank u for pm Smile
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