Arjun FF: Haunted mansion Ch. 30, p.79;end note p. 80. *Complete*

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Posted: 9 years ago

It's about 8 months I've joind IF and had really a good time with Arjun forum. All the fictions are too awesome and so are the writers. And I've been too afraid to write something here.  At last, my ideas are having a shape, so whatever it is, I want to share it here, with you.

I'm always been a thrillertroph. So my fiction would be a thriller (I guess!!).

Well, here's the concept.

some dead bodies are found in a old deserted mansion  situated in the hilly outskirts of Mumbai. During investigation... the investigation team also gone through some random attacks and some investigation officers were injured. So, the mansion became famous as a haunted one possessed by some dangerous Ghosts.

Now, it's time to solve ETF the mystery of the haunted mansion, and punish the culprit.

I know it's very common concept, but I'll try to make it interesting (Hope so). This would be a thriller of team ETF consist of mystery, excitement, facts and fun, except romance (I'm not good at writing , specially emotions, so forgive me for that, and also for the spelling and grammatical errors coz I'm not very good at English also). So please, read at your own risk.

If any similar story have been /being posted in IF, or you don't want to read such ones, then plz inform me and I'll not post it here.

Index, CS and Prologue : Scroll down.

My index Mon Chateau de la Fiction : The Whimsical World 

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Posted: 9 years ago
Sounds very interesting, please continueSmile
Posted: 9 years ago


Chapter 1 : (Installment 1)

Installment 2

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5 : (installment 1)

(installment 2)

(installment 3)

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8 : (installment 1)">(installment 2)">Chapter 9">Chapter 10">Chapter 11">Chapter 12

Chapter 13 :">(1st installment)

( 2nd installment )

Chapter 14 :">(Installment 1)">( installment 2)

">( installment 3 )">(installment 4)">(installment 5)

Chapter 15 :">(installment 1)">(installment 2)">Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 18 : (installment 1)

                   (installment 2)

Chapter 19 : (Installment 1)

                    (Installment 2)

Chapter 20

Chapter 21

Chapter 22  : (Installment 1)

                   (Installment 2)

Chapter 23

Chapter 24 : (Installment 1)

                   (Installment 2)

Chapter 25 : (Installment 1)

                   (Installment 2)    

Chapter 26

Chapter 27 :  101095952  101097016  

Chapter 28

Chapter 29 : (Installment 1)

                  (Installment 2)

Chapter 30

Character Sketch:

TEAM ETF: (All are same as the show)

                  Commander:  Sameer Daam Singh Rathod

                   Second-in-Command: Arjun Suryakant Rawte

                   Investigation Officer: Ayesha Kapoor & Chandrakant Patil ( Ex- commando)

                   Tech expert : Shreekant Sen

                   Forensic Expert : Lisa D'cruise

                   Public and Media Communications officer : Saakshi Anand -an Ex crime journalist.

 Sonali Mitra : Ex- colleague & friend of Saakshi

Chikky : A Arcangel Pigeon.

Pinto : A Brazilian Parrot

Other characters will come forward according to the story.

NOTE: The author doesn't owe the characters, names of the places, people, or establishments. Those are used here only for the sake of the fiction.

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Posted: 9 years ago
nice start
interesting title
do cont
Posted: 9 years ago
interesting...pls update soon 
Posted: 9 years ago

Chapter 1:

4.30 pm, Afternoon

The Hilly outskirts of Mumbai

Three men were walking around a luxurious old mansion over a small hillock. They were observing the whole area around the house and talking about the condition of the mansion.

Man 1: Location is beautiful, and the exterior of the mansion is good as well. If external arrangement is this ..I wonder the interior would be more fascinating.

Man 2: You are right Mr. Vadera. This heritage mansion of Mehra's is a masterpiece indeed. Although it was built in 18th century, in early 60's It went through a complete renovation. The Sr. Mehra himself redesigned this and he had increased its beauty about 100 times.

Man 3 : So Mr. Dayal, you want to say, this oldie...

Man 2 (Mr. Dayal) : Yes Mr. Vadera Jr. this oldie actually not like those ancient ones. It includes all the modern facilities...

Vadera Jr. : You are calling the 60's arrangements modern?!

Mr. Dayal : Let me complete, sir! The interior  has further went through renovations several times after that...last time it was in 1990.

Mr. Vadera : But it was almost 30 years ago Mr. Dayal.

Mr. Dayal : Right sir... After that this mansion was deserted and it didn't need to renovate. But now this old lady would going to be yours and you can do whatever you want. We just have to finish the paper work next week and she'd be all yours.

Vadera Jr. : Well dad... We've seen it from the outside...can we go inside plz. It's already late and we have to reach home at the evening. We have a party to join, remember? & you are the host.

Mr. Vadera : Yes I remember son... after all it's your engagement. So we shouldn't be late. But it's only 4.30pm so don't worry. We have time.

 Vadera Jr. : I don't think so... sunlight is decreasing...

Mr. Dayal : Actually Mr. Vadera Jr.  it's natural in hill areas. yahan  sunset thora jald hi hota hai.

Vadera Jr. : Call me Jay Mr. Dayal, Mr. Vadera Jr. sounds very odd from you. Besides you are elder than me.

Mr. Dayal : OK... let's move in. It'll be dark soon. And plz take your torches. We don't have power inside.

Mr. Vadera : WHAT??? No power ?but...

Mr. Dayal : Bank has disconnected the power after taking over the mansion...  But don't worry... we'll fix it next week.

Jay : Is there something more we don't know? (looking to his dad) Dad.. you should've checked every details about this mansion before buying it... At least let me handle this deal...

Mr. Vadera : I want to give you a surprise for your engagement dear...

Jay : And not so surprisingly your surprise is surprising me !... thanks daddy!!

Mr. Vadera : You wanted something different , remember? And trust me I'm not disappointing you son, after all  I'm your DAD, buddy.

Meanwhile they reached to the front door of the mansion. It's a huge, heavy door with crafts and decorations of 17th century . Jay approaches to the door and hold the knocker.

Jay : God!! This knocker is heavier than my dumbels.

Mr. Dayal : That's good na... you can do your sessions every time you enter the mansion... (Jai raised an eyebrow and Mr. Vadera smirked)... Now plz move aside, let me unlock the door.

Mr. Dayal take out the keys and unlock the heavy padlock on the bolts. But the padlock is heavy enough so he looked towards Jay.

Mr. Dayal : Plz. Mr. Jay I need a hand.

Jay : I've two.

 They both removed the lock together and also opened the door together. The door is heavy enough to push by one, besides, it has been locked for a long time.

Jay : (Panting)... When this door was opened last time???

Mr. Dayal : About 3 months before...(wiping  the sweats from his forehead)... But don't worry... Before handing over this to you we'll take care of everything.

Mr. Vadera : Ya... But first let's get in... come.

After they entered the mansion... suddenly the door shut with a big noise.


Should I Proceed ?

Posted: 9 years ago
Awesome start.
continue soon...

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