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very nice 
cont soon

Thank You for Commenting Big smile
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brilliant work...!!!
jus hope kathy gets proved wrong this tym...!!!

contn soon...

Thank You ... 

This time Kathy will be .. proved wrong =) 
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Thx for the PM.
Such a brilliant out burst, priya's pain real mother in act now..superb nairita. Its so touchy n emotional. fabulous writing mother's pain n restlessness also recognizing her kids by voice. This is the connecting chord, though she hasn;t seen them for years she can easily recognize her kids by voice. so true nice write up.
Its very sad n painful she is their , but she cannot be with themCryCry

Thanks for continuingSmile
looking forward.

Thank YOu ... Big smile Priya will be soon with the Kids , after that only the story will have a Kick Start Embarrassed Romance agony pain , anger everything ... Embarrassed Keep reading 
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its absolutely heart wrenching, a mother who has lost 7 years of her kids life want to come back for them, they all missed their mother but it is also true that she too missed her children, the growing years of them, she missed that vital part when a child needs her/his mother the most, Priya is feeling bad for that , she lost that time, that's what is hitting her hard, its very sad for any mother, but still we need to fight, fight to get back to the person we love the most and for that we can go to any extent, and now Kapoors will do that, plz continue ASAP  

Thank You so much for commenting . =D 
Priya is Feeling Bad but lets see if she expresses that or not 
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Originally posted by IM__NB

Originally posted by chillpc

brilliant work...!!!
jus hope kathy gets proved wrong this tym...!!!

contn soon...

Thank You ... 

This time Kathy will be .. proved wrong =) 

yaayyy...!! thts grt...!!!
contn soon...!!!Smile
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great job...Clap
continue soon...!!
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Hi Friends , 

Hope you all have had an awesome Festive Season . i was ready with this FF very long , but due to Diwali and Kali Puja i can't update it. Here it comes hold back coming up with Our Love a bless or a curse second thread is coming up soon ... Today only .. and a surprise too Wink .

Your Feedback awaited ... 



Happy Festive Season .. 

Story So far ,


Priya gained her sense , she woke up from the deep slumber of 7 years . She recognizes every person of her family but she thinks that she has lost few days from life . Extending ram lies to her that she only lost 7 months of her life and to make her believe , he hides the kids with another lie that , the kids are in Derahdoon in hostel , Priya got little agitated and says that ram failed to take care of their children. But soon ram got complled to make Priya talk with the kids , and priya found something fishy in the matter and calls back pihu when Ram was fast asleep from Ram's number. Getting ram's number and no response from the other side , Pihu got tensed and said that she is coming at hospital. Priya asks pihu to come with the other kids too. After disconnecting when Priya checks the date she got shocked to learn that she lost 7 years from her life , she collapsed and shifted to ICU . After gaining sense again , she insisted doctors to let her meet with her children. Doc Kathy , restricts and dozes Priya to slumber by sedative. She says the same to Ram that she can't allow priya to meet the kids , as it may give more shock to her , if she fails to recognize her kids and she mentioned the twins in particular. The kids denied to leave the hospital , and pihu seconding every sibling said that she will wait until their mother gets permission to meet them.


Hold My Hands


Hold My Hands ... Without you I am Nothing .. with you I am something ... Together we are everything ..


Ram Looked back to his kids , shoving his hand into the pockets he said , without turning to kids and Natasha , he said , Go home ...'  pari and Myra first protested , they denied to go home claiming that they have spend enough time without their mother. Pihu asked her father about the reason.


With a broad smile plastered on his face , Ram turned to the kids , looking at Pihu he said , Saza de .. poore kapoor mansion ko saza de. Decorate it like a newly wedded bride , and Pari Myra , don't you want to give your mother a Royal welcome. Tell me .'  Ram ended . the kids stood up , this time Pari smiled the most nodded a desperate yes , she ran to her dad , clinging to him she thanked her dad a million time.


Kissing his daughter's head , he asked Khush to come to him . Khush Stepped. Making a firm grip over his shoulder he said , Your Priya angel is coming back. I want you to inspect and direct every one so that her best dishes get served to her when she arrives. I want you four to welcome your mother. Will you not do that ?'  the four kids hugged their father. Ram asked the  kids to go fast and start preparing for their Mother's welcome. They ran downstairs.


Natasha walked to her brother . She is happy for them , but at the same time she is concerned about priya. Bhai , priya can cope naa?' ram sighed deep and smiled , I am was there for seven years , I lived our life , not only my life . what if she was not there , we love each other she will see every thing with my eyes not with her. I promise you Priya will be fine and she will recognize Pari and Myra too. Agar bheed mein bhi dhoodne ko bolu na tabhi dhoondh legi .. aisi hain meri Priya.'


 Natasha smiled and left saying that she should go and check if the kids need her help .


Ram walked straight to Dr.kathy's cabin  from there next. Kathy welcomed him and sat straight . Without letting Kathy speak , Ram started , doctor , what if I want to take my wife home?'


you can't do that she is a serious patient . Come'on Mr.K . I mean she is not a patient who have had a serious surgery or just a brain hemorrhage , she was in coma for seven years we cannot push her into regular life so soon .'  Kathy tried to make her point.


How long , just tell me How long this will go on and on . she is out of coma for a many days and she now even knows that seven years she missed . I know her more than any one else. If you will not allow her to go home , I know what she will do . She will do every possible thing to get herself out from here. She is Priya .. the one man army .'  ram gave a pause. Kathy waited for him to continue.


trust me , she will be okay , let her go . let me take her back to home, where she belongs actually. I beg to you.'  Ram said folding his hand in front of her.


please sir , don't do this . but other doctors I don't know what they will say . I don't think that they will agree , Sir in the worst case you have to get her discharged on your own risk . let me talk to the team once.'  Kathy said , and I am asking the security to let you meet Mrs.K but be calm , if she regains , make her understand , and please you also try to understand , let me check with the other docs and in the mean time why don't you drop a visit to Mrs.K' agreeing to Kathy ram thanked her and walked to the elevator and waited.



When Ram , reached the ICU , the security allowed him in , as notified by dr.Kathy. Ram walked to Priya and found her sleeping. With a smile as he kept his hand over priya's she opened her eyes.


Priya you are Awake!'  ram stood up and came closer to her . A nurse , passing by , asked ram to keep distance from the patient , as it is ICU. Priya Looked helpless to Ram , Mr.Kapoor I am okay , I am fine please take me home Please!  She pleaded. Coming back to his seat , Ram caressed her head and smiled , Latest by tomorrow morning , you will be out from here not only from here , only , you will be at your home , with your family with your kids. I cross my heart and promise to you Priya .'


Ram was there , hardly for 10 minutes , one doctor called him , addressing him by his name and asked to meet the doctors. Ram promised Priya once again and asked her to be patient for few more hours only and have faith on her husband. Priya nodded back to Ram. He walked out of the ICU , while priya closed her eyes tried to sleep.


As informed by the ICU doctor , Ram walked back downstairs to Kathy's cabin and he found two more doctors from the team present there. Kathy asked ram to have a seat. He maintained his silence and waited for the doctor's verdict. The doctor's informed ram with a heavy hearth that they can't discharge Priya from the hospital , they need to monitor her for few more days .


Ram didn't reacted , he turned and made his way out of the cabin, Kathy got startled and paced up to catch with Ram's speed. Mr.K'  she called him , Ram stopped and looked back , he found the three doctors standing behind him. SO it's final you will not discharge her is that ?'


it's only for her good Mr.K try and understand.'  Kathy replied .


In return Ram smirked and pulled his phone out . I think you are forgetting who I am ?'  A sudden anger ragged through his blood, I am god damn Ram Kapoor, and for his wife the hospital will come at home , not she . Have I asked a single time to discharge her when she was critical ? had I ?' ram shouted ,  " no , never , but now she okay , I am there to support her at every step and you are trying to kill her by caging her in this hospital . she wants to be with her family . If you all are not going to discharge her , then the trusties Dr.Mathew should look at this . But this or That my Priya will go home with me in morning that's final.'    Ram walked away from them , with his phone stuck to his ears. Kathy looked back to the doctors . She walked to them , I know it's risky but I feel Mrs.K will recover soon , rather fastest if she walks back to her home among her family , I can bet , Mr.K will be always there for her . Always ! Discharge doctor .'  The doctors looked at each other , little convinced by Kathy and more pressurized they agreed . Kathy smiled and almost skidded to Ram , through the Shiny floor . She was lucky to find that Ram has not yet got hold of Dr.Mathew . She informed that the doctor's has agreed to discharge priya , in one condition . when Asked for the same , Kathy said that He has to give Priya maximum of his time . Smiling Ram said , she is my life . and for a human , protecting his own life is the common , we live and fight to protect our life only , and I am no exception.'  Ram smiled and called Natasha .


Overwhelmed and excited , by the news Natasha broke the news to Sharmas and Kapoors . The kids became more happy . So do neha and Vikram , they rushed to hospital to meet ram and priya.


Vikram called Ram as he reached hospital with neha, ram asked them to come over to the canteen.


aur bol' viktam tapped on Ram's shoulder with a broad smile , Neha briefed him a hug, where is Priya'  She added .


in ICU'  he answered and before Neha could react , he added , She is okay , fine  . I meet her few minutes ago , and yes I am taking her home tomorrow.'


then , where you will stay Ram ? in that cabin or you have evacuated ?' Neha asked .


some where , yaar in lobby , in car , here , few more hours . then back to home , back to the place where we belong I and priya.'  Ram smiled broad .


okay , we will not protest , but we will also accompany you. Hain na vikram?'   Neha asked her husband. Seconding his wife Vikram informed that they are going to accompany Ram ,and Ram shouldn't stop them from doing the same. Ram smiled being trapped .


That night Ram , didn't slept for a second . He waited for the new morning new beginning to knock softly at the door of his , and priya's Life. Once the Ram Kapoor who found nothing new in the sunrise , he loved to witness the new mornings after knowing what love is , after falling in Love with Priya. The last moment wait was becoming painful for Ram. Neha and Vikram stood by him , they stood as the strongest support to him . While in the Kapoor Mansion , the kapoor kids along with their bua were super busy in last minute preparation to welcome the Mistress of the Mansion , Mrs.Priya Ram Kapoor.


Time passed ...


At about , 10 a.m the administrative head called Ram Kapoor . He rushed there. The Chief pushed few Papers to Ram and asked him to sign them. He asked about her wife. The administrator stated that she will be discharged soon , and also asked him to bring clothes for Priya. Signing the papers he rushed out , he asked vikram to check with the billing procedures, while with Neha , he rushed up stairs to priya. Neha brought a saree for priya , when she learnt about priya's discharge news last night. Neha's commonsense struck right that time.


From the administrator , ram got the news that Priya was shifted to the cabin , they rushed inside , and found priya sitting on the couch. A nurse was there too. Good morning Sir , we just shifted her , have you brought clothes for her?'  She asked . Neha forwarded the packet to the Nurse , Ram asked her to help priya and he walked outside.


When ram was waiting in the lobby , The doctors came to meet him. They warned him about Priya's condition ,and asked him not to give priya much stress and let her match up with the normal life with the her pace only. Ram promised to do the same.


About an hour later ...


Priya was finally discharged ... Ram with Priya walked to the elevator , They descended down . As directed by Ram , a decorated car was waiting for them at the door step . Priya paused as she saw the car. She surprisingly looked at her husband. Ram answered the unasked .


my wife is coming back home after a long 7 years. I want everything special for you and this is a gift from Khush to you , he wanted to welcome you from the very first step you put out of this hospital.'  Ram lied and suppressed his plan. With teary eyes Priya smiled and got into the car. Ram got into the car after it.


Priya smiled and looked at Ram , aur kya kya plan kiya hain apne Mr.kapoor'


priya it is from the kids , not from me !'  Ram tried to have some affirmation in his voice so that Priya will  trust him, but priya smiled. Ram stole his eyes from Priya.


Mr.Kapoor , I was not there for seven years , I know your life stopped where I left you . But only your life. The kids moved on Mr.Kapoor. It is hard to accept but they have. I know they have missed me , but their lives it moved on. I have to know them from the very beginning  and I will do that . I even know many more surprises are there waiting for me , everything is planned by you . every little thing.'  Priya smiled. Ram slipped his hand to her shoulder and moved closer to her. He sighed . Somewhere , Priya is right . The kids love their mother , but somewhere they moved on , but priya stood where she left them , seven years back.


In the kapoor mansion ...


 The kids , where very much restless . Pari and Myra were pacing up and down along the main entrance of the Kapoor mansion. Pihu smiled looking at her sister, Pari Myra , mom dad will be here any moment and Khush is waiting for them outside na , so chill.'


di app ni samjhoge , Mamma .. MOM is coming back after so many years di !'  Myra said enthusiaticly .


Just then Khush came running inside with the news of ram Priya's arrival . Everyone's face got plastered with a Broad Smile they all walked to the main entrance and waited to welcome priya. Pari and Myra got the Kalash ready to welcome their mother. The hungry eyes tried to find Priya , the mistress of the Family.


Outside , ram extended a firm hand of confidence to Priya, She slipped her hand to him and he hold it firm, Priya with ram slowly walked with Ram to the main entrance of the Kapoor Mansion. The wait for the family got over, They smiled as they got a glimpse of the Kapoor Couple.


The twins stood with broad smile ... They wanted to welcome their mom first. Ram and priya stood at the entrance , Natasha came forward with the Aarti Thali and did the aarti . Priya lifted her feet to step in , but she was stopped by her daughter, Pari . Carefully placing the Kalash , she asked her mom to come inside.


Surprised Priya looked at Ram and smiled . Priya softly kicked the kalash with her right foot and walked inside. She took blessings from Krishna kapoor and Dadi . She meet her parents too . She couldn't held her tears as she hugged her parents. What is pain of losing a child she knows it very well, and they were almost in a verge to lose their eldest daughter.


Ram came and stood by her , Priya looked at him . Ram whispered to her, that she should meet the kids. She nodded back.  Turning to the Kids , she looked at them. She smiled. Ram stepped and wanted to introduce the kids to Priya. She stopped him.


Pari Myra ..'  she said first !!! They Gulped a lump in their throat . Priya smiled and walked to them. Ram felt bitter nervousness , if she fails to recognize he thought ! Priya sighed and placed her hand on one of the sisters head and a word escaped , Myra ..  Pari ka khyal rakha na tune?'  Priya looked at Pari then ,  "and miss fashion magazine , kisi ne aur bully ni kiya na ...'  More than the kids Ram thanked god , he smiled and Sighed a breath of relief , Priya recognized the kids correctly.


The twins clinged to their mom, Priya hugged them tight . She promised them not to leave them ever again, the kids happily ran to Ram and hugged their father. Priya's eyes next went to Khush , who was standing at a corner. Priya walked to him and said , So hows my Khush , The superman Kapoor...?'


Mom ...'  Khush hugged Priya , tears rolled down his cheeks .. Priya cupped his face and kissed his forehead.


Detective Khush is here at you service Mom..' Khush saluted Priya , She laughed along with khush, She hugged him again. Priya stopped smiling as her eyes meet her eldest daughter.


I am sorry , but I want to talk with my daughter alone. Pihu ...  She is ...  I am sorry but I want to ..' priya said .


" pihu mom ko humare room mein le jaa..'  Ram ordered .


no mr.kapoor , I will prefer to talk with Pihu in her room ! I want to walk back to our room with you only . I need to talk with you too , but before that I need to talk with my daughter.' Priya looked back to Pihu.


ayiye mom..'  Pihu said , Priya walked away with Pihu ..


Papa , why mom asked privacy to talk with Pihu Di..?'  pari asked, Though ram didn't knew the exact reason but he can guess at least. But he lied to the sisters , stating that Priya will talk with everyone of them , according to the seniority . Myra started teasing pari , with the advantage of being 2 mins senior than her.


In pihu's room...


Priya locked the room , as she entered the room after pihu. Pihu couldn't face her mother . she stood there showing her back to her mom. Priya walked to pihu and stood infront her.


look at me Pihu!'  Priya ordered repetitively , but she didn't. Priya sighed and added , just answer me in yes or no can you do that?'


yes'  Pihu answered .


Good , then lets start ! Varun Died ?'  priya asked first


Yes..' Pihu replied..


that day only ?'   priya continued


ye.yes..' Pihu again replied


do you find yourself guilty ?'  priya asked ...


mom , I am sorry , I know I have committed a mistake but ...'  Pihu was intervened , Priya rushed to her , clutching her daughter's arm she shouted almost , Mistake ! it is a mistake for you pihu ! It's a sin ... It's a crime .. you are a damn criminal for me . I am ashamed to call myself your mother.'  Priya stepped back


no mom don't say this , I craved for you all these years , please mom . forgive me .'  pihu knelt infront of her mother .


forgive you ? Forgive you . Okay I am forgiving you but I have a condition . are you ready to accept it and fulfill it ?' Priya asked , Pihu without even listening to the condition said yes to her mother .


Okay , the bring back varun ...'  priya shouted ... just bring him back, give him back to his mother ... as mother I may forgive you but a woman I cant ... I will never forgive you pihu , what ever you do ..  Pihu when you were born I was the proudest mother ! but today I am ashamed of you , I am ashamed of myself ! I am ashamed to call you My Daughter my little pihu .. I am ashamed just bring him back, give him back to his mother ... as mother I may forgive you but a woman I cant ... I will never forgive you pihu , whatever you do ..  Pihu when you were born I was the proudest mother ! but today I am ashamed of you , I ashamed of myself ! I am ashamed to call you My Daughter my little pihu .. I am ashamed Pihu ... I am ...'  Priya lost her voice as she broke into tears.


mom I have changed mom please trust me mom...'  pihu wanted to make her mother believe .


okay you have changed right ! then do one thing go and tell the truth to this world , go and accept it that you have provoked , your false statement , provoked Varun and pushed him to commit suicide ... can you do that !' Priya asked Pihu .. Pihu stepped back , she knew the consequences of the acceptance , she might  get imprisonment and more than that .. her thoughts paused as priya added , 24 hours , I give you 24 hours to think ! and till then our this conversation should remain private , only between you and me !'


Pihu wiped out her tears . She replied positively to her mother.


mom can I ask you something?'  Pihu asked ..


yes .. go ahead !'  Piriya gave her the permission.


Mom , what you will say to pari and myra , I will fall in their eyes .. Mom please , I don't want to fail as a sister.'  Pihu said...


you have already failed Pihu , it was in covers for all these years now it will come out of the covers. And as you are my daughter , they are too ! so I know how to handle them , and how to protect you from failing from your sisters' eyes that I know too , you don't need to think about that . You just have 24 hours to decide !!! concentrate on that !'  priya said harshly and walked out from the room ...


Ram was waiting for her just outside Pihu's room. Priya !'  ram wanted to talk to her , about pihu.


Mr.Kapoor , I am tired , please chaliye I want to sleep for a while please !' priya pleaded , ram smiled and took her to  the their room , Ram pushed the door , Stepping inside her eyes went to every corner of the room , she smiled . Looking back to her husband she thanked him and walked to the window . Ram bolted the door and walked to her.


everything's there as you left !'  Ram whispered to her . Turning to him she hugged him. At last the love birds returned to their nest where they belong to . Priya wanted to talk with ram , but he restricted , and asked her to take rest and promised her that they will discuss on every matter but slowly. She smiled and walked towards the changing room. She stopped suddenly before entering there.


Mr.Kapoor mere kapde...'  Priya asked , Ram smiled priya blushed .


nothing changed there else. But if you want I can help you . Should I ?'  Smiling naughtily Ram stepped to her.


no I can manage .'  restricting her husband's loving invasion she walked inside.


In Pihu's room ...


Pihu picked up her phone and dialed a number. The person , from the other side received the call .


Sammy !'  pihu uttered the name.


pihu everything is fine na . priya aunty?'  he asked her.


everything is finished . Mom gave me 24 hours to decide , to surrender otherwise she will take step against me , I don't know what to do Sammy . I don't know.'  Pihu broke into tears.


Sammy who went to Australia for his higher studies was supposed to be back in India four days ago , but he is a Casanova in himself , stuck in his parties and girls . he delayed his return by four - five days . Sammy asked Pihu to talk with Natasha and Ram . He is a good friend to Pihu always , he promised her to be by her as soon as possible. Disconnecting the line , Sammy decided to return back to INDIA taking the first flight back.


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