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first of all am really happy that you have come back and secondly am waiting for this FF to continue, the story and coming plots sounds really interesting so plz continue
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Hi Frenz , After a Long Break and a wonderful festive season i am Updating this FF first others will be followed soon. I Promise. Hope you all had a wonderful Festive Season. 

Bitter Reality


Reality is a Sliding door , which lets the bitter Truth Slip in 

That Evening , When it was 5 , Priya became restless and wanted to speak with her daughters and son . There was an urgency   in her voice. Ram was doing some important pending works , his accountant came at the hospital  to give ram the details of the office transaction , Priya was pacing in the terrace. She came inside and finding the accountant still there , she went back to the terrace. Ram asked his accountant to drop to him next day morning. Ram walked to the terrace.


There at the terrace m ram found his wife , standing leaning to the foundation pillars of the big construction. Gripped in her own world priya didn't noticed Ram , until he touched her shoulder. Shifting her eyes for a once to Ram , that too in reflex , Priya's eyes went back to the orange sky of Mumbai. Ram looked up and cherished the beautiful sky.


Nothing to cherish for Mr.kapoor'  Her voice was clearly giving him the indication of her anger , of her relentlessness , that was created from the excitement of talking with her kids. He tried to hold her in his arms , to carry forward the conversation ,but priya ignored his touch , and walked to another corner of the 10 feet broad terrace.


I know you are waiting to speak with the kids , but Priya , they have a routine , I have called pihu . But the warden said that she is in art class and the junior kids are not allowed to keep phones.'  Ram tried to make her understand by giving few excuses that don't even exists in reality .


Khush where is he? He can go to his sisters and make them talk with me at least . My kids are missing me , mr.Kapoor why don't you understand that ?' priya said , wiping her tears , she poured her emotions , They are missing their mom from so long time , and they are too much far away from here. I want to hug them love them but no , I can't do it either . thanks to you .. and do you know ..??'  priya suddenly gave a pause and looking at ram , she gave a smile of disappointment , how will you know , you have even shifted the kids to Boarding school to balance between family and business. But let me tell you Mr.kapoor , humari choti beti , Pari , she needs me at every step of her life , and pata ni kaise rehti hogi boarding mein ... sarein bully karte honge meri bacchi ko ...' priya wiped out the tears from her face and walked inside the room.


Ram looked at his wife , more than a wife , ram felt a mother. He must have tried to give the love of a mother and father both to their children , but how naturally , without even talking to the kids for once , Priya connected to Pari , and her pains . He has seen the pain in Pari's eyes all these years , when she used to come down to hospital , and share her achievements with her mother who didn't even know now that seven years passed away.


Sliping his phone from the shirt's pocket Ram droped a sms to Natasha asking if the kids are all available together or not. The reply came in a jet speed , that the kids are equally restless to talk with their mother. He gave Natasha two minutes time to make the kids understand again , what they should do , when their mother will speak with them.


In the Kapoor Mansion ...


 Natasha gathered the kids , in the Pihu's room. Natasha took pari in isolation and asked her to hold back her emotions. She asked Pari to think about her mother first then about her cravings for her mother. Pari understood very well what her bua tried to say. From her early childhood Pari was too close to her mother , She even tried to copy her mother's every habit with her growing age. She is as humble caring understanding as Priya . She nodded her head and walked back to the sisters.


pihu ...call...'  Natasha instructed .. It is long seven years Pihu heard her mother , she felt a sheer phantomizing chill down through her spine.  Her hands shook while she tried to hit the dial key ..


In Hospital ...


Ram came inside the room , and found Priya very Upset , she was lying awake on the patients bed , covering her from tip to toe . He placed a firm hold on her shoulder , Priya the way you are missing the kids they are going through the same. I understand .'


what you understand Mr.Kapoor'  priya sat up , in a hurry , What do you , Aap ko pata kya hota tha? Myra she used to show that she is a brave protector of her sister Pari , but she used to store everything in her heart, She doesn't speak Mr.Kapoor , she is just like you , she holds it back till she can , but she shattered into pieces Mr.Kapoor , if she is not being handled carefully ... and Khush ,  uska toh din hi ni banta tha ..  Until and unless I used to hug him and tell him that he is the superman Khush Kapoor , he is the best baccha of all. How do they even managed these 7 months , I really hope that they are all fine Mr.kapoor I really hope...'   Tears drip down her eyelash on the bed sheet , the pain of a mother , who was kept away from the kids for 7 months ( as per her knowledge) can be felt through the few words of mother hood spoken by her.


Ram suddenly realized Pihu didn't even get a mention in her cries . He felt bad for his child , Pihu has changed a lot these days , It will be ridiculous to think that Priya has forgotten Pihu , because , Pari Myra , Khush she remembers every one , but not Pihu ? He wondered and was about to mention the presence and pain of pihu , But his Phone rang at that very time. Pihu's number with her teenage photo graph came to the screen.


priya ... Pihu is calling ... I am putting it in speaker mode.' Ram hit the accept key and voice of pihu floated to her ears ... mamma ...'  Priya clutched the bed sheet as she winced her face. Ram extended the phone to Priya taking his name softly.


mom'  Pihu again called Priya , She sat up on the same place taking the phone , she skipped few words before she said , hello to her eldest daughter.


mom how are you , we miss you mom , we are so far away from you but we promise mom , once our tests will be over ..'  priya intervened Pihu and asked for Myra and Pari , the twins looked up to their elder sister and then to Natasha , the bua placed a firm confident hand on their heads and asked them to talk to priya .


mom ...'  a voice came to priya's ears , Ram knew who was that , but he wondered if priya can recognize her or not . Ram sat by priya and wanted to pronounce the name of the child , priya stopped him and continued to speak , kaisi hain Myra ...'  Surprising every one of them other side priya identified the elder among the two with one word only.


I am fine mamma , how are you ?'  myra said , she couldn't hold back her tears she hugged Natasha and started weeping badly. Pari looked around , she was waiting for the day , when she will be with her mamma , she will speak to her mother , but dramatically she lost every confidence in herself. She stood up while tears rolled down her eyes.


" pari .. talk to mamma ...'  Pihu asked her little sister to speak . Failing to hide back her emotions , Pari ran away saying , I want mamma , I want to be with her , I want to hug her , I want her to love me . I cant stay away di .. I can't ...'   pari ran away from there .. priya heard Natasha and pihu calling her from behind , but it was late ... Khush took the phone, he stammered while he started talking with Priya , Maa... Mom ... How are you ? I miss you ..'


Khush , apne behen ka khail rakhna jasusi maat karna kheyal rakhna ... samjha kheyal ... jab tak mein wapis na le ayu tum logo ko ... Got it ...'  Priya was holding back her tears badly , she gave the phone to ram. After trying for a while she started weeping covering her face, Ram asked Khush to hung up ,keeping the phone aside , He hugged priya , caressing her head , comforting her in his arms he assured everything to fall perfectly in it's place .



Kapoor mansion ...


Natahsa found Pari crying alone in the terrace . She sat on the furthest corner , Natasha found the little girl hugging her knees with head dug in between weeping badly. Myra stopped her bua  and walked to her sister. Myra held up her sister's chin and made her look up. Nodding her head firm , myra asked pari not to cry . Pari threw herself in myra's arms . with firm affirmation  , Myra held back her sister in his arms , caressing her head  , she said , Pari , I miss mamma too , I also want to be with her , but I want her perfectly okay. I don't want to lose her . you remember what mamma said , I have to protect you from all the odds , you are the sweetheart of all of us , the little pari . I can't cry pari .. I can't cry because if I will cry , you will scatter into pieces I want you to smile seeing my stupid stuffs , I want you to smile all the time . please Pari don't cry...'   taking herself away from Myra , pari scrutinized her and shouted , sab mujhe bacchi samjhte hai ..  I can understand .. I will not cry .. I will not ...'  The two sisters hugged them again ...


Juhi , who just came back from London came and stood by Natasha , as her eyes found the un expected person by her , Natasha dashed from their towards her room . Juhi stopped natahsa and asked about priya .


" juhi how many times I have to say you stay away from children and me and even the family.'  Natasha who hated juhi like anything and she is the reason , she started juggling between Sharma house and Kapoor mansion , when priya went into deep sleep seven years ago.


natasha , I don't know what make you made me hate so much , but priya is my friend , I have some responsibility towards her. She has done a great favour to me .'  juhi said .


she has given you a job ! Right ! I think I am right'  natasha said without letting Juhi to speak. She continued , stay there don't try to be the part of the family , I wish , priya comes back soon , very soon.'   Natasha walked towards her room ... leaving juhi behind.


Late night ... in the hospital ...


Priya was thinking about her kids , she couldn't sleep that night . she was very restless . the voices of her kids flashed back into her memories. The hit them badly. Neither her heart nor her brain , was allowing her to believe that she talked to her girls . She sat up in the bed , Ram who was lying casually on the couch asked if priya needs something. Nodding no she lied down.


Not being assured by priya's response , Ram walked to her and asked her about the trouble. She asked ram to leave her alone. Though Ram was not convinced he didn't want to stir priya more , he came back to couch and lied down , he tried not to sleep , but the trying day unconsciously made his nerves fail in front of her determination.




Back in the kapoor mansion ,


Pihu brought the little sister Pari to her room . Pari refused to have her dinner , she was having red swollen eyes. Pihu made her lie down with the duvet covered over her . caressing her hairs , pihu kissed her forehead. Pari didn't responded. Like a responsible elder sister , pihu spoke to Pari , pari , few days more and mamma will be with us. Trust me , very soon . But if we will lose out patience , then how can we make mamma face the reality . we need to stay strong , if we want mamma to be okay.. please understand me . please.' 


I understand di ...' pari hugged her sister , I will be strong now , di I will be strong . I promise.' Pihu smiled and hugged back her sister , she made Pari sleep peacefully in her room only.




The unanswered questions made Priya restless, why she was having feeling that , something is wrong. Why she failed to find the connect that she used to have with her kids , why she felt that some strings are cut. Can seven months fetch all these distance. Yes  she felt to be away from her kids. Priya's eyes fell on ram , who was sleeping peacefully , with rhythmic snoring. Priya decided to do a cross check , so that her heart gets peace. She never doubted Ram , but that day , she doubted him and decided to cross check.


Very carefully priya took Ram's phone and successfully unlocking it , she went to the call logs and found last received call as Vikram's and scrolling down she found calls from Juhi , it really doesn't mattered to her , she searched for the number she was looking for and she at last found pihu's Number. Without giving a second thought priya removed the +91 code and dialed the number freshly , to her surprise the call got connected with out a STD extension. She Closed her eyes and her one doubt was reaching the truth then. She knew that Pihu and the kids are very much in Maharashtra , She wished and prayed to God , to prove her wrong , by making the kids to be in some boarding school in Maharashtra Only. She didn't want her wild guess , about  the kids to be in Kapoor mansion , to turn true.


Priya waited as the phone rang ...



In kapoor Mansion


That time , 11 p.m, Pihu was doing her work , she has got admission in one of the best universities , for her masters in Finearts. She looked down to her phone , which blinked with her father's number. Checking the time , she took the call as it was a regular time for her father to talk with her these days.


"yes papa , mamma so gayi..  and don't worry. I have handled Pari , she was crying but now she is sleeping right infront of my eyes. Don't worry she is the youngest and most pampered one. We all will handle her , and once mamma will come back home, she will be perfectly fine Papa.'   Pihu said ... But from the other side Ram didn't replied... 


Papa , mamma is fine nah.'  Pihu asked , she felt nervous. As ram didn't replied that time too , Pihu got more agitated she stood up and asked , Papa , mamma is okay nah, please papa say something , you are making my heart beat fastest . Papa...'  Pihu almost shouted this time...  opening the door , she walked to natasha's room and banged on it , asking her to come out... while Natasha replied .. Pihu got back to her father , asking for a reply but she failed to get a reply. ... papa I am coming that's it!!'


I want you four here right now !'  As priya replied from the other side , the phone slipped out of her hand, It crashed on the floor. Pihu couldn't believe she just spoke with her mother. She knew that pihu was at hostel , but she broke the half truth. Natasha looked at perplexed pihu , she jerked Pihu and asked , then her eyes shifted to the phone on the ground.


She quickly picked it up and seeing Dad on the display , she didn't waste a moment to speak , bhai what happened why Pihu is looking so shocked ?'


Natasha , it's me Priya !' Priya said ...


priya !'  Natasha choked .


don't give me lame excuses , I want to see my kids now , just bring them here .. right now ! I want to know the truth ! which I will. Your brother is just standing infront of me , trying to prevent me from talking , but you all made much fool of me, no more. I want to see my children now. Don't waste time bring them here right now .'   priya grilled Natasha ... And hung up the call.


pihu .. get ready and get Pari ready too , I will wake up Khush and Myra . do it fast ! I knew it very well we will not be able to lie to priya for a long time , she is your mother , she knows every bit of you guys. Just get ready fast...'  Natasha walked to Khush's room ... Pihu walked back to her room.




Priya disconnected the call , and looked for the date in the mobile. Ram wanted to take the phone forcibly from her . Snapping to Ram , priya asked Ram not to stop her from knowing the truth. Priya successfully looked at the Phone and found the date. The truth is infront of her , Seven years ...  A darkness enveloped, priya crashed almost lifeless in ram's arms .


Sisterrr...'  ram shouted to the top most pitch of his voice. The nurses came running to the cabin . finding Priya Unconscious one among them ran to call the doctor , while ram carried priya to the bed. The floor doctor rushed to the cabin , checking priya's vital signs he confirmed Ram , about priya's nervous breakdown, but thankfully she got her sense back very soon.



The doctors who were taking care of Priya , since seven years , came transferred Priya to ICU. Ram got worried , he asked the doctors , if everything is okay with his wife. The head of the team affirmed Ram about Priya to be in safe and sound Health adding that they want to observe her , as she suddenly got to know the shocking truth of lost seven Years.



Hours passed, The junior Kapoors with Natasha came to the hospital , They came to know about their Mother. Disheartened they sat with their father waiting to meet their mother .


Inside the ICU , Priya gain her senses...She looked around ,finding herself in unfamiliar environment She called her husband... The nurse attending her , rushed back with the doctors.


  are you okay mrs.kapoor.'  the doctor asked her , looking around herself , surrounded by doctors and machines , she found it suffocating to breath in the ICU.


I am , but why I am here ?'  she asked ...


we want to observe you Mrs.K  Kathy who came up in special call that late night said to Priya ..


Doctor , I know every truth now , and I am that much strong enough to face the truth , because , my kids have suffered more , they lived without their mother for seven years and now I don't want them to suffer a moment , I am okay and please .. shift me to the cabin , and eventually discharge me , so that I can go my home back . Show mercy Please. I am not a guinea pig that you all will keep on experimenting over me . please spare me .'    the original mood of the Priya Ram Kapoor came.


" Mrs.K , you surprise me .'  Kathy asked the sister for the medicine. Priya looked at the nurse , who was pushing a yellowish liquid into the IV, what was that she asked , but the sedative took Priya into a deep slumber.


Kathy came out with the other doctors, Khush almost collided with them asking for Priya . Ram walked to him asking Khush to settle down , he asked the doctor about Priya and her health.


she is absolutely fine , but we need to keep her under observation.'  The doctor said. A deep sigh of relief automatically came from Ram , Thank God. So when can the kids meet their mother.'


Not really .'  Kathy said.


what ?? why ??'  Pihu came into the conversation. Khush joined too , as adults they have the right to give their suggestions too, Ram has given the rights to them very early.  Seconding Pihu khush added , Just now you said that mom is perfectly fine , and now you are saying that we cant meet her.'


yes she is okay , but after meeting you all , what will be her reaction , 7years is not a matter of joke.' Kathy replied back.


God !!! Mamma knows everything , she called from dad's number I thought ..'  Kathy intervened Pihu and informed that she is aware of everything, surprising pihu , she said that then also they cannot allow the kids to meet the mother.


ridiculous Dad..'  Khush lost his temper, she knows everything and we cant meet her , is this a joke going on.'


no joke is going on here , just tell me if we lose her what you all will do.' Kathy asked.


why we will lose her Doctor , mom has not reacted when she learnt that we are here. She just wanted to see us that's it .'  Pihu said , continuing , Ram said , and Priya even knows about the seven years ...'


and what happened next ..' Kathy said in a unpleasant tone , she lost her senses. She could have gone into coma again...and that's also for a life time.'  Suddenly ram found Kathy very much true.


but she is fine now .'  khush said , she knows we are grown ups , Please let us meet her.'  


I know she is aware of the fact that , you all are grown ups . right ! You , what's your name ?' Kathy asked .


Khush'  He replied ...


Khush ! the only son so she can easily identify you as her son. And even her elder daughter , but the twins , how she will know who is who , if she fails do you even know what she will go through . She is the mother and if she fails , she will shatter. I cant take this risk , just now she became aware of the truth , the biggest truth. I cant allow. Sorry I cant .'   Kathy walked away ...


Ram closed his eyes , words escaped from his parted lips , you are so near ; yet so far priya. We need you.'   He walked to the furthest corner of the floor.  Pihu and Khush walked back to the twins , they hugged in unison. 


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its absolutely heart wrenching, a mother who has lost 7 years of her kids life want to come back for them, they all missed their mother but it is also true that she too missed her children, the growing years of them, she missed that vital part when a child needs her/his mother the most, Priya is feeling bad for that , she lost that time, that's what is hitting her hard, its very sad for any mother, but still we need to fight, fight to get back to the person we love the most and for that we can go to any extent, and now Kapoors will do that, plz continue ASAP  
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Posted: 2013-10-15T06:06:18Z
thanks for PM
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Posted: 2013-10-15T06:24:28Z
Thx for the PM.
Such a brilliant out burst, priya's pain real mother in act now..superb nairita. Its so touchy n emotional. fabulous writing mother's pain n restlessness also recognizing her kids by voice. This is the connecting chord, though she hasn;t seen them for years she can easily recognize her kids by voice. so true nice write up.
Its very sad n painful she is their , but she cannot be with themCryCry

Thanks for continuingSmile
looking forward.
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Posted: 2013-10-15T06:29:43Z
Nicely written...
Hope priya d d kids meet soon...
Cant wait for ur updates...continue soon...
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Posted: 2013-10-15T07:10:19Z

: cv can take ur idea at leat..then we dont have to watch all these...ok let it be on cv..i love ur story very much as u know ..and it is not new for u..that i am feeling short of words..so asap next plz..

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Posted: 2013-10-15T07:11:54Z
brilliant work...!!!
jus hope kathy gets proved wrong this tym...!!!

contn soon...
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