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oh my god another master piece ...divine love of huS wife... that is wht RAYA ALWAYS MEANS...WELL WRITTEN...GOD BLESS USmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile
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Anothr nicely pennd update dr...
Lovng it more n more update by update...
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Last two parts were really too good,loving the way u r heading the story with lots of logic continue soon ,thnks for pm
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Posted: 2013-09-26T10:53:59Z
loved all updates.. continue soon
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Part 4
awesome just awesome u took out the heart from me Narita di u writes so well can't get enough of it truly when i was reading feeling like to read more n more... my heart didn't want to stop but had to as ur posted part got end... just awesome update febulose i must say u know very well how to win heart with FF just mind blowing was it... loved kids love for Priya it seems so real here wish CV's choosed this path of story after leap in show but the did all styanash only hate it... but loving ur story a lot do connt next sooon waiting...
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excellent update, Ram take care of Priya very musch, feeling very bad 4 kids, pls continue soon, thx 4 PM 
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Hey Frenz , sorry i was not able to update the stories. actually i was busy like hell in office works . The pressure increased like anything as Our Festival DurgaPuja is near. But i managed to present the next part of the story LOVE... 




If i know what Love is It is because of You ... 

Ram walked out to call the nurse , he got a pleasantly surprised to see the kids over there. Four Kapoor juniors stood up , greeting them Ram walked to the nurse. After a while he came to the kids , hugging them ; he settled down there only with the kids. He asked Pihu about their sudden visit.


Dad , we are hear to see Mom , but Pihu just didn't let anyone of us even peep inside , where as she went inside once.'  Khush complained to Ram. Wanting  further explanation when he looked to Pihu , she looked at Khush and said , I said you Khush , we shouldn't go inside then!'  Ram suddenly remembered that morning , how he woke up with Priya in his arms , he guessed might have pihu saw them together that's the reason she restricted entry to the room. Ram looked away to hide his discomfort.


When the kids were talking amongst, the nurse walked to Ram and asked him to go inside as Priya wants to see him . Ram asked Nurse about Priya's health and vital signs . Nurse confirmed him about a positive progress. The kids smiled even hearing the nurse. The nurse left , asking Ram to go inside , as the morning tea will be served anytime.


Ram stood up , and asked the Kids go back to Kapoor Mansion and re join their daily schedules . while the kids were heading to the elevator , Ram stopped pihu.  She looked back followed by the other siblings . Asking khush to take the kids to parking , he took pihu to a corner.


Look pihu , I guess  tune sab dekha hai.'  Pihu smiled as ram spoke, she felt awkward finding her father to talk about what should be prohibited to her ; ram continued , But please don't blackmail me or us with that. Please beta.'


I know papa , and I also know how much you love mamma. I have seen all these years. I will never dare to , blackmail you or mamma.'  Pihu paused , Papa , mamma mujhe maaf ni karegi , but when she will know that you saved me , then ; how she will react papa.'  Pihu looked with worried eyes.


Pihu' holding Priya in his arms , Ram continued , Priya may take time to forgive you , forgive me , but she will forgive. We have to keep patience , we waited so long for her thodi aur hi sahi ... can't we?'  ram said holding back his tears.  Pihu looked up the shaken voice of Ram , made Pihu understand how much pain he was feeling only thinking that her mamma will not forgive him for saving her from the charges.

Pihu wanted to speak , but a Housekeeping staff , who just delivered the Morning Tea to Priya walked to them and informed Ram that his Wife wanted him to come for the tea. Ram thanked him giving a nod along. Pihu smiled , without letting her father speak , Pihu hugged her father and whispered near his heart , I can keep myself apart from you two , but I can't see you two apart!'  Ram wanted to hug back Pihu but she didn't gave him that time. Repulsing form her father she ran away from there. Ram looked up , he remembered GOD closing his eyes , asking Strength from HIM. He sighed and walked inside.


Ram knew he couldn't be upset infront of Priya, he curved his lips , plastering a smile he sat infront of Priya. He was about to take the tea pot and make tea for them , priya stopped him. Ram looked at her , and asked if she is not feeling . he got nervous , standing near Priya he asked if she needs a doctor. Ram turned to leave without letting priya speak. Priya stopped him grabbing his hand on her firm grip. Ram looked back.


Ram'  She called him lovingly, her voice hit him like a hypnosis . He sat by her and looked into her eyes. She smiled and spoke , I am perfectly FINE.' She stressed on the last word; adding further she said , today whole day I want to do all those things that I used to do for my husband 7 months back. Let me make Tea for you. Please.'


priya you have ...'  ram was intervened , she requested and demanded her wish to be fulfilled like a kid, Ram sweetly smiled and gave a positive Nod to his wife. Priya smiled and moved little forward taking the flask , she little struggled to pour the tea to the cups, Ram placed his hand on her's. Priya looked back to him. She kept the flask down and looked at the spilled Tea over the Table. She closed her eyes , she couldn't make a cup of tea for her husband, tears rolled down her eyes.


Holding her hand on his , ram made her hold the flask. Priya looked at Ram. He helped her to lift the flask ; she looked back to the cups , as they together made tea for each other. Ram smiled , making her look at him he asked , what makes everything between us special when we do something alone , or when we do it together? '  Priya didn't answered him at first . when he asked back again , Priya only replied , Together '


then ! just cheer up , I am sure; this tea is just awesome , because it has our Love. Will you not hand the cup to me as you always used to do? '  Ram said. Priya smiled as she shifted her eyes from the table to ram. Wiping her tears , Priya took the cup on her hand. Her hands shook spilling tea out from the cup. Ram held her hand with his right one and took the cup with his left.


priya don't start crying again. You know I hate it ! I know how you are felling , but trust me everything is okay and will be perfectly fine as time will pass by .'  ram smiled sweetly , Now smile please . Give me a lightening smile! Which will light up my world !' Looking at her husband she smiled as broad as she can. Ram gave Priya a warm loving hug and took the first sip from his cup , closing his eyes in much satisfaction ; he said , perfect!'  Ram helped priya to finish her tea too as he finished his.


While coming back to the Kapoor mansion , Pihu was seated by Khush. She looked back from the rear view mirror and looked at the rear seat , Pari and Myra were looking out to the Mumbai road. Pihu sighed and closed her eyes promising her sisters , promising herself , to gift back their Mother to them .


After the break fast , in Hospital ,  


Ram asked Priya to rest for a while , but she was not at all willing to sleep. Ram took priya to the bed , and made her lie down , though she tried to defend her husband. Covering with the duvet , Ram asked priya to sleep for a while. Caressing her head he sat by her on the patients' s bed.


Please ! Mr.Kapoor I don't want to sleep this time , please.'  Priya pleaded .


Ram kept on caressing her hair , he asked her to sleep for a while , she will feel fresh . But Priya like a demanding kid , didn't want to sleep . When Ram found it difficult to make Priya understand, he stood up and taking the remote he asked priya , toh, kuch dekhe?'


Cricket ? kya chal raha hain abhi ? means which league?'  Priya asked .


Hmm... CLT20 , your favorite's match was there last night, and in the news paper I read that they won it too.'  Ram smiled ..


Dhoni ?'  Priya asked back with a smile ... Ram nodded to her . they shared a laugh , while Ram said in the end ,  Isn't he o fit ? he looks so good na and styling sense .. Uff Katilana ...hain naa?'  ram kept on praising Dhoni .


Priya sat up and holding Ram's hand , she looked surprisingly to Ram . Seizing the conversation , Ram shifted his eyes to priya's face. She makin a weird face , said , what happened to you mr.Kapoor , I have just gone into for seven months and ...'  Priya paused.


what ?'  ram asked back in hesitation .


I know when it comes to ladies you become nervous and you can't even think , or rather you can't get another lady , other than me.. but for that you will do this Ram?' priya expressed her worries about Ram.


kya , kiya kya hain meine?'  Ram replied back pretty seriously ...


Priya shifted herself to the bed , leaning back to the bed , she said , yahi ..  now you are interested in Men ... not in ladies . abb mera kya hoga..'  Priya looked at ram and started laughing. Ram who got tensed , now got to understand that Priya was badly pulling his leg. He looked sharply at Priya , who was still giggling on her dumb husband .


if you were not ill priya , I would have showed you what is what ! tum rook jao .. rooko tum..'  Ram said nodding his head repetitively.


I have never thought that my Husband will lose interest over me ...  abb mein kya karoon...'  Priya said ... Ram went near her , holding her in his arms , he looked into her deep black eyes. Priya's giggle got seized suddenly , she rested her hand on his shoulder. They didn't have to speak out , shout out their love , desire , how much they missed each other . Their  Breathes their eyes speak all the unspoken words of desire , love, melancholy.


" now tell me , should I sleep ?'  Priya said .


Ram smirked , yes you should ! or else I will keep on praising Dhoni ...' they burst into laughter together. Ram kept on looking at his wife mesmerizingly he missed those smile , he missed those eyes. Priya's eyes once again meet his , she ran her hand through his face , and asked , mr.Kapoor!'


shhh... priya , let me see you ...' Ram said .


but ...' priya wanted to speak , placing his finger on her lips , said , Don't say anything ! just don't say anything . Let me see you . I missed you . I missed these eyes , I missed this smile , I missed this voice. I missed you Priya , I missed you .let me treasure every moment !'ram came close to her and too her in a hug. Priya reciprocated. 


With the clicking sound on the door , Ram came apart of the priya. The sudden shock made Ram trip a step he ended up hitting the small refrigerator behind him, making a disturbing noise. Priya looked at the door and found her doctors coming in. They asked the business tycoon if he is okay. Coming out of his nervousness, he stood straight. I am Okay' he said looking to his wife.


but how you ended up to the fridger ? Mr.K'  Kathy asked .


I was .. I ... I mean .. excuse me ..'  ram walked to the couch and settled himself there. Priya knew that his husband is nervous and ashamed at the same time. She came into his rescue as always. actually , Mr.Kapoor remains so much worried about me , and I played a prank with him, I asked for water and when he bend to take it out , I just acted that I am very much ill, that's it . I am sorry . I shouldn't have.'   Priya said . Ram looked at his wife .


The doctors didn't mind , they took it lightly. The light hearted doctor Kathy came and had a short conversation with Priya and as always , priya wanted to talk with her kids at least over phone . But this time Kathy agreed to her and asked Ram to make her talk with the kids. Priya got over joy-ed with kathy's decision , she thanked Kathy a zillionth time.


The other two doctors checked Priya , and confirmed that priya is responding very positively to the treatment , and if it continues they will discharge her in few more weeks. The word week ' made priya little disappointed .


Ram went with the doctor to know about Priya's health in details.


Mr.Kapoor , you wife is now responding very positively . This is a very good sign and more over the medicines which we were giving her for the clot , it is working too. This is a very progressive medical case now , but still we have to deal very carefully . she is still unaware of the fact that 7 years is missing from her life. Before we will make her aware of the fact , she should be perfectly fine. It will give her a shock surely . She should have that much physiological strength so that she can face the bitter truth.'  The doctor said .. Ram nodded to him , I understand ! I am here with her at every step.'


I am happy to see that mr.kapoor , and her progress is so much positive because of you Mr.Kapoor. She is very much dependable on you Mr.kapoor , she trust you blindly. She feels safe when you are around .'   the doctor was intervened by Kathy , she walked to them and added , and she wants to get back into her normal life for you and for hr children. She is a pure soul Mr.K, she knows how much  you all need her in your lives.'  


ya I know ..'  ram smiled...


The doctors were about to leave , when ram stopped them from behind, doctor !'  he walked to them ,   doctor there is a small terrace attached to the cabin.'


yes' the doctor said...


can you just open it for us , I mean , priya is getting little bored just keeping herself in that room and here. She is full of life , she just used to full of energy. Just to make her feel little fresh , if you can open it up .'  ram said...


"okay Mr.kapoor , not so tough. I am sending the utility staff , he will do the need ful , but plese keep it private .'  The doctor smiled and walked ...


Ram walked back to the cabin , and found priya sleeping . He smiled . Kissing her forehead he waited for the utility staff to come and open the terrace door. After few minutes only , his demands were fulfilled . Ram stepped into the Terrace with the staff, it was bit dirty , because the authority don't open it regularly. Ram asked if they can clean it up a bit for them. His next demand was also meet soon.


After getting the terrace ready for his love , Ram walked back inside , he found priya into deep slumber. He found that time right to call Pihu and ask her to do the needful to make her sisters understand about the situation, specially pari. He took the phone and dialed Pihu's number. But he disconnected the call in between , on the second thought he called Natasha and asked her to drop to hospital sooner .


Ram walked to the lobby and waited for his sister. In mutes she came there as she was there at Pari and Myra's school for the parent's teacher meeting , for the last seven years she is the Mother figure to the four kids , she brought them up with the values of Priya .  She tried to cultivate every quality in them , like priya would have given it to them , if she would have been there.


Clad in a cream saree with black broader Natasha walked to her brother. Bhai '  she called him. Ram stood up and hugged his sister. 


how's priya ?' Natasha asked...


much better and today the doctors gave permission , that she might talk with her children. And I have said her that they are in Derahdoon .'  Ram said.


Bhai ,I know but what made you keep me away from her ? I mean .. I can meet her , I can make her understand ..'  Ram intervened saying , because she knows you are with them, and now I am really scared choti , she will definitely catch that something's wrong . what I will do ?'  ram said


Bhai ... I know what I have to do , you just tell me when you will call them.'  Natasha asked.


7 dot at 7 and tell them , that priya should feel that they are surprised to hear their mother after 7 months . and they should ...'  Ram stopped as his sister kept her hand on his brother's hand , I will do the needful Bhai ,  you just be with Priya.. and I should go from here. It's lunch Time , you should be with Priya . She must be waiting for you.' 


she is sleeping!'  ram added...


But she can wake up any moment . Be with her. I will talk with the kids .'  Nutz hugged her brother and walked out of the hospital. Ram walked back to the cabin, he found priya still in deep slumber. He walked to the Terrace and placed two chairs there. He wanted to make Priya comfortable loved at every step of her life, He Don't want priya to feel that everyone around her is feeling pity for her. Ram sat on a chair and leaned back , only thinking about the consequences that may happen after he makes priya  talk with the kids...


Inside , Priya shifted her position in the bed , as she came out of the sleep , she unknown to herself , slipped into deep slumber. Priya looked around to find ram , failing , she called Ram ... In the terrace Ram was completely absorbed in his thoughts. His thoughts made him skip her voice. Priya stepped out of the bed and with baby steps she walked around calling Ram. She felt bit scary , ram never left her alone , since she has got out of coma, then what made him do that today. She sat on the couch near the door of the terrace.


Raam..'  she covered her face as tears rolled down her eyes. Ram this time heard priya, he stood up and dashed inside . Priya looked back , finding her husband there, she cling  into his arms. Ram found her weeping , caressing her head and holding her tight in his arms he asked Priya , about her worry.


Nesting herself in his strong arms , priya said , I was worried , kaha chalein gaye the aap!' Priya clutched his shirt and kept on weeping. Ram knew that tension can worsen Priya's health . Holding her firmly in his arms ram made her look into his eyes , Priya .. I was here only ! Please Priya stop crying ! I was just there at the terrace.'


why you were in the terrace?'  priya asked ... while weeping ...


First you stop crying then I will show you what I have arranged for you ! but you have to stop crying first!'   ram almost ordered priya. She looked down and stopped weeping , but as she cried badly failing to find Ram , she was losing her breathes in intervals.  Ram wiped her tears and made her sit on the couch. Leaning back , Ram moved the curtains so that priya can get the view of the Terrace. Scanning the terrace , as she looked back to her husband, ram spoke.


you know how much I have to fight with the doctors to get it ready for you , for us . I know , that you are getting bored in this room , and walking around the lobby, though you don't complain. But I know how to make you happy. Outside foods will not be allowed here and I will not go against the rules and regulations but I have asked the dietitian to put Aadhraak wali Chai for evening, and guess what she has agreed to it !'   Ram said trying to cheer priya.


you have to work hard to get this terrace open ? are you sure? ' Priya said , ram patted his shoulder and said proudly Yes!'


Mr.Ram Kapoor , don't lie to me !'  Priya rounded her eyes and looked at ram , Don't even try to lie to me Mr.Kapoor '


okay .. I give up , but at least appreciate my try to make you smile.'  Ram said pouting his lips.


 Priya smiled this time , she cupped her husband's face and said , I Love You ...can I see what you managed for us .' ram took Priya to the terrace , she loved the place .


fresh air after so long Mr.Kapoor. It's beautiful!'  Priya said taking a deep breath in and hugging herself around. Ram whispered into her ears , it will be beautiful when we will be in our terrace , together.'  Priya looked back and hugged her husband. She smiled in his arms , and snuggled more to him...



After the lunch ,


Natasha walked to the twin's room with Pihu and Khush. Pari and Myra sat infront of Natasha. She looked at the elder siblings , they already knew what they have to do , but Pari was becoming a challenge day by Day , she is terribly missing her mother and wants to be with her.


Pari , look baby ! doctors have given permission , that you all can talk with your mamma, but ...'  Natasha paused for a while , sitting by pari , she hold her near , and continued , Pari , you know doctors have let your mamma know about 7 months loss. And bhai has said that you four are in Derhadoon. And for Priya you all are still that little ones. And you have to act same. Beta it's just for your mamma ... we can't lose her .. Please beta ...'


wow ! now I have to act , I have to lie to my mother.wow!'  pari said ..


it is not easy for us Pari'  pihu said ..


everything is easy for you di , I have never seen you all missing mamma , never . you kept on partying and everything ! now you all are saying that it is not easy ! everything is easy for you all.'  Pari shouted .


it is not easy for anyone Pari , neither for me , nor for di .'  Myra shouted back, You express everything and we don't that doesn't mean , that we don't feel. We feel the same as you , but Pari , mamma always wanted us to be happy , wanted us to smile , when she will find us crying , will she be happy ? tell me Pari ? tell me god damn!' 


Pari stepped back . Natasha stepped between the kids. She asked myra to settle down and Hugged Pari. Pari wept badly , I miss mamma , Bua , when she is so near , then also I cannot see her I cannot touch her , I just can hear her and act as if I am a 9 year kid , Bua why God is punishing us why ?'  Even Natasha didn't have an answer to the kids. She hugged Pari tight. The other siblings joined the hug...




Preacp ::


 The kids talked with their mamma , but ... What made priya call back at the odd time ??? Has Ram failed This TIME !!! has Priya understood something is wrong ! 

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wonderful update
love the way story is progressing.
Ram is Priya's lifeline. both are very much in love.
loved the morning tea conversation and light romance after that.Embarrassed
Ram how many time u tried to lie but u know very well she will caught uLOL
really feeling very bad for Pari...and very difficult situation too.
I think Priya will find because now the kids are grown, when they talk to Priya.
with their sound she will understand something is wrong
continue soon and thanx for PM
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