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PREVIEW, makes me choked, how can people love so much deeply, sach kehte hain pyaar kisi cheez ka mohtaj nahi hota hain woh toh bas ho jata hain, it showed that RaYa are inseparable, this what world called as companionship, if all people do think like this then am sure the word 'DIVORCE' would be extinct from the vocabulary of mankind   
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Fantastic update, u describe very well Raya's emotion, feeling very sad 4 kids,nice preview, pls continue soon, thx 4 PM Edited by Dsudipa - 2013-09-23T09:45:44Z
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Hi Friends ,  Here is the 4th part of the New Story , every story needs some part which will lend the path to beauty of Love. In my story , RaYa's New chapter starts Now . 

Cheers Nairita



My Heart is a Stereo, It beats for you. So Listen Close, Hear my thoughts in every NOTE...



Ram was about to step into the cabin , Dr.Kathy called him from behind. Introducing Vikram to her , he was about to speak , Very disappointingly Dr. Kathy informed him , what blunder could have happen .


I don't understand what you are saying doctor.'  Ram said . Kathy asked Ram to come with her . He asked vikram to follow her , saying that he will join them after seeing Priya for a minute. Ram walked back to the Cabin . He found Neha brushing Priya's hairs.


He stepped inside , with a smile and sat on the stool . Priya smiled back . Fatty when you are going to throw a party tell me that . I want to party hard. Our darling is back , and you are trapped !'  neha said hugging priya, while ram looked down as he smiled.


let her go back home , I will surely throw a grand Party , after all I got my life back , my breathes back.'  Ram looked at Priya , she looked back. Neha smiled looking at them , how much they love each other , it is really hard to see them apart . Neha cleared her throat to get their attention.


okay okay haan bahut hua haa akhono akhono mein pyar.  We all know how much you two love each other , but  thoda time hum garibo ke liye bhi nikal lo.'  Neha said hugging Priya .


haan toh le na time..  Actually I am here to ask you to stay with priya for a while , I have to see the doctor. They need to discuss about priya. You stay with her , I will be back in an hour maximum.'  Ram stood up to leave.


fatty , wait .'  neha stopped him . helping priya to sit properly neha walked to Ram , do one thing , go to the mansion , have some rest and then come back , till then I am here with Priya .'


no no I am perfectly fine here Neha , I will be back soon.'  Ram replied.


no , just listen to me , priya is now doing well , and I am here na baba , go and have some rest. And don't you have faith over me?'  neha asked.


Ram looked at Priya ,she smiled and asked him to drop back to home and have some rest. Ram smiled back. Looking at Neha he said , okay meri maa.'  Ram walked to priya , kissing her forehead he said her that he will be back soon. Priya smiled in reply. While walking out Ram , showing neha his phone tried to ask her to check her phone.


Neha walked back to Priya , she looked at her , Priya blushed. hai   koi mere pati ko bhi itna romantic bana de..'  neha hugged priya.



In doctor kathy's cabin...


 Ram apologized to get late. He settled down on the chair , and asked about Priya and the mistake that he did. Kathy leaned back and wanted to know what made ram to speak to Priya about her comatose state. Ram briefed the incident how Priya , wanted to see her kids and that slowly led him to inform her about her comatose state.


do you know what it could have led to Mr. K'  Kathy said in a very disappointing tone. Ram looked at Vikram first and then he said sorry to the doctor.


mr.K , I had already said you that I need to confirm in which state she is actually and it's not easy for every patient to accept it that , she /he was not in their loved ones life for a long time. I have dealt with patients Mr.K and this case is also going to be written in the rarest history of medical science , but you know what happens when suddenly a person comes back to life , after such a long time , it is phatomizing for the surroundings . Mr.K we move in our life , that's the truth and a patient has to place itself in that pace. That's the reason we are here. She could have gone into deep slumber again . Do you want that ?'   Kathy said . ram gulped a lump in his throat and nodded a no .


Kathy was about to speak , vikram stopped her and asked if he can say something . Kathy asked him to go ahead.


doctor , I know you all are here to help Priya , but I know them since the beginning , their love is something else. I know you all believe  it to be a miracle that priya is back when she was sinking , but it's not a miracle only . The miracle happen due to his Love , his selfless love for her. Doctor , I know you will do, everything to safe guard priya , but trust me , Nothing wrong can happen if Ram is with her.'  Vikram said.


The doctor looked at ram , she sighed . tell me , have you said anything about the time?'


no'  ram said.


good , let me speak to her , what she feels , how long she was sleeping . I can get that from her , but 7 years , I don't think she can even think that she was sleeping for seven years. Well what ever happened let it be , I trust your friend , even you. Let me handle it further and please next time inform me , before you say anything to Mrs.K about her past days.'  


 Nodding positively ram stood up shaking hand with the doctor , he walked out of the cabin . he asked vikram to take him back to Kapoor Mansion .he dropped a sms to Neha , ignore priya if she asks about the date time'


In Kapoor Mansion...


Ram walked in the hall and found Natasha serving the sharmas and the kapoor seniors. Sudheer ji stood up seeing his son -in - law . Ram walked to them and informed every details about priya. When he was asked by the seniors , when they can visit Priya . ram looked back to vikram and said , when the time will come I will take you all to her , but before that let the Psychologist handle her. We might need to hide the fact of seven years from her , we might need to hide our kids from her.'  He sighed as he said the most difficult part to them.


  pari..'  pihu ran after the youngest kapoor . Ram looked up , he found her youngest daughter to ran to her room . he excused himself and walked up stairs .


  if any one is in extreme pain , it is Pari.'  Natasha sat down .


Natasha , beta , you have given the three kids the love that priya would have given. You were the perfect mother.'  Krishna ji said .


Hiding her head on the table , she said , no maa , I might have successfully given that love to pihu and Myra, Khush but Pari , she never has taken me as her mother , I was is and will be Bua for her. She never says anything to me , but her eyes speaks . and now if they have to be kept away from Priya , she will become arrogant . I don't know how I will manage her.'  Natasha sat up , tears escaped her eyes.



In pari's Room...


Ram found Pihu banging on the washroom door. Asking her to move , ram softly knocked at the door and asked Pari to open the door. After many tries even , ram failed.


papa tod dijiye darwaza..'  Pihu said and Natasha and saumya seconded her.


Ram cocked his head to them and said , I know how to handle her.'  He looked back to the door , and knocked again ... and called his daughter , Darling... Sweetheart ... Open the door ... Darling ...'  pari didn't responded either ...


Pari , you know when Mamma never used to do all this when she was sad or she used to be in trouble . But she is the bravest . she always came out and faced the truth . She never hide herself like a coward, and being her junior copy right you are hiding yourself. You need to face the truth baby . when you walked this much waited this much can't you wait for few more days. Tell me darling ?'   ram said ... this time Pari opened the door , her face was covered with tears ...


Papa , Mamma  pehchan bhi ni payengi humein'  Pari hugged her father.


who said this , tell them , mother's don't need an eye to learn who is their kid , they remain carved in their heart forever. Trust me baby , when your mamma will see you all , she will identify each and everyone of you.' Ram said proudly ..


sacchi..'  pari asked ...


mucchi...' ram replied...  


Pari Hugged her father . Ram didn't know how long it will take to make Priya aware of the fact that it's a 7 years she is missing from her life , and before that , he has to hide the truth from his wife , which will be more difficult than anything. He could merely lie to his wife, she is a master to catch the lies and the biggest lie he has to yet say to her . he prayed to All Mighty to give him strength to fight the Last war to get his family back together.




Back in the hospital , Kathy came for a counseling session with priya , she talked with her in front of Neha , when she learnt her as a closest friend to Priya. After talking for an hour almost to priya , Kathy got a clear view of Priya's brain and her thinking were she is standing that very moment.


well Mrs.K , as a doctor , it is my duty to inform a truth to you , you were sleeping for a long time.'  Kathy said. Priya looked at Neha , she held her hand firmly as Priya's eyes went watery.


It's 7 months ... a long time Mrs.K but I am sure , everyone out there is to help you to get back all those that you have lost in these months. Aren't they?' Kathy asked looking at Neha. Holding priya in her arms she firmly said yes.


that's too nice.. I have to call Mr.K and inform him about the progress . till then enjoy your day .. and other doctors will be here soon to disturb you.'  Kathy smiled and walked out of the cabin .


On one side , where Neha affirmed Priya , it's a little time Priya , nothing has changed . everything was at it's place as you left , please don't cry . and if you will cry you will only get weaker day to day and it will linger your discharge from this jail called hospital.'  Neha wiped out Priya's tears and then gave her a warm welcome back hug again . while on the other side , Kathy called Ram and informed him about the session and also said him to handle the situation keeping in mind the factor 7 months'  Ram hung up the call and sat back on the chair . Pihu was serving her father , she asked if everything is fine with her mother. Ram broke down thinking of Pari as he broke the news , that the doctor can only tell priya about the loss of 7 months from her life.


that means , I will be of 16 and pari and myra will be of 9 , to mom?'  Pihu asked herself.


yes'  ram said as he sighed. He finished his meal and rushed back to the hospital as fast as he can ...


In hospital ...


When ram came back , he found Physiotherapist , was doing his session with Priya , he was helping Priya to move her body parts. Neha was standing there only scrutinizing the whole session as always from right under her specs . After the session , other doctors came for the routine visit . They were really hopeful about Priya's health. So do Ram and everyone else.


In the evening ...


Priya was sleeping due to the medicines . but at about 4 she woke up and found ram sitting by her and he was reading a book a then .Priya smiled as she found Ram in a specs.


this makes you look even more handsome.'  Priya said .. putting the book down , Ram was aboutto open up his glasses he was stopped by his wife . rehne dijiye..  you look more handsome with it.' Ram stood up and put the bed , up to bring priya to a sitting position.


I want to walk Mr.Kapoor'  She said .


you will , let the time come dear . it's a long time you are not in a function , so we should listen to the doctor and their instructions. Right !' ram said ..


but you are here na , to hold me if I fall? I want to see my kids soon ... please Mr.Kapoor bring them once , I have not seen them for 7 months , they should have grown much in these months , please Ram.'  She pleaded .


Ram sat by her taking her hand on his he looked down. what happened ? have I asked anything wrong Mr.kapoor?'  ram was thinking what he should answer Priya , and suddenly he hit with an idea to keep their kids out of her sight for at least few months.


priya , I know you want to meet them , and they also want to meet you badly , but I am helpless , I cant .'  ram said . on being asked why by priya , ram answered ,   priya , as it was 7 months , when the new session begun , I send them to derahdoon , that time I thought it to be best for them , I did that only . I called them there to inform about you , they wanted to come down , but they have exams in a month or less. You always gave preference to studies , so I thought that once their session gets complete I will bring them back to Mumbai only.'  


 Priya slipped her hand out of his grip and looked disappointing at him . Ram came closer to her , she cocked her head to the other side.  priya I have no other choice then , but I soon realized I took a wrong decision , I wanted to bring them back , but you know the schools over here they don't take kids in mid sessions.' Priya intervened , not even of The Ram Kapoor's kids?'


I know I cant lie to you , but trust me , I felt bad when they were away from me , I used to juggle between Mumbai and Dehradoon all these months , They missed you very much , and if they would have been here...'  Ram stopped and looked at priya ...


you have done it right Mr.Kapoor , if they would have been here , they couldn't see me in that state. You did the right thing but mr.Kapoor now you can call them back , their mother is back . I want to see them hug them , Love them . as I am longing for them they should have longed for me too.'  Priya said ..


  and unke papa ...'  ram winked at her ...


I don't know , that their father will know naa...'  priya said ...


  should I show you how much their father longed for their mother...??'   Ram said coming close to her .


  this is hospital not your bedroom Mr.Kapoor'  priya said leaning back . She coughed a little out of exhaustion ...


to be continued madam ...now stop talking and rest ... I will make you talk with the kids once you get little better by health .'  ram said ... caressing her face, Priya leaned back ...



Days... kept on passing ...


The doctors made every possible things that will make Priya health more stable and they succeeded even. With Ram by her side , she responded to their treatment positively .Kathy once said infront of priya , out of her excitement , rarest of rare .'  though she managed to handle the situation intelligently . the doctors made Priya sit regularly on a chair , and they also made her walk few baby steps , once she missed a step and ram was there to held her in his arms. That day Ram priya was teased by Kathy badly and even she continues to tease her. As days passed by , doctor changed priya's diet too , from liquid diet she was now allowed to have solid diet. Ram used to have his meal with Priya only . The seniors also visit her regularly. But still priya craves for her kids .. so do the kids...But as asked by the doctors , ram is waiting for the day when he could make priya talk with the kids over phone. And slowly she got much strength back .



2 weeks passed away ...


Priya was now able to sit by her own. She tried to do her essential life works by her own. But ram is an over protective husband he didn't want her to give much pressure to her body , he wants her to be perfectly okay as soon as possible . he and everyone is waiting longing for the day when Priya will walk back to The Kapoor Mansion again , for that the doctors has already said that Priya should be perfectly fit physically and psychologically .


One Night...


Ram tucked Priya on her bed , he kissed her forehead , as always he used to do , all this time , switching off the lights he lied down on the couch. Though he rarely sleep through the night , he used to keep on checking Priya , if she needs anything , if her health is okay or not all through the night, but he pretends to priya that he is sleeping . Ram closed his eyes to take rest for till priya don't go into deep Slumber. But he opened his eyes as he found priya calling him .


Ram I left you alone .'  she suddenly said in the darkness of the night. Ram stood up and went to her. He found her awake. She is doing well now. She can walk now with his support. Ram is there with her at every moment. He caressed her hairs. Priya looked at her husband . A lone tear escaped her eyes. He wiped out her tears.


I left you alone , all these days how you managed everything , if I was you , I could have never be able to do this Mr.Kapoor.'  She said taking his hand in hers. Ram moved his hand to her cheeks. They looked at each other. Ram sat on the patient's bed and leaned down to her . He hugged her. Priya hugged him back.


Hugging her he whispered , I carry your Heart with me.. I carry it in my heart...  I was never alone neither will be...  anywhere I go , you come along... Ram looked at her eyes once again. How much they love each other , it can't be expressed in words , neither of them can do that. Their love is eternal , a tale which will make everyone jealous of them , may be that was the reason , they have to face such tough times in their lives.


I love you Ram..'  She spoke...  He replied with a soft peck on her lips , adding , I love you too...' priya asked him to hug her once again . Ram leaned closer to her hugged her. She whispered ,   stay near me please , I want to hear your heart again . I want to listen to the best music I have ever heard.' 


if the doctors or sisters find us together  , they will scold us priya , try to understand.'  Ram said. Like a little kid she demanded her wish to be fulfilled , she said that she really don't care what other's will think or say to them , what she wants is to be with him, near him . what she wants is to hug him all through the night as she will sleep. Ram was also longing to hold priya near himself . he could not stop himself from being near her. He agreed to her. Smiling to her, he lifted her , helped her to lie down on his chest , hugging each other , they dozed into deep slumber.


Next Morning , at about 5. 30 a.m ,


When priya was supposed to be in deep sleep , Pihu and khsuh  came to the hospital with the junior siblings. They walked to the cabin . Pihu softly pushed the door to call her father , she has also visited the hospital earlier in that time and everytime she found her father lying awake on the couch. But this time when she failed to find her father there, she stepped inside the cabin, in cat's paw. Khush from behind asked her to stop but she didn't . she stopped in the second step as her eyes found her father. Turning around , she pushed her other siblings out and stopped till she reached the lobby of the floor.


what happened ? let me see mom once yaar .'  khush said .


it's a no disturbance zone now khush , we cant go there.' Pihu said .


but you were there di , we want to see mom once.'  Myra said .


I was there but I also shouldn't be there.' she said , adding to it in whisper , how could I know what I will see inside .'   Khush heard pihu to whisper , he asked pihu to break the suspense. They were about to end up fighting , then only pihu found a nurse , walking to her mother's cabin. Dashing through the fighting kids , she managed to stop the nurse .


Please sister , spare few minutes  , I will call you . but don't enter right now , please.'  Pihu pleaded . the nurse was not even interested to hear to pihu's plea but some how she managed to keep her out of the room for 10 minutes . Pihu thought in her mind , only 10 minutes to wake papa .. I wish his phone is with him , else no one is going to save him from the doctors and even nurses.'


Pihu pulled out her phone and dialed Ram's Number . This time lucky Ram was having his phone on his kurta's pocket. He moved as his phone rang , in vibration mode. He smiled as he opened his eyes , he can see the brightest face in this world again first , as he opened his eyes. A strand of hair was blocking her  complete view. He tucked it behind her ears , she moved a little.  Ram placed her properly on the bed . He for a moment completely forgotten that his phone was ringing on his Kurta's pocket. He couldn't take his eyes from his wife. She looks uber cute and adorable in sleep . She snuggles in her sleep. Ram smiles. He wanted to lie back cuddling with her. But as Priya said , it was not their Bedroom where they can do anything. He smiled like a kid , while his phone kept on ringing and ringing . Pihu got tensed , she cant even go inside, she was only left with one option that is phone.


In the cabin, ram was totally lost in his world . he was caressing her with his eyes with a smile plastered on his face. Ram was waking up with her , with her in his arms after 7 years , It is a thing to cheer for , but he cannot cheer in front of her , for her it was only 7 months . while he was relishing the fresh view of his wife and pihu kept on calling Him , Priya woke up as the sun rays , at last made it way to the room , making priya aware of the morning .


As she opened her eyes , she found a pair of eyes looking for her and a pair of lips without saying anything speaking a thousand words of desire.


She smiled , Good Morning .'  She cupped his face and kissed his forehead.


Outside , pihu failed to stop the nurse from going inside. She turned and almost shouted out shit! Khush and the twins asked her why she is over-reacting and why she was stopping the nurse to go inside . Pihu didn't said anything she just walked to the cabin.



In the cabin ...


Ram stepped down from the patient's bed just in time , and the nurse came in wishing them Good Morning.. she was busy in moving the curtains letting the new morning to get witnessed , while Ram and Priya exchanged a look of bacch gaya' with each other. As a regular schedule , before saying anything Ram turned to leave the room , but this time Priya held back his hand. Ram looked back surprisingly .


Smiling at Ram , and keeping her eyes on him only she said , Sister , my husband will help me , now onwards .'  ram looked surprisingly at Priya , he looked at nurse and then asked Priya to repeat what she said. She blinked to affirm him.


This time surprisingly the nurse didn't protested , she was seeing Ram since 7 years , may be that time he came there and spent few hours with her , but since Priya woke up , he hardly left the hospital. The nurse left saying , please call me , afterwards ..'  Before leaving she kept the hospital gown inside the washroom.


well , r u sure about this ?'  Ram asked .


do you have any problem then ..'  Priya leaned back to press the call bell. Ram stopped her . Priya smiled. chalien ..'   he said giving his hand to her. Priya smiled and stepped down from the bed. Ram holding his hand walked to the wash room .


are you nervous , I can call the nurse if you want.'  Priya said .


chalo yaar ...'  Ram said , holding priya tight in his arms .



Pihu found Nurse walking out of the cabin , she stopped her and asked if everything is okay or not inside. The nurse asked her to calm down and said that Ram will be helping Priya to change. Pihu looked back and said , But sister , papa , he is not .. I mean , you all never allowed him to do so .'


yes you are right , that time , when Mrs.kapoor was in coma , she needed to be handled with lots of care and we are the professionals then. I was looking after Mrs.kapoor since the beginning , that's why I am here , but now your Father can completely handle your mother. You know fe days back , Mrs.Kapoor was walking over here in the lobby , she need to be self efficient , so we all let her walk alone , but she tripped , and your father the way he came out of no where and held her in his arms ..'  the sister looked at pihu ,   you are lucky to have such loving parents .. it is really hard to find someone who can't just stop loving eachother...'  she smiled and walked away.


Pihu looked back to the cabin .. she sighed and joined the siblings ...


Ram helped priya to sit on the chair , she asked ,  aap nervous kyun hai ? aisa lag raha tha salon baad mere saath the..'   now this made ram look back to her . She looked at her surprised husband ,jerking him out of his thought Priya gave him a look.


As ram smiled , priya asked what he was thinking .


a minute away from you , means a year for me .. and these months they didn't even allowed me a once to hold you , like  I hold you near yesterday , like I was with you few minutes back . they never allowed me to stay back and witness a new morning with you. I always wanted to welcome every morning with you , holding you near my heart , but they never allowed me. I really missed you all these days priya , saal nahi  it seemed to me like ages priya . don't stop me from looking at you like a thirsty lover.'  Ram said kneeling to her...


Priya caressed his face with her hand ... A lone tear escaped his eyes ... Priya wiped out the tear , nodding no to him. He softly placed his head on her lap , let me be with you for a while ... please..'  Priya ran her hand through his hairs , as he hugged her along her waist , Priya could feel his pain. She rested her head no his head and whispered , I missed you too Raam...'


I need you Like A Heart Needs a BEAT ... 

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beautiful update
Loving husband Ram taking care of Priya very nicely...
she felt bad that she misses them for 7 months what happen when she hears the truth Confused
feeling very bad for pari...
u showed very beautifully step by step the improvement in Priya's health.
please continue soon and thanks for PMSmile
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Superb part...!!!

Ye kya??? Only 7months...
Feeln bad for pari..
Shes longing fr her mother...

Cont soon...
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Posted: 2013-09-23T18:23:59Z
marvelous, it was just fantastic.. i think this one was a bit short update nah..!! pari her character has been drawn just flawlessly, already i can feel what spcl relationship she would share with priya.. ram knows to handle there daughter perfectly.. awww..!! hospital romance was so romantic but thank god pihu saved them on time.. so priya is now much better. now eagerly waiting for 2 things 1) the disclosure of 7yr truth to priya so that can she will be abel to meet them and 2nd the moment when prihu will come face to face.. nice update, waiting for the next..
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Posted: 2013-09-23T21:31:00Z
priya is totally fine and ram have in a appropriate way will reveal the truth to priya hope she will able to face the truth raya romancing in the hospital was so lovely and cute the update was just fab continue soon the next part waiting for it and thnx for the pmEdited by tulshan1989 - 2013-09-23T21:38:38Z
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Posted: 2013-09-23T23:38:28Z
I jst dnt hv words to say ne thng...

I jst can say its BEAUTIFUL... d love btw dem u hv penned it done jst beautifully... continue soon...
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