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My two hands are up in the air. Count me too and please give an update. 
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Meee..with both hands up..
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Jst read ur 2 notes...
Abt nt gettng much respnse...
U r doing great job nairitaji...
Lovd all chaptrs...
Would love to read mre nd mre frm u...
Cntinue soon...
Waitng fr the next chappy...:)
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 want it nowww
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Hi Friends ,  Here is the 4th part of the New Story , every story needs some part which will lend the path to beauty of Love. In my story , RaYa's New chapter starts from Next Chapter . 

Cheers Nairita




Where there is a Great Love... There are always Miracles ...




Ram Leaned back to the couch , it was 11 when he checked the time. For few minutes his eyes got closed . He sat straight and then walked to Priya. He saw that the nurse is sitting by her. She Smiled looking at Ram. Seeing the oxygen mask , Ram looked at the nurse. She asked ram not to get tensed as she was only being given the nebulizer. Ram smiled and caressed Priya's Head. He asked the nurse to be there , informing that he will be back having a coffee. The nurse assured.


Coming out of the cabin , He met Pihu , who was sitting just outside the room. Pihu stood up seeing her father. Ram got surprised and asked pihu the reason of visit so late.


Pihu walked to Ram and handed a bag to him. Ram again looked at Pihu with questions.


papa , it has some clothes , fruits , and some books that mamma loved to read. Actually papa I had a word with doctor , he said that if we give back mamma what she loved , she will respond quickly. I want mamma to come back home soon papa . I am a big girl now , I don't need mamma in every step. I know..'  Pihu's voice broke as she said , gulping air in her throat she continued ,   pari and myra they need mamma , dadi and badi dadi , they need her , nanu nani ..  they also need her , you .. you need her the most ...'


Ram intervened , and you need her now... don't do this what your mother did always , don't do this . your mother loved every one selflessly , I know you have committed mistake , but trust me , if you will say sorry to your mamma , and you really mean it then she will surely forgive you my child.' 


 Pihu looked to her father and hugged him. Ram reciprocated.  Kissing his daughter's head , he asked her to go home and also asked her to drop a call as soon as she reaches there.  Ram walked to the canteen , but he found it close. So he walked back to the cabin with the bag. He sat down by Priya . the nurse was accumulating the nebulizer machine. He asked her to wait for few minutes . after her nod , ram took out a pair of Pajama and kurta , and walked to the wash room . he came out in minutes after changing. He asked the nurse to leave . The nurse asked ram to call her if any development , good or bad happens to priya.  Ram gave  a firm nod.


Sitting by priya , he called , Neha that time. Neha took the call in a moment. Ram asked Neha if she can drop to hospital with some coffee. Neha scolded Ram for asking if. Ram smiled and hung up the call. Ram leaned close to Priya and caressed her head.


In next 30 minutes ,


Neha and Vikram came down to the hospital . They walked to the cabin, neha smiled looking at Vikram as they found Ram sitting by Priya , caressing her head.  Neha softly touched his shoulder. Ram looked back and smiled finding the Shergills there. Neha warned Ram , if he was going to say Sorry to her again. Ram Blushed.  Vikram served coffee to Ram and Neha asked him to excuse himself to the couch and she wants to sit by Priya . ram smiled and excused her.


Handing the coffee to Ram , Vikram asked him about Priya's health . Ram briefed to him everything and he also added his worry about his children.


Ram , bigger than that is when Priya will ask for the kids , what you will say . we can't put the grown up kids suddenly in front of her. We need to think something.' Vikram said a valid point .


Before ram could Answer , Neha rolled her eyes over the men and said that they should not discuss the matter in front of priya , she might be having senses . The men muted agreeing to Neha. That night late , very Late neha and vikram left the hospital , Neha made it sure that ram takes his food and also gets some rest too .


Next morning ,


Ram woke up as his pocket alarm beeped when it was 5.30 a.m. he walked to Priya and found her sleeping till , so he walked to the wash room to freshen up . After few Minutes when he came out , he found a nurse there. She said that , as chart says they need to give priya a normal wake and sleep cycle they need to make are accustomed with the normal life again. The nurse was about to move the curtains , but , Ram stopped her and asked her to let him wake priya from her slumber. The Nurse smiled and stepped back.


Ram moved the curtains  allowing the sun rays engulf the hospital Room . Ram was knew that , priya used to have a very light sleep , a little noise , a little light can make her awake. Thanks to All Mighty , it happened. Priya winced her eyes , as the sunrays hit her eyes after a long time, after Seven years , she witnessed a new morning.


Walking to priya  , ram leaned down to her supporting the bed either side of her head , and said , Good Morning baby ... time to wake Up ... slept well.'   Priya this time parted her lips to say something but the nurse stopped her , ram looked back in disappointment . he wanted to hear her voice again , the voice he loved the most . Priya smiled back to ram . Smiling at his wife he stood up . The nurse then asked Ram to wait outside , she will be helping priya to change out . making a puppy face Ram walked out .


After coming out he smiled , as Priya tried to talk to him , it must be a positive signal , for her development. He thought to talk with the doctor , but that time , that early generally the doctors are not available. He checked once to confirm , and his intuitions went correct , the doctors were not there.


Ram walked back to the cabin and called Pihu . he knew very well , his eldest daughter will be well awake that time. Pihu received the call in two rings . after wishing each other , Ram , asked pihu to come down to the hospital , he needs to talk with Pihu . Pihu when wondered about priya's health , Her father assured her of her mother's positivity in health.


Pihu started dressing up , to leave for the hospital . Her two sisters who had plans for an excursion , came to her . Pihu smiled and asked if they are ready to leave or not , she showed interest in dropping them to school on her way to the hospital.


The twins looked at each other. Prevailing silence , made pihu to look back to them . She asked the twins if everything is okay or not , or else they want anything for the trip. Myra came forward ,  wo , di  we have decided something.' 


what ?'  Pihu asked  , keeping her dress down.


we will not go for the school trip , unless mamma gives us permission , she is well awake now , she should know what we are doing . She always said and taught us to share everything with her , every big and small matters of our life . Di , we will go only if mamma gives us permission.'   Pari added.


I know , you are right pari, but papa said yesterday only, he cant say about these seven years to mamma suddenly and bua gave you permission na. even papa .'   Pihu said .


but not mamma di , bua and mamma there is a hell and heaven difference between them . she is a mother figure but not mom. I want my mother .'  Pari said looking at myra , she continued ,   for me my Mom is , was and will be Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor that's it and if myra wants to go , she can but not me . I will only go when mamma will ask me to go .. that's it.'  Pari left the room without allowing any of the sister to speak .


Pihu wanted to say that how much important priya is to her. But pari didn't gave her a chance to speak. On her way to Room , Pari meet natasha , she smiled and was going to wish pari , but she dashed into her room , neglecting her.  She walked to pihu's room and learnt the half truth , that happened . She seconded Pari and asked pihu and Myra not to force Pari to join the trip if she don't want to .


In Pari's room ...


Pari sat on her bed with priya's framed picture.  She spoke to her mamma with tears rolling down ...


mamma , how many days more I have to wait to get into your arms , it hurts mom . I want you , I want to sleep resting my head on your lap . I want to tell you about every bit of thing that happened in my life. Please mom come back soon . I love you Mom . I don't know who needs you and who don't but I want you mom , I need you... mom come back soon ... I can't bear this mom I cant bear this that I cant go in front of you ...'   pari cried badly hugging her mamma's picture near her heart. 


Saumya came to see the kids , she found Pari talking to priya's picture. Saumya hugged pari , and consoled her . Pari misses her mamma ... She wish her mamma comes back soon ... She can go back to the place were she belongs... Poor Pari cried out her heart to her chachi  saumya.


In the Hospital ,



Ram came inside with the doctors. The doctor asked Ram to stand patient , as they were going to test Priya's memory partially . A Psychologist cum speech therapist was with them too. She was a renowned Psychologist from UK , who has seen many rare cases were patients came out of prolonged coma like 16 years , 19 years but they had no problem with the speech and memory .They might have a low voice for a month or half , but a clear speech is expected in a month or less ,and absolutely no memory loss at all she confirmed before they entered the room.


hello Mrs.Kapoor !'  Kathy entered the room , a jolly girl in her early thirties. Priya looked at the lady, and to every one's surprise , she said hi .'  while everyone got surprised it was no new to Kathy she is used to these spontaneous responses.


how are you doing today?'  she continued to talk with Priya as she sat on the stool. Priya was lying flat on the bed. Kathy stood up and clapped to the nurse , she asked to roll up the bed and keep priya in a sitting position. She looked at the doctors for confirmation. The head gave a positive nod to the nurse.


I feel u are feeling much better now.'  She asked as priya came to a sitting position . priya answered with a smile of assurance.


u know I am little emotionless I cant read the smiles and all , I need an answer . I need to hear your voice. So asking you again . I feel you are feeling much better now?'   She repeated the question to priya.


yes'  priya replied ...


good.'  Kathy said .


so are you happy to be here in these room , with monitors around , beeping all the time . are you?'  A neurologist walked  to priya and asked.


  home . when ?'  She couldn't construct a sentence as she spoke in a low voice.


what we are going to do Mrs.K , can I call you that .. Mr.K .. Mrs.K , you know in our country we used to call like this only ... may I .. or may I call you ma'am .'  Kathy asked .


priya .. better..'  she again failed to construct a statement . Ram looked at the doctor, he assured him of nothing wrong.


okay priya , what we are going to do , is we are going to shift you t more spacious , rooms and not much of this machines will there , one will be there only , and after you completely get well , we will allow you to your home.'   Kathy said smiling to priya .


kids.'  Priya said ...


Known for humor , and a good doctor Kathy said ,   don't you think priya you are little small to be in the pediatric ward.' She winked.


Priya smiled broad and said , my kids.'  And looked at Ram.


you have kids ?'  Kathy looked back to Ram , and smiling said ,   I thought you were just married.'   She wanted to make priya smile as much as she can. Priya smiled and showed four with her fingers.


my goodness .. four . no I cant believe you . Mrs.K' Kathy said ..


three daughters one son.'  Priya said.


lucky boy , can I marry your son , am I eligible.'  She asked priya .


Priya smiled and after few breathes she managed to say , he is 15, illegal it will be .'  now that made everyone tensed . what they thought , was completely happening . Priya was thinking she has lapsed few days from her life , she still thinks that her kids are young . while every doctor got tensed the psychologist and the speech therapist kept calm and said , poor me . missed the golden ticket to be your daughter in law. Better luck next birth what say .'  She winked at priya , and rose her hand for an high five . Priya tried to lift her hand , but she can move it few inches up only.


let it be , doctor just shift her to the 11th floor , this room is very suffocating , and Mr.K please come outside , while they will shift Mrs.K.'  Kathy walked out briefing a hug to Priya.


Ram came outside . Kathy looked at him ,   look Mr.K , she is completely fine with the speech part and the physical strength part . I have seen rarest cases than these evolving through miracles, and I can assure you she will be having a normal life after a month or less. It will depend on how she responds . But where I will say that there is a tension. I have gone through her history , and 7 years . she is missing seven years . what we can do now we can make it seven months but , not seven years . I know your kids grew up in these years and they must me now teens and adults . But if you want if she can take you can break the news to her but can she take it Mr.K ?'  she asked Ram and her eyes went to Pihu who was standing next to Ram .  Kathy asked about the girl . ram introduced them .


so she is eldest or ...'   she asked.


no she is the eldest along with our son Khush and we have a twin daughters too. They are 15 now.'   Ram said .


okay let me have few more sessions with Mrs.K then I will tell you what to do , for now just avoid the question if she asks about the time date .. and how you will hide your kids for few days , at least I don't get a clear idea about her mental stability to accept the 7 years loss .'   Kathy said . She shook hand with Ram and walked away.


Ram looked back as the door opened he saw them to take out Priya from the room , he asked pihu to hide herself. Pihu walked to a corner and from there helplessly saw her mother , smiling to her father , Ram hold her hands , and said that he will be joining her in minutes . Ram waited till Priya didn't get vanished into the patient lift.  He walked to Pihu .  He took out his debit card and providing the pin number asked her to take out some money and give it to myra and Pari for their school trip. Pihu briefed the incident from the morning to ram , he felt bad for his babies. Ram asked Pihu not to pressurize Pari or Myra for anything and asked her to leave for Mansion.


Ram walked to Priya's new cabin , after talking with the doctors . They also said that Priya's health is improving but they have to wait for the Psychologist to put down her reports about his wife.


When ram came to the room , he found priya lying on the bed , her eyes were closed while the nurses were putting medicines in their place. Ram pulled the chair and sat by priya , it's a deluxe Maharaja cabin . Ram leaned back . he was tensed and was thinking what to answer Priya if she asks about their children.


Priya opened her eyes as she heard some sounds from around. Opening her eyes she found ram sitting by her. She smiled and tried to extend her hand , but due to weakness she failed. As she spoke spontaneously to Kathy , she was feeling little tired but she managed to speak , rather her inner strength made her speak .


Ram .'  she said spontaneously . ram looked at her . he pulled the chair and sat by her , taking her hands on his , he smiled.  After a long time he was hearing his own name from the most lovable voice in this earth.


baccho ..'  priya took few breathes and then continued ,   baccho se milna hai'  Ram looked down . Priya gave a soft pull to his hand , he looked back to her , he didn't know what to answer , but he has to say something to her otherwise she will get agitated and doctors has said it very clearly that she should be kept calm always .


priya'  ram stood up and sat on the patient's bed . cupping her face he said , Priya , do you know what happened with you ?'  priya kept on looking at Ram , he cleared his throat and continued ,   priya you met an accident . there was a blood clot in your brain . and that lead to ..'  ram looked down . priya kept on looking at him , Ram took a deep breath and said ,   you were in coma , priya ..' 


Priya looked down ... ram cupped her face firm and made her look at him. The nurses also stood ready to handle any kind of adverse situation. 


priya... Look at me ! nothing happened baby , it's only few days you were sleeping . nothing else than that . trust me .'  ram tried to assure . Priya looked with teary eyes to her husband . ram thought , that if only few days are making her so much moved then what will happen to her when she will be knowing that 7 years she was sleeping in deep slumber what the doctors call Coma .


no , you will not cry.' Ram wiped her tears , hugging her he said , Promise me you will not cry priya , you will not . I am with you baby , I will give you everything back that you have missed . promise me you will not cry .. I will walk with you baby .. neither I will walk behind you , neither I will ask you to follow me , I will walk by you, hand in hand. We will start from the beginning ... but I will not let you cry ...'   Ram parted from priya and looked at her . She was having tears still . She was losing her breathes. Ram made her lie down and asked the moved back to call the doctor . Priya managed to keep her hand over him , ram sat back , while the nurses went to call the doctor.


Ra..ram promise me ...' she hold breathed heavy and then said , mera haath ... ni cho..chodenge...'  Ram hold her  hand firmly and said , Never baby , never ... you need not ask this.. just calm down we need to talk a lot .. bahut baatein karni hai humein.'  Priya tried to hug Ram , but she failed due to her health . Ram held he in his arms and hugged her , She placed her head near his heart , what she used to do . He softly touched the back of her head . She smiled.


The doctor came to the room , hurryingly . They found Priya smiling in Ram's arm . They looked at each other and then at the nurse. The nurse , when left the room to call the doctors priya's health was ditoriating   , but now she was completely okay. They tried to defend , but the doctor said , everyday holds a possibility of Miracle and we are witnessing one of them. Thanks to God we are witnessing one.'


Neha and Vikram were there too , vikram smiled and said , but the credit will be all yours.'   They laughed in unison, disturbing the love birds. Ram came apart from priya, he placed priya back on the bed carefully and stood up.


sorry Mr and Mrs.Kapoor we didn't have the intentions to disturb you , but we need to check Mrs.kapoor and the physiotherapists needs to start the treatment so that , Mrs.Kapoor can lead her normal life once again.'  One of the doctor spoke.


Red like a tomato , Ram blushed , priya looked down . for moments they behaved like teens . the doctors checked priya's vital signs and then suggested a MRI and CT scan for Priya . They asked ram to sign the consent for MRI and left . Ram and vikram followed the doctors.


Neha sat by priya , she smiled , Neha kept on looking at priya , she touched priya's hand, Priya smiled broader. Neha wanted to speak , but she couldn't , holding back her tears she hugged priya and whispered , welcome back Priya , welcome back.'  Priya smiled back too.


Outside the cabin , ram stopped the doctor and asked about priya . The doctors looked at each other and sighed. Ram demanded answer .


have you ever heard about miracle Mr.Kapoor ? This is a Miracle nothing less than that . and yes she is not in a vegetative state at all , we generally didn't have any hope of getting a patient back from vegetative state , but one in a lakh happens and Mrs.Kapoor is the one. This is a rarest case of Miracle that only we can say. Now we have to see the condition of the clot. We were giving her medication all these years , but she didn't responded , but may it happen her system started reacting to the medicines. But we have to look over it. Give us time.But we think she is back , I mean she is responding.  It's all your Love Mr.Kapoor that brought her back . Now when the time will come , we have to place the truth of seven years infront of her too. But when the appropriate time comes , only then.'   The doctor patted on his shoulder. 


Ram looked back to Vikram as the doctor's left . Vikram smiled . they walked back to the room . Ram found Priya smiling with neha as she was talking with her. Ram smiled broad looking at smiling Priya . While Pihu , noticed everything from the furthest corner , she even asked about her mother from the doctors. She smiled after a long time.



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Yippee...me first to read nd like...:)

incredolous update...emtnal too.. Bt loved it...
Beautifully writtn...

Yes meracle do happen...happy dat priya fine nw...
Bt til wen ram gnna hide abt thr kids..nd hw...??
She wil nt keep quite until she wont see hr childrns...

Waitng fr next nw...
Update soon...
Thanx fr the pm

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is there any other word of appreciation apart from excellent, brilliant, beautiful, fantastic , mindblowing, super if yes then use that for ur update.. u know what sm of writer totally skip this recovering part of priya and directly show as raya romance, am not telling that i dot want to see sm sweet moments of Raya but i also want to see this phase.. this recovering struggle is not just of priya but of ram, pihu , myra, pari everyone of her family member and how they manage it is something interesting to see .. poor pari and myra , hope they get there place in priya's arm soon.. gr8 gr8 update, waiting for the next..Edited by Pinkjali - 6 years ago
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Part 1
awww awesome update u peened down Ram's emotions so well Narita di i m feeling so gud after reading this u did justic to this tarck gud way loved the scineory u created it gives me back the magic of Old (season 1) BALH which got vanished some way in show... even it become sometimes come & sometimes goes kind off... but u made it beautiful here so moving on next to read...
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