This show is shot REALLY well....

Posted: 2013-09-12T12:20:02Z
i'm in love with the way they are shooting Ek Boond can definitely see how the BBC backing for this show translates into the shooting.

The way the prison scenes are shot are really well done..I'm not sure what tv show I have seen recently that really gets you so interested and engaged as this show does.

He has spoken barely a few lines, but his screen time is so powerful without any dialogue and that is largely a testament to the directing for this show, the actor of course...but above all its the way these scenes are shot. Today's prison cell scene, when they faded in and out for Viraf...I was mesmerized in just him walking around his prison cell...??? Afterwards Iwas saying to did that just happen...

I have to admit, that the crass behavior of the female lead sometimes gets on my nerves...but I have a feeling we are going to get a different side of her once her Pati Parmeshwar walks into the room tomorrow...or will it be next week...who knows, but i'm hoping for more depth shown in her character in the weeks to come...

|And then of course Kalavati , she is amazing without any directors help, but her scenes are also shot very well and keep one engaged. The henchmen are just ordinary, but she is second to none...

Anyways, I was just comparing this drama for the past 4 epi's to other tv serials, and I'm definitely interested to watch more purely for the way this TV serial is shot...

I'm hooked for now...

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Posted: 2013-09-12T13:10:15Z
Totally agree! The direction is fab...every charactr hs an interesting backstory...and the makers are playing on the audiences curiosity very well. Mritunjay has not said a word till now bt his persona is no less evident than the outspoken tara. And kalavati is a class apart! The do-gooder thakur jairaj singh also seems to hv ulterior motives..nobody in this show is as they seem! The play on illusion and reality is very intriguing.
I m hooked!!
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Posted: 2013-09-12T13:22:47Z

Y'know I've a knack of getting excited by a show's promo but then dumping it after watching teh first episode if I find it not appealing? LOL But this one's here, 4 episodes gone by, Viraf's doesn't have more than 7 mins of dialogues but he's the one who's got me hooked to the show, next being Kalavati. The way Viraf's character is shaping up, plus the tremendous camera work and direction. It's going the boss way! Approve

P.S- I really like the idea of the wedding venue, with Jay' showing up all chained, this one's going to be a shocker for Tara.
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Posted: 2013-09-12T14:19:42Z
hats of to the director of the show Smile
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Posted: 2013-09-12T16:53:13Z
Agree its very tightly done loving it 
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Posted: 2013-09-13T13:57:18Z
Defo agree!
I really wanted to watch this when I found it was a BBC Production and I'm so happy that I did. It's so out of the box and fresh and I feel like it'll just keep on getting better. 

Just watched the actual marriage episode there and the way it was shot was just amazing! 

But like you mentioned I too am not impressed with the actress. Her facial expressions when she's dancing is just bizarre. Way too much over acting. Hopefully either she tones it down or her character will hopefully change a bit. 

Definitely looking forward to more of this!
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Posted: 2013-09-13T14:39:43Z
i started watching it from the epi 4 nd tho i had no idea what happened in 1st three episodes still i accept that m kinda hooked .i don't knw if its me only but m finding every single thing intriguing about it ,from direction to screen shots to acting to the character sketches ,every thing makes you willing to watch more..and i don't have any issues with female lead even,not exactly .Till now m finding the natural touch in every thing nd that is making the things more interesting for me.
Absolutely lookin' forward to what next.
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Posted: 2013-09-14T23:25:24Z
Well said...
The show is shot really well comparing it to the recent tv shows.

Viraf jail scene was superb...
The team has definitely done a fab work...

Rght now the suspense element in the show...has kept me hooked to it...the episode ends at a place where u just hv to catch up with next...
One show which u cant just njoi with a WU (as of now!)

Agree on the girl being OTT bit...but with so many brilliant performances around i cn ignore of now...with such antics i m sure she will be able to handle Kalavati...lolll

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