Ek Boond Ishq 11th September 2013 Written Update

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Posted: 2013-09-11T09:33:53Z

Written Update For 11th september 2013

The episode starts with Bank people breaking the things in tara's house and tara calls thakur jayraj singh and makes him talk to the bank people.Jayraj singh says to the bank people that they are breaking his daughter-in-laws house and tells him tat they will get thier money till tommorow morning.
And the bank people leaves the house.Then tara says tat jayraj singh today did a thing tat a father does for thier children and tara's mother says tat i did a mistake in understanding them and they are very nice persons and agree for the alliance of Tara and mrityunjay.
Scene shifts to next day..
The preparations for marriage begins and tara's mother says to panditji that it is so early to get her married off in 3 days but pandit says her to relax and jayraj singh will take care of everything.
Tara enters the place and she greets pandit and nandani says that we will do your(tara's) marriage in a grand way and with the board that we dont take given things back.ROFL
Then it is showm tat tara is dancing on "jumma chumma"with her brother and sister.
Pandit leaves thier hows seeing this.
Scene shifts to Thakur's house.
He is talking to advocate about marriage and advocate asks to thakur tat is everybody in the house ready for this alliance.
Then thakur says that tara will come in this house like a ray of hope in his son life.
scene shifts to Tara's house.
tara's brother is maker fun of her hair and nandini is waxing tara's arms and she shoutsROFL.
Then tara runs away from the room.

Scene shifts to Jail.
Mrityunjay is cutting woods and other prisoners say tat how different he is.
dosent talk to anybody he is a evil.
And tat his father is trying to save him from death sentance but it will not happen.
Then mrityunjay picks up a hammer and ...

Scene shifts to tara's house.
tara's mom is talking to her friend and she says tat tara is the hapinnes of the house when she will go the happiness will go.
Tara says tat she loves everybody more then herself and this family is her everything.
sje the scene turns emotional wen she says she has to go tara's mother started to cry.
Then tara says "pushpa i hate tears"
and everybody laughs.
Scene shifts to shopping.
Tara and her family us gone for shoppong for marriage and some goons are finding Tara .
Nandini gets aditiya's call.
they all left for house but nandini says she will come later.
Tara is sleeping in her room and getting flashes of kalavati saying"you shoudnt have entered the temple" and she wakes up suddenly.
Tara's mother asked her what happened then tara says its good you slept with me then she says tara pretends to be strong she dosent know how to life without her family. How will she live without them her life will be changed she is afraid her mother says tara you are my strong girl you are the one who thought us to live you will not miss us you will get love in your in-laws house then tara says dont cry mom and the hugs.

 Precape Tara's haldi is shown and jayraj's wife says how can you get this poor girl in our house i will not allow it. ~End~ PS:Please ignore typos.

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Posted: 2013-09-12T02:32:55Z
Thanks for update  :)
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Posted: 2013-09-12T06:52:47Z
Thanks this story is getting interesting day by day I have never been this clueless about what's gonna happen
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