Telly Tadka First Day First Show : EK BOOND ISHQ (INTERESTING READ)

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Release Date: Sept 9, 2013

Banner: BBC Worldwide Productions

Starring: Viraf Phiroz Patel, Vishwajeet Pradhan, Chavvi Pandey, Rakesh Kukreti, Geeta Tyagi, Hunar Hali, Dishank Arora, Gauri Tonk.

Written and Produced By: Saba Mumtaz

Directed by: Indraneel Goswami

When you buy a Book by simply looking at it's Cover-page sometimes you are left disappointed as the Contents of the book may have not match your expectations.

In other cases the cover page may not be too attractive, but the contents of the book accounts for an interesting read thus surpassing your expectations.

And if you are lucky the Cover-page of the book and it's contents turn out to be equally amazing leaving you completely satisfied and Contend.

Life OK's Newest addition to the world of Fiction "EK BOOND ISHQ" falls into third Category mentioned above. Normally in order to attract the viewers and gain maximum viewership the Promotional Trailers are made amazingly well, and when finally the wait is over and you switch into watching the episode it fails to generate the same feeling...However Ek Boond Ishq's First episode was exactly as it was promoted... Jo baat unki Promos mein thi, wohi baat unki episode mein bhi thi...The mysterious air surrounding the promos is the first thing that captures the Viewers attention and the makers managed to retain that factor throughout the episode that lasted for 1 Hour.

Every Character Thakur Jayraj Singh (Rakesh Kukreti), Tara's Mother (Geeta Tyagi), Nandini (Hunar Hali), Aditya (Dishank Arora) were well introduced -Very crisp and to the point . Right in the first episode a small but effective look into these Characters and their lives was given without unnecessarily stretching it and that helps preserve the quality of Story-Telling which we simply loved. Coming to the 3 Main Characters around who the Story revolves were introduced in ways that Befit the Aura Surrounding these characters.

The female Lead Tara (Chavvi Pandey) is like an Open book ready for all to see and read. She is Independent, fearless, a full of life Girl who is ready to do what it takes to support her Family. They made her the younger daughter unlike the usual scenario where, financially supporting the family burden falls upon the Eldest Child. Tara's character is well written but Chavvi Pandey is yet to get into the skin of the Tom Boyish Gundi (Goon) Tara, but her switch from the Gutsy Gal who utters Gali, doesn't hesitate to thrash the local small time rowdies to a more emotional Tara when with her Mother or while talking about the Stall which is their only source of income was quite beautifully done. A little more polish to the "Gundi" angle and we are good to go, but this was the first episode and we are sure that as the show progresses, we'll get to see the difference.

Mrityunjay (Viraf Phiroz Patel) and Kalavati (Vishwajeet Pradhan) had a thick blanket of Mystery surrounding them just as advertised. Viraf Patel once again excels in the role given to him and gives a terrific performance, full of intensity and Point to be NOTED - sans any dialogues. It's quite challenging for an actor to establish the Character he plays in the show's very first episode without any dialogues but Viraf manages to pull it off with Elan. He manages to make the viewers sympathize with Mrityunjay and also intrigued by his actions and persona. In the prison scene you can see that though he is unaffected by whatever was happening to him, his eyes showcased PAIN. Nothing about him gave the Impression that he was convicted for Murder and Rape Charges...Though he was cold, aloof on the outside, his eyes beautifully expressed Warmth. There is a certain enigma about him that draws you to him which makes it an interesting watch. One second you see him sitting in a Corner calm, composed trying to build a hut/house of straws and the next instant you seem him beating a fellow prisoner black and blue. Perfect Casting and Top Notch Performance.

Now that we mentioned the House of Staws that Mrityunjay was trying to build, we might as well share our Views on what it Symbolized. While at a glance it looked like Mrityunjay was beating the Prisoner who destroyed the Straw House and also called him a Murderer, the emotions that drove him to resorting to such means runs deeper... He was visibly upset when the ball broke the house he was building and it probably symbolized his feelings and emotions that Mrityunjay has suppressed deep inside his heart as his own home or rather his entire world has come crashing down with him being Convicted for Murder. Lots of What's, When's, Why's to be answered...and hopefully it will come in the most unexpected fashion keeping up the Mystery element of the show.

And last but not the least the character of Kalavati. In the promos it was during the Unveiling of this character that the word "Rahasya" (Secret) was used...So we can assume that whatever is the Secret is that has and will get the lives of all the Three Leads entangled with each has been generated from this one Character. portrayal of Eunuchs on TV has been done earlier in milder quantities, but this would be the first time where a Eunuch forms and plays an integral part of the Story. A Standing Ovation to the Very Talented Vishwajeet Pradhan for taking up this Role which is nothing less than a Challenge and for pulling it off really well. Vishwajeet has always managed to make the Characters he essays Unique in some way or the other and Kalvati is no exception. Kalavati's mannerism shock you and at times scares you, Every time she sings "Saiyaan Jee" there is something really eeirie about it that sends shivers down your spine. Kalavati's alter-ego is yet to be introduced but like mentioned in the episode, the alter -ego is running for Elections and wants to win the same at any Cost now that should be interesting!!!

Thakur Jayraj Singh wants to get his son married ASAP, the suspense surrounding that Idea is definitely raises eyebrows. Being from a highly affluent family the Thakur and Pandit is Looking for a Bride who is not their equivalent? Nice Touch...They clearly know what they want, which is a family going through crisis and is ready to get their daughter married in order to lessen that Burden. The proposal is brought for Tara's elder sister Nandini only to be refused by Tara's Mom, but gets fixed by Tara with her agreeing to marry Thakur's Son. Tara agreeing for the marriage right in thr first episode was even remotely surprising because she was just being true to her character. Her priority is her family, she has a set of responsibilities that she needs to get done and if marrying Thakur's son would end all her problems then why not...We have seen a zillion other shows where the Heroine agrees to marry the Hero or in some cases even the Villain when all her other options have exhausted, so Tara agreeing to the marriage even without consulting her mom, thinking twice about it was a refreshing change.

The Pandit who knew Tara quite well and tagged her as a Rebellion tries his best to avert the talks and get the Thakur from committing to Tara. Something, nicely executed about the scene was the Thakur's expression... He looked Content not that because finally he found somebody who was ready to marry his son, but because he had found THE GIRL! Tara may have been blabbering the entire time of her always loving Thakur's Son, of being the perfect Bahu and especially keeping the Karwa Chauth for a Long Life because she somehow wanted this proposal to work but every word she uttered gave the Thakur an Impression that he had found not just any Partner but the Right Partner for his Son. That along with Tara's dialogue on being asked why she wanted to marry his Son "Zindagi mein Apne Parivaar ke liye kuch nahi kiya toh Kya Kiya?" affirmed the notions forming in his mind regarding Tara as THE PERFECT MATCH for his Son. The falling of the Devi Maa's Chunni on Tara's Head right then needs no explanation as it was Symbolic of God Hand over Tara and the life altering Decision she has just taken.

A lot of questions have been stirring in the back of our heads ever since the promos went on air and now after the 1st episode...So tune into Life OK's Ek Boond Ishq every Mon-Fri 8:30 PM, to find out these answers and what happens next.

Final Verdict:  HIT!!!! It is said that if a Show can capture your Interest in it's First Episode without letting it drop even for a minute then half the battle is won and looks like the Ek Boond Ishq (EBI) has managed to achieve just that. The show looks promising, the cast is very impressive, the characters are intense and intriguing...Saba Mumtaz has managed to carve a gripping story and grab viewers eye-balls with everything in place the show is definitely ready to role!!!

We wish the show and the entire team of Ek Boond Ishq a Happy Inning!!!

Author: Vijitha Rajan

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Posted: 2013-09-10T06:57:24Z
Hey RajlaHug

You here...any other of Sulbala/Sultan Fans here????

Thanks for Posting the Article Here Yaar...
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Posted: 2013-09-10T06:59:01Z
Thanks for SharingSmile
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Posted: 2013-09-10T07:55:03Z
I see some familiar faces here!
Missed part of the show but what I saw was wonderful. The new girl shows great promise. The rest are veterans anyway.
Hope the show climbs the charts soon.

PS: Thanks for the review.
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Posted: 2013-09-10T08:20:15Z
What a wonderful write up. Thanks for sharing Rajla.
This show has got a bunch of talent. The female lead impressed me a lot. The way she easily moved from one emotion to another was done flawlessly. She is also a beauty.
Viraf made his mark without uttering even one dialogue.
Kalavati sounded ominous and scary. I have never seen the actor before. I could never imagine a male actor being able to play the role of a eunuch so flawlessly.
I had great expectation from this soap, and the first episode surpassed my already high expectations. Loved it!
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Posted: 2013-09-10T09:38:18Z
Regarding Tara.  I agree that it's a refreshing change that the girl herself agreed and that too in a joyous, upbeat manner.  True, what led her to agreeing is not joyous or upbeat, but this is not like other cases where the girl is pressured, or she is manipulated, or she is down defeated so she agrees. No, here she is the one who makes the offer, actually.  Since original offer was for her sister,  it can be said that Tara puts forth this offer and not the Thakur and Pandit.

As for CP's acting.  The part where she reacted after Aditya's vehicle splashes mud water on her--there we can see that she can settle down and not be so hyper and OTT, but be more natural.  So I have hope she will be be better in the coming episodes.
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Posted: 2013-09-10T09:39:04Z
Originally posted by pinkydiva

Hey RajlaHug

You here...any other of Sulbala/Sultan Fans here????

Thanks for Posting the Article Here Yaar...

A bunch of us.LOL
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