My views on today's episode : Disppointment & Suggestions

Posted: 2013-09-09T13:31:30Z
Heyya fellas! Its nidhi here i guess only a few here knw me! I m a bak bak n pakau type of person as my frnds says LOL Bt dnt worry wont eat u wid my first post LOL
What i felt abt today's episode:
It was nicely executed one! Entry of eunuch kalavati was fab wid pefect tone! Vishwajeet pradhan stood up as per my expectations as its tough to enact eunuch's role & ritchi told he is tauji in day time so we assume it to be mrityunjay's tauji n bcoz of him only mrityunjay is behind the bars Embarrassed bt he is way too sensual at night i will die if i see him getting ready in each n every episode LOL
Entry of tara! Well first of all apologies if i hurt anyone bt i seriously feel this actress needs to learn acting skill & dialogue delivery skills as i found myself laughing after hearing her tapori slang & i guess she was very uncomfortable in that role! Other that i liked her softer & emotional side for her family!
Mrityunjay the angry lad Blushing ufff he looks so angry widout even doing any act which proves he is angry Stern Smile
Rather than these three, i guess the story is moving at a very fast pace! Tara & mrityunjay's marraige fixed in the very first episode Stern Smile though i knw that story is based on how tara manages to become mrityunjay's life n how kalavati ruins it D'oh
The very scene i found OTT was when tara rushed to meet mrityunjay's dad & tells him she will marry his son & will love him forever Shocked * how can u love someone widout even seeing him what if he blind/deaf/physically challenged  or of rude nature* bt then money makes man do anything D'oh & said she will keep wo wala vrat she meant karwachauth LOL bt the most OTT & filmy part was when the red colored chunari flew & came over her head D'ohLOL
So i will give today's episode 3 n half pts for viraf & vishwajeet role!
Post ur views Tongue Sorry if i bored u ROFL
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Posted: 2013-09-09T14:04:08Z

Hey there Nidz!  Embarrassed

Um, I think unlike you I'm not too disappointed with the first episode. I think Vishwajeet did a great job. He was fantastic as Kalavati but I'm only disappointed with his voice variation. I agree Chhavi's not too impressive today and I find only some of her antics and abuses OTT. Besides I dun think they are going to continue this any longer. Her language will be more subtle as times passes.  I think she did a great job in the emotional scenes where her stall is broken down or her scenes with her mother. Provided it's her first show, I'm going to give her some time. 

And yay to Jay (Mrityunjay. I think I'm going to call him Jay from now on.LOL) fighting scene. Man, Viraf is TERRIFIC in everything he does. I'm so impressed by the intensity of his role. He didn't have a single dialogue in whole episode but he's the one who left a lasting impression on me. He's this enigma, mystery that I would love to unfold.

And anyways I'm glad they fixed the marriage today itself. Not much of the dragging and stuff cause this is where the actual story starts. <3 And bout her dialogues bout loving Jay forever. I think the girl's a nutcase. I guess she's just excited bout the whole proposal and the ALL of the many family problems finally resolving in a simpler way. The only good thing which happened to her on the day made her too chirpy and considerate maybe. She just somehow wanted Jayraj to accept her and dissolve her financial problems. A decent first episode I think. Embarrassed
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Posted: 2013-09-09T14:31:15Z
I liked the first episode...some scenes were quite filmy but then which Indian show isn't  LOL

Think it was quite good for a first episode.
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Posted: 2013-09-09T15:11:55Z
I watched the first episode and found it very intresting, waiting to see the chemistry between the leads.
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Posted: 2013-09-09T16:28:46Z
Viraf was fantastic!!!!!!Clap Clap Clap Clap
I am unable to understand what is the urgency to get him married??Confused Confused
Vishwajeet Pradhan is good as the eunuch!!!!!
Chhavi sucks at acting!!!!!
Since Nandini is Tara's older sister and she will probably get married to his younger brother, I hope they don't start the "Kundali" track in this show as well!!!!!!
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Posted: 2013-09-09T17:37:44Z
the episode was quite interesting 
i wonder how the rest of the story will shape up 
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Posted: 2013-09-09T21:05:59Z
The overall episode was good but yes chavi needs to improve her acting skiils.
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Posted: 2013-09-09T21:38:55Z
Great first epi! Lots of suspense and intrigue..i particularly like the guy who plays kalavatti..its a bold move and he has nailed the char so well...viraf is..well viraf! M still drooling over the shirt-shedding scene! Chhavi has to improve her acting but its her first show so i'l cut her some slack..
Overall a good epi with a promising storyline...cant wait for Jai(name too long)-Tara wedding!
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