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hello everyone, I am again back with a new OS on RaYa, I hope you all like this, this OS will be in three parts, if you all like it then I will post remaining parts, but for now time being

raastein mil hi gaye

Before understanding anything, the girl hid herself behind that wall. She was trembling in fear, the man couldn't understand what's the problem with her, but before he can ask her, some hurried footsteps shifted his attention towards that direction from where they were coming. He saw some 6-7 men were running towards him, the road didn't have sufficient lights but still was well assumed that those men were nothing but goons. They stopped before him, looked at him for moment and then asked,

Goons - kya kisi ladki ko dekha hain bhagte huye idhar se?

The man nodded his head in negation and the goons without wasting any moment run to the straight direction. The girl was still trembling in fear, she has actually closed her mouth tightly with her right hand. The man came towards her and saw the girl is taking deep breaths. She has removed her hands from her mouth and the man saw she has covered her face with the black dupatta, only her deep kohled black eyes can be seen. Those eyes were mesmerizing, such depth it has. The man came near to the girl and said,

Man - aap bahar aa sakti hain, nothing to fear about

The girl looked at the man for first time, he seems to be rich and affluent enough. A strong well built toned body, about 6 inches tall, nicely back-brushed hair wearing an expensive business suit, though the coat was hanging from his hands, was staring at her for her actions. The girl looked at the man for few more seconds and then came out from her hide. The man looked at the girl and found she was wearing a plain cotton black-red combination salwar kameez, about 5ft 3 inches tall, a very common appearance but what was attractive about her was her eyes. They are deep and expressive, it seems they want to say something, many pain and sorrows are buried under that beautiful pair of eyes.

It was almost 11:30 in the clock, though the night is still young for Mumbai as today is the weekend but these two people are lost in their own world of thoughts...let us peek into their lives, while they are in their thoughts.


Ram Kapoor, the owner of Kapoor industries is of 30 years old and in such young age he is listed in the category of powerful businessman of the country. His grandfather Lala Surendranath Kapoor started the business which was carried by his father Amarnath Kapoor. Ram was just 10 years old when his mother Krishna Kapoor died due to cancer. He was raised by his dadi, with whom he was so attached that when she died he left his studies in Adelaide in the middle. Amaranth Kapoor apne biwi se bohot pyaar karte the, Ram, ek laute bte hain unn dono ka. Krishnaji ke guzar jaane ke baad woh bohot akele ho gaye the par Ram ki khatir unhone apne aap ko samhal liya aur business me aur zyada waqt dene laage, lekin iski wajah se kabhi apni ma aur bte se dur nahi huye woh. Ram ki har harkat aur khabar par unki nazar thi, chahe Ram school ke sports me first aaya ho ya class me top kiya ho, aur occasion par woh Ram ko support aur saath dete the. Ram ke liye uska pita hi uska guru tha. Krishnaji ke jaane ke baad Ram apne dadi ke paas bada ho raha tha, families ke values aur traditions, bado ka samman aur izzat dena khub aata hain usse. Dadi ke guzar jaane ke baad Amarnathji aur bhi akele parr gaye, tab tak Ram bhi apne higher studies ke liye chala gaya tha. Amarnathji chahte the Ram ko business me jald se jald involve karna. Dadi ke jane ke baad jab woh middle of the term chhor ke aa gaya tha tab Amarnathji bohot koshish karke usse phir se bheje the aur kahan tha ki he will wait for him. Ram completed his post graduation in business management and came back. He joined his father and started taking up the business in his hands. This was way back 7 years ago. Lekin achanak ek din Amarnath Kapoor had a massive cardiac arrest and before taking him to the hospital, he breathed last. Ram was left with no one except his best friend cum colleague Vikram Shergill and his wife Neha. The big Kapoor Mansion is now only a house having Bansi and Gopal Kaka who had been with Kapoors for past 33 years infact Ram has been brought up by them also. With them there is another one who is very close to him, infact woh Ram ki jaan hain and he is his 2 years old Labrador Retriever, Bruno. Amarnath ji ke jaane ke baad Ram ko yeh KM katne ko daudta tha, he once visited a kennel and there he found Bruno, he was just a month's old then, he brought him in KM aur tab se leke aaj take k Bruno hi hain jo Ram ka khalipaan dur karta hain. Ram plays with him, chats with him, watches movies, cricket matches with him, infact he does his breakfast and dinner with him too. Vikram and Neha keep coming to his house and often they planned outing or having dinner in Shergill residence, though they are with Ram, try to give him company but still somewhere he is left alone. Ram used to have girlfriends in his college days and one serious relationship in Adelaide but it didn't culminate into marriage. At 30, he is the most desirable bachelor of the town but Ram still waiting for that right person in his life. Today, was a very big day for him as he signed the contract with the prestigious international company for his next project. He was indeed very happy, yeh project uske papa ka sapna tha and he started to give its shape but after his demise Ram was working on it hard for past 8 months and today the project was approved. After the meeting Ram called Vikram who was on his vacation with Neha and son Rahul. Vikram wanted to attend the meeting and for that he was even cancelling his trip when Ram persuaded him and sent them. Actually for Ram, Vikram and Neha are like family, he is always happy to see them together. They were friends from school and till date the friendship is going strong. After calling Vikram and giving him the news, Ram came to the beach, he was feeling lonely. Aaj itni badi khushi ka din hain uske liye lekin baatnewala koi nahi hain, he sometimes wanted to share his thoughts and views with someone but yeh ho nahi pata hain. Yunhi beach pe beyth ke he was watching the coming and retreating of water. It was almost 11 in the clock, usse bilkul ghar jaane ka mood nahi ho raha tha, wahi khali deeware aur khali kamre. He stayed there for a while more and then came back to his car, while coming back he saw the girl coming towards him running and before he could understand she hides herself behind that wall of the old structure.            


Ram was in his car driving along the road parallel to the beach. He looked at his side and saw the girl is still hiding her face with her dupatta but her eyes saying that she was tired. Ram was wondering why goons were searching for her, what has made her running from such people. He was at same time inquisitive and surprised. For past 20 minutes he has been driving and till now the girl hasn't said anything. Ram was eager to know where he could drop her so he asked,

Ram - dekhiye, aap mujhe bata dijiye, main aapko waha drop kar dunga

Hearing him the girl turned to him and Ram saw her face for first time. For moments he kept on staring at those angelic face, so pure yet so innocence is there. The girl stared at him for moments then said, woh log mujhe maar denge. Hearing this Ram looked at her again and stopped his car.

It was half past 12, Ram and the girl was sitting on the beach facing each other on a rock. Ram offered her something to eat but she denied so Ram gave a cup of coffee and came and sits beside her. Sipping from his cup, he asked,

Ram - kaun the woh log?, aur aapke peecha kyun kar rahe the?

Girl looked at him and sighed, silence again grasped the ambience only the sound of water waves were heard. After sometime, breaking the silence, the girl said,

Girl - pata nahi kyun aapko main yeh sab keh rahi hoon, par mujhe lagta hain ke shayad main yeh aapke saath hi share kar sakti hoon, saying this she again kept silent. Ram looked at her and saw she was looking in front looking at the black waters of Arabian Sea. After some moments she started,

Mera naam Priya Sharma hain, main Lucknow ki rehnewali hoon. 12 ke baad main yahan aa gayi padai ke liye, yehi ek ladies hostel me rehti hoon aur part time naukri karti hoon, par mujhe thode zyada paise chahiye the mere final year ke exam ke form submit ke liye toh maine ek soft toys ki dukaan me as sales girl kaam karne lagi lekin dheere dheere mujhe pata chala ke dukaan ki maalik soft toys ke aar me drugs aur smuggle goods ka dhanda karta hain, maine yeh dekh liya tha aur isi liye woh log mujhe dhoond rahe the...yahan tak kehke Priya chhup ho jati hain.

Ram - police me complain kyun nahi ki?

Priya looked at him and said, mujhe kisi jhamele me nahi padna hain, mujhe bas apni padai puri karni hain aur naukri karni hain.

Ram was looking at her all the while, hearing her now he smiled at his heart, kaafi ziddi hain, has an urge to prove herself, said in his heart. He actually liked her attitude.

Ram - ab kya karna chahti ho?, wapas hostel jaogi?

Priya - nahi, wahan nahi reh sakti aur, kahi dusra arrangement dhoondna parega.

Ram thought for while and then said, if u have no problem then u can stay in my house, at least jab tak tumhe koi dusra arrangement nahi mil jaye.

Priya looked at him, for some moments she tried to understand his motive behind this help, then said

Priya - madad ke liye shukriya, par main kuch na kuch bandobast kar lungi.

Ram - main janta hoon tum kar logi lekin jab tak nahi kar pati tab tak reh sakti ho.

Priya just stared at him. Ram continued, I know you must be feeling wired ke main tumhe kyun apne ghar me chalne ke liye keh raha hoon, after all tum mujhe janti bhi nahi ho...Priya cuts him in the middle and said, main aapko janti hoon, hearing this Ram looked at her in surprised. Priya said, aap business tycoon Ram Kapoor hain.

Ram - kaise malum tumhe?

Priya - college me business magazine me aapka interview padi thi

Ram said under his breath, quite impressive.

Both weren't in hurry and was enjoying the ambience in the beach, after sometimes Ram asked,

Ram - tum itni raat ko kahan se aa rahi thi?

Priya - mera kaam khatam ho gaya tha aur main hostel ke liye nikli hi thi ke tabhi mujhe unn logo ke bade me pata chala aur phir woh gunde mere peeche parr gaye.

Ram - matlab tumne dinner bhi nahi kiya?

Priya - aap ne bhi toh nahi kiya?

Ram was surprised and asked, tumhe kaise pata?

Priya smiled and said, itni raat ko koi beach pe beytha hain, office ke kapdo me aur woh bhi weekend ki night ko, toh zahir si baat hain ke woh bhi dinner nahi kiya hain

Ram smiled and got up. Priya looked at him. Ram looked at the water waves again and said, chale?

Priya - Mr. Kapoor, main aapke saath nahi aa sakti

Ram - itni raat ko main tumhe yun akela nahi chhor sakta, aaj raat mere ghar me ruk jao phir kal subah soch lena kya karna hain

Priya kept in silence for moments then got up and get into the car.

When Ram and Priya came back to Kapoor Mansion it was already 1 in the clock. Ram and Priya entered the hall and to Priya's surprise she was left speechless seeing such big house. The entire house is illuminated with lights. Bruno came running hearing his master's voice. Ram pated his soulder with love and makes him calm down. He then turned to Priya and said, come in. Priya came inside. Bruno looked at her for while then came to her. Priya loved him by caressing his cheeks and patted on his head, Bruno felt a warmthness and care in her caressing and he reciprocated his feeling by moving his tail. Ram saw this and smiled, said, it seems u liked Priya. In the mean time Bansi kaka came to the hall and Ram told him to serve the dinner for both and also asked him to prepare guest room for tonight as Priya is going to stay there.

While having dinner Priya gets to know more about Ram and his family. After finishing dinner, Ram guided her to her room and said if she needs anything can tell to Bansi kaka, Priya just nod her head and both smiled and Ram came to his room. After some moments he came out freshnd up and came in his bed. He lied down and closed his eyes, in his half asleep state he saw Priya's beautiful deep kohled eyes, a small smile creped on his face as he turned to the other side in his position.

Ram was still deep in his sleep when he heard some one is knocking at his door. He opened his eyes lazily and shifts towards the side table, took his watch and saw it was 7 in the clock.

Ram - come in.

To Ram's surprise, he saw Priya coming in with a cup in her hand. He can see that Priya has already taken her shower and the drops are falling from her hair. Priya smiled at him and said, a good morning to him.

Ram - good morning!, tum itni subah subah taiyyar bhi ho gayi?

Priya - haan woh actually mera sara samaan wahi hostel me para hain, lane me thoda waqt toh lagega toh main soch rahi thi ke kyun na abhi jake le aati hoon.

Ram was very happy to hear her decision.

Priya shifted in Kapoor Mansion. Priya didn't have too much things as her belongings. Ram has already said about Priya to Bansi and Gopal kaka and asked them to look after her and make sure that she feels comfortable here in KM. Priya came and settled here but in the back of her mind she was constantly thinking about her new arrangement which she had to do fast. Kehte hain na agar ghar me ladkiyan na ho toh ghar sirf dewaar aur chhat bankar eh jata hain usse ghar tab banaya jata hain jab usme ek ladki ki chhaya padti hain, yahaan bhi kuch aisa hi hua. Kapoor Mansion tha toh ek mansion with all facilities par woh ghar nahi tha, Priya ke aane ke baad woh ghar lagne laga hain. Priya ko aaye huye 15 days ho gaya tha aur inn dino me woh ahista ahista sab kuch samajh rahi thi. Bansi aur Gopal kaka se kafi achhi dosti ho gayi aur Bruno se bhi. Ab Priya ka routine bhi change ho gaya hain, pehele woh jab hostel me rehti thi toh subah uth ke padai karti thi phir college jati thi aur phir college ke baad apne part time kaam ke liye jati thi, lekin ab woh subah uthti hain, padai karti hain phir kitchen me aati hain aur kaka ko help karti hain kabhi kabhi breakfast bhi banati hain, Ram ke saath breakfast karti hain, she tried to avoid having breakfast with him but Ram ne zabardasti usse apne saath breakfast ke liye mana liya. After that she goes to her college and then to her part time work and comes back to KM, then both of them have their dinner and Priya kabhi kabhi late night bhi padti hain. Pehele Priya part time kaam ke saath saath woh shop me bhi kaam karti thi par woh kaam chhuth jane ke baad she comes early to home aur tab she devoted her time in her studies. She is extremely hardworking, actually usse apne aap ko prove karna hain aur settle bhi karna hain. Yehi jazbaat Ram ko achha lagta hain and he tries to motivate her. With all these she is still in hunt for her new accommodation but she isn't getting any aur yehi baat usse andar hi andar pareshaan karti hain. Aakhir kab tak woh aise yahan rehegi. 15 din ho gaye the, Ram ko achha lagta hain ab, actually ghar me agar koi ho jiske saath baat kiya jaye toh phir achha lagta hain, pehele Ram der tak bahar rehte the, koi wajah nahi tha unka jaldi aane ka lekin ab woh reasonable time pe ghar aate hain, Priya se baat bhi karte hain. Dheere dheere Ram ko Priya ki company achha lagne laga hain. Priya bhi Ram se baat karti hain, Ram ki baatein sunti hain. Dono akele the aur ab ek dusre ke sahara bann rahe the.

Vikram aur Neha apne vacations se aa gaye the and Ram wanted to share the news of Priya with them, toh isi liye ek din he came to Shergill residence after office along with Vikram. Neha was very happy to see him and both hugged each other. Rahul who is only 2 years old came to his Ram uncle and Ram kissed him on his cheeks.

Vikram - ab bol baat kya hain, kya batana chahta hain hum dono ko?

Neha looked at Ram and then to Vikram and asked, kya baat hain?, tum dono mujhse kuch chhupa rahe ho?

Vikram - poocho tumhare dost se, tab se pooch raha hoon lekin bol hi nahi raha hain, keh raha hain ke hum dono ko ek saath batayeega, ab bol bhi yaar

Neha - kya hain yaar?, bolo na

Ram looked at their face, took a deep breath and started telling about that night and how he came to know about Priya and brought her in KM. Ram finished his story and looked at both Vikram and Neha. Pehele toh dono ne hi kuch nahi bola phir Vikram said,

Vikram - yeh tune achha kiya ke tu usse KM leke aya hain par tu kab tak usse protect karega, I mean tu akela rehta hain aur ghar me aur koi hain bhi nahi...tu samajh raha hain na main kya kehna chahta hoon?

Neha - lekin iss baat ka kya guarantee hain ki woh ladki sachh bol rahi hain, koi aur baat bhi toh ho sakti hain na?

Ram - guys, main samajh sakta hoon tum dono kya kehna chah rahe ho, but trust me she isn't lying, maine pata lagwaya tha, aur woh sach hi bol rahi hain.

Neha - lekin woh kab tak wahan Kapoor Mansion me rehegi yaar?, log kya kahenge, aur phir u r in the news at every time, log toh tarah tarah ke baatein karenge, kya jawab doge tab tum?

Ram - I don't know yaar, bas mujhe lagta hain ke mujhe usse help karna tha, protect karna tha isi liye main usse apne saath leke aaya hoon.

Vikram - haan, manta hoon main teri baat ko, toh tu ek kaam kyun nahi karta hain, uske liye koi aur accommodation dhoond le.

Ram - I tried, but woh meri help nahi legi, in fact usne toh mujhe paise bhi offer ki thi, jo woh hostel me deti thi wahi amount, ab iske baad main kya karu uske liye, bohot ziddi hain aur atmasamman bhi bohot hain usme.

Neha - lagta hain Vikram, humara yaar kuch zyada hi impressed ho gaya hain Priya se, saying this she giggled. Vikram smiled and Ram said, aisa kuch nahi hain, samjhi

Neha - toh kab milwayegi teri uss Priya se?

Ram - kabhi bhi aa jaa, shaam ke baad, woh normally by 7 ghar aa jati hain.

Neha - done, toh ek kaam karte hain iss Saturday tere ghar pe hum log dinner ke liye aate hain aur wahi Priya se mulaqaat bhi ho jayegi.

Ram - theek hain done.

Ab iske baad Ram, Vikram aur Neha teeno milke thode aur waqt tak chat kiya and then Ram came back to KM.

Beech ke din aise hi guzar gaye, Ram ne Priya aur kaka ko kahan ke Saturday ko Vikram, Neha aur Rahul dinner pe aa rahe hain. Ram told Priya about Vikram and Neha and about their inseparable friendship. Aaj Saturday hain aur Priya ke college me elections hain isi liye koi classes nahi hoga. So she decided to prepare some dishes for the dinner. It was almost 7 in the evening, Ram came back from office and found Priya was in kitchen, Ram smiled in his heart and said, girls will be girls. He came downstairs freshnd up and was wearing a pair of jeans along with coffee coloured t-shirt, was looking too handsome in the outfit. Seeing his master, Bruno came running towards him and sat in front of Ram. Ram lovingly pulled his cheeks and loved him. Priya came to him and handed a cup of coffee exactly how Ram takes it.

Ram - thank you, waise tum taiyyar nahi huyi, woh teeno aate hi honge

Priya - haan woh kaka ko thodi help kar rahi thi, abhi jaa rahi hoon, saying this she came to her room. She closed the door and came to the bathroom. Priya was under shower thinking, it was almost a month that she has been living in Kapoor Mansion with Mr. Kapoor, he is very soft spoken person, very humble and grounded, in fact he treats Priya very well par phir bhi kahin na kahin Priya ko lagta hain ki woh Mr. Kapoor ki iss friendly nature ki faida utha rahi hain, she is still haunting for a good accommodation but the budget isn't permitting her. Kabhi kabhi apne aap pe bohot gussa aur taras bhi ata hain usse, bachpan se leke aaj tak sirf compromise aur sehti hi aayi hain, agar nani nahi hoti toh ab tak shayad woh zinda bhi nahi rehti, lekin uske honsle ne usko mazboot banaya hain, usne than liya hain ke woh haar nahi manegi. Bohot dino se nani se baat nahi huyi hain, Priya was thinking kaal woh bazaar jake phone booth se nani se baat karegi, ek wahi toh hain jisse usse himmat milti hain. Yehi sochte sochte Priya came out from her shower and wore an orange-brown combination salwar. She put kohl in her eyes and was combing her hair when she heard Ram was taking with some people in the hall. Priya took her dupatta and came out from her room.

I don't know whether you all like the concept or not, I have tried something different, if you all like it then only I will continue with this otherwise I will not, do hit the "LIKE" button if you all liked it and please comment, I will wait for all your comments, your comments will decide whether this OS will be continued or not, so don't hesitate in doing that, I will wait for that

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good concept continue soon like the way u started.
so raya are lonely souls jab saat ayenge too aur achha lagegaEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
why do i feel the persons ram talking will be the person dealing in drugsOuchOuchOuchConfusedConfusedConfusedConfused or it may also bhi nevik but no guarantyOuch
continue soon want to read this osEmbarrassed
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Posted: 2013-09-09T06:56:07Z
Hi di...really a nice concept read it in one go...loved the priya's innocence and her perseverence and ram is a gentleman superb...want to read more di continue soon...thnks for pmEdited by Sakshiram - 2013-09-09T07:30:02Z
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Posted: 2013-09-09T07:13:49Z
hey it is a good story with different concept
liked it very much u should continue
thanx for the pm waiting for he next part
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Posted: 2013-09-09T07:34:35Z
Its a diff concept..loving it...
Priya as a strong character n ram is so humble...
Looking forward to d next update
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Posted: 2013-09-09T09:13:30Z
Nice start nd very different concept...
Both Ram nd Priya's characters re very well defined nd beautifully shaped up..
Loved the way story progressed from their first meet as a stranger to now living together in a house like frnds..
Cont soon..
Thanx for pm..Edited by vironikajain - 2013-09-09T09:14:04Z
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Posted: 2013-09-09T10:26:55Z
Love this os...
Superb storyline...

Contn soon...
Thnx fr the pm...
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Posted: 2013-09-09T10:41:41Z
wow nice start continue 
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