OS: Intezaar- "Saath Saal Baad" LAST PART: Pg 16 (22/11)

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*Warning* I'm not a fluent Hindi speaker, so there are bound to be really big mistakes with words and sentences and I apologise in advance. I've just picked up on a bit of Hindi while watching BALH... also while I wrote this, I was in a very low mood, and I also cried a few times while writing and editing this- so if this OS has the same effect on you I also again apologise in advance.

OS: Intezaar- "Saath Saal Baad"

As he walks up the stairs of Kapoor Mansion, Mr Ram Kapoor takes a deep breath. A smile appears on his face, as he knows that at the end of the staircase, once he enters his and his lover's domain, the most breathtaking, bewitching, beautiful sight will be present before him, waiting for him... Waiting to hear his footsteps, his voice, and the stories about his day. Waiting to feel his touch, his warm breath, his kiss. Waiting to be loved by her one and only. His angel was waiting for him, in their green room, their room that was filled with so many memories; happy and sad. But memories are memories... And when you have memories with the one you love with your heart and soul, with every breath that you take... Each and every memory is precious. His eyes sparked as he thought of the bittersweet memories he had of his love. Each step he took caused his heartbeat to increase more and more. As he got closer and closer to his love, his life, his smile got bigger and bigger. He was getting more and more impatient; all he wanted to do after a long day was to look at his gorgeous wife, so he increased his pace... His eyes were yearning to see her. His hands were eager to touch her. His ears were waiting to hear her heartbeat. She was his comfort zone, her mere presence was a gift, he worships his wife, and he thanks God each and every day for uniting them... In an unbreakable bond- The bond of love.

As he got to the end of the staircase, he looks at one of the rooms at the end of the hallway, he could see his Dadi and Mother, he could hear them talking, but what caught his attention was that today, unlike every other day for the past 7 years, every member of the family was present in the room along with his extended family- his pillars of support Neha and Vikram and their children... As soon as he heard "Ram aur Priya" he knew his Dadi was telling everyone their love story... The story everyone loved to hear, the story of two opposites falling in love, two hearts joining, two souls becoming one. Everyone knew the story of Ram and Priya, but today, a day before their wedding anniversary, everyone wanted to hear their story from the very beginning, in full... Not mere snippets of their love, they wanted to hear their full blown love story... From the day they met, to the day they married, to the day they fell in love, to where they are today. Every time he heard Priya's name, every time his name was taken with hers, his heart skipped a beat... For a few minutes he stood at the top of the staircase, listening to the story, the only story he loved... The story of his love. He liked to hear his Dadi speak about his beloved. But suddenly it dawned upon him... If everyone was in Dadi's room, the love of his life would be alone. Knowing this, he thanked his lucky stars, Mr and Mrs Kapoor would be alone in their sanctuary... their Green Room.

He sprinted to his room, gently twisted the doorknob, and slowly pushed it open. He stepped foot into the lovers' kingdom. As he stood by the door, his eyes quickly scanned the room, but stopped as soon as he reached the bed.

"Mrs Kapoor". He quietly but lovingly whispered, as he exhaled. He impatiently walked closer to her. She looked so angelic. If he could, he would stare at her all day. Her beauty always seemed to leave him speechless.

"Sote hue yeh kitne achhi lagti hai... Kaise? Koi kaise itni khoobsurat ho sakti hai?" He asked, as he admired her beauty.

He smiled from ear to ear, seeing his love after a long day. His eyes were looking at the most precious gift given to him by God. As he sat down on the chair placed inches away from their bed, he looked around... Even after all these years, their room remained the same... How Priya decorated it. As he set his eyes on the couch, he laughed a little thinking about how they lived in that room for the first six months of their marriage.

"Aaj ke baad, us couch par koi nahi soyega... Na main, na aap", he heard Priya say seductively. He looked at her, and half- heartedly smiled.

"Haan Priya, tum sahi toh thi, us couch pe, na tum, na main. Lekin phir bi, I would do anything to bring those days back. At least you would wake up every morning, leave your towel on the edge of my bed and stand by that dressing table, filling your maang with sindoor, in my name... Readjusting your mangalsutra, setting your wet hair on your right shoulder. Baby, I miss everything you used to do, why don't you do them anymore? Do you know Priya, mere aankhe kitna tadapte hai, yeh sab kuch phir se dekhne ke liye". He said, as his eyes moistened. He knew he wouldn't get an answer from her, yet he still questioned her, as if he was expecting a response.

Mrs Priya Ram Kapoor, wife of business tycoon, The Ram Kapoor was lying lifelessly on their bed wired up to machines, with a mask covering her mouth. The machines were the only addition to their bedroom seven years ago. Along with two murthis, which were placed in their bedroom, of Ramji and Sitaji. He walked up to them... Kneeled down and closed his eyes for a few moments. He prayed, for his wife's wellbeing, for his wife to open her eyes, or at least move her beautiful fingers, even for a second, as he did for the past seven years.

In Saath saalo mein, Ram ka ek routine hota hai... He wakes up, looks at his beautiful wife lying in front of him, on their bed. He gets up from the chair where he would have fallen asleep the night before, somewhere between admiring his angel and reminiscing about their love. He goes to kiss her, but remembers her saying "aapne brush kiya?", he smiles and goes to get fresh, then finally kisses her cheek, then her eyes, her forehead and her neck. He kneels on the floor beside her, slowly takes hold of her hand, raises it up to his mouth and places his lips on her hand for a few seconds before saying...

"Good morning my Queen..." Then pausing for a few seconds, almost as if he was waiting for her response.

"Mrs Kapoor, kab tak? How long will you keep this up for? One day baby, one day I will hear your beautiful voice again. My angel, one day you will talk to me, and say 'Mr Kapoor aap ko office nahi jaana hai? Aap late ho jayenge. Jab aap ka kaam khatam hoga phir aap jee bhar ke mera chehra ko dekh sakte hain. Lekin please Mr Kapoor, abhi ke liye, aap jaaiye, main aapka intezaar karoongi, I love you'. Lekin baby aaj, main jaanta hoon, tum abhi bi mera intezaar karti ho, lekin utna nahi jitna main intezaar karta hoon tumhare liye" after saying this, he would place her hand gently, back on to the bed. Again for a few seconds pausing, still touching her hand. He wipes the tears flowing down from his eyes with the other hand and then gets up to leave the room; but he turns back to look at his lady love once more, smiles at her and whispers...

"I love you Mrs Kapoor, mera intezaar karna, main bhi karoonga" before setting off to visit Priya's doctor at the hospital before going to work.

He visits the doctor every day, mainly to speak to someone, apart from family about his worries, but also to ask if there is anything more they could do... Even though he knew he would get the same response as he did the day before.

"Mr Kapoor, all we can do is wait... Sirf intezaar kar sakte hain, I'm sorry, main jaanti hoon ki yeh apko sunke achha nahi lagta, lekin, please Mr Kapoor, don't lose hope" the doctor said.

In his mind, he would say "intezaar, sirf yehi to main karta hoon, har pal karta hoon, aur karta rahoonga" before getting up without saying a word more to the doctor.

He slowly and sadly walks to the exit of the door, and the doctor says "Mr Kapoor, voh teekh ho jayengi, bas, aap himmat mat haariye"

Without moving his body, he turns his face back a little, making sure the doctor could not see his tears and gives her a little nod before walking out of her office.

He stays at work for a few hours, but only thinking about her, and how he will be spending his entire weekend with her, caring for her, reading her a book- he always buys a new one for her, so that when he finishes one he has another one to read to her. After work he then collects his daughters from school, and takes them to nana and nani's house for a little while... He spends some time there, talking to his choti... And then leaves, asking Natasha to drop his kids home at a reasonable time. He would then go to the Mandir, pray for a bit and then go to the Gurdwara, to pray a bit more. His prayers only consisted of wishes regarding Priya. Praying for her to wake up, praying for even a small response, anything to just say that she's coming back to him. Then he would be on his way home... As much as he wanted to see his wife, he didn't want to see her until he had prayed for her. By the time he reaches home it would be about 7.30/8pm. He would go straight to his bedroom. Talk to her for a bit, and then pray again. Today was no different.

After he prayed, he sat down at their small table; there is a photo frame opposite him, on the table... Where Priya would normally sit... He looked at the picture of her stunning, smiling face. Smiled back at the picture, and said...

"I'm so hungry Priya, tumhara dinosaur ko bohot bhook lagi hai!"

Bansi kaka came, silently placed the plate on the table, smiled a little at his master and walked out, without saying a word.

Ram looked at his plate... "'Mmm salad and an apple for you baby". He winked at her picture, looked back at his life, lying on the bed and ate his dinner as quick as he could so that he could go back to worshiping his wife.

About 10 minutes later, bansi kaka came back in, passed him something and then walked out with Ram's dinner plate. Ram walked to his chair next to the bed, yet again. Sat down and said...

"Ahh Mrs Kapoor, if only you could see what I'm going to eat right now. Your favourite, Kulfi, baby". Then he would relish his dessert and chuck the stick in the bin in his room.

"As much as I love this dessert, only because of you, there's another kind of dessert I love more, baby, you owe me.. Big time". He laughed, as he said this.

He then took the time to inform her of the latest, update her on her children, her family and most importantly, her one and only, her love.

"Priya, our babies, each and every day are becoming like you. I look at them darling, and I see bits of you in them... Although Myra is business minded like me... Her looks a lot like you. Pari, baby, she is just a mini Priya. Her values, he behaviour, her habits, everything about her, darling, reminds me of you... And baby, my rockstar, your princess, Pihu, she spends so much time with the kids from your NGO." He said, and then paused; reminiscing about the memories he had of his 4 babies... Pihu, Myra, Pari and his darling wife Priya. Short scenes of Priya laughing with her daughters flashed before his eyes- he smiled thinking about her amazing smile.

"Oh Priya, I would do anything just to see you smile like that again... You look so stunning when you smile... Baby you know, when you smile, your eyes sparkle... My two favourite features, your enchanting eyes and your stunning smile. Of course I love everything about you baby, you take my breath away". He paused as he felt a lump in his throat; tears fell from his eyes, drenching his cheeks.

All of a sudden he laughed, while wiping his tears; he got up, walked to the other side of the bed and sat up, next to her as he said... "Mrs Kapoor, I forgot to tell you something so important, yeh baat mein kaise bhul sakta hoon, yeh baat to bohot important hai? Baby, jaanti ho..." He paused, as if he was waiting for her to reply. "Main tumhe bohot, bohot, bohot pyaar karta hoon, I love you so much darling!" He stroked her head, playing with her hair.

Taking a deep breath, he slowly brought his face near hers. "Mrs Kapoor, tum sun rahi ho na? I love you angel" he whispered near her ear. He gave her a gentle peck on her cheek, and then kissed her forehead, as tear flowed down his eyes, some falling on her face. As soon as he realised, he wiped his eyes... Then brought his and to her face to wiped his tears off her... While touching her cheek, he felt her sexy, soft skin, and caressed her face for a little longer than he first set out to do.

Worryingly, he got up off the bed, he would never stay on the bed for too long, he didn't want to unknowingly hurt her, or fall asleep next to her and accidently touch wires attached to her. He sat back down on his chair.

"Baby, yeh kya ho raha hai humare saat? Yeh sab kyun ho raha hai? Humare saat he aise kyun hota hai Mrs Kapoor? jab bhi humare zindagi mein kushiyan ati hai, usi pal mein sab kuch bigad jata hai. Humare kushiyan ko kyun cheente hai?... Baby yaad hai, tumne mujhe kaha tha, ki agar humko ek aur zindagi milti hai, to vo sari zindagi mere saat bithana chati ho... Lekin baby is zindagi ko bhool gayi tum. Is zindagi ko kya? Baby, please wake up! Our family needs you, darling I need you. Tumhare begair, meri zindagi, zindagi nahi hai... Main zinda to hoon, lekin main nahi jee raha... Tumhare begair, meri zindagi rukh gayi. Priya, you don't know how much I want to just hold you in my arms... You know like we used to, every day I came home from work... The first thing I would do was hug you, and hold you in my arms for ages... I just want to kiss your beautiful lips Priya, and baby your damn hook! Tumhara blouse ka hook... I want you to struggle with your saree blouse again, like you always did, mein tumhara blouse ka hook band karna Chatha hoon baby." He cried, this time he didn't stop himself.

He was now getting a bit angry "god dammit Priya why don't you just open your eyes, why don't you tell me you love me, why don't you lecture me dammit... Priya tum Nahi jaanti lekin main bohot tadapta hoon bas tumhare taane sun me ke liye... Ek baar sirf ek baar mujhe dinasour kehke pukaar... Please Priya please!" He almost shouted, there was impatience in his voice; he was yearning for her to respond but with no luck.

For a few minutes, he sat there silently sobbing with one hand on Priya's hand and one hand covering his eyes.

"Priya, tum inti ziddi kaise ho sakti ho? I mean I know tum thori stubborn to thi? Lekin itna kab hogi?" He questioned.

Then continued saying "Priya, I feel like we've gone back in time... To those five years when we all thought..." He paused, realising what he was about to say. "Priya, tum mere saat ho, mein bohot Khush hoon, lekin... Yeh sab kuch aasaan nahi hai, tum mere same ho, lekin mein tumhe choo nahi sakta, tumhe pyaar nahi kar sakta, saat Saal Priya, my lips, have been waiting for seven years to feel yours... With equal passion. How much are you going to make me wait Priya... Ab aur kitna tadpaaoge tum mujhe? Priya do you know how much my ears are yearning to hear your voice, just to hear you say 'Mr Kapoor' in that seductive, sexy voice of yours. My eyes are yearning to see that stunning smile, my hands want to feel your waist, and my body wants to feel yours near mine. Darling why are you doing this to me?" He asked her as she lay there lifelessly, with her beautiful eyes closed... No response as usual.

"Mujhe lagta hai Priya, ke main... Main tumhare liye bad luck hoon... Jab se main tumhare zindagi mein aaya hoon na, toh sab kuch gadbar hogaya. Sari kushiyan tumhare zindagi mein chalegaye. Main tumhe kushiyan nahi de paya, kuch diya to sirf aur sirf dukh. Sirf dukh diya hain tumko". The tears continued to fall from his eyes, with no intention to stop.

"Humari zindagi kitni ajeeb hai na Priya? Kushiyan mili, toh dheer se... Aur jab mitli hai, ek jatke mein voh kushiyan humare zindagi se chali jati hai. Aisa kyun hota hai Priya?" He asked, with the hope that she would respond. But no matter how many questions he asked, all of them remained unanswered.

"Priya... kyun tum mujhe hamesha chor ke chali jaati hai? kya mein itna bura hoon? Shayad yeh sab kuch meri galti hai... Main kushiyan Nahi de paya tumhe... Sab meri galti hai... It's all my fault!" He said, blaming himself for the state of his lover's life right now.

"Priya, I wish we could go back to when our twins were born, we were so happy then. We were together... Smiling, oh that beautiful smile of yours baby, that smile... Always melted my heart. That naughty laugh you did whenever we were alone, gave me butterflies in my stomach... Everything was perfect. But you were right darling; I should have spent more time at home. I was so wrapped up in work, so blinded by making money for our future, for our children's future, that I forgot about our present... And now look at us, I have endless amounts of money, but what use is that to me, when my everything is lying here. My future is lying here... In this state and I can't do a damn thing about it!" Ram shouted, as he got angry with himself, angry at the irony of his life... he stayed away from his love for days, to secure their future. Everything he was doing was for his families happiness, for their future, but what good is all that, when his present is so badly messed up, when his love is lying in this lifeless condition.

"But Priya, when I was at work and you were at home, at least I knew that you were just a phone call away, all I had to do was pick up the phone to hear your beautiful voice. Whenever I missed you, all I had to do was call you up from wherever I was in the world... And listen to you speak, listen to you shout, listen to you complain and I would feel better... Baby, those days were so much better, because at least I could hear your voice... But right now, you're not even speaking, you're not moving... Mere saath hokar bhi tum mere saath Nahi ho, do you even realise how much I need you Priya? Do you even understand how much I'm missing you? You know what Priya, stop all this now, please, enough is enough... You've made your point, I know you're doing all this to teach me a lesson, to make me realise how hard it was for you without me being around all the time... But this is too much now yaar... I understand. Your point was made seven years ago Priya, the very first day of this lesson of yours... That's when I realised, when I understood... So you can come back to me now... You can come back now baby, you can come back!" He begged helplessly. His whole life had come to a halt the very second Priya fell into a coma, that very second, his whole life fell apart.

He sat back, closed his eyes and said "Priya please come back to me, jab se tum... aise... Meri zindagi rukh gayi Priya... Meri zindagi tumse shuru aur tumse khatam hoti hai... Abhi ke liye Meri zindagi pause hogaya hai, jab tak tum vaapas nahi aati na, meri zindagi Aage Nahi badh sakti. Aisa lagta hai Jaise kisine meri saanson ko cheen liya. Baby mere liye, pyaar ka matlab Priya aur Priya ka matlab pyaar. Aur jab tak mera pyaar Nahi vaapas aata na, na to main jee sakta hoon, na to main chain se saanse leh sakta hoon" he said as he cried, trying to take breaths between his sobs.

"Priya, itna sab kuch kehdiya Meine aur tum abhi bhi, kitni ziddi ho tum yaar? Baby, if you're still listening... Please come back to me quickly... If not for anyone else, darling come back to me... Tumhara Ram apni Sita ke liye intezaar kar raha hai. I'm waiting for you my queen, your king is waiting for you" he said.

He moved forward, slowly towards her face... "Goodnight my angel " his eyes quickly gazed at his watch, "and Happy Anniversary darling". He whispered in Priya's ear and then gave her a kiss on her cheek; he stroked her head and then moved back in his chair. As he closed his eyes and reminisced about all the memories he had of Priya, as he thought of their 'Viraj/ Mallika' role-play, a smile appeared on his face as he drifted off to sleep.

A few minutes later, Vikram and Neha walked into the room... As they did every night for the past seven years... Seeing Ram on the chair, in the same position as they've always seen him in, for the last seven years... With the same smile on his face... As the last seven years.

"Yeh fatty bhi na... Aaj bhi, bohot roya hoga, aur ab, Priya ke saat vo precious pal yaad karke, smile kar raha hai..." Neha said as her and Vikram walked towards him, put their hands on his head for a few seconds and then covering him with a blanket.

"Priya... Tum meri bhabi ho, to meri baat maanogi na... Please jaldi se tekh go jao. Ram ko Priya ki bohot zarurat hai" Vikram said. Neha turned to Vikram and wiped his tears...

"Voh tekh ho jayengi... Tekh ho jayengi na?" Neha said assuring Vikram, but also trying to assure herself... Vikram silently nodded as they walked towards the door, turning off the already dim light... And closing the door behind them... Leaving the two lovers alone in the green room for a night, no different than any other night that has gone by. In Saath saalon mein, kuch bhi Nahi badla, badla toh sirf Ram ka pyaar... Priya ke liye, Ram ka pyar badti jati hai, har din, har pal... Bas yehi chahta hai ke vo aankhe kolke, 'Mr Kapoor' kehke pukaare.

In his sleep in the early hours of the morning, on the day of their anniversary, he murmurs... "Priya, I love you... Darling please wake up"

Could this wedding anniversary be the day that brings some happiness to Ram's lifeless life?


Hi everyone,
I'd like to just take a moment to thank you all for taking the time out to read this. Let me introduce myself... My name is Shaz, I have been a follower/ fan of BALH since the very first promo that aired on Sony. This is because I am a diehard fan of the dashing Ram Kapoor & the very beautiful, stunning, gorgeous Sakshi Tanwar. I love both of them independently and since the first promo, I was in awe, absolutely floored by their chemistry. Their jodi is just out of this world, they just look so perfect together... When they come on screen together, whether it's simply 2 seconds or for a whole episode, their performance is just flawless, their chemistry is mind blowing and their interaction, it's just too good for words. The way their eyes say more than words could ever say, the way their smiles lighten everyone's mood, the way their one touch (whether it's the hand, face, waist, basically any part of their bodies touching) makes everyone blush... Both Sakshi and Ram portray their respective characters flawlessly; their acting is so perfect, you almost, no not almost, you actually forget that they are acting... It's so realistic; their chemistry, their dialogues, their 'good touching', their eye locks, their banter, their arguments, their nokh- johks, their romance, their emotions, their passion, their anger, their love, their laughter... Everything about them in this serial is just so realistic- you just have to stop and think... Are they really JUST acting? How can two people be so flawless? How can they 'act' so realistically? How can they portray their characters with so much perfection? How can they be so perfect?

I've been a fan of BALH since the very beginning. However I've only just made an account on IF... There is a reason behind this... Ever since I watched the leap promo, my heart feels so heavy. I know it's just fictional, but still, we all have some sort of attachment to BALH, how can we not? It's been a part of our lives for over 2 years. They fall in love, we fall in love. They laugh, we laugh. They cry, we cry. They love, we blush. They fight, we hurt. So when this new leap promo aired, I just couldn't help myself... I had to write something... anything, to portray Mr Kapoor's feelings "Saath Saal Baad". I'm only assuming that Mrs Kapoor is in a coma... After watching the promo and reading the articles, this is the only valid reason of Ram becoming a mother and a father to his three children. If Mrs Kapoor is in a coma, I will happily accept this, because as much as we hate any distance between Ram and Priya, our lovely RaYa... We have to accept something... And a coma is the best option to select over a separation track- the reason being this- if Priya goes into a coma... There can be no divorce, which means Ram & Priya will remain married... Which also means there is no way Ram can remarry (which I know some people will be worried about, because of the entrance of Juhi). We also know that there is no way that Priya can be dead... RaYa are the heart and soul of BALH. They remain a part of the show, we remain. They leave the show, we leave. BALH= RaYa full stop. We only want RaYa, we've tolerated enough of everyone else since the '8 years later' leap. Bade Acche Lagte Hain is simply a Ram and Priya show... They are the leads... No matter how many leaps they take, as long as RaYa are there, we are there. No matter what they show us, as long as they show RaYa, we will still carry on watching their flawlessness.

I have a passion for writing... It's not just a hobby, it's something I do when I'm feeling passionate, emotional, lonely, happy, sad... I just love writing... It takes me to another world... When I write, I feel like I'm escaping from all the horrible things going on in our world. Everything I write has remained private, until now. This is the first time anyone has ever seen my work... This is because I've always been afraid of people's feedback, their judgements. But today, I took the plunge... I've presented this piece to you all, with the hope that someone, somewhere will appreciate it. If one hundred people hate it, but there's one person that loves it... I will be happy, because one person's appreciation and positivity will counteract and erase all the negativity. Saying this... I welcome all types of feedback, criticism or appreciation... Positive or negative... I will be more than happy to read your responses.

I know I have written a lot now and I can only apologise... But I hope you enjoyed this piece.


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Posted: 2013-09-08T10:38:57Z
This was so emotional loved da.dialogues can very well imagine ram saying all this to priya
Welcome to IF do write.more wud luv to read ur work
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Posted: 2013-09-08T11:10:43Z
Hi shaz, welcome to if...update is too emotional loved it...really nicely written and superb... Hug Edited by Sakshiram - 2013-09-08T11:10:09Z
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Posted: 2013-09-08T11:19:34Z
Its jst amazing...
Feelings of Ram for his Priya his baby is described beautifully..
Too emotional still hvng tears... very well written Clap
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Posted: 2013-09-08T11:27:09Z
Originally posted by 3vennela

This was so emotional loved da.dialogues can very well imagine ram saying all this to priya
Welcome to IF do write.more wud luv to read ur work

Thank you so much. My first response Embarrassed . I really appreciate it :-)

I may post a few other pieces I have written on our lovely RaYa, Ive written a lot on this couple, it's the only show I watch. I've just alway kept what I write private... But now I've become a bit more confident in my work... You might see more of me on here :-)

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Posted: 2013-09-08T11:28:36Z
Awsome writing dear...pls continue...will wait eagerly to read the next part...
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Posted: 2013-09-08T11:32:43Z
Originally posted by Sakshiram

Hi shaz, welcome to if...update is too emotional loved it...really nicely written and superb... Hug

Thank you so much for the welcome and the response. Embarrassed
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Posted: 2013-09-08T11:37:36Z
Originally posted by youandme272000

Its jst amazing...
Feelings of Ram for his Priya his baby is described beautifully..
Too emotional still hvng tears... very well written Clap

Thank you :-)
I tried my best to capture Ram's emotions.
This was very emotional for me to write... I think if BALH is going to show a coma track, it will be really emotional for the viewers... I hope they do it well, because this track has a lot of potential.
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