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Hello Friends

I know that we all love this forum, Maneet and fictions with them written by wonderful writers of the forum, which is filling us with joy and happiness and many times all our bad moods will also be uplifted by updates and it even is helping us keep the forum super active and all the time buzzing.


Even to keep up this beautiful time along with us forever, I have seen many threads providing us with all the FF links together, some threads showing all the writers work, writers compiled work threads, and their interviews and all.


So I take this as a chance to thank all the writers for giving such beautiful stories and all those people who are introducing us to so many FF/SS/OS and different writers and most importantly thank you all the writers for helping to make it much more worthy and great by taking active part in it.




For better access to various completed fictions to everyone, I have made this post and hope it will be helpful and you will have a great time reading them.

The links are provided in the alphabetical order of FF nameEmbarrassed

Please note that only completed work links will be here and will be updated twice every month

So buckle up to enjoy the ride of Maneet Fiction World, which is everlasting

And in case if you didn't find or feel that there is an FF link, which is not provided in this thread, please leave a message here, so that I could add up to the list

You may find many FF links in these thread that u might have read, but hoping that u find a bit more of new ones too as there are around 1000 links including both the threads so farWink

Have a Great Time in Maaneet's Readers World

Happy Reading


One Shot (OS): It has one or at max 2 parts

Short Stories (SS): It has stories up to 15 parts or less

Long Stories or FF: It will have stories with more than 15 parts

I have taken the liberty here to differentiate OS, SS and FF irrespective of what writers have said there story to be (for eg. some writers wrote story with 4 to 5 parts as OS, but I have taken that as SS and so on)...I am sorry if I have offended anyone in any way.  If anyone has problem with it, do PM me so that I could change it as per the writers choice. 

And Yes...Please don't forget to check 2 notes on pg 4, at the end of all letters (A-Z).

Thread One Has...847...Completed Links

Thread 2

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Aatishein Ishq (dreamyharika)


A Lifetime of Gratitude (geet.a)


All For You (Mdworld)


An Angel and Her Savior (PrithviSanyo1)


Arranged marriage (_Rashmi)


A Journey (sweety.2), epilogue is left I guess

A Contract (sravss) 



A Day With You (Angelic_mishty)


Adhoori Daastan (Bulbul.A)


Ajnabee (cutiepie9512345)


A Life For You (dazzlingdivz)


A Beautiful Mistake ( -Diamonds-)


A Dream Indeed (--Dia--)

Aroma Season-1 (FireSafireFiree)

Aroma Season-2 (FireSafireFiree)

A Night to Remember (iMadz)

A Bouquet of Roses (jnawaz)

A Sweet Ghost (jasminerahul)

A Promise To Revenge (kashishk)

Age of Love (maan-ki-sanjana)

Ankahi Baatein (Nasioush)

A Combination of Maaneet Gurti (neha5058)


Afsana (pari_jyothika/jasminerahul)

And The Award Goes To (palindrome)

A Naughty Angel (suhaaana)


A Strange Encounter (suhaaana)


A Parallel Life (suhaaana)


A Commitment (suhaaana)


At Work With Me (smj1977.shruti)

ANGEL'S DEVIL (Shilalipi)

Aitbaar (sdlife19)


A Walk in a Cloud (tich.1990mg)

Action Action (tonyahk)


At First Sight (Tyro)


A path to reach you (-Waheeda-)




A Memorable Picnic (ana1411)

A Romantic Date (ana1411)


A Dream Proposal (angelwords)

A Spicy Story (BULBUL.A)

As Beautiful As Ever (bangalores)


A Day For You (dazzlingdivz)

Always  (-Diamonds-)

All I Ask ( -Diamonds-)


A New Beginning (euphoric)


A Poisonous Love (FingerFetish)


A miracle (iMadz)


A Promise Well Kept (iMadz)


A Letter to His Princess (iMadz)

A Beautiful Dream (-jia-)

A Night in a Den (Jeevana.)

An Innocent Seduction (Loquacious_Aash)

A Day With Mrs. Khurana (maan-ki-sanjana)

AASHIYAANA... Dard se Pyaar ka... (mishtiritu)

" A Good-bye Kiss vs. an Eternal Kiss" (Mrs. ZSK)

A Rain of Winter (MonaSWrites)

Amritsar Romance (MishtyShah)

A Wait of A Lifetime (maankigeet4ever)

A Salute (neha5058)

Adhoorapan (neha5058)


A Game of Chess (Opti)

A Trip to the Movies (Opti)


A Night to Remember (Opti)

A Strange Meeting (princess_mimi)

A Chipped Cup (RishbalaAsyaMG)


Angel Princess Weds  Prince Of Mars (Rami92)


Aphrodite Goddess of Love (SayaneeH.Lecter)

Adult Content Notice to MSK by Geet Handa (-Sookie-)

Amnesia: MSK's anecdote why it's a pathetic idea (-Sookie-)

A Date (suhaaana)


A Sweet Memory (suhaaana)


A New Teaching (suhaaana)


A Mistake (suhaaana)


Aathva Sur (SIYAHI)

A Very Special Day (Tyro)

A Trap (tiakashyap)

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Blossoming Relation (BULBUL.A)


Bandishein Mohabbat//Love?? Revenge?? (dreamyharika)

BreakPoint (goldenball)

Bramachari Maan (mrs.msk)

Bandishein (muskanp)

Breaking the Oath of Mr.Hawt!! (..oneOone..)

Be Mine Forever (richa_kapoor)


Back To Us (smj1977.shruti)


Blood Relations (Tamanna_TJ)

Beauty&Madness (SEASON 1) (Thesaurus)




Blind Date or Is It Destiny (craziekudi)

Bawre Nain (--Dia--)


Bekali (dreamyharika)

Best Friends (iMadz)

Blind love (maankigeet4ever)


Be My Love...Again (NANDY_BRU)

Back to My BABY (..oneOone..)

Boss My Would Be Hubby (Rami92)


Blessed To Have You (tich.1990mg)

Beast&Madness (SEASON II) (Thesaurus)




Beautiful Rains (angelwords)


Bunch of OS (BULBUL.A) There are around 7 OS here, so haven't posted separately


Blessed With Sacred Moon (dazzlingdivz)


Bonded by Love (iMadz)

Best Friends (jnawaz)


Bleeding Love (jnawaz)

Blessed (jnawaz)

Broken Crystal Flower (jasminerahul)

Bundle Of Joy ,MG & JR Khurana (PrithviSanyo1)

Behind the Mask (Remya_Pillai)

Bewafaa (smj1977.shruti)

Bahut Pyaar Karte Hai Tumko Sanam (suhaaana)


Blood Sucker Lover (suhaaana)

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Chimera (FireSafireFiree)


Colorful Birds (jasminerahul)


Close Yet So Far (mrs.msk)


Captured Love (mrs.msk)


Can We Fix It (NANDY_BRU)




Can I trust you? (bubblygal1711)


Coffee house:Gurmeet Drashti (jasminerahul)

Casanovic Love (lovelycutietedy)


Cherished Love (suhaaana)



Cute Little Fight (angelwords)

Colors of Love (BULBUL.A)


Colors of Passion (dreamyharika)


Contended (iMadz)


Condemned (iMadz)

Colors of Life (jyothikrish)


Chathur's Proposal... (Jeevana.)


Chupke se..Quietly (jasminerahul)


Colorful Holi (jasminerahul)


College Vaala Ishq (simrancuty)

Crazy Prem Story (tiakashyap)

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Deceived (angel-ki-shona)


Dirty Revenge (angel-ki-shona)


Dark Hidden Secrets  (ainaGURTI)


dooriyan...bhi...hai...jaroori (Angelic_mishty)


Do Sapne (geetsrir.maan)

Distance Brings Us Closer (jyothikrish)


Deewangi  (muskanp)

Dreams (muskanp)


Dosti Ya Pyaar (-Mounika-)


Darmiyaan (neha512)


Devil Beside You (NANDY_BRU)


Dil, Dosti and Devil (NANDY_BRU)


Dil, Dosti, Hum (nats0101)


Dilruba (nelufar10)

Destiny's Play (Opti)


Demons Of His Charms (..oneOone..)

DIL MIL GAYE (piya-)


Demon's Angel (richa_kapoor)


Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Mann Bhaaye (rashmivaish)


During Amnesia (smj1977.shruti)


Desire To Be Irresistibly Desired (shining_moon)


Desire (Sameeha786)


Dirty,rotten scoundrels (shelly_08)

Darr (Thesaurus)




Dirty Revenge Season 2 (angel-ki-shona)


Dard-De-Dil (arpitaji)


Destined Couple (drrose31)


Destiny's Game (-Diamonds-)


Dil Ki Bateein (jyothikrish)

Diamond necklace (jasminerahul)


Damsel in Distress (jasminerahul)

Do Not Disturb (mahimaneet)


Destiny's Play (richa_kapoor)


Diamond And Pearl (_Rashmi)


Divine Love (richa_kapoor)


Deewane Hum Tere Mohabbat Mein (sanam1234u)


Dark Passion (Sameeha786)


Divorce (smj1977.shruti)


Dj vu (ssch) ss


30 DIN MSK IN..( seeratkhan)


Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge (suhaaana)

Don't Mess With Me (RishbalaAsyaMG)




Dream of Prince Charming (angelwords)


Dus Bahane Kar Ke Le Gayi Dil... (Desigirl144)


Do Pal Ki thi...In Dilon Ki Dastaan... (Desigirl144)


Desire (-jia-)


Drooling over MSK...*sighhh* (Loquacious_Aash)


Dancing For The Rainbow (maankigeet4ever)


Do pyar karne wale jungle main ko gaye (Mahi-Maan)

Dil Ki Darkan (nelufar10)


Dil-Ibadat (..oneOone..)


Dilbar Shikdum Shikdum (..oneOone..)

Dil Hua Fida (simrancuty)


Dreams Do Come True (simrancuty)


Depth of Love  (shangawesomeII)

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Posted: 6 years ago




Forced Relation or Love?? (drrose31)


FAIRY...TAIL (kawaii_geet)


For The Love of a Child (kumari3)


Fear and Hope (mrs.msk)


Fatal Obsession (smj1977.shruti)


Fantasy (sarzah)




Frndship Yaa Love (Abby-GC-Crazy)

For Dr. Khurana, With Love (dqno1)


Falling For A Jock (music_girl)




Fated Love (Ash534)

Forgiveness.. the bond of love!!! (craziekudi)


Farewell (jnawaz)


Friends Forever (mrk-1)


Fate (maankigeet4ever)


Found My Love (NANDY_BRU)


Forever Yours (piya-)

Falling in Love (shangawesomeII)

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Geet hui sabse parai Season2 (jasminerahul)


Game Or Love (tellyme)


Girls Don't Count (tes_v1)


Geetanjali (valli22)




Geet the Love of My Life (angel-ki-shona)


Geet Ki Kashmakash (jyothikrish)


Gimmick (smj1977.shruti)




Game of Jealousy (angelwords)


Gaant-The Bonding (geetsrir.maan)


Geet - the cheeky little witch; Maan - the target (-Sookie-)


Genuine Love (kashishk)

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