Arshi OS: Cupid's Arrow!! when love struck duffer & lucifer

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Cupid's Arrow

An Arshi Love Story
When love's arrow struck Lucifer and Duffer 

Arnav ran into his house reaching the stairs in seconds taking giant strides leaping two stairs at a time not even noticing his mom who stood staring at her son's sudden entry into the house .

Finally shaking her heads in disbelief she called out to her mad son: Arnav! Whats wrong??
Arnav froze just at the entry of his room biting his tongue realizing his mom had just been a witness to his madness and screamed back: nothing mom!! Tsunami is on its way  trying to hit the s**** and he banged his room door with a thud!
His mom gave a facepalm reaction knowing who he meant and went back to finish her work in the kitchen... In seconds she heard another fast feet music and walked out to see khushi jumping three stairs a time and was banging  Arnav's room screaming out his fav nick name: duffer... open the door
Arnav knew he was few minutes away from being dead meat and ensured his fav things made of glass were safe in his locker... He left a sigh of relief rolling his eyes as khushi gave the second call: you better open the door Mr.Raizada!! 
Arnav's dad walked out of his room wondering why the angry call when he saw khushi banging his son's door with all her might...
Raizada: Khushi!! Long time!! How have you been??i am here darling
Arnav's mom walked near her crazy husband who was missing his fav who had met him just in the morning!! 
Khushi: oh o uncle.. I was actually calling your son?
Armav made a face palm this time thinking to himself: huh.. I wish you were not at home dad
Arnav's dad: but what did duffer do today to my princess
Arnav's mom smiled: tell us na khushi
Arnav bit his tongue keeping his ears plastered to the door 
Khushi: uncle today in college
%%%%%%   FLASH BACK  %%%%%%%
Arnav and khushi were childhood friends though they had studied in different schools... their parents were best friends and the legacy continued with the kids... however they landed in the same college with arnav being 2 yrs senior to khushi...none except their bestest friends knew arnav and khushi were bestest friends as they din want a public display and khushi felt that being close friends with a senior might be looked weird and arnav had no second thoughts about that!! But they always met at either of their houses every evening and khushi used to recite all the happenings of the day and so would arnav!! Both were super possessive but khushi was always the one who would show it more... Arnav being arnav never expresses but khushi always knew and never gave the chance to arnav to complain... Arnav being the most wanted and most dashing senior and also the college student lead had a bigger group of mixed friends and lavanya was one of his close friends!a friend who he always trusted and shared but of course khushi was first for him!
One day khushi was biting into her sandwich with her friend diya when a group of girls from their class surrounded them
Khushi: hii.. why are you girls looking gloomy heads today
A girl snapped back: never mind khushi!! It wont bother you anyway
Diya: well may be I will!! Temme na
Khushi: wait why wouldn't I be ??
Another girl: have you ever hit on the Lead Guy ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA
Khushi hid her chuckles: never! That duffer is not worth it
Diya looked at her firend in utter shock but looked on and khushi was already all ears wondering what was it now.. she was tired of her class girls describing his molten eyes broad shoulders ****y stuble  husky voice attitude style etc etc all day... though she hated it she always liked the way they would conclude fussing saying he never notices any girl!!
A girl: today one girl ... a senior asked him out!!
Khushi turned her face: there you girls go!! One more to the bag and he said no !! that's the problem right!!
Diya smiled as the girls looked back without answering
Khushi bit her sandwich: what??? He said no right
The girls together: no!!!!
Khushi's eyes popped out as the sandwich fell from her hand:WHAT!!!!!
Another girl: yeah!!
Diya: what do you mean??
Khushi munched the sandwich stuffed in her mouth with horror
The girls: we saw her proposing and he took her for coffee... he never does that usually and 
Khushi spit out her food shocking the girls: what the hell did that duffer say??
Diya knew why the rxn from khushi but the girls looked on as they were surprised at  khushi reacting to a news on arnav for the first time
Another girl snapped out: he usually walks out with a no! but this time he smiled and took her for coffee in his car! This means yes right!!
That's it khushi had had enough!! He took her alone in his car!! To coffee shop!!
The girls added with a gloomy face: yeahhh
That's it khushi ran out strapping the bag across her shoulders and diya banged her head on her hand and the other girls looked out jaw dropped at her running!!
She spotted arnav swinging his keys around his finger when he saw her approaching and he knew what exactly made her scream out his name in college and jumped into his car in seconds and drove away as khushi jumped into her scooty following her dearest duffer!!
%%%%%%%  FLASH BACK  %%%%%%%

Arnav's mom smiled at khushi while his father looked at her seriously: He's really a duffer princess!! He took a girl who proposed to him in the car for coffee instead of saying no
Khushi nodded her head quietly as arnav's mom had her mouth's wide open to see her sweet husband adding oil to the fire!!
Khushi walked back banging the room when arnav's dad walked near her and gave her a key and winked at her!
Arnav's mom hit her husband on the shoulder : why??
Arnav's father pulled his wifey and dragged her to the room" I gave the key coz the room has two keys my wifey
Arnav's mom::but ji! You just added oil to the fire.. I wonder whats gonna break this time!!
His dad sipped his coffee: let hell break loose!! We are waiting for this day right??
He pulled his wife closer as she whispered: you think so??
He nodded his head as they showed a thumbs up sign to each other and called khushi's parents disclosing the happening exciting the other couple as well!!
Arnav heard the keys making way and banged his head in the wall cursing his father : he made tsunami a tornado now!! Huh!!
He looked around and if there was one place his khushi wont enter In his house it was the rest room! He rushed in and locked the door thanking god for not letting the rest room have two keys too!!
Khushi entered the room and looked around to find it empty and she knew where her dearest duffer will be!
She took the water bottle and threw it on the rest room: open the door and come out before I kill you!!
Arnav sat on the borders of the bath tub crossing his legs without replying!!
He grabbed a snicker from his packets and bit into it!!
Khushi threw his pillows and blankets across screaming: I am tearing your astrix comics arnav
Arnav screamed back: I have read them Lucifer! Go  ahead!
Khushi grew wild: what do you think! Your very smart uh and she looked around to find all his things missing!!
Arnav: what are you searching: everything is non breakable!!
Khushi walked near the restroom: not your head right!! Open the damn door!!
Arnav: and break it myself!thanks I am fine In  here !!
Khushi knew there is no point arguing and jumped to the point: how dare you?
Arnav bit into his snicker: so what!
Khushi was furious at his casual reply 
Khushi: what so what!! Will you stay shut up if I go for coffee with another guy 
Arnav rolled his eyes : did I ever stop you??
Khushi: don act arnav!! I Know you
Arnav knew she was pissed like hell and that's why she called him by his name but he played on loving to see his irritated Lucifer!
Arnav: whats wrong Lucifer! I mean she was a sweet girl you know!!
Khushi hated it to hear arnav say that and snapped back anyway you would have said no!
Arnav smiled: what if I say yes??
Khushi felt her hopes sink and  snapped again: did you say yes then???
Arnav: khushi!! 
Khushi: did you say??
Arnav rolled his eyes swallowing the last piece of snicker: I am thinking??
Khushi din know what struck her but her eyes were filled with tears rolling down her plumpy cheeks making her face go all red as she froze in her place...she wa;led out as her bag banged on arnav's table from were fell the photoframe of her and arnav crushing !
She turned back seeing the broken frame and walked away wiping her tears as arnav's parents looked at her shocked!
They heard the entire convo too and had least expected this and rushed down the stairs behind her to see her already gone!
Arnav called back at the sudden silence but was not rewarded with any reply!!
He slowly opened the door to find his as usual storm struck room and walked out leaving out a sigh smirking and smiling when he noticed the broken frame of him and khushi!!
He froze: the million times they have fought since childhood she had deshelved his room coz she knew he hates it but she ahdnever done anything to their frame. In fact she used to ensure it was always in place and smiled at it everytime she walked in!!
Before he could think his dad and mom walked in: Arnav!! We are okay with your choice but?
Arnav rolled his eyes at his parents words: what choice dad??
His mom placed her hand on his shoulder: its not your mistake arnav! But its not hers too you know... even we were all thinking?
Arnav had had enough confusions rolling andhis mom was adding flavor: mom!! What 
Arnav's father: you should have told her in a softer way! Poor soul walked out crying
And before his dad could continue Arnav whispered out loud: OH MY GOD! And ran down the stairs as his parents exchanged confused glances!! But still followed!! 
Arnav drove over to khushi's house and found her parents banging the door to khushi's room to get no reply!!
They looked at arnav with a confused questioning eyes and arnav knew khushi hadn't told them anything!!
He stared at the door and ran out to the garden and reached for the ladder placing it to her room!!
His parents entered to tell the happenings to khushi's friends
Arnav's dad: we were wrong sashi!! My son
Sashi looked at his best friend and placed an hand on his shoulder: it happens! Khushi has to understand!! 
Arnav's mom: I am sorry!! Because of
Khushi's mom smiled: what are you saying?? Its not anyboy's mistake! I just hope khushi understands and she hugged her best friend!!
They were consoling and apologizing with words while deep in all 4 parents were hurt that their dreams were not true!!
Meanwhile Arnav climbed the ladder and jumped into khushi's balcony and found her in the corner of her room clutching iin to herself with her head buried in her knees and crying!!
He stilled as his eyes filled with tears and he hated himself that moment knowing he was the reason!! he loved irritating her but she had always fought back but why is she reacting all down today!! He couldn't understand anything and walked closer and sat beside her!!
She ignored him still crying to herself!! He looked at her and whispered: Sorry
She looked up surprised to see him talking softly!
She snapped back: why are you bothered to be?
Arnav  stared at her and she stayed quiet crying again 
He was surprised as ever since they are small and she was down it was his shoulders she cried on even when she was angry with him but today she was different!!
He placed his hands on her shoulder : so angry that you wont even look at me is it
She looked up and he saw their picture in her hands!!
It was not snapped but drawn!
He smiled faintly and looked at her as she turned away from his gaze
Arnav: you drew this??
She din answer and he moved closer pulling her by her side as she hit his hand removing it
Arnav whispered : you never showed me
She snapped back: I don find the need anymore!!
Arnav placed his hands on her chin turning her to face him and wiped her tears: she was not as cute as you Lucifer!!
Khushi pulled down his hands : don lie!
Arnav smiled as he held his ears  : I am sorry
Khushi looked at him and she could see hurt evident in his eyes!!
Khushi placed her head on his shoulder as arnav caressed his hairs and she finally whispered: I am sorry ! I wont blast you for going to coffee anymore
Arnav smiled: really
She got up looking at him: yeah!! And  you say yes too!! I was just
Arnav held her hands: why did you cry??
Khushi: I mean!! I have never shared my duffer with anyone na! it was just new! I over reacted
He din like when she said overreacted!! He actually liked her being possessive about him!!
Arnav: so you don mind me going coffee
She wiped her tears and put up a smile: hmm... You will introduce me right??
Arnav hugged her as she cried out in his shoulder !! she knew there was someone else too now but she couldn't help but cry on her most fav place!!
She brke the hug and smiled : I will fresh up and come and she disappeared into the wash room as arnav stood looking at her !! all this was new! Yes they had always played around but today was nto like any other da.. her tears and his feelings within... the tears had spoke volumes and finally the way she had cried out!! It was different...
Arnav sighed at her blank reply when he found another drawing book by the side...
It was filled with images of him eating sulking smirking smiling and one even angry! Then there were pics of him and her filling the book till the last and all were drawn!!
He was shocked as he turned the pages with his eyes filling up with tears!!
His lips curved into a smile amidst the tears staining his cheeks as words failed to make way!!
Finally he saw the last pis were she had written Lucifer and Duffer Always!!
He wanted to jump off the cliff and scream in joy!! He had always been madly in love with her but had always not expressed wondering she stil had time and may be she din feel more than abest friend for him but today...
He covered his mouth in disbelief happiness and feelings that could never be expressed!!!
So this is why she had cried and reacted like this!! He hit himself for being such an idiot!
Khushi had left the rest room door open and sunk on the shining floors crying her heart out! She finally composed herself and walked out to see arnav staring at the pics!!
She rushed to pull it back when she realized she had been too late!!
He stared at her with tears in his eyes and no words from his mouth
She smiled : forget it arnav!! I mean it was just for fun!! I always drew...
He pulled her into a hug and buried his face in the crook of her neck!!
Khushi thought he was feeling bad for her and broke the hug: its okay!! I mean
Arnav: She was not cute at all!!
Khushi stared at him in horror
Arnav continued:I will hate it if you go for coffee with anybody!!
Khushi looked at him as horror struck her: and I am a Duffer!!
Khushi looked at him surprised and finally managed to whisper: Arnav
Arnav smiled: Duffer it is!
Khushi smiled: Why??
Arnav cupped her face: coz I loved a lucifer all my life not realizing she has loved me all along!!
Khushi had heard more than she ahd wished for and she couldn't bring herself to believe
Arnav stared at a khushi with eyes wide open staring at him and he pinched her as she screamed: OUCHHH
arnav: its not a dream Lucifer...I LOVE YOUUU
Khushi smiled and threw her hands around his neck: DUFFER!!! I Love you tooo!!!!!
She suddenly broke the hug when she remembered: then that girl?? You said u were thinking?
Arnav smiled: she was lavanya khushi! She was practicing with me to propose to Nk and then I dropped her in the coffee shop after that!!
Khushi made a Haww! Expression
Arnav smiled Kissing her cheeks as she hugged him back tightly : I LOVE YOUUU
And he smiled pulling her in closer: I LOVE YOU TOOO
and the door broke open and in walked all their parents with smiles and tears seeing their children finally confessing taking their relationship to the enxt level!!
And the grand entry was made by NK lavanya and diya screaming

And arnav and khushi smiled hugging them !!
Somewhere up in the skies appeared a rainbow capturing  the moment and appreciating it in its own way!! 
Cupid winked at his victory once again looking at arshi smiling the last time and flew out in search for his next work!! After all he was not required here anymore has he had already hit the bulls eye!!
Sometimes strange incidents lead to strange happenings and help us know us better! And when it happens in love!! Probably Cupid is in action!! Hope cupid strikes you all very soon too!!
Loads of love
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Aww this is so cute...
Loved Duffer and Lucifer:)
Lovely OS
Keep writing:D
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Awww this is a cute story
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ufff that was cute for sure
haiyye so they loved one another
and boy does she get mad or what
and then she breaks things
but in the end it all worked out

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simply fabulous.loved it';
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Aww this is so cute
I really enjoy reading duffer and lucifer love story.
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Loved it

super cute
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