Heartbeats [Thrd#2] AsYa SS || Chapter 8 to Chapter 10

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This work of yours is very special for me... because of obvious reasons πŸ€—

1) It's your first AsYa work

2) The story is dedicated to me

And we are finally on a new thread

You totally deserved deserved it

*To Be Edited More*


About the special shout out ❀️

I know I am crazy... but that is cause I love you

I know I am a spammer... but that is cause I love your works

I know I make you mad... but I also know that you love it

Ours is relation which started 5 years back and will never end 
cause we are sisters forever

*Editing Done*

But this is just 1 of the 13 posts... Wink
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Chapter 8:-

read but will comment in a while

going to get fresh😊

Finally ready to comment...

Loved the Asad-Zoya-Nahma scene before breakfast

Breakfast scene was such a joy to read

Asad nodded and they moved out of the room. Zoya helped Dilshad in the kitchen while Asad sat on the dining table with Najma. Asad's eyes were fixed on his newly wedded wife. She looked ethereal in the baby pink suit.

"Ab teri dieting ka khayal main rakhungi subha! I'll make sure I empty all the chocolates from the fridge jot um late night chori chori khaati ho!", said Zoya and winked.

The way Asad eyed Zoya... Aww

Asad eyed Zoya and signalled her to come till the door.

"Jao Zoya.. Tumhare shauhar bula rahe hain!", teased Dilshad and retired to her room.

Zoya blushed and walked to the door with Asad.

Wow... The scene at the door... Superb

"Bye!", said Zoya.

"Itni jaldi bhi kya hai Mrs. Khan?", winked Asad and snaked his arms around her petite waist.

After Asad returned home... Loved the scenes

Zoya smiled and said, "Lijiye! Aapki black aur bitter coffee!"

"Aapne banayi hai to ab tak meethi ho gayi hogi!", replied Asad to which Zoya giggled.

"Aapne itne cheesy lines kahan se seekhe?", she asked furrowing her eyebrows.

"Wo kya hai na.. Jabse aap meri zindagi mein aayi hain.. Meri zindagi to gulzar ban gayi hai!", replied Asad.

"Mr. Khan! Stop it!", she said with a slight laugh.

"Aap has kyun rahi hain? Yehi dialogue agar aapka wo TV hero bole to achha hai.. Main bolun to aap has rahi hain?", sulked Asad.

"Aap to mere real life hero hai na!", she replied with a wide smile and a wink.

Zindagi Gulzar hai... Wow... Perfect

Then the kiss... Heaven

"Really!", she replied and pecked on his lips.

"Ye kya tha?", he asked scrunching his brows.

"Kiss!", she replied as a matter of fact-ly.

"Kiss ye thodi na hota hai!", he said.

"To phir?", she asked.

Asad swooped down to her lips and brushed his hard ones to her soft petal like ones. He sucked onto her lower lip. Soon she responded and started sucking onto his lips the same way he did. She parted her lips further to gasp for a breathe and Asad plunged his tongue into her mouth tasting her sweet corners. Soon the kiss turned into a passionate one. They kissed each other with all the love, the desire and the passion. Finally they broke apart panting for breathe. They rested their foreheads together.

"Ye hota hai kiss!", whipered Asad.

Update soon


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Posted: 10 years ago
Consolidating ALL my comments related to the chapters here! β€οΈ

Tabhi had reserved so many posts

Also after chapter 6 I had pointed all my fav dialogues so far

I'll post them along with the comments of the chapter



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Posted: 10 years ago



Editing :*

Well i know i reserved 2 posts cause i wanted to divide my comment in 2 parts...

This one is abt my view on the ss

Title- i just love it

Banner- freaking awesome 

Prologue was picture perfect

Well explained

Asad's feelings and turmoil were so clear

Flashbacks made things more clear

Your work took to me to the Khan mansion

I know i am on the pm list already β€οΈ


Reserve :)

Editing this too

Story dedicated to me β€οΈ i just love this feeling

Don't know y but this ss is really close to my heart and so are you

You are a really special person to me

For you i am always active here (a reason i haven't completely left i-f)

Me being first to comment on ur work means a lot to me

I am really excited abt this ss

Looking forward to it a lot

Luv you di


Fav dialogues-

"Kaash Ammi aapke Jeeju ko nahi jaanti hoti, aur aap humare saath nahi reh rahi hoti! Khuda jaane woh din kab aayega jab aap meri zindagi se ruksat hongi!", he concluded.   
Flashback ends 
"What the hell were you thinking Asad? How could you say such a thing?", he questioned himself.   
A drop of tear fell off his eyes onto his palms.

They were about to part their ways to their rooms when she lifted her hand along with him in a reflex being habitual of being handcuffed for the past days. 
They looked at each other with unknown feelings as she spoke, "I'm sorry! Mujhe laga main abhi bhi aapse bandhi hui hoon!"   
"I mean.. Handcuffed hoon!", she clarified.   
Flashback ends   
He thought about the close moments they spent together, the kiss he dropped on her forehead being relieved that she was alive! His eyes welled up as he fought with the unknown feelings building in him.
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Posted: 10 years ago
Chapter 1:-

I really wanted you to post the first part on page 13 or 14 or even further

And I am so glad that it is happening


You deserve it though

You are an amazing writer



I know i said i'll read tonight and comment tabhi

But i read it first thing in morning

And commenting now

This update was awesome

Zoya understood Asad so well

She consoled him so well

Loved the way Asad was hurt thinking that she'll leave soon

I am so excited to meet this 'K' Zoya's New York friend

And i am sure ki Asad ke room mein Ayaan aaya hoga

Plzzz update soon

Luv u β€οΈ


Fav Dialogues-

"But.. You almost died Zoya!", he said in a broken voice.   
"But I'm fine now! You saved me!", she said as she held his hand.

"I mis judged her, shouted at her, accused her for being ill-mannered, yet she surprises me by being the most forgiving person! Ammi sahi kehti hai.. She has a heart of gold!", he thought to himself 
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