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Posted: 6 years ago
Mahabharat forum- Rules & Regulations

Hello Friends, welcome to Mahabharat forum. It's one of the greatest saga of our Mythology, History. Lets get familliar with the way all should participate & enjoy being here. Never forget, always follow these Rules made for all.

1) India-forums Participation Guidelines

3) While participating:
Before starting a thread check in atleast 3 pages, if simillar thread is already made, comment     in that thread. Simillar posts will be closed or merged with the one posted first.

Criticism is encouraged-however the Critisism should be strictly constructive and should not       lead to things like name calling, bashing, taunting etc of the other members, Actors, Characters, Creatives and the Makers of the show. Instigating other members to fight is not allowed.

Everyone has their own pov. Let's understand the difference between criticism & bashing. Criticism involves seeing things constructively with a perspective, trying to analyse things logically. Bashing is being aggressive, attacking, insulting, making derogatory remarks intentionally. 

While making any topic or discussing one must provide source, referance or link to support your thoughts.
The main version is only one that is by Ved Vyas. Others are interpretations of various writers, who apply their pov which may be different from the original version. Such interpretation at times twists the meaning, compared to the one of the main Version. Follow the main version & what is shown in the show as  a base of your discussions. 

Moral Policing- Do not preach to other members as on what they should do & don't. Let the moderators decide what is allowed/ not allowed or what is right/ wrong.

Comparing 2 actors should be avoided, as every actor is different from the other. Any member   doing so will be warned.

Refrain from chatting/spamming on the forum. Don't start your personal or general chats in threads opened for various subjects/ discussion topics/ AT. Please try to stick to the topic when posting replies. Use only forum's Chat Corner for chatting. Do not type message or post reply full of smileys only. 
Typing in all caps is not allowed.
FF should be posted in Fan Fiction section, not in this forum. OS with Mytho stories covered in  this show is allowed.

4) Appreciation Threads:
Taking DT's permission for opening an AT is a must.
 ATs are made to appreciate talent & hard work of the concerned actor. Refrain from spamming, personal chatting, comparing, bashing other actor or fans of other actors there. This show will have many actors playing important characters. Some may stay till end, some may leave when their part is over. AT of an actor whose role is over, will be moved to Celebrity Fan Club section, 2 weeks after his/ her exit from the show.

5) Posting articles:
 Before posting any article please check if that the article is posted before. IF has launched its own news hub Telly Buzz. We are now in direct competition with IndianTelevision & Telly Chakkar. Do not post articles from these two websites. Do not post articles from Telly Buzz directly on forum. Always provide link/source of the articles.

6) Use Report button:
If you find any offensive thread, comment made by any member, Report that post, giving the reason. Do not try to solve it yourself, it may aggrevate the situation. Leave it to the DT to take necessary action.

7) Picture topics:
Use Picture Gallery to post pictures. Do not make seperate topics to post pics of any episode.

8) Signatures:
Follow these,  ATTN: Signature/Avatar Size - Guidelines of Avatar & Signature Section. 

9) DT:
MOTW will be posted by DT.  For any activity, contest, GOTW, DT's permission is needed.Do not open thread to question, criticise DT member's actions. Do not abuse, pass sarcastic remarks, personally attack DT members. It will not be tolerated. PM us to understand, solve the issue.
Coolbies & Videobies provides updates. 
The Moderation chain is: Viewbie- Moderator- Channel Moderator- Global Moderator.
The first contact should be to the section's Viewbie or Moderator. If you are not satisfied with the answer you can contact the Channel Moderator.

10) Warning: 
Any member found breaking the rules will be warned by pm. Repeated failure of following rules, ignoring warnings can result in increasing Warning Level raise.

Any member who are found to be in violation of our Forum Rules and Code Of Conduct may be given a Warning Level increase as accessed by the Dev Team. Please note with each Warning Levels increase it will also restrict/limit the access to the forum features as given below:

  • 20% - First warning, so members are given a chance, without any other restrictions
  • 40% - Only 15 posts (replies in topics) can be made in a day
  • 60% - No new topics can be created in addition to restrictions of 40% warning level
  • 80% - Restricted PM access whereby PMs can ONLY be sent to Dev Team to resolve issues, in addition to restrictions of 60% warning level
  • 100% - Automatically bans the member

There may be changes, addition in Rules whenever required.

Mahabharat Dev Team.
Aahaana, *Resham*, mnx12
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Posted: 6 years ago
Hello All,

This is to remind all of you once and for all, that please go through your posts which you make here. A clear request that please see what you post.

Mahabharat is an epic. We follow Ved Vyas's Mahabharat as references when we speak up here.

There are many versions of the epic and we respect them all. We respect all religions, caste and creed, but when it comes to abide by  a certain version we follow Ved Vyas.

Its been constantly observed in the forum that we are out here just not for constructive criticism but for insulting the characters, actors, members, novels, epics, writers, authors, historians, authoritarians, and everyone. We like one so we have to hate one given a thought then to everyone mentioned in the first 3 lines of this paragraph. 

I agree there is good, there is bad, and we want to discuss both, but are we really discussing it, we are here only to prove one wrong and hence why wrong, thus taking ahead the debates and crossing the lines of COC. Understand there is everyone here, there is every religion here who sees the show, who probably abides by the show, who has not seen or read the original versions of Mahabharata.

We have to consider all when we post any thing here. MB forum is just not any other forum where we can discuss and criticize and leave them away. Your discussions, your criticisms cannot be taken in a right way if they dont want to. Probably your intentions are good while posting but people fail to understand those.

I am making it thus clear that you post, its your right to post, but please go through your posts before you take the final call. Also please put references to your posts, again I am saying considering Ved Vyas's Mahabharata in front.

Avoid bashing people, refrain from your obscure comments, derogatory remarks to whosoever it can be. Consider your warning levels seriously. We warn you because we dont want people taking wrong information about anything. We are here to help you, we are here to maintain a decorum and this is highly not possible without all of yours support.

Understand there is a very thin line between fact and fiction. This Mahabharata probably would be more of a fiction, the creatives take liberties. But then again, what you see doesnt hold the true face. 

Respect each and everyone out here. We all are one family and try to keep one till the show lasts atleast. 

Sorry for such a long post but was needed. Anything which bothers you, you can always seek an answer from us. 

Hope to see good, positive posts from here on, Criticisms are welcome but not on the cost of putting down people.

Thank you.
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Posted: 6 years ago
Hello everyone.Smile
Our show is named Mahabharat. Generally is inspired or based on Mahabharat, the epic, originally by Ved Vyas. Most of us are not well versed in Sanskrit, so read the translation. For easy referance, online English translation's link is given in the Archive Mansion for anyone to read & it's used by some members to post various views. Those links are given here too, if someone has not seen them.
Read Mahbharat online:

Some more links:

1) here the site where you can download the K.M.Ganguli eng translation of ved vyas mahabharata:


2) here you can read it in sanskrit:


3) for those who have android phones:


4) other translations and works:


5) the gita press hindi-sanskrit version


Mahabharat is translated in many regional languages. There are various interpretataions too by many writers who add their touch. Various versions are awailable too in different part of India. They may have some addition, variations compared to Ved Vyas's story.
To avoide confusion between all of them & for our member's convinience, Ved Vyas's original version is taken as a base for our discussion here. It is part of the forum rules too.
Topics should be made based on Ved Vyas's version if a story from Mahabharat the epic is quoted or based on what is shown in this show. 
It is seen that regular attempts are being made by some to, provok, create disharmony in the forum by claiming that their language, auther is insulted. Where as nothing of that sort has happened. Characters are abused regularly by them, saying it is part of this epic.
Please keep in mind, no such attempts will be allowed. A normal view doesn't become an attack on any language or auther. All such attempts will face action as per the rules. So refrain from such action.

Mahabharat DT

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Posted: 6 years ago
Hey everyone,

About the ATs - we have given permission for just 6 ATs, Krishna, Pandavas, Kauravas, Arjun, Karna and Draupadi, this decision was taken when the forum was opened  with the members opinion and feedback. Main idea behind this decision was to reduce the appreciation threads and increase the discussions topics. Mahabharat has many important characters played by popular actors and actress hence we cannot create AT for each of them.  Some of the characters has/had  less screen presence compared to others, thats why members are encouraged to use the main ATs for the Pandavas/Kauravas. If any of the fans liked/felt any particular scene of any of the actors/actress/characters which were/was standing out, it can be done in a new topic but make sure it doesn't turn into chatting or chitchat corner with non irrelevant discussions. - such topics will be closed down by the DT.  Some of the fans/members may find our decisions to be unfair but thats how it should be in order to maintain the forums environment!

Appreciation threads are to be used to praise and appreciate particular favorite actor/actress/characters.
All discussions related to actor's/actress performance, looks, style and personality can be confined to  ATs.

Any negative(bashing/filthy language) comments/opinion on other characters/actors or on storyline that are not relevant to the thread's topic, scene or actor/characters scene with other characters should NOT be discussed here. Members can discuss relevant scene where other characters are involved but no speculation or hint about non-existent couple/love angle! We are forced to implement this restriction because many members asked for a place where they can discuss about their favorites while being free of the negativity towards them that they might encounter elsewhere in the main forum. Main purpose is bond here with other members who likes the same thing, while being free of negativity towards what they likes.

Chatting - Members seem to be more into chatting so please reduce the personal chatting because we do have a chat club for that purpose so keep that in mind. However, we do  allow minimum chatting in ATs, provided it is related to this AT alone.

ATs are open for everyone, however, do not invade the AT with the purpose to rile up the fans or instigate them. 
Everyone has their right to voice out their opinions and should NOT be judged/generalized based on their likes/dislikes. If any of your fellow members/friends fails to follow the rules, kindly ask them to edit out or tell them its wrong rather than joining them and aggravate the issues further and equally responsible for carrying forward an unfavorable situation. Hence be responsible and take responsibility because that way you may prevent action taken against your AT thread!

ATs/discussions threads can NOT be used to target other members and NO pinpointing activity/mock or taking digs here toward other fan groups.Any derogatory references or name callings against actors /characters/members/Dev team members are strictly PROHIBITED here.

Report -If you see anyone breaching the rules in any of the threads in the main forum, you will not come here and rant it out about it and snowball the issue further! Instead make use of the "REPORT" button and report the thread by stating the reason clearly. As soon as the Dev Team comes online they would take the necessary action.

We can assure you guys that we only takes action where it's legit reason. However, here is a little catch for the stalkers who just want to report in order to get the AT closed down - If you report any post/comments that has no legit reason, you will be reliable for action against you for stalking.

If the DT sees more than 3 people breaking the AT rules constantly for a week, the effects of violations will kick start, which go as follows:

First Violation - Warning Note

2nd - Another Warning Note

3rd - Another Warning Note

4th - Close the AT for 24 hrs (1 Day)

5th - Close AT for 72 hrs (3 Days)

6th - Close AT for 1 week (7 Days)

7th - Get rid of AT completely from the Mahabharat Forum/Shift it to Celebrity Fan Club Forum!

The rules are applicable for multiple violation and not single post as it will be dealt individually! Having said that, please do not assume that every report submitted by opposite fan group will be entertained. We will go through the reports and only if we find the report valid based on above rules, then we will speak to the Admins of the AT and action will be taken accordingly as stated above.

If anyone has any questions/queries/concerns regarding the AT Rules imposed in the forum, feel free to PM the Mahabharat DT or the GMs!


I-F Dev Team

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