OS for monday

Posted: 2013-08-24T21:38:45Z
Again another tough os for me..and this is one and only for Deepu ..as she wants a funny chapter in rayas life ..and I am the craziest one who r going to portray  the most toughest time of raya in my funny way..i dont know all of u like it or not but plz do comments ..as all always I am waiting for that only. ..
But I am trying and and trying to make happy again one of my best buddy (deepikarachu)(rksr friend) 

the scene  was started  at the restaurant of Mumbai..
indeed it is famous restaurant and everyone from the manager to  the lower level  stuffs are busy to make their place from better to best  as the lady of Mr.Ram Kapoor and one of his angels are booked  a private table for their lunch. they r waiting for the other three members of their life, Priyas others two angels ..and her perfect subsequent in her business of an informer ..
but yes whenever she thinks about the family lunch she is missing her man like hell..but it  becomes her habit now..and suddenly her chain of thoughts were broken by the well known  voice ,only which can create a havoc in her body ..
Ram: hello my rockstar ..
Kaisi ho?
Peehu : wow papa ..aap aagaya ..kitna miss kar rehi thi main aapkoo..
And hugged him..ram took the sit beside Priya and greeted her 
Hello Mrs.Kapoor ,aap kaisi hai..?
Priya was feeling mixed emotion..as she was angry on him..but after seeing  him..she was happy too..and specially her joy was no bound as Ram joined  them without taking any rest ..but she was not in mood to show her happiness to her man so easily so she answered him with annoyed voice.
Ram felt something strange but being a pungabi foody person and specially at restaurant he could not able to hold his fascination for food..
Without paying more attention on his wife and her behavior he uttered 
Ram: are yaar bohut joro se bhook laga hai ..order to karlo..
Priya  murmuring.: khnane k alawa khuch soojhta bhi hai kya aapko?
Ram: Mrs.Kapoor jo bhi kehna hai aapko ghar jaake kehna plz ..abhi nehi ..
Ram tried to lighten the mood of his lady love as he told Soumya that he knows the way to melt his wifes anger so he used Mrs.Kapoor each and every passed sec to irritate Priya ..he knows very well that the after-effect of this will be  Priyas anger and he will melt her by his love..
( so simple)
But Priya did not give little about of attention on it ..as she is now used to with the word Mrs. Kapoor..but its new from her man ..but she thought ..may be she has to face it also.
Ram : ok tum sab kya kya order kar rehi ho..
Peehu : I will like to  have mixed fried rice and chicken Manchurian..
Mayra: wow me too ..but with mixed noodles
Khush: mujhe to veg dishes chahiye ..
Pari: ha ha main bhi khush bhaiya k sath hu
Ram: o god ..pehle to ek ghas phoos khati huyi ladki mili ..aur gift me ye dono..
Pari: papa no ghas phoos ok..veg is more imp for our good health and brain..
Ram: ha ha ..ghar me ek ACP pradyuman thi kafi nehi hi kya?
Khush to cut to cut chamcha ban hi chukka hai ..aur aage jake tumhe bhi same banni hai kya?
And looked at Priya 
Priya was fuming over him..for his comments.
Ram with his cutest smile ok aab order karne ki meri badi ..hmm I will like to have
Two plate of chiken biriyani,two plate of garlic chiken, two plate butter paneer, two plate mashroom tikka,
Priya : two plates kyun?
Ram: are yaar bhook lagi hai sayad two plates se ho jaye..
Priya: wo God..u r now at ur age 53 ..itna sara khana( to be very honest I am feeling so bad to mention rams weird age but acc to CV must be he is now 53.ok but his age is not at all matter to me..he is my Golu..<3) 
Ram: to kya huya ..yaar char bachho ka baap ban gaya hu ..to khana bhi to heavy hi hoga na..
Aur madam ji mujhe aapki tarah sukhe patte nehi banna hai..
Priya: ha ha isliye main to akshay Kumar ko aapki beti lagti hu..
Ram: matlab..
Priya narrated the incident 
Ram: yaar main na aur kabhi ye bollywood star ko invite hi nehi karunga ..
Jo aate hai mere biwi se flirt karta rehta hai..pehle tushar aab akshay.
Priya : haaaw ..ha ha jise time dena tha wo to nehi dete haina..
Peehu: ooff wo mumma papa ..aap firse shuru hogaye ..aur wo bhi ..bahar ..
Mayra and Pari:in unison : so bad this is..
After their lunch ,its their desert time..
Peehu: main to desert main kulfi hi khayungi
Khush and Pari: yes me too.
Mayra:she is again cut to cut Rams duplicate but his former part.
Iss chi ..koi kulfi khata hai ..kya?
Ram: nehi ..my special angel kulfi khalo its really a nice one as desert..
Peehu: so papa aap bhi to kha rehe hayna..matlab ki 6 order kardu.
priya: nehi main nehi khayungi ..mere gale me dard hai..
Ram: looking at Priya no .. me too.mujhe dusri desert chahiye ..
Peehu : matlab ..
Ram: chodo ..main ghar me jaa kar kha lunga ..and starred at Priya..
Priya in her thought
(Must be ram is thinking for gajar k halwa or any thing sweet dishes homemade..
Ghar me jaakar hi farmais start ho jayega janab k priya kitne din tumhare hat se banaya huya gajar k halwa nei khaya hai maine..
Main  nehi banayungi ..ye pakka hai ..)
Ram: par kya hayna tum kulfi share karke khana, ye alag maja hai.main  bhi meri desert share karke hi khayunga..
After few hours they reached at KM.
And every one retired   to their specific room to do their job..
Ram went to his study room as he needs some business files from there ..
Priya and soumya at living room engrossed in their chit chat 
Suddenly Ram called from his study.
Priya had a mischievous in her mind so she asked soumya to attend there and soumya did not hear her bhappas voice as she was very much engrossed in their talk..and Priya can hear very soft voice of ram as it is heart to heart connection.
Soumya knocked at study room.
Ram was very much sure that Priya will come
Ram: yes darling come in..yaar kabhi to mere sath bhi time spend karlo..
And looked at the entrance
And with his surprised voice he asked 
Are soumya tu kyun teri bhabi kaha hai..?
Soumya: bhabi ne hi to kaha k aap bula rahe hai mujhe
Ram got her intension and prank too so he said ok
Teri bhabi ko bol aaj main do peher ko  study me hi so jayunga.
Priya was shocked with his decision..
But as she promised herself she will not utter anything about his decision ..or regarding his business trip..as she has had enough of all these..
She left the place for their room..and it made ram more surprise as Priya did not react with his sudden decision so after few min ram entered their room and found priya was busy to pack a bag ..
Ram: are Priya kaha jaa rehi ho..?
Priya did not ans
Ram: again Priya batayogi bhi ya nehi..
Priya: kaun Priya ? 
Ram:Kyun yeha par tumhe aur mujhe chodkar dusre ko hai kya ..
Priya: main Mrs.Kapoor hu ..yaa peehu .mayra,pari ..aur khussh ki maa. Hu ..
Ram:Are kya huya tumhe aur ye bacho ki update kyun bata rehi ho..i know k tum in sabke maa ho ..aur Mrs.Kapoor bhi ho..
Priya:Ha ha ye to aapne restaurant me kahi baar yaad bhi dila diya aaj ..
Ram:Are gussa kyun ho rehi ho..
Priya:Gussa nehi hu main aapse ..more I am thank full to u k ..apne meri nam yaad diladi ..iska matlab aapko aabhi tak yaad hai meri nam.
Ram:Kya yaar priya ye sab..
Priya:Matlab..mujhe jo insane priya nam se pukarte he uska to time hi nehi aab mere liye 
Ram got that all the reason behind her behavior ...
He caught her hand and said ..are I love to call u Mrs.Kapoor na ..mere nam se jura rehti ho..tum ..
Priya:Ha ha asli insane se to nehi.
Ram:Haaw priya tum itna aggressive hogayi ho ..are yaar humare 4 bache hai ..khud k tin..aur abhi bhi   tum..

Priya:Kya bol rehi hai aap..
Ram:Kya kaha maine?tumne hi to kaha k humesha mujhse judi rehna chahti ho..to main kya kar sakta hu..
Priya:Mr.Kapoor enough of all these..
Ram:Ok par tum jaa kaha rehi ho..
Priya:Main nehi aap.
Ram:Matlab? Abhi abhi to aya hu main.
Priya:Nehi kya pata sham ko aagar firse koi meeting aaya to isliye main pehle se hi ..bag pack karke rakh rehi hu.
Ram:madam no need of all these ..main aab teen mahino k liye kahi nehi jayungi
Priya:I dont blv u mr .kapoor.
Ram kept his hand on priyas waist and said
Aab dekha madam main kyun humesa tumse ram sunne k liye bechain hota hu..mujhe bhi pasand nehi hai jab bhi tum mujhse mr.kapoor kehte ho

Par ek baat, tumne suni thi k main study se tumhe bula raha tha ..
Par tumne soumya ko kyun vegi..
Priya:Maine kya galti ki ..ap to Mrs.Kapoor keh ke pukar rehi thi ..aur soumya bhi to Mrs,Kapoor hayna..
Ram rubbed his nose with hers and said smart girl..
Priya:Aap aisa kya kar raha hai ..pata hai mujhe aapko aur ye Priya nam pasand nehi hai ..
Priya:ha isliye hi to aap mallika nam se  mujhe bulate hai bahar ..
Ram:Are yaar mallika aur priya dono same hi hayna..
Priya:par main to priya hi hu na 
Ram:Yaar tum priya ho yaa mallika mujhe kuch nehi phadak parta hai..kyunki main tumse pyar karta hu ..
Tumhari nam se nehi did u get that ..
Par ha aagar tum itna hi miss kar rehi ho ..
Then after today whenever I talked with u I will use priya ok?
Priya hugged him tightly he responded 
At their dinner table all r sat..
Ram uttered priya in his each and every sentence and priya was feeling embarrassed and the rest of al were stunned to see ram like this..
At their kingdom: 
Priya:Aap dinner table pe kya kar rehe the ..
Ram:Aare firse maine kya galti kardi ?
Priya:Har time priya .
Ram:Are tumhi to yehi cahhti thi yaar sach me womens.
Priya:Aur haa aapne desert to manga hi nehi  .
Ram:Time to hayna abhi bhi mere pas desert k liye 
Priya:Nehi hai ..main aaur kitchen me nehi jja sakti.
Ramwith confused look)Mere desert k liye kitchen me kyun jana padega tumhe ?
Priya:Aapke fav gajar k a halwa banana k liye ..
Ram:Are ye maine kab kaha 
Priya:To aur kaun desert..
Ram:Wo Priya after 3 children u   r just same like before .
And pecked her lips softly and said main ye desert k bade me kaha tha .
Priya was stunned  could not utter anything ..
Ram: waise Priya desert to share karne me jyada maja ata haina ..so tum chaho to ye bhi hum share karke kha sakte hai and winked at her..
Priya blushingly kept her head down

Ram cupping her face  and said
Priya ji ..aap na 15 saal pehle hi Sharma se kapoor ban gayi ho so no more sharamana ok..
And kissed her passionately ..Priya also gave him response..

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Posted: 2013-08-24T22:02:42Z
Hey superb part...

Priya's anger...and ram ka manana...
Evrything was just awesome...
Loved it until the end...
And the last part...was again ram's desert...
Ye ram ko nahi priya ko khane ke alava kuch nahi soojta...Wink
[BRBR]Thnx fr the pm...Edited by chillpc - 2013-08-24T22:15:56Z
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Posted: 2013-08-24T22:38:51Z
awesome loved it
thanks for the pm
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Posted: 2013-08-25T00:25:44Z
Awesome update...
Wow kya mast sweetdish hai yaar...
ram ji ko roj roj shr krk khana chahiye...Wink
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Posted: 2013-08-25T00:32:21Z
wowClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap it is really nice enjoyed reading the os
an perfect scene description write moreClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
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Posted: 2013-08-25T00:39:11Z
Good one...
Kitna irritate kiya Ram ne Priya ko Mrs Kapoor bulake LOL
Priya ne Soumya ko bhej diya...haha
Desert share karke khana chahiye yeh aise bhi apply hota hai mujhe aaj hi pata chala.. Wink acha idea hai.. LOL
Thanx for pm..
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Posted: 2013-08-25T00:40:19Z
Wonderful os
Loved it
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Posted: 2013-08-25T01:08:30Z
arrey yaar   this is  super, great... brilliant.. loved it to the core...  well madam  bohot acche likthe ho aap..  

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