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HOLA! I am finally back with another chapter. HAPPY DIWALI! Haha. I am so sorry for the lack of updates, I didn't expect things to get so busy. But I literally have no time between school, friends and family. This story turned out to be a lot longer than I expected, I have an outline of critical events but its just that it takes so much time to build up to them, and I love writing interactions between the characters so it takes even longer. 

Anyways, I am already brewing over another idea for a short story that I'd like to do after this story is done, it probably won't have anymore than 8 more chapters. And that's a HUGE overestimate. Thank you for all the love, you guys are simply amazing. And I am so glad that I got such a positive response to this story. 

So this is the next chapter, I've added a bit of a recap of the last chapter to make the transition smoother. I hope you like it! Lemme know what you think!

AND if you don't get a PM within an hour of me posting this, it means that you're aren't on the PM list. Sooo, buddy the account "classifiedpm", it is where I am going to be sending out PMs from! It's going to be right below this. 



"What are you doing?" I asked.


"Someone is trying to Skype Zoya! It isn't going through." Rehan said.


"What? Who?" Zoya said taking out her phone and logging in, connecting the account to the TV. The joys of having a tech whiz as a friend.


"Bhaijaaan! Bhai!" Came the voice of Ayaan from the TV.


"AYAAAN!" Zoya and I shouted jumping onto the couch so we were in sight and waved.


"Bhabhi 1 and 2!" He laughed.


"What's up?" Zoya asked.


"The ceiling." Ayaan answered sarcastically.


"Honestly?" Arnav laughed.


"We miss you guys!" Ayaan said.


"We?" Asad asked.


"Mein bhi hooon!" Tamatar said appearing on screen.


"Mein bhi!" Nikhat's voice came followed by her. "Woh bhaijaan-" She started and stopped, her gaze going behind the couch. I looked at Zoya who looked confused and turned around to see Rehan standing behind the couch.


Rehan was looking right back at her, his eyes a bit wide and a lost look on his face. I looked at Zoya who looked back at me smiling. Matchmakers Zoya Farooqui and Khushi Gupta on the case. Operation Rehan aur Nikhat.

Chapter 32

Zoya's POV

"Girl Talk Time!" I yelled.


"What?" Asad asked confused, hai, he is so cute.


"We need to talk to the girls, so you guys leave." I smiled at him.


"But why-" Asad asked as Arnav nodded.


"I need you to fix the lights in my closet baby, they aren't working." I pouted.


"How can-" He started.


"Pleaseee?" I said giving him my puppy dog eyes, no one could say no to them. NO ONE.


"Fine." He smiled. Bingo. See, they work!


"Arnav! Why don't you go help him? You can hold the -uh, flashlight!" Khushi added. Bless you child, she works on the same wavelength as me.


"Rehan you want to come?" Arnav asked.


"NAHI!" Khushi yelled causing all of them to look at us weird. Damn it. ]


"You know Rehan, he can't fix anything! He'll probably end up breaking stuff-" I started to say, but the idiot couldn't stay quiet.


"HEY! I can-" Rehan started but Khushi elbowed him.


"And I don't trust him in my closet." I laughed nervously. Makes sense right. Haha. Don't look at me like that.


"Okay..." Asad said giving me a what's going on' look. Damn it, why was he so perceptive? And Arnav was no less, he just kept looking back and forth as they walked towards my room.


"I guess I'll be going!" Rehan started to say.


"Sit down Malik! Yeh saab hum tumhare liye hi kar rahe hai." Khushi mumbled to him so no one could hear her as Asad and Arnav disappeared into the room.


"What? I don't - I don't know what you are talking about." He stuttered.


"Allah Miyah! We know that smitten look, don't give us this crap right now." I hissed at him. "Ayaan! Don't you have to go call Humeira?" I said sweetly turning back to the screen. He of course fell for it and ran out of the room.


"Zoya. Yeh aap kya kar rahi hai?" Najma laughed as Khushi pulled Rehan down on the couch in between the two of us. And of course, Nikhat blushed as she looked at him. And he smiled goofily. I arched my eyebrows at Najma who giggled, understanding what was going on. Damn it, I wanted to say Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Najma tum nahi samjohgi. But she already knows. Sad.


"Let me introduce you guys to our best friend Rehan Malik! Rehan, this is Najma and that is Nikhat, Asad's sisters." I smiled.


"HEY!" Najma smiled waving while Nikhat just smiled shyly. I looked over at Rehan who was smiling like a goofball...sigh. No wonder ladies don't flock him...well, they do. But he is too busy buying and selling stocks to notice. A Victoria's Secret Angel could walk by him and check him out, he wouldn't notice it. Nuh-uh.


"Mein abhi aayi! Meine Humeira sai kuch poochna hai!" Najma said getting up and running off the screen as Nikhat shot up protested, her eyes widening,  she sat back down realizing she was being set up. The Khan sisters are too smart. Holy.  


"Humeira is very popular today." Khushi laughed. "How are you?"


"Good." Nikhat smiled. "We miss you guys so much! When are you coming back?" She asked.


"Arnav and I were coming in a few days, I don't know about Zoya and Asad yet." Khushi answered.


"Speaking of that! I'll be right back! I need to go ask Asad something." I said getting up and leaving as Rehan's eyes went wide.


"Oh ho! I forgot that there is food in the oven!" Khushi said following me leaving Rehan sitting in front of the TV alone. We ran to stand behind the TV so Nikhat couldn't see us. Rehan looked past the TV at us and glared causing me and Khushi to giggle as we gave him a thumbs up. Let's go Casanova! Turn on the charm.


"So you're Asad's sister?" Rehan asked. I groaned hitting my forehead, idiot. Allah Miyah, no wonder he didn't have a girlfriend. Honestly.


"Yep." Nikhat answered.


Cue the awkward silence. Khushi waved her hands in the air causing Rehan to look at us. She made the "speak" sign with her hand.


"Do they always do this?" Nikhat asked, god bless her soul. She is the only sane one between these two socially awkward souls.


"Jee?" He asked confused. Rehan the Bandar, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?


"Zoya and Khushi..."


"Oh, yeah! They are absolutely crazy." Rehan laughed. "Kabhi kabhi mujhe lagta hai ki unke saath rehkar mein bhi pagal ho jaunga."


I looked at Khushi and rolled my eyes. Asshole. Laugh at our expense.


Nikhat giggled and he smiled. AW. Kay, OTP feels! Khushi grabbed my hand and squeezed it.


"It was fun when they were here, they are absolutely hilarious!" Nikhat said. Yes we are!


"Must be the India air then...or the company." He smiled. Hai hai, Casanova is back in the house. Look at him go, the company' eh. I could imagine Nikhat blushing right now.


"Maybe. Have you ever been to India?" She asked.


"A few times. Business trips." He answered. BORING!  "Have you ever been to New York?"






"Maybe you should, it is a beautiful city. I could be your tour guide." He smiled, oh okay. Never mind. Rehan Malik is smooth, look at him flirting with Nikhat. They grow up so fast. Tear Tear.


"Zoya and Khushi could show me around." She retorted, sounding like a coy flirty girl. Wooo! Nikhat's got fire, who knew?


"If you want to get lost at every turn, plus Fatty and Bhookhi are annoying." He laughed.


"HEY!" I yelled causing Khushi to slap her hand across my mouth. She widened her eyes and pointed to the TV.


"OH." I whispered smiling sheepishly as she let go. Yelling wasn't the best idea, Nikhat didn't know we were here.


"Maybe-" He started to say but was interrupted by a very masculine and oh so sexy voice.


"What's going on here?"


You know in movies, when people know they are screwed, and their faces fall, eyes widen as they slowly turn around to the person behind them. Yeah, imagine just that. Why? Because Sexy Ahmed Khan was standing behind Khushi and me, with his arms crossed across his, oh so sexy, chest.


I smiled at him, but I was sure it came out as a grimace.


"K-Kuch bhi toh nahi. Nothing's goi-going on." Khushi stuttered, her eyes wide. She was a horrible liar. He walked towards us and stood behind the TV. "Nikhat, I think it's time for you to hang up." He said glaring at Rehan the whole time. ALLAH MIYAH! How did he know it was Nikhat on the TV? He didn't even see her.


Khushi turned to me, her eyes wide, and the "how the hell does he know" look. I kind of wanted to brag about how my boyfriend was sexy and smart...but my ass was also in trouble.


"I thought you guys were having "girl time", Rehan yaha kya kar raha hai?" Asad asked.


"Mein...uh...exactly...mein yaha kya kar raha hooon." He said biting his knuckles. "Mein yaha isliye hoon...kyunki, uh, kyunki mein ladki hoon!" Rehan said nervously. "NAHI! Nahi...mein ladki nahi hoon...I just...Zoya tum batao naa." He stuttered.


"Uh...he was going to sing for us!" I said. WHAT THE HELL? Honestly, you're losing it Zoya! He is going to sing for us, really?


"Acha...go ahead then." Asad smirked, damn, he was sexy when he smirked. But we were screwed...because Rehan Malik couldn't sing to save his life. His voice could be used as a weapon of war...to scare the other side away. For real. We'd actually made him sing very loudly once to get the guys that were chasing us to cover their ears and stop running. It worked!


"Oh...uh." Rehan started. "Ni..ni gaddi sadi..uh beja ni uh jatiyee, ni door tenu lehja, wai..something...ni woofer tu meri..meri, mein tera...amplifier, fierr." He sang, scratch that, croaked. Khushi and I cringed. Khushi was totally adorable with one eye closed and the other open, as if that would make his singing go away. It wouldn't.


"Who died?" Arnav asked walking into the living room.


"No one yet." Asad answered.


"Died?!" Rehan screamed. "Uh...koi nahi...I'll be going." He turned managing to hit his foot on the table leg and tripping over the carpet as he walked out the door.


"You guys aren't very slick." Asad said rolling his eyes as he walked towards the bedroom. f**k my life. Was he mad?




Zoya's POV


"You honestly thought that I didn't see the way they he looked at her?" Asad asked walking out of the bathroom and laying down on the bed beside me. I got up crossing my legs, so I could see his face.


"You didn't see the look on her face though." I pointed out.


"What look-"


"SHE WAS BLUSHING LIKE A TOMATO. She is like Tamatar 2.0. HOLY." I said.


"Why are we even talking about this?"


"Because Rehan likes her."


"He doesn't even know her."


"You don't understand. Rehan Malik doesn't even notice the girls that flock him, it is so rare that for some time Khushi and I actually debated if he was gay...THIS IS A BIG DEAL." I said.


"I don't like it."


"Well of course you don't, she is your little sister. But...she's all grown up now, and you have to come to terms with the fact that she can like a guy...and marry him. And have-"


"Don't finish that sentence." He groaned.


"Fine. But if Najma and NK can..."


"WHAT?" He yelled shooting up off the bed so he was sitting. Oh...he didn't know...how did he not know?


"Allah Miyah! What's wrong with you? How can someone who notices every little detail not notice that Najma and NK have something going on?" I gasped.


"It's like they are conspiring against me...Rehan and NK... Rehan really can't sing." He mumbled laying back down. AHA! Success, Stage 1 aka anger passed and Stage 2 aka grumpiness begins. "I wanted to talk to you about something." He said.




He picked his head up off the pillow and gave an incredulous look. "Of course not. Is today let's say the stupidest things ever day?"


"No." I shrugged, he pulled my arm, pulling me towards him so I was laying beside him. His left arm under and mine on his chest. I smiled snuggling into him.


"What is that you need to talk about?" I asked.


"Arnav pointed out that we don't actually have a...plan." He said.




"This was temporary right, I would come and visit to work things out. But what are we doing after this? Where are we going to live? My whole family is in India, yours is here, my work is there, you work from here. He said we should sort it out before tomorrow night...if your Aapi asks. " He pointed out.




"Just oh?" He asked.


"It feels like someone popped my perfect little bubble. I am drawing blank." I whined.


"Well...I had an idea."




"We could do both."


"Both?" I asked turning my face so I could see him.


"Live in India for half the year and here for the other half. For a while at least."


"But what about your work - you can't stay here, I can work from anywhere since I work on a case by case type of basis."


"Well, I've always wanted to expand to the West...and I see no better opportunity than this. And this way we can both be near our families." He smiled.


"But what about when we have kids? That'll be weird right? They need stability." I started to say and stopped noticing the grin on his face.


"I think we'll have come to some kind of decision by the time we have kids. Unless you want them right now." He grinned. "Let me guess, you have names picked out too?" He teased.


"Shut up!" I said hitting him, I could feel myself blushing. "I meant in the future, you know..."


"We could always practice that part." He teased pulling me closer, his arm moving to the bottom of my back.


"I've created a monster!" I laughed.


"I think I deserve a kiss for the brilliant idea though...even though I didn't consider our children in the decision."


"You really don't." I said slapping his arm.


"I think I do." He said moving us so he was on top of me.




Khushi's POV


Sometimes, despite having the best relationship in the world, a girl starts to feel insecure. Especially when her totally sexy boyfriend won't...er, wasn't so open with physical affection. It didn't mean that he wasn't affectionate...Arnav was affectionate to a large extent, his hand always found mine and he left no chance to kiss me. But he never moved beyond that.


Now this wouldn't have bothered me since we've barely known each other for a month, which is weird in itself because I feel like we've been together for years. But now it did bother me, why? Because Zoya and Asad have already had sex. And they just admitted their feelings to each other a few days ago. And Arnav admitted his weeks ago. It is not that I want to have sex with him- well I do. But I am not ready for it yet. I just wish that he would stop acting like such a gentleman and take it a bit further. Just a bit.


And that is what was plaguing my mind as we lay on the bed, cuddling. He had laughed after I told him what were trying to do with Rehan and Nikhat, and I'd been searching for a lull in the conversation to bring up the dilemma. But how the hell do I word this? Gah. Why is life so hard?


"Arnav?" I whispered turning towards him, so I could see his eyes, he didn't say anything but brushed my hair back behind my ear, waiting for me to continue. I opened my mouth to speak and shut it. What was I supposed to say? I sighed and whispered, "Kiss me."


He was quick to oblige, bringing his lips down to mine, we both groaned as our mouths melted together, a blend of warm, soft lips. I needed more though. I needed him to touch me, to show me that he wanted me. I pulled my body up and straddled him, my lips never leaving his. He didn't stop me but moaned deeply at the change of our positions, and his hands immediately dropped to my hips. I smiled against his lips as I moved as close as possible.


Instantly, I felt the evidence of his desire that I was searching for, that I craved. I pressed myself against him but his hands grabbed my waist, halting my movements as he tore his mouth away. I wasn't ready to stop yet though, I lowered my lips to his neck, pressing wet, open-mouthed kisses up the length of it. I fastened my lips to the tender skin at the junction of his neck and sucked, my hips trying to fight against the solid force of his hands.


"f**k. Stop Khushi." He whispered, tightening his hold on me.


"Did I do something wrong?"  I asked.


He got up on his elbows, causing my to slide down his lap as he looked me. "No, you were doing everything absolutely you crazy irresistible woman."


"Then...why?" I asked, my brain catching up with the fact that I'd just been rejected.


" You're not ready for that." He said.


"But I-"


"Khushi, ask yourself if you are really ready."


"I- It's not just that! Why are you always so quick to pull away from me?" I said, quietly, unable to keep the hurt out of my voice.


"You silly silly girl." He positioned himself so we was sitting cross-legged on the bed, with me in his lap and cupped my cheeks, forcing me to make eye contact with him. "Do you even realize how tempting you are?"




He laughed a little then, but stopped as soon as he started, his face turning serious. "I love you Khushi."


"Not in that way."


"Can you keep that sexy mouth of yours shut and let me talk?" He asked and continued when I nodded. "I don't know how I stop myself from touching you, I don't want to. Trust me. I want to memorize every square inch of your skin, find every single spot that makes you sigh, scream and moan my name. But..." Holy f**k, how am I not combusting? Asdfghjkl. He said the words as his fingers drifted across my back, rubbing in circles.




"But... I want you so badly and I'm afraid I won't be able to stop myself. And I know you wouldn't tell me to stop either, even if you weren't ready. Am I right or am I right?"


"Right." I pouted.  


"We'll get there. I'll work on it, okay? But when I tell you that you have to stop, you stop okay?"


I nodded and buried my head into his chest. Time to ask the question...do I ask it? Do I want to know? Hey Devi Maiyaa, what's wrong with me?




"What is it?" He muttered.


"Have you ever - you know, before?" I muttered.


"Have I ever what before Khushi?" He teased.


"You know..."


He burst out laughing then. "You can't even say sex...and you think you're ready to actually do the deed."


"Shut up." I said hitting his shoulder, feeling really embarrassed, just willing for the ground to swallow me up. "Stop avoiding the question."


"Not really..."


"What's that supposed to mean?" I said, my head whipping up, my eyes probably wide as saucers.


"Well...some stuff happened, but I've never went all the way."


"Stuff? With Lavanya Kashyap." I sounded bitter to my own ears.


"I was drunk."


"Then how do you remember if you went all the way or not?"


"I wasn't that drunk. Does it bother you?" He asked, looking just a little scared.


"No." I said a bit too quickly causing him to arch his eyebrows.


"A little bit." I admitted.


"I am sorry." He said.


"You don't need to apologize. It's just that I don't like the thought of anyone but me seeing you naked." I said, before I even realized what I was saying. Ah, I really need a filter. He laughed again.


"I am not particularly fond of anyone but me looking at you naked either." He said.




"I love you Khushi Gupta." He smiled. "And if it makes you feel any better, anything that I've ever done didn't feel as 1/100 of what it feels to be just sitting here with you in arms." He said.




"I'd never lie to you." He smiled kissing my nose. Okay, proceeding to melt into a puddle of goo. "No response?" He asked after a while.


"Shhh, I am still swooning." I said burying my face into his neck causing him to laugh.




Arnav's POV


The next morning brought with it a beaming Khushi, our talk from last night seemed to have done wonders for our relationship. It seemed as if we were even closer than before, it that was possible.


The morning also brought with it an anxious Asad, who was freaking out at the thought of dinner with Zoya's Aapi. It was quite funny to see a man who was usually so unfazed by everything to be scared of his to be sister-in-law. A calm glowing Zoya, that "I got laid" smile on her face yet again as pointed out by the man who arrived at 8:00am this morning to wake us all.


Rehan would have probably been pummeled if he didn't bring breakfast with him. It still didn't soften Asad, who was still glaring at Rehan and had called NK this morning to threaten him. Apparently, he was a bit to engrossed in Zoya while we were in India to notice the love connection between NK and Najma. I was loving it. NK was...annoying, and hearing him turn into a stuttering, scared mess did wonders.


And the glares Rehan was receiving as he related every question to Nikhat were priceless. He'd ask how old Asad's brothers and sisters were, paying special attention to Nikhat's age. And then he would ask what their favourite colours were. Khushi and Zoya had of course picked up on what he was trying to do, and left out Nikhat from each question watching his face fall. He finally snapped and told them he specifically wanted to know about Nikhat. I saw Asad smile, it lasted less than a second  and then he went back to glaring at Rehan. Maybe he wasn't as angry about it as he let on.


The girls had decided to go shopping, Zoya wanted to get a gift for Aapi and Khushi wanted to go pick up a few things she needed before we left for India the next day. I had emailed Khushi's designs over to Aman who had a whole team assembled, ready to get to work as soon as they met with the designer. The designer in question was now standing at the door ready to leave with Zoya. However, they were only allowed to leave after they called Nikhat and told her that Rehan wanted to talk to her, since their conversation was left "incomplete" yesterday and set a time. Rehan Malik was absolutely crazy.


Asad gave one last glare to Rehan as he went to take a shower. I internally died of laughter at the look on Rehan's face. It was almost as if he thought Asad was going to kill him. Rehan of course ambushed me as soon as Asad left.


"Kitni baje phone karoo?" He asked pacing with his phone in his hand while I typed away on my laptop.


"Khushi nai kaha ki Nikhat nai 10 baje kaha hai, par tum 10:15 par karna." I said, not looking up from my work. I had been a bit too lazy over the past few days and the work had piled up.


"Kyun?" Rehan asked confused sitting beside me on the sofa. What's wrong with this kid?


"Time par call nahi karte."


"Lekin...Khushi nai toh theek 10 baje kaha hai naa?  Mujhe tab hi phone karna chahiye naa?"


"Rehan, agar tum theek 10 baje phone karoge toh tum desperate lago gai, itne over excited mat lago ki client ko aisa lage ki tum deal final karne ek liye ucchal rahe ho. Apni terms per deal karo." Honestly, he was an investment banker, he should know this. It is in the rule book.


"Arre, client nahi, Nikhat hai, deal nahi meri zindagi ka saawal hai. Khushi was right, tum toh bilkul businessman type advice dete ho. Asad ko poochoo?"


"Nikhat uski behan hai, mein bhi abhi tak tumhare aur Nikhat kai baare mein sure nahi hoon, woh toh tumhe maar dalega."


"Point. In dono ko bhi abhi shopping karne jana tha." Rehan said sadly.


"Yeh sab tumhare liye bahut..."


"Mushkil hai? Yes." He replied.


"So you've never..." I asked surprised, he seemed like the type of guy that every girl would want.


"Nahi, it's not that...she seems different...I don't know how to explain it, its just that I feel..."


"Different? Like nothing is the same anymore." I said.


"Yeah...and I feel like..." Rehan stopped again.


"Talking to her for no reason, seeing her, hearing her laugh and watching her smile?"


"Yes!" Rehan said.


"Another one down." I murmured.


Ladies and Gentlemen. Rehan Malik was well on his way to fall in love with Nikhat, and only after seeing and talking to her once. That hadn't stopped him from interrogating Khushi and Zoya about her while her brother glared. And it especially didn't stop him from frantically writing down what she liked on the pink notepad left on the table.


Her favourite colour is red, she loves white orchids, mangoes, shopping and cooking, she is an amazing dancer, loves to sing, her nose scrunches up a bit when she is confused, her laugh sounds like tinkling bells, her eyes light up when she smiles, and she has a bachelors degree in business management.


Half the things were just what he seemed to notice while he was talking to her. Which was quite impressive, seeing as he'd talked to her for less than 5 minutes. Ah, the things a smitten man does.

 Chapter 33

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wow! im d first one...well heyyy...I hav always been a silent reader to dis ff...but cudnt stop myself from commenting this time...im in love wid dis ff and its characters...asya n arshi hav always been my favourites...I hav not missed a single chapter of dis...u are an amazing writer...keep up d good workk Clap

and this chapter was fab!! And now rehaan n nikhat ki luv ishtory Embarrassed eagerly waiting for asad n aapi ki meeting Wink

and happy diwaliii Big smile Edited by elenaa - 2013-11-03T00:19:01Z
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the one who once used to be regular is finally back after a pretty long time of irregularityLOLLOLLOL
wonderful..Thumbs Up

it made me llaughBig smileBig smile

update soon

with more asad and zoya bonding scenes Smile


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Nice update plz continue soon Smile
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