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I know it's been a while. Sigh. I've been busy with tests on top of tests and there was a wedding in the family...and I introduced my boyfriend to the whole family to stop all the awkward "we have a rishta for Anjali talks". LADIES! DON'T DO IT. KEEP YOUR MAN HIDDEN.  I feel like all the females in my family are in love with him, it's quite weird. Anyways, I just wanted to tell you all about my life, I like sharing stuff. It's odd, yes I know. But my very unbrown friends don't understand and my best friend was there so I can't really tell her...she already knows.

Oh, and I stopped watching Qubool Hai...for now. Not because I have a problem against the whole MaBurt thing, but the storyline has too many loopholes and nothing makes logical sense. And it bothers me a lot. Accidental marriage? In Islam? For reals? And why does Bhainseena Bi care about who Ayaan marries? Hate her. I just read the summaries, though I am tempted to watch Thursday's episode with the AsYa and AyRa hugs...I really want to. Maybe I will. QH used to be so different, and now it is kind of reminding me of why I don't watch desi tv shows in the first place...it's kind of sad.

Anyways, you guys leave the cutest reviews OMG! Thanks! You make me smile! And for those of you that think I am like the Zoya in this story, NAHHIII! I am an achi-baachi okay? (Lol, lies. Zoya is kind of like me to the T apart for a few things. Don't judge me okay. Haha.) I shouldn't really be admitting to this via writing...still.  

Anywhooo! I am going to recap a little since its been a while since my last update! So, Khushi had told Arnav that they were going to go pick fabrics for the fashion line but ended up taking him to the Statue of Liberty! And Asad and Zoya...they were getting it on before Asad stopped them because he wanted their first time to be more romantic. Cue the awww's. So TADA! 

Um...don't read Zoya's part if you are not supposed to be reading or aren't comfortable with sex...it's not like hardcore graphic sex...I think. It's kind of cute, according to me. But it's...sex, and sex is sex. So yeah. I used the word sex a bit too much in the last paragraph. Anyways, I am putting red XXX for the explicit parts, so you can read after it! Anywho, this chapter is 5020 words by my count. Woot! 


Chapter 31


Zoya's POV

"Zoya. Look at me." He said turning my face to his. "I am not lying. I do want you, more than anything. I- it's just, I don't know. I feel like this should be more special for you or something. I mean, it's your first time and it should be romantic. You deserve that. You deserve better." He said.


This man was f**king perfect. Here he was stopping me because he thought that our first time needed to be more special, the crease in his eyebrow when he thought too much appeared and I smoothed it out with my fingers. "I don't need anything but you. You're what makes it special." I said simply, it was true. His eyes softened a little.


"But Zoya"" he began to argue weakly, but I gently placed my hand over his mouth.


"I don't need candles and roses to make this romantic, just being with you is a lot more than that. And honestly, if you went that cliched route I'd kick you out right now." I said seriously causing him to laugh against my hand. "And as far as the romance goes, you are smoother than Romeo. You sweep me off my feet Asad, you make me feel so special and so loved." I said moving his hair out of his eyes.


"Are you sure?" He whispered.


I nodded. "Make love to me Asad Ahmed Khan." I whispered back.


And all of a sudden everything was okay. His arms went around my back pulling my naked chest flush against his as his mouth swooped down and crashed onto mine eliciting a soft moan from me. He lay us back down and rolled over so I was under him, a boyish grin on his face.


"Smooth." I laughed.


"Mhmmm. It's my turn to explore now." He grinned crookedly before his head disappeared between my breasts, I think he seems to have developed a fascination with them.


"So beautiful," he whispered before reaching out and grabbing each breast in each of his hands. I moaned as he massaged them, rubbing the pads of his thumbs over my already hardened nipples.


He groped one breast as he lowered his head to the other, taking the peak into his mouth, sucking and nipping at it again and again, switching to the other one and showering it the same attention, until I was panting.


"You are so soft." He whispered trailing his hands over my sides causing me to giggle when he grazed the side of my belly button. He looked up smiled at me, deviously.


"Don't you dare!" I gasped but he had already started tickling me causing me to shriek.


"Ahh- stop! Asad!" I got out between giggles as he finally stopped.


"You're ticklish."


"Yes." I admitted.


"Hm, another things to add to the list." He said rubbing circles into my torso and looking up at me.




"Hmmm. You have a beauty mark right under your right boob, right here." He said touching it. "You shiver every time I do this." He said flicking my right nipple causing me to shiver. "You moan every time I do this." He whispered biting it causing me to let out a loud moan. "You are ticklish around your belly button..."


"That's quite a list." I breathed out surprised at my coherent thought.


"I am going to learn every little thing about your body." He whispered causing me to let out a quiet moan. f**k, that was so sweet and sexy at the same time. I felt him smile against my stomach, his lips trailing across it. My head hit the pillow again and my eyes closed as he inflicted sweet torture upon me. My muscles clenched in pleasure beneath his touch as his tongue found a particularly sensitive spot under my belly button causing me to groan. Shit. I felt like I was going to combust and he hadn't even...gah.


I gasped as Asad licked right above the seam of my yoga pants and then blew on the spot causing me to shiver. His kisses moved from the right to the left, just above the seam. f**k, he was good at this.


"Can I?" He asked, I didn't have to look at him to know what he was talking about. As soon as I nodded his hands pulled my yoga pants down, along with my underwear and over my legs, leaving me in nothing.  Thank goodness for full body waxes!


My eyes opened when I didn't feel his weight back on me, he was standing at the foot of the bed just looking at me.


"What?" I asked feeling conscious.


"You are f**king beautiful, you know that right." He said leaning over me again and kissing my lips.


"Hmm...you are wearing too many clothes." I whispered feeling his pajamas against my now bare legs. My fingers surprisingly found the drawstrings easily and pulled while I carefully pushed them down with my foot.


"You seem quite impatient." He laughed kissing me again and tracing his kisses down to my neck.


"Mhmm, well you aren't the one - f**k." My eyes widened when I felt a cold rough finger trace the lips to my womanhood. My body arched off the bed and my hands gripped at the bed sheets. That felt so good. Holy Shit.


"Aaasad!" I screamed as his finger entered me. My hips bucked against his hand as he added another finger, increasing the speed. I opened my eyes to find him looking right at me, his eyes dark and intense. He looked so perfect right then, but my eyes shut on their own accord when he curled his fingers inside me.  Was it supposed to feel this good? This feeling of pleasure and anxiety all at once? He was driving me crazy, I wanted him inside me but I didn't want this sweet torture to end.


"Ohhh Aasaaad." I cried my chest heaving and my thighs quivering from the pleasure he was inflicting upon me. His head found the crook of my neck again, slowly licking my collarbone while driving his fingers deeper into me. He added his thumb, pressing against my c*** making my back arch completely off the bed.  I let go, screaming his name as the blinding white light overtook me.


I don't know how long I was out for. I felt like a puddle of goo, all warm and tingly as I laid there. Asad pecked my lips and all of a sudden he was not above me, I opened my eyes and got up on my elbows, surprised that I could still move. He was taking off his boxers, I let my eyes drift over his form, soaking up the sight of his body, uninterrupted by any barriers. That sexy V did in fact trail down to what I'd felt but never seen, and f**k, was it big. I mean, I had obviously deduced he was large, but not that - how was it supposed to fit? And of course I had no f**king filter, especially post orgasm apparently because that last sentence left my mouth.


"It is not going to fit." It sounded stupid to my own ears, I mean it probably would...but it'd hurt. He was a bit shocked at my outburst, but I saw that smile as he climbed back onto bed and over me, kissing my lips softly. According to Cosmopolitan, complimenting the size of his...thing made men feel good. Men and their egos, honestly.


"I am sure it will." He whispered smiling and then stopped. "Shit, I don't have a condom." He said, his eyes wide causing me to laugh.


"I am on the pill." I said. "To regulate my period." I said answering his unasked question.


"Are you sure?"


I nodded, smiling reassuringly but my body tensed anticipating the pain. And of course, he noticed.


"I love you." He whispered, kissing me softly until I felt like I was floating again. I felt him run his length against me, our simultaneous moans ringing out at the first contact.


"You okay?" he murmured against my lips, staring into my eyes, looking for any doubt. I nodded, rubbing my nose against his smiling looking right back. His eyes stayed on mine as he slowly entered me, stretching me beyond belief.


"Zoyaaa." he groaned. "You feel...I didn't know...f**k." His eyes were now closed, his head thrown back as he tried to go slow and stopped at my barrier. Lowering his lips to mine, he drew his hips back a little and then thrust forward gently, tearing through my barrier as I let out a cry. He held completely still, allowing me to adjust to his size, his fingers stroking my cheeks. It did hurt, not as much as I had anticipated but...ow.


"Are you okay?" he whispered. I nodded when the initial sting faded as I stretched for him. It felt so...full. But good. He began to move then, slowly, gently easing in and out, his eyes not leaving mine. Pain gave away to pleasure immediately as I rocked my hips against his, meeting his thrusts. It felt wonderful to be this close to him. Just the feel of him moving inside me, the fact that we were joined together as closely as two people could get.


"f**k Zoya." He groaned speeding up. His slow, even strokes grew slightly more forceful hitting just the right spot, over and over again, as I felt myself approaching another orgasm.


"Oh god." He groaned.  Loud moans and quiet sighs filled room as we moved against each other, with each other. It almost felt as if we were completely connected, that he was all around me, his forehead against mine, our lips finding each other between moans, our fingers entwined by my head and our eyes gazing into each other's. I'd never felt so...loved. I couldn't take my eyes off him, he looked so...beautiful. His head thrown back, his mouth slightly opened and his hair a mess.


I took his face between my hands and kissed him with everything I had as his finger trailed down to my c*** causing me to arch against him, welcoming his length fully inside me.


"Oh god Zoyaaa." He groaned as I felt him pulsating between my thighs before I exploded around him, my mouth opening but my voice not coming out. It felt so f**king good, no one ever said that it would feel like this. Cosmopolitan is a f**king liar.


His body lowered slowly to cover mine as we both came down from the high.  Our hearts racing, our breathing heavy. His head fell into the crook of my neck again as our intertwined hands fell to my side.


I felt his lips press softly against my neck as he whispered "I love you."


"I love you too." I smiled.


He rolled to lay beside me, slipping out of me, causing me to whimper at the emptiness. He wrapped me in his arms and laid my head on his chest, his fingers caressing my hair.


"Are you alright?" he asked.


"Yeah," I whispered in return. "Wow."


"Wow indeed."


"Is it suppose to be that-" I started but stopped.


"I don't know..."


"Well now I know why people seem to go at it like rabbits..." I concluded, he burst out laughing.


"I never know what is going to come out of that mouth of yours." He said.


"It's all a part of my charm." I said wrapping my arms around him.


"You are very charming indeed." He agreed kissing my forehead.


"Damn right. You know...Cosmopolitan said that most women don't orgasm during their first time." I thought out loud causing him to laugh.


"Well then I must be good." He laughed, his chest vibrating under my face.


"Maybe I shouldn't have said that, you already have a huge ego." I said rolling over and putting my chin on his chest so I could see him.


"Apparently that is not the only thing that's huge." He smirked.


"Asaaad!" I said whacking him causing him to laugh.


"I quite like it when you say my name like that."


"I noticed." I laughed and winced, suddenly feeling pain between my legs.


"Are you alright?" he asked, kissing my nose.


"Yeah," I whispered in return, my voice slightly scratchy.


"Are you sure? Are you sore?"


"I'm good," I insisted.


He gave me that look, you know that look that says I know you're lying tell me the truth.


"It hurts a little. " I admitted.


"Well then." He said sitting up.


"Where are you going?" I asked as he stood up in all his glory. He didn't say anything but leaned over the bed picking me up in his arms, one around my back and the other under my legs, pressing me up against his naked body.


"Asad! Put me down!" I screamed my hands going around his neck. He didn't listen, obviously, but just walked towards the bathroom putting me on the sink.


"Stay." He said and walked over to the bathtub, turning on the water.


"What are you doing?"


"Taking care of you." He said picking me up and walking towards the bathtub.



Arnav's POV


I've never been the one to love going to monuments, they were just buildings after all, but there was something magical about looking out into the expanse of the water from this high. The ferries travelled the expanse of the water, from the shoreline to the island. New York looked so small from here, just an island with lots of tall buildings. You couldn't see anything smaller than that. And it looked magical, the sun setting behind the buildings lighting up the sky in orange and pink hues.


But it wasn't the buildings, the water or the setting sun that made the experience perfect. It was the woman standing beside me who loved the way the world looked from here, with her hand in mine and a smile that could light up the whole city on her face.


She loved the Statue of Liberty, though it came close second to the Eiffel Tower as she had mentioned- something she'd always wanted to see but never got the chance to. She absolutely loved it and I'd take her there, just to see the smile on her face. And maybe, just maybe, if the time is right, and I could wait, I'd propose to her on top of the Eiffel Tower. I didn't need anyone to tell me that it was the perfect way to propose to her. Soon.


"It's so pretty." She sighed.


"You're prettier."


"That so clich." She laughed.


"Sue me, but it's true."


"All right, King of Clich, we should get going. I am hungry."


"Uh-oh. Tell me you're not going to get all cranky." I said, she tended to be a bit...cranky, grumpy, when she was hungry.


"I will if you be mean to me. I want pasta." She said.


"And where do we buy pasta?" I asked as we walked down the narrow staircase.


"We get Zoya to make it." Khushi said as she typed away on her iPhone, probably sending a text to Zoya . "She makes the best pasta in this world!"


The ferry ride back to the city was a bit more enjoyable, it wasn't crowded and the setting sun made the water look even more beautiful. The subway ride not so much, I hate public transportation. And New York public transportation was...interesting.


"You are such a baby." Khushi laughed as we walked into the lobby of the building, heading towards the elevator.


"I am not. I am just pointing out how disgusting public transport is." I said as the elevator doors closed behind us. She turned towards me wrapping her arms around my neck as mine went around her waist.


"Arnav Singh Raizada, you are so spoilt."


"Clearly not. Or you'd be kissing me right now."




"Yes." I admitted, she sounded so cute when she spoke Hindi. Despite her slight American accent, her Hindi was impeccable. I wouldn't be shocked if she knew more than me. I leaned in and pecked her lips just as the elevator doors opened, we walked across the hallway to the other elevator that opened into the penthouse.


"WE ARE HOME! IT SMELLS LIKE PASTAAA!" Khushi yelled walking in.


"In the kitchen!" Zoya yelled.


Khushi grabbed my hand after throwing her stuff on the couch and led us to the kitchen where Asad was setting the table and Zoya was hunched over the stove.


"I see Hitler has put you on table duty." I said to Asad as he looked up.


"I wanted to help." Asad shrugged.




"Like you're any better Arnav." He retorted.


I shrugged, knowing it was true.


"How was it?" Zoya asked immediately, obviously Khushi had let her in on the plan.


"Sooo pretty!"


"Looking for fabrics was pretty?" Asad asked looking confused.


"No silly! We went to the Statue of Liberty!" Khushi said.


"Oh, sounds cool." Asad said.


Wait a minute...sounds cool? Asad Ahmed Khan would have at least said that he wanted to see it too...it was after all a statue, a building...he loved historical buildings and architecture.


Zoya turned around and walked to the table, with a huge smile on her face, which wasn't a odd occurrence, but it seemed different. She looked down smiling as she walked past Asad, and he smiled goofily when she walked past him, running his hand through his hair. Khushi of course noticed what I did and looked at me questioningly.


Asad Ahmed Khan...smiling...like a goof ball. What the hell?


"What happened?" Khushi asked looking at Zoya.


"Nothing." Zoya shrugged, the huge smile still on her face as she sat down next to Asad who had a matching grin on his face. "Eat! I thought you were hungry!" She said putting food into our plates as we sat down. Then she turned to Asad and piled his plate, still smiling.


"You're both smiling like idiots...which is normal for you Zoya...but not for you." I said looking at Asad.


"Yeah- and you...you look like you're glowing...I have never seen you smile this much." Khushi said.


Zoya and Asad just shrugged. "We are just happy, is that a crime?" Zoya asked.


Interesting. Clearly something had happened, and they refused to tell us about it.


The bell rang as soon as we started eating, it was kind of funny actually. Khushi completely ignored it stuffing her face, literally inhaling the food while Zoya stopped, her fork halfway in between her plate and mouth.


"I'll go see who it is." Zoya said getting up, a confused look on her face. It was only a few seconds later when the words "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE KUTTE?!" rang out through the apartment.


Ah, Rehan. He walked into the kitchen with a smile on his face as always. He was such a happy guy, always smiling, which was kind of weird. It was like he had no other emotion, but I hadn't seen him at work so I couldn't conclude he was always happy. I tend to be easygoing...kind of, around the family but I know for a fact that I am a tyrant at work.


"Hello." He said sitting down on the table and nonchalantly piling his plate with pasta. Asad and I nodded at him while Khushi was too busy inhaling her food. Damn, how did a girl so small eat so much?


"What are you doing here? Aaj kal toh tum koi kaam karte nahi, jab dhekho mujhe taang karne kai liye-" Zoya said.


"Mujhe Khushi nai invite kiya hai moti. Sit down and eat." He said while eating. "Oh this is so good."


Everyone turned to look at Khushi who was stuffing her mouth with food.


"Iwadinthawhaihtafabouf." She said her mouth full, her eyes wide. I should find that to be completely...weird, but she was so adorable. Sigh, I am whipped.


"Swallow first!" Zoya said exasperated.


"That's what she said!" Rehan chimed in.


"That makes no sense...wouldn't it be the-?" Asad said but then stopped noticing everyone just looking at him. Okay then. Apparently Asad Ahmed Khan was now Asad [knower of that's what she said jokes] Khan.


"I said I don't know what he is talking about." Khushi said after swallowing her food.


"Lies. I asked you what you were up to and you said you were going home and Zoya was making pasta. When do I ever miss Zoya's pasta? You guys have forgotten all about me." He said sadly, clearly acting, that glint in his eye was still present.


"Awww. Sorry!" Zoya and Khushi chimed at the same time as Zoya sat back down to eat again, smiling widely at Asad.


"What is up with these two? Are you practising for a Colgate ad? Can I join in too? My parents spent like $7000 for this smile." Rehan asked looking at Zoya and Asad while flashing a smile at them, they were still grinning as they shook their head.


"They've been like that since we got home." I said as Asad and Zoya looked down at their plates smiling.


"Oh lord, I know that look." He said looking at Asad.


Khushi looked at him confused. Rehan raised his eyebrow and looked between Asad and Zoya and then at Khushi tilting his head. Apparently some kind of conversation seemed to have went on in those gestures because Khushi's eyes widened as she looked at Zoya.




Ladies and Gentlemen, that is when Zoya Farooqui turned as red as a tomato, even more so than Tamatar. Asad, being a guy, just grinned sheepishly and continued eating thinking that if he pretended to not have heard Khushi's exclamation it would go away.


"Zoya! Patio, NOW!" Khushi said getting up and dragging Zoya behind her leaving the three of us around the table.


"Well..." I said breaking up the awkward silence.


"You know, I don't know if I should be threating you or not. I mean as I am in the best friend/older brother role I should probably be threating you. So for the sake of social roles, if you hurt her I will kill you." Rehan laughed.


"You have nothing to worry about there." Asad said reassuringly.


"Good. Now, they are going to be in there for a while. I say we go watch the game, tell me you are football fans."


"Not really..." I said.


"Well then, you will be boys!" He said getting up and walking towards the TV.


"What are they talking about?" Asad wondered looking towards the patio where they were standing.  


Rehan laughed. "You are really asking me what they are talking about?"


"Uh..." Asad said confused, he was obviously confused as to what was actually going on there.


"Dude, they are talking about how it was...about you two." He said then his face twisted in disgust. "Can we not talk about this? It's a bit disturbing since..."


"She's going to tell her?" Asad gasped causing me to laugh, he looked absolutely surprised by the prospect.


"Obviously, they are best friends, they tell each other everything."




"Yep!" Rehan quipped. "Ah,  Ravens vs. the Broncos! Boys, let me teach you about the wonderful world of NFL."




Khushi's POV


"I can't believe you didn't tell me!" I gasped as soon as the patio doors closed behind me. We walked over to the railing leaning over it, the light from the other building and bridge lighting up the dark patio.


"You just came home, I wasn't going to run across the hall screaming that I had sex." She said sarcastically causing me to laugh.


"Sooo..." I said bumping my shoulder into hers, she blushed. Holy, Zoya Farooqui blushing like a little girl.




"Spill it Sistaaa! How was it?"


"Amazing." She sighed a smile on her face.


"Apparently, you are glowing and stuff..." I smiled, and she was. "So how'd it happen?"


"Oh my god. So I was doing yoga, and he comes out here and sits there. I am stretching and stuff, and he groans. So I am confused as to why, but I ignore it until it happens again. And then I asked him what's wrong? And he's all like you know what'."


"HA! He was getting turned on by stretchy Zoya." I laughed.


"Yeah, apparently. So before I even know what's happening I am up against the wall and we are kissing. And he carries me through the apartment to my room before I even know we moved."


"Oooh! Sounds hot." I laughed waggling my eyebrows.


"It was! And then you know, clothes came off and stuff...and then he is suddenly telling me to stop. I am obviously confused..."


"But I thought you-" If he stopped then...


"Yeah, he stopped me because he thought our first time needed to be more special and that I deserved better." She said dreamily.


"AWWW! OH MY GOD! He's so cute!"


"I know right! So I literally melt into a puddle of goo, and of course I had to tell him that if he went the clich candle and roses route I would kick him out before he..." She stopped, blushing.


"And then?" I asked, this was so exciting!


"I can't even begin to- I mean you know how Cosmo is all like your first time will be horrible' and blah blah blah. Lies. Holy, it was like he was worshipping my body. I never-I honestly felt like I was going to die of too much pleasure. His fingers...dear lord."


"Oh my god! Zoya!" I laughed pushing her.


"He's f**king gorgeous too, all over." She said waggling her eyebrow.


"TMI! TMI!" I laughed.


"Oh puh-lzzz. I know you are dying to hear the itty bitty details." She said.


"Yeah!" I admitted, I am completely besharam.


"Too bad! I don't kiss and tell."


"You mean have hot steamy sex and tell?" I teased.


"Hot steamy romantic sex." She added.


"Ai haaai!" I laughed. "Did it hurt?"


"A little, at first and then after. He noticed and he literally drew a bath for me in the tub after and he was so cute about it. He is so perfect."


"AWWW!" That was adorable. Asad Ahmed Khan did seem like the type though. "So he's kind, compassionate, protective, smart, gorgeous and great in bed. Hello Monsieur Perfect!"




"It's so weird how we both found them, all the way on the other side of the world." I said, it was nothing short of a miracle actually.


"It is isn't it? And they are best friends too! So we can always be together forever!" Zoya said hugging me.


"Oh ho! We can have joint weddings!"  I laughed hugging her tighter.


Zoya pulled back, her eyes wide. "Did Khushi Kumari Gupta just sound excited to get married?" She gasped.


"Maybe. I mean, yeah, I don't have the best examples to look up to...but it seems right for us, I can see it." I shrugged, and I could. Arnav and me with our two little kids.


"Awww! I never though I'd see the day." She smiled, she always had a problem with my lack of belief in love and marriage. "So...you and Arnav?" She asked arching her eyebrow.


"No! I would have told you if we had, obviously."


"Oh! You want to, you look so frustrated."


"He is such a gentleman! I mean, yeah, he teases me sometimes, but he's never actually...tried to. I don't know why. It's kind of getting to me now, I feel like I am going to combust."


"Talk to him?" She suggested.


"Yes, because that isn't awkward at all. Hey, Arnav I was just wondering why you haven't tried to make sweet sexy love to me yet, you know because I am kind of going to die of sexual frustration soon."


Zoya burst out laughing. "Allah Miyah! That sounds quite interesting."


"Shut up!"


"Has he- you know before?"


"We haven't talked about it...but I think so. I mean look at him." I sighed, he probably wasn't a virgin...he did seem to have his fair share of girlfriends, and Lavanya Kashyap, girlfriend of six whole f**king months and though I shouldn't be bothered about it, a little part of me felt weird about it.


"Hmm. Does that bother you?" She asked, knowing what I was thinking, obviously.


"It shouldn't. It is all in the past right? But I don't know...it is kind of weird to think about, maybe because I haven't- how'd you feel about it?" I asked looking at her.


"Oh- it was his first time too."




"Yeah, he's never had a serious girlfriend before."


"I wouldn't have guessed actually. But it makes sense, he took quite a while to open up to you."


"It is really bothering you isn't it?" Zoya asked.


"I - It shouldn't but I can't seem to not think about it you know? It's weird, I don't want to feel like I am being compared to someone else...I don't know."


"Even if he has, the thing is that he loves you Khush. He didn't love all the girls before you...this guy told you he was going to marry you within a week of knowing you. And you do realize that he told his whole family, who were nothing short of shocked."


And she had a point. He loved me. Maybe I needed to focus on that rather than the rest, because it's just make me go crazy. So what if he had sex with someone before, that was before me right, when he didn't know me? So I shouldn't blame him for something like that. And I wasn't even sure if he had.


"Thank you." I said smiling at her. She always knew what to say to make me feel better.


"Now lets go inside and harass the boys!" Zoya laughed. "And sing loudly while Rehan tries to watch TV." She said opening the door and walking into the apartment. All three of the guys were huddled around the TV.


"What are you doing?" I asked.


"Someone is trying to Skype Zoya! It isn't going through." Rehan said.


"What? Who?" Zoya said taking out her phone and logging in, connecting the account to the TV. The joys of having a tech whiz as a friend.


"Bhaijaaan! Bhai!" Came the voice of Ayaan from the TV.


"AYAAAN!" Zoya and I shouted jumping onto the couch so we were in sight and waved.


"Bhabhi 1 and 2!" He laughed.


"What's up?" Zoya asked.


"The ceiling." Ayaan answered sarcastically.


"Honestly?" Arnav laughed.


"We miss you guys!" Ayaan said.


"We?" Asad asked.


"Mein bhi hooon!" Tamatar said appearing on screen.


"Mein bhi!" Nikhat's voice came followed by her. "Woh bhaijaan-" She started and stopped, her gaze going behind the couch. I looked at Zoya who looked confused and turned around to see Rehan standing behind the couch.


Rehan was looking right back at her, his eyes a bit wide and a lost look on his face. I looked at Zoya who looked back at me smiling. Matchmakers Zoya Farooqui and Khushi Gupta on the case. Operation Rehan aur Nikhat.


TADAAA! Please do let me know what you think. I had the hardest time writing the sex part b/c i didn't want to make it too cheesy. I feel like most of what people write and read is either too cheesy or to explicit, and it is really hard to find the right balance between romantic and hot. So yeah, and what about our newest pairing? I think Nikhat deserves some love, I love that girl! Anyways, TTYL.  

IMPORTANT: There is a comment below from the account "classifiedpm". I've made it to send out PMs for this story alone because I send out like 200+ PMs and I know for a fact that everyone doesn't read this story. So to save time for myself and make life easier, PLEASE BUDDY THAT ACCOUNT IF YOU WOULD LIKE A PM FOR THIS STORY! I will be sending out emails from that account starting next chapter. 

Chapter 32

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Nice update plz continue soon SmileSmileEdited by princess555 - 2013-10-04T09:30:56Z
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Awesome update yet again!! This was freaking hot update!! BlushingBlushingBlushing

The mature content was beautifully and brilliantly written!!ClapClapClap It has to be one of the best mature content I have ever read!! 
It was not cheesy at all!! It was really really R.E.A.L.L.Y romantic!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedDay Dreaming

Zoya and her talk about rabbits all of a sudden ??? This girl does not have a filter at allLOLLOL 
Aww!! Asad taking care of Zoya because she was sore was so sweet!! Embarrassed

Arnav and Khushi noticing Asad smiling like a goof ballLOLLOL and  Rehaan and his colgate joke was hilariousLOL and then them knowing the reason behind it?? ROFL

And the girl talkBig smile...all itsy bitsy details outLOLLOL..Asad being all worried if Zoya will reveal it allLOLLOL

HAHAH.. and Zoya thinks Khushi is frustrated!! WinkLOL..Loved the girl talk totally!!

And lastly skype call from India Big smile..It was so cute and I'm  all up for the new pairingThumbs Up

Thank you so much for the super long update!Big smile

p.s - Aww!! You introduced your boyfriend to your family?? and they all love him??Big smile I am so happy for you! Stay blessed!! Hug
p.p.s- I am still stuck with 'I have a rishta for you' talks in my clan!! Angry Wacko God! Help me!! ROFL

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Such a beautiful update
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Ohh lord! That was Aaahhmazingg!!! Embarrassed

It was hot nd romantic Well balanced Embarrassed Clap

And the way Asad took to bathtub Haaaye me waari jawan LOL Wink

And when Khushi just said it out loud i just LOLed ROFL

And the girly talk Embarrassed

And now continue soon !
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