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Bith the previews re totally oppositeLOL
Lets see how Ram will propose Priya..

thank u viru dear Hug
hm thoda dil deewana mix kiya thaa priya ki character main last main isliye 2 are opposite Wink
hm 5 ways he propose her Embarrassed
it would be interestign to read i think so WinkWink

Mix kar diya.. LOL
5 ways.. Shocked arey yaar itna kyun pareshan kar rahi ho Ram ko.. LOL LOL
Yup it will.. Wink

ram taang kiya isliye priya bhi kaari hain LOLLOLWink
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so my lovable readers here is the much awaited update hope u all will like it 
here i present
the last chapter of this ss

according to my friends wishes i made this updt   priya was teasing ram and ram proposing priya in different ways so who all were gussa on me for making the rain song a dream will be definitely happy after this update iam hoping that way will see how much happy u are after reading this update

part 9:

priya turned back she saw some one but some lady turned her and said sorry

she again started contemplating  about her past  

6 months passed

Ram carried priya photo with him and he would get every update of  priya  from vikram and neha.

Woh ek khubsurat raat jho priya ram ke saath bitaaye woh priya ki har ek ahaat  uski dil main baar gaaye the

Priya was just reminiscing every moment of all the days which she spent with him that night she felt she loved him and it was not infraturation but she loved him  becoz with every passing moment she was longing to see him in those 6 months her eyes searched him in class for those 6 months she was wishing every sec to god to see him just for once.

She had some questions shovering in her mind

"If i loved ram then what feelings did i have for manish ????"

I never felt so bad when manish was away from me

Did i love him ya was it infraturation ??

Whatever feelings i felt when ram was not there i did not feel the same for manish

May be i just got attracted towards manish and loved only ram

But is this also  infraturation with ram??

Priya was trying to pacify herself

Yes this is what is love its been 6 months that ram is away from me but still i am longing to see him my eyes are searching for him and my ears are craving to listen his voice my heart is beating fastly when ever i try to recall ram what is this weard feeling

Do we call this as infraturation ya love

I think this is love becoz i did not feel the same for manish but am feeling it for ram

The day which she was longing has finally came ram returned from London after finishing his training in entrepreneur ship how much priya was longing for ram the same way ram was longing to see her.

They both came to college every passing moment from home to college was raising their heart beat ram was waiting to see priya since 6 months that he did not stay in home after he came from London he just got freshen up skipped his breakfast and came to college after meeting his parents and dadi in home he was feeling like he just want to see his love, hug her and live with her that way for complete life.

The same way priya was also feeling for ram she wanted to hear his voice she wanted to see him she also want to hug him she wanted to confess him that how much she missed him how much she was carving to see him and she realised this feelings for him as love.

She  heard neha telling ram came to college and she was sprinting to see him but when she went to see him the college students encircled him and was taking his autograph and ram was signing the autograph and even principal of college the founder of college all came to congratulate him she felt so proud of him she felt that finally her man reached a position which he truely deserved.

The ram who proposed her changed to a dream person of everyone in the college he became their idol after the exam and his trip to London everyone in the college were aspiring to become like ram.

She wanted to propose him but seeing all this things she was taken back when she got a thought and she just left the place without meeting ram and ram who was unaware of fact that priya came there to see him  was just waiting to see priya even though so many other students came to meet him he promised that he will meet them after class finishes and left to search for priya.

Priya was walking and fathoming about the thought that was stabbing her heart from inside and reached  near the lake if she gets so much happiness  or sadness she alway sits in that place the lake surroundings make her feel that she is not solitude but they are with her in her life.She sat near the concrete layer  and  placed her legs in water and started throwing stones in the water and water were forming ripples and she was envisaging  about ram.

if she proposed ram know he might think that she is loving him becoz of his position and what if ram rejects her telling this reason.

What if in this 6 months ram realised that he don't love me and realised if he is just attracted to me just like how i realised that i was attracted to manish and loved only ram.

But whatever may be the reason if ram rejected her She did not have strength to overcome another failure once again in life. She can be alive seeing ram even if he is far away from her  and can just savoure the moments that she spent with him in the jungle those memories she wanted to carry on for whole life.

She can stay and see ram even if he  doesn't love her but she cannot survive if ram hates or rejects  her .She hided her feelings from ram a lone tear escaped from her eyes and she felt very heavy at heart and she folded her knees and started crying like a baby covering her face with palms and folding her   knees contemplating  about the fact that she cannot propose ram this way.

ram was searching for priya he was about to ask neha again all his class mates encircled and congratulated him and asking him all details about the internship   but he was there talking to all of them but his eyes were searching for priya he was thinking The whole college came to meet me but why did not priya came to see me. He was hankering to see her but priya was  seen no where in the college

ram finally got his space so he went to neha and vikram who were waiting to talk to ram but all the college and classmates did not give them a chance to speak they congratulated him and before they could say anything

priya kaha paar haain yaar ... ram asked with so much anxiety

kab se doondri usey paar madam tho dikhayi nahi dheeri ram told in so much agitated tone

priya college main thi jab tum aaya thaa  paar patha nahi aab kaha hain  neha replied in bewilderment

 priya cried and cried and finally left to home bunking the college there ram was becoming mad becoz he was not finding priya.

It was evening ram just went to home and his parents kept a party in home congratulating his success so priya parents and many relatives were invited  ram atleast thought she will come.

In priya house:

Shipra:beta tum ram ki ghar ko avogi kyaa

Priya:nahi maa mujhey assignment complete karna hain

Shipra:achaa teek hain main papa aur tere bhai hum sab jaare

Priya:hm teek hain maa main rahungi mujhey bohut kaam karni hain

Sudhir also came and was speaking to priya who was sitting on her bed with some books in front of her

Sudhir:achaa teek hain beta tum work bolri tho hum tujhey aane ke liye compel nahi kar sakthe

Priya smiled to them

Shipra sudhir in unison were speaking

Beta darwaza maat Khulna agar koi bell ring kiya toh pehle windows se dekhnaa paar hum jaldi aajayenge

Priya:bye papa maa

Rajath karthick shipra and sudhir left in car to ram house

Here all the relatives were coming ram got dressed in black tuxedo with hair combed to back he was looking so handsome that every girl of his age would be dreaming to become his wife

Ram was just cordially inviting and talking to them but his eyes were just glared at main door when sudhir came inside his eyes were showing  how much ecstatic he was anticipating that  priya also came but when all the Sharma family his ecstasy which was there till know just vanished when he found that priya has not come to party. He got shattered when priya did not come to his home so he thought he himself would go to her home and see her but as the party was going he did not get a chance to walk out of home and he was damn tired he doze off without his consent.

Sharma house:

Priya was trying to concentrate on her work sudhir shipra and family came back to their house

Priya was in her home sudhir shipra were talking to each other in living room

Sudhir:achaa ladkii hain naa isha aur as a couple  ram aur isha dono ache dikthe

Shipra:hm ram aur isha achee lagenge

This word from her parents lips just stabbed her heart she felt like someone is causing twinging in her heart she could not withstand this truth whatever she anticipated that was coming as true ram will be getting married to another girl he was attracted to me and now he realised and he will be marrying isha she got distracted from her memory lane when her parents spoke

Sudhir:today niharika asked her daughter  isha rishta with ram

Glad even amar and Krishna were showing interest in their relation

Listening all this words priya could not control her tears only tears were making it way from her heart she did not want to hurt her parents by telling all this things once she faced a failure but this time she did not have that patience and strength to overcome this failure again.

She cried and cried but this time even after crying her agony did not vent away from her heart it was same the agony did not reduce in her heart she sobbed and sobbed  making her wheatish cute face  to red and her eyes became crimson and she doze off at early hours in the morning.

In the morning he got up and thought atleast he would get a chance to see priya today in college and yes priya came to college ram was in class waiting for her and priya came ram face flushed out of happiness it was reflecting in each and every inch of his face he felt relieved that he finally saw her his eyes were carving to see her and finally he felt elated and  relieved  seeing her he saw  priya it was really like winning a momento that precious she was for him but priya came and sat silently in her place he was scrutinising her they got many chances to talk to each other but priya was just dodging him and the complete class mates came so he did not get a chance to meet her finally he decided to meet her at any cost in the evening.

Evening :

ram confronted priya he dragged her clutching her hands to the deserted place in her college

 she was telling

plz ram mera haath chodo...  but ram made his ears deaf to  her

Ram felt she would propose him once he is back but priya started hiding her feelings for him she was pretending like she does not even care for him she don't love him.

"Priya what happened to u??"

 why u did not even came to meet me after i returned from London i thought u will congratulate first  in the college but u did not even come to see me till now i was expecting u in evening party but why didn't u come priya ram asked her  in ferocious tone.

Priya was just numb tears were at her temple she was trying to compose herself she spoke nothing except standing like a statue .Ram was asking her so many questions .She did not utter a single word

"Priya what the hell is wrong with u why are u not even talking to me"

 ram spoke even in higher agitated tone

She did not say a single word she was unable to speak her agony in her heart did not let her speak a single word to him she wanted to speak but she could not utter a single word her tears her pain did not allow her to speak a single word but after a lot of futile trials

Finally she spoke

Mujhey jaana hain mere parents mera intezaar kaare honge

Plz mujhey jaane dijiye

Ram got so much irked by this behaviour of priya he did not know what to speak and how to  react what he anticipated and finally what he got he did everything for priya but what priya was doing was something which was out of his anticipation.

He tried to compose himself  his love turned to rage   and frustration but he felt the love for him in priya eyes but he did not know what was stopping her from expressing her feelings.

He was just waiting as he himself does not know how to react

Days passed with ram assailability and priya silence

One day priya was going on the road some road side guys teased her ram who was passing by that way saw priya there struggling with those guys .Ram just got down from his Mercedes  and made priya stand back of him to protect her from the road side romeos he gave them warning but they were very rude to him.

He took priya palm in his hands  and gave those road side fellows tight slaps.Ram returned the self respect which she lost becoz of those road side fellows .Some ppl who were passing on the road also gave their contribution in beating the road side guys for misbehaving with a girl.

Ram:priya i don't know what is wrong with u am seeing u since i came from London

U are changed

Ur changed completely i can percept the love for me in ur eyes but don't know what is stopping u from expressing ur feelings for me

Priya remained silent by keeping her head down

He saw priya who was bending her head down and spoke

I don't know what is wrong with u seriously

why ur dodging me and why u are behaving like a heartless woman

Priya could not control her tears but she was trying to hold them

but plz from next time if any one misbehaves try to give them an answer don't scare like this  i saved u but in future if u give me a chance or not  ill be there with u but u also  should defend ur self his each word was speaking how much hurt he is and priya could feel he is hurt but her antcipations were making her not to confess her feelings

Priya top was bit slushed  becoz of the road side guys ram removed his blazer and gave her she wore it and he dropped her to her home.  While driving she was so silent she wanted to speak a lot and hug him till her she express her love towards him but thinking about all those issues she stopped herself. Priya just got down the car and just gave a fake smile  and left inside

Days passed with no change in priya behaviour ram thought he will make her confess her feelings at any cost

The last yr 1st  sem exams were going on

Sid who was raya classmate bought chits and he was sitting back of priya and when the invisilator came to check the class he threw the chits on priya bench

The invisilator started blaming priya and she was crying ram was also there ram stood up and supported priya

He did not bother what will happen to his future if he missed the paper later all her class mates supported that priya cannot chit the faculty matched her hand writing with chits writing and finally priya was proved right that she did not carry chits

Ram had all the qualities which priya dreamed in her husband

He loved her truely cared for her and shared a compatability which she experienced during the jungle trip Returning her self respect which she experienced in protecting her from the road side romeos  Ram trusted her when wrong allegations were placed on her. In this way he fulfilled all the qualities which priya wanted in her husband

But priya was silent she kept all her feelings to herself and did not confess to him

Ram wanted to use reverse psychology for priya to confess her feelings so he was thinking using whom to jealous he reminisced the feeling of priya when he was talking to isha so he decided to play a drama that he will make her jealous and priya will confess her love for him in this process

So when ever priya was there he only did 1 thing trying to be close to isha he requested isha to act with him in front of priya and isha agreed becoz she wanted to help ram isha loves a nri guy amit whom she was dating since 4 yrs infact amit and ram are good friends and he himself  asked isha to help ram.

So whenever priya was in the corridor ram only had 1 work to make priya jealous

Priya was walking in corridor ram was watching priya then started acting

ram:isha darling chalo naa hum movie chalenge uske baad five star chale 

isha:oh thats so sweet of u baby 

ram was hugging isha from side  and isha was drooling on ram  

priya was standing there holding her books and fisting them in rage  when ram was talking to isha tears started trickling down when ram her man was giving more preference to other girl in front of her  ram asked isha to place her hand in his shoulder crook and she placed it they both were holding each other and were walking in front of priya.ram was just gazing  at priya with winning attitude 

priya heart was burning in jealosy which turned into rage and this rage turned to vulnerability

so she left the college and went to lake and started crying 

neha came to priya who was crying near lake 

when neha came to priya and placed hands on priya shoulder 

priya hugged neha and started crying like a baby 

neha was just carressing priya hair 

neha:priya plz stop crying 

priya was just crying even more

priya i lost him neha 

i lost him 

i lost my life forever 

i lost my life 

i lost everything 

iam a looser 

just a looser 

saying this she collapsed and sobbed even more 

neha could do nothing else than asking her to stop crying ram took promise from vikram and neha that priya should not know that he is doing acting with isha.becoz neha thought after this priya herself will confess her love to ram but did not know that all their plans will be back fired

Priya and neha finally left to home from college

Priya decided that she will move away from ram becoz she will not be able to see ram moving on with someone.

Priya is only thinking 1 thing ram was attracted to her and he is marrying isha becoz his parents fixed it and he is moving happily with isha and he stopped loving her so she decided to go to usa without informing him and any of her friends  

Present :

 ram was driving his car and asked people to track priya number to find her location and he called neha

ram:neha kuch patha chala 

neha:nahi ram kuch patha nahi chala priya ke baare main 

ram was feeling very bad for himself  but he was encouraging himself that he will get his love and will not let her move away from him like this he decided he will fight till last minute for his love


 finally priya took her baggage and started moving near the departure entrance checking back every sec if ram would come she turned for 10 times for every sec back and searched for him she decided she should move on without him just by living with all those sweet memories which he shared with her  tears were rolling down her cheeks she could not see the way in front of her she was showing her passport and tickets to the guards there



she heard a familiar voice calling her from back

she was anticipating and wanted it to be ram but nope it was neha

neha  was panting and telling

priya ram ka accident hogayaa

priya:what ...

hearing the word accident of ram she dropped her passport and tickets on the floor she became numb she did not know how to react

neha was jerking her

she came to her sense only tears were flowing she could not control her tears nor compose herself

priya:neha kaha paar hain ram mujhey unhe abhi dekhnaa hain she asked her in agitated tone

neha:hm chalo

both sat in their car and left to place and the bmw stopped in front of a huge black door

priya:neha ye toh hospital ki tarah nahi dikhraa

neha:priya common ram is here

she dropped priya to some place guided priya to go and left priya went inside the house and caught stairs and left to top

it was night by the time all this things happened

ram was there at top floor waiting for her

priya came and saw ram from back he was alright

she was crying all these while and this ram was so cool and standing there

priya screamed ram

ram turned back

priya shouted how could u do these ram i was crying and dying to see u and worried for ur health  and u were playing a prank  that u met with accident

ram:priya yaar sun tho sahi

priya:nahi mujhye kuch bhi nahi sunaa hain

ram:yaar plz samja karoo

i love u priya

priya was going and stopped

priya:aur kitne logo ko pyaar karoogi ram

pyaar mujhse aur shaadi kisi aur se

ram:what... have u gone mad

i only loved u and will marry u

priya:oh really then what about isha

ram:pagal hogaayi kyaa main tho tere samne natak karaa thaa tujhey jalane ke liye

priya:what ...

she did not know how to react and she was crying she is so raged on ram

ram:priya plz yaar rukho naa

priya:aapne mujhey itna rulayaa naa aab meri baari hain aapko rulanee ki
ram:achaa teek hain tho main kyaa kaaru tujhey hasaane ke liye
priya:mujhey aapse baat hi nahi karni hain
ram:aarey yaar phirse shuru hogaayi
main maar jaungi agar tum itni badaa saza dogi priya plz stop priya
priya:main jaari hoo

priya was walking and ram came back of her and stopped by coming into front of her
ram:priya ruk tho saahi
priya was walking away from ram
ram:priya tum mujhse shaadi karoogi
priya ji nahi
ram:yaar mazaak maat karoo
priya:main mazaak nahi kari hoo
ram:hm thank u tumne maan gaayi naa
ram:tum shaadi karne ko maan gaayi naa
priya:maine isaa kab kaha
ram:abhi tho kaha thaa
priya:aap mujhey confuse kaare
ram:nahi toh

priya:main jaari hoo

ram:achaa tho mujhey kyaa karna hain ki main phise tumhe paa sakhoo

u shld propose me in such away that u should nt tell i love u with ur lips but i should understand that u proposed me
propose me that way then ill marry u
ram: oh itna choti shart main kardungi u know am a genius
priya :oh really

i will tell after u propose me
ram was just bluffing in front of priya but when priya left

yaar aab main kyaa karoo ye ladki naa mujhey pagal baana dheeri
ye stupids si harkaat karke
paar jho bhi ye tho humare future main khubsurat yaad rahenge
aab main kyaa karoo kyaa hoga

 after 30 min ram got priya to the terrace and gave her a red  colour lehengaa which was filled with lots of motis and kundans embedded on it and ram was wearing a kurta which was complementing priya attire

priya went to dressing room in the ground floor and wore the dress she was looking more angelic in that attire she kept a deep kohl applied a light shaded gloss to her pink lips and made open hair which was hanging from her shoulder and placed a red colour hangings from her ears

she was looking as divine as a goddess her beauty could not be described by words but could only be felt

ram also wore his costume and combed his hair back and was looking so handsome in fact both raya were complimenting each other and would make a lovely couple.

Ram took her from her dressing room by placing his palm on her eyes and took her to terrace

 the terrace was so beautifully decorated at the centre of terrace is a small place with a tomb made of white marbels , centre of the tomb 2 metal black chairs with a table in centre  there was a flower vase red candles and some food stuff  on the table and and in the front of tomb was a swimming pool with azured water  which was of  medium size yet it would be a wonderful space for lovers to hang out  and in the other side in front of tomb was a open space with many red balloons floating on the floor and many red and white candles were present


1)ram placed his palm covering priya eyes and took to open area and opened her eyes and showed in the sky priya could see the rockets launced from the ground floor and formed

 i love u

 in the sky and priya was so mesmerised she could not believe what she saw in the sky it was a desolated place and the sky was dark and this i love u words were covering the complete sky.


Ram  :Just like how how a small spark for lightening produced this word (i love u ) which covered the complete sky in the same way he took priya hands and placed on his heart and told this will give u eternal elation for ever

 Priya was just looking intently into ram eyes and listening carefully


2)Ram took priya to other side of tomb near the swimming pool suddenly the waves movement started in the pool and the rose petals got adjusted and formed i love u shape

ram:Just like how all the living beings in  ocean cannot live without water i cannot live with out u for a single sec priya

priya was just dumbstruck have no other words all these things made her elation to eternity she could percept how much her man loves her.


3)He again took her to the open space where 3 helicopters did a air show and formed

 i love u

ram: just like how this sky is covering the whole universe my love will be  forever


priya happiness formed tears in her eyes

 she could not control her tears and hugged ram and said i love u ram

So sorry to hurt u all these days

He just wiped her tears and again asked her to see the other side of the open space


4)All the colourful glitter papers formed

 i love u in the air

 priya was just hugging ram and watching it she was enjoying all the different ways ram was proposing her

Ram:priya in which way air would absorb everything into it and give us a pure air in the same way i will accept ur likes and dislikes and give u only love in turn to u

Priya thank u am so so blessed to have u in life

She started crying hugging him and hiding her face in his chest

Ram:ussh oye ye sab kuch tujhey khush rakhne ke liye kiya aur tum hoo ki rori hoo

Priya:ye sab kuch happy tears hain

Thank u for coming into my life

Ram:oye no thank u no sorry between both of us

Aur ek cheez dikhani hain

5)He took a red heart shaped balloon and kneel down

Ram:priya main aapna dil tujhey dheraa hoo kyaa tum tumhari dil mujhey dedoogi

Priya blushed and gave another heart shaped ballon to him

 priya hugged him and cried telling

ram am so sorry i love u

i love u madly

i was worried and feared if i propose u

if u think that i proposed u seeing ur money i cannot take it

when u were so close to isha i died thousand times i could not bear the pain ram

Ram: priya i love u

i love u so much

i am at this position  just becoz of u

i achieved all this for u

when u are not there all this things don't matter for me

priya hugged him and cried telling

ram am so sorry i love u

i love u madly

i was worried and feared if i loose u if i propose u

if u think that i proposed u seeing ur money i cannot take it

when u were so close to isha i died thousand times i could not bear the pain ram

ram: am so sorry priya

i am sorry i thought u will feel jealous and come back to me but my plan back fired compleltely

am sorry

priya:am sorry too ram

priya told ram about her first love

ram was listening carefully

he told priya

whatever ur past was i don't have any relation with it

ur my present and i believe only in it

i love u after all this

i want u to be there for me as my life partner

priya hugged him and ram too hugged her in embrace

 Suddenly it started raining

ram holded priya and started singing

 tumko paaya hain to jaise khoya hoon

ram sung looking at priya who was in his embrace
he took her out from  his embrace and looked intently into her eyes and sung

kehna chahoon bhi to tumse kya kahoon

placing his hands on her cheeks cupping her face in his palms

kisi zabaan mein bhi vo lafz hi nahi ki jinme tum ho kya tumhe bata sakoon

he took her palm in his palms and moved legs front and back when his leg is front her leg is back and vice versa

main agar kahoon tumsa haseen

he bent on his knees and gave his hands like proposing

qayanat mein nahi hain kaheen

she gave him her hands and blushing

he took her hands and caught her middle finger and rotated her

taareef yeh bhi to sach hai kuch bhi nahi tumko paaya hain to jaise khoya hoon

he caught her near her waist and looked her intently into her eyes

tumko paaya hain to jaise khoya hoon

priya fell from ram right hand to left hand and they both twirled around each other by holding only fingers as their support

Shokhiyon mein dooobi yeh aadayein  Chehre se jhalki hui hain

Ram was hugging priya from back and they both were holding each other hands and then he scooped her in his arms

Zulf ki ghani ghani ghatayein  Shaan se dhalki hui hain

Rotated her by lifting her in air and slowly dropped her on the ground

Lehrata aachal hai jaise badal

Priya hands were on ram shoulder and ram hands on priya waist and was moving her like a swing

Bhaahon mein bhari hai jaise chandani Roop ki chandani

Raya hugged each other and ram planted a sweet kiss on her cheeks they were cherishing the moment

Ram priya kissed each other passionately their love journey begins

the new commencement of this lovely pair begins



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That was absolutely fantanstic and long one too
Loved  to read long ones .. Wink
So Priya atlast managed to know she loved only Ram , manish is her infactuation ,
Ram & Priya are so desperate to propose each other but not happened how Ram has expected.
Priya also correct in her own way and she avoided him .
Superbly written their turmoil and at last loved the twist of accident .
And the proposing ways also i loved but how he arranged with in 30 mins .. hats off to him ..
and costly too only Ram kapoor can do such things.
Priya confessed and accepeted Ram .. they were living in their love land..
superb ..
Loved the end ..ClapClapClap
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ClapClapClapClapClapyipeee aj jab online hunn tab ayaaa...updatee thanksss muhhh sangeetaaa dearrr...
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Originally posted by nibrutiangel

Clapyipeee aj jab online hunn tab ayaaa...updatee thanksss muhhh sangeetaaa dearrr...

updt kaisa hain dear Confused
mujhey kuch samaj nahi ayaa Smile
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Posted: 6 years ago
lovely update and thanks for the pm Smile
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Posted: 6 years ago
nice update.thnks fr pm
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Posted: 6 years ago
SmileSuperHeart AwesomeWink updateHeart
finally they are together...
and loved the way ram proposedDay Dreaming...Embarrassedsooo romanticWink
thanks 4 pm!!!!
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