FF Pyaar ek khubsurat ehsaas pg 100 updt(Page 68)

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hi guys i wanted to updt yesterday but due to unavoidable circumstances i could not updt hope u enjoy this updt
i have completed typing this story completely but i did not edit last part so updating till i edited
hope u like this
if u wanna read the last part will updt that soon

Part 7:

2 months passed

Ram was just waiting for that moment when priya will utter those 3 magical words. Ram just wanted to live in that moment may be the time taken for those 3 magical words would be a fraction of sec but that moment was so precious for him.

"Ram sirf woh pal ke liye intezaar kar raha thaa jab woh priya ki meeti awaaz se woh 3 luvs sun naa chahte tha...".

"Har ek pal har ek lamha shayad saari  zindaagi us pal ke liye intezaar karne chahtha thaa. Chahe uske liye kitne bhi saadhiyaa hojaaye paar woh intezaar karna chahtha tha".

Love is that exiquisite and that influential  that would give so much perservance  to the lovers to wait for each other for life long

Days passed for priya fathoming  about 1 fact

"Did she love him or was it infraturation??"

"Does ram love her or was it a infraturation?"

Priya never thought much about her partner but seeing her parents relationship she just wanted

A guy who should love her, care for her, give value to her self respect and trust her and give her support in every issue where she needs him and she should feel very much compatabile with him

To become life partners love, trust and  compatability are so important and when 2 partners fulfil this conditions then they can live a bliss ful life

There was an excursion in the college and priya neha ram vikram were also going all the foursome got into the bus.priya father and mother came to stop and waved her bye and priya was waving them bye and neha vikram and ram they came by themselves their parents did not accompany them.

Priya was sitting on the third seat on window seat neha was slamming beside  her and ram was in front seat on window side and vikram was beside him the bus started and the hustle bustle started they formed into 2 groups based on their sitting position

They were singing songs

Ram was singing the song but he was glaring at priya without blinking his eyes but to avoid others noticing him he turned here and there so that no one should no know what is cooking between him and priya

Dil Ibadat Kar Raha Hai
Dhadkane Meri Sun,
Tujhko Main Kar Loon Hasil Lagi Hai Yahi Dhun.
Zindgi Ki Shakh Se Loon Kuchh Hasin Pal Le Chun
Tujhko Main Kar Loo Hasil Lagi Hai Yahi Dhun

Dil Ibadat Kar Raha Hai
Dhadkane Meri Sun
Tujhko Main Kar Loon Hasil Lagi Hai Yahi Dhun
Zindgi Ki Shakh Se Loon Kuchh Hasin Pal Le Chun
Tujhko Main Kar Loo Hasil Lagi Hai Yahi Dhun

Jo Bhi Jitne Pal Jeeyu
Unhe Tere Sang Jeeyu
Jo Bhi Kal Ho Ab Tera Use Tere Sang Jeeyu

Jo Bhi Saanse Main Bharoo Unhe Tere Sang Bharoo
Chahe Jo Hona Rasta Use Tere Sang Chalu

Looking intently into priya eyes

Priya was dumbstruck for while when ram was singing and gazing at her she felt embarrassed becoz she did not wanted any one to invade her privacy and know that ram loves her but at the same time  she could see love which ram stored in his heart through his  eyes she remained silent she blushed without her consent when ram was singing that song for her  and bend down her head out of shy but her heart could percept ram's love for her they were on opposite sides physically but they were related closely through heart

Priya was singing

Yeh ladka hai allah kaisa hai deewana showing her fingers and placing it on forehead
Kitna mushkil hai tauba isko samjhaana shaking her hands like explaining
Ke dheere dheere dil beqaraar hota hai
Hote hote hote, pyaar hota hai placing her hands on her heart
Ho, yeh ladka hai allah kaisa hai deewana
Kitna mushkil hai tauba isko samjhaana
Ke dheere dheere dil beqaraar hota hai
Hote hote hote, pyaar hota hai
Ho, yeh ladka hai allah kaisa hai deewana

All other college mates were having gala time in the bus faculty also gave the required space for the students so that they can enjoy without any constraint at the time even faculty in bus were having amusing time seeing their students having gala time

In this way songs were over and priya doze off as it was night journey but in mid night when she got up becoz of bus jerk at spead breaker she saw ram was in slumber seating   beside her  there was a cute smile on his face and the moon light which was falling on him from the windows were making him even more  handsome he was  looking like a small baby with a smile plastered on his face priya did not say anything she just took her shall and covered him becoz he was trembling out of cold breeze coming from the window and doze off neha and vikram were sleeping in the next seat with neha on window side and vikram beside her.

They all got up and the bus reached the destination that is a beautiful resort the view itself mesmerised every student in the bus it was full of fog. The  bus stopped in front of  huge black colour main door  all the students took their bags from top of the bus and slowly started walking on the red tiles in between the meadow which was an appealing  site to gaze at.

The green meadows with many attractive multicoloured flowers which enhaced the delightness of that resort  and the snow fall on some of leaf tips were making it even more beautiful.

they walked for 20 steps and then they were 3 steps on the third step which was broad with a glass door and this door leaded them into the reception where 2 ppl were allocated a single room and asusual ram vikram in 1 priya neha in the other but raya and vik neha rooms were connected by a common balcony.

they all got freshen up and left for hill tracking they were all enjoying the nature. Neha and priya were walking drinking holding some juice bottles and walking and suddenly the juice spilled on priya dress so she just moved apart from her college clan to clean her dress with water and neha was there and ram was at the end of the clan enjoying with his friends.

they were lots of bushes there and priya just went slightly inside to clean and neha saw ram coming and thought this trip would give the required space for love birds so she left priya and went off with vikram and ram who was unaware of the fact that priya is alone the herbs were acting as obstacles ram passed from there but priya was busy cleaning her dress with water and ram left along with friends.

By the time priya cleaned and came back neha and friends were not there she ran here and there but to her misfortune no one was there she ran here and there her hands were trembling in fear and was panic she wished if ram would be there to help her only tears were coming in searching for her friends she left into the very deep forest following her instinct.

ram after enjoying some time with his friends wanted to see priya as his eyes were longing to see her since long time so he went to front to see priya who was along with neha but to his turmoil  neha was with vikram.

ram was agitated for a while he thought she was with some other friends but he was feeling something  wrong about priya so he went and checked with neha who was engrossed enjoying with vikram

"neha where is priya" ram asked neha in a very worried tone

"Priya..." neha exclaimed

"I thought she was with u ram" neha said in a perplexed and apprehensive tone

Ram anxiety increased with neha answer more  

Neha too was miserable  she in a very apprehensive  tone told what happened why she left priya

Ram woh priya ke uppar juice spill hua thaa aur woh dress clean kaari thi toh maine tumhe usi rasthe main athe hua dekho tho mujhey laga kit um dono ko thoda waqt ek dusro ke saath milega

Saying this she was crying and cursing herself

"Ye sab kuch meri galthi hain mujhey ram ko batanaa thaa" and was sobbing badly

Seeing neha tears vikram was pacifying her

"Relax neha priya mil jayegi plz tum rona band kardoo" vikram told in a soothing way

Ram was so much worried so he decided that he will find her and come back and join the clan soon

Ok neha don't worry ill search priya and get her soon till that just make sure that this news does not go to our faculty then they may make an issue

 Priya was crying her eyes were filled with tears she cannot even search the route her tears covered her eyes completely and she was shreaking

koi hain ...

plz koi hain koi mujhey bachaa avoo...

 she was running back and front and there was no way she was trying everyway running to some distance and was crying she lost the hope she thought she will never meet her family and friends forever she was crying.

Here ram was also in the same way a bit near to priya place

He was screaming


Priya... in more screeched  tone

"Priya kaha chali gaayi plz wapas ajavoo" he was talking to himself

Main maar javunga tumhare bhagair plz wapas ajavoo

Ram affliction  increased with every sec his fidgety  to see priya he was praying god for her well being.

Priya lost all her hopes and stood near a tree and placed her hand on leaves becoz of which the leaves wiped each other and produced a sound

 He heard some sound of trees leaves becoz of movement of some person touching them.Ram went to that place following the sound  priya was panting and standing with tears in her eyes .His eyes got allievated  to see her from back he went and placed his hands on her shoulder.

Priya felt  someone placed hands on her shoulder.she got panic and turned back to see it was none other than our ram. She was crying she hugged him.ram felt a jerk in his heart he was happy that she met him and his ecstasy increased when priya hugged him so slowly with a lot of tension he also encircled his hands around her waist  and she started crying clutching his shirt from back tightly. Ram took out his hands  and was caressing her hair and slowly took her out of his embrace.

she was stammering becoz of fear and sobbing

priya:woh main woh main...

ram:priya relax and caressed her hair

plz relax priya ...

 aab main aagaya naa relax tujhey kuch nahi hua hain dekho main tumharee saath hoo don't cry and don't panic and don't worry  but priya was again hugging him and crying.

priya:main bohut daar gaayi isaa lagraa tha jaise ki main hamesha ke liye saabko khoo dhii ..

ram was caressing her hair and asking her to relax he took some water from his bag and offered her to drink it .she refused and said she is fine.when priya hugged him she find a comfort and solace in his arms.ram slowly wiped her tears gently with his palm she felt little  relieved then slowly he consoled her telling that he will take her to home safely ram made her seat below that tree till she felt placated  then this lovely couple were going back to their destination.

priya felt so cozy with ram she could see how much he loves her and care for her  it was evening around 6  it was raining badly and without no choice they had to stop their journey for the day.

priya  extended her arms in the rain and started rotating enjoying the rain. ram was just blank seeing her he got lost in her beauty she was looking so gorgeous ram felt like kissing her and hug her and stay life long like that but nope ram wanted to reach the college clan becoz the faculty should be unaware of them

ram was searching if they can rest anywhere both were drenched completely in rain. They sprinted till they reached a small hut it was dark in the night and they were holding a torch which ram carried with him and even priya had one in her bag.ram got into a  small hut which was built with bamboos the hut was present at a certain height from the ground there was a ladder on it slowly priya and ram got into it there was a small space in front of the hut.

they both got into hut there was no light but they could just see it was so crummy but left with no choice ram was searching the candle or anything becoz the battery was about to go the light intensity was getting down. they were searching  they can lit the room and to their good luck they found a small glass broken lattern with some kerosene in it and but there was no match box there and ram was rubbing the dried grass and some rocks which he collected while tracking but after a long term trial finally they could lit the lantern and the light filled the complete hut and some how the light  was about to go off  but instantly  priya placed her hands and ram also both placed their hand on the side of lantern around the light.

priya face was gleaming  in that light the bright light that fell on her made her even more glorious and ram was looking so handsome the water droplets which were falling from priya hair was making her look dazzling   ram felt like kissing her but somehow he controlled himself  priya slowly removed her palm from the lantern.

priya was drying her hair in the small place in front of the hut by splaying it in the air by jerking it to and fro and the water droplets of her hair fell on ram's face but ram  was just looking intently at her he felt she is so angelic he just got lost in her beauty they both stayed there for a while  priya dried her hair and when she was moving the hair on her shoulder apart of hair hit ram ram got a love jerk in his heart and it started beating heavily. She was looking so seductive and he wanted to drink her beauty but he could do nothing becoz he loved her and without her consent he would never touch her

when ram was looking so intently at priya somewhere priya scared that he might take advantage of her becoz the dress which she wore was drenched completely and it was making her cleavage more clear to ram and it was raining

she was tensed at the same time comforting her that ram is not that kind of guy.slowly they both got into the hut but there was no light but priya started having sneezes and ram said her to change her dress becoz she carried a spare in her bag

change karoo... priya said in bewilderment ...

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first...!!! LOL
superb part...!!!!

love the way priya's confusion was decribed...!!! 
very common wid evrybdy...!!! Wink LOL

and bechra ram...!!! ky akuch krna pdrha hain...!! LOL

hope she understnds soon...!!!

contn soon...!!
thnx fr the pm...!!!Smile
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Lovely update dear.  Very well described the excursion part.  Raya are alone in the woods.  That sounds romantic.  Waiting for more.
Please continue soon.  Thanks for the pm.
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Lovely update ...enjoyed reading itSmile
Thanks for PMBig smile
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lot of tension in the air.. liked it.. do continue soon 
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Superb updateSmile
love RAYAs rain sceneWink
continue soon!!!
and thanks 4 pm!!
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awesome update and thanks for the pm
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Nice update...
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Thanks for the pm...
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