FF Pyaar ek khubsurat ehsaas pg 100 updt(Page 57)

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may be Ram ko koi aur pasand karli hogi aur priya ko laga hoga ki ram bhi use pyaar kartha hai...MU

thank u dear for cmnts Tongue
will see if ur guess is correct or nt Big smile
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great pls reveal it soon why priya left ram

thank u dear for cmnts Tongue
ill reveal it soonBig smile
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Originally posted by .pia_12.

waiting 4 the update!!!
continue as soon as possible!!!

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nice update and thanks for the pm

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why to guess jab aap next update mai batane wale ho WinkLOL

main bhi dekhungi aapki guess mere secret se match hoga ya nahi LOLLOLWink
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thank u so much guys for all the pms u have sent to me am so grateful to u all Hug
love u all Heart

i just hope u all like this part WinkWink

Part 6:

Priya was talking to herself

"Whats  wrong u with u priya"

"U cant call him ur  man "

"U cant call him priya that way"

U said  yes to him   becoz u were just keeping  Krishna aunty words that all nothing more than that.

"priya no u cant repeat it this again"

"Priya try to understand the situation u cannot once again repeat the same mistake"

 "u should never think about ram anymore".

"U can do it priya" by fisting her palm in half she was telling all this dialogues

"Common u can do it"

But after mitigating  herself that way once again priya was feeling so gratified  about ram and thinking his happiness is hers  too

she did not wanted to esteem about him  but feelings were out something  which were out of jurisdiction whatever she tried to not to envision about ram but even after lots of trials  only to get  floundered.

All were congratulating ram but priya just gave a grin and left the place. When she was walking out she saw many girls circumabienting  ram and congratulating him one girl named isha who is the most beautiful girl of college was trying to fondle  ram and articulating him for long time.

Priya was standing at a distance where she could gaze ram but ram cannot see her and was scrutinizing  every moment of ram for a long time she felt so crummy and her heart was burning in jealousy seeing ram with that isha but some where she her ego did not allow her to call it as jealousy but at the same time she did not know what to call this strange feeling becoz she herself was unaware of this feeling.

She never felt the same when manish was with many girls but why only ram

Why priya was getting jealous when she saw ram with many girls was which she had to realise but her ego stopped her from thinking about it.

Neha was also with priya both were clutching books in 1 hand and handbag in the other hand and walking slowly but all priya jealousy turned into acrimony.

Priya kept a pout on her face and was telling

Priya:yaar neha woh ladkii ko dekhoo kaise chipak jaari

Neha:kon ladki aur kisko chipak jaari ??

Priya got even more annoyed 1 thing is she could not express her jealousy and other thing is it was getting into her nerves becoz she cannot stop ram from talking to isha and other thing which was even making her rage was neha was keeping question mark face and in a enraged voice told

Priya:or kiski baat karungi main

wahi isha dekho kaise ram se chipak jaake baat kaari aur ram bhi kuch nahi kehre

neha giggled to priya

priya became even more exasperate with neha giggle and her face turned into crimson and looking at neha

neha:achaa ok  baba sorry

achaa mujhey teri problem samaj nahi aari

isha ram se chipak jaari ye teri problem hain ya ram usey kuch nahi bolree ye teri problem hain

priya was blank she did not know what is the answer for neha question becoz when she herself does not know what will she answer neha this is what priya should comprehend.

priya:mujhey nahi patha with a bewildered face

Neha:priya mujhey jalnee kii bhoo aari

Priya:kyaa  kaha se kuch jalraa kyaa

She was gazing the surroundings as if something is burning in their surroundings

Neha:buddhu yaha se aari hain

Pointing towards her heart


With a bewildered  and a ferocious face

Saying this she hit neha hands badly


Priya ur heart is burning in jealousy ye tab athaa hain jab hum  kise se pyaar kaarthe aur jab humara lover kisi se closely baat ki toh ye pyaar jealousy ki tarah bahaar aathi hain  

Got it

Priya :what rubbish pyaar waar kuch nahi hain aur jealousy ki toh baat nahi hain

Aur waise bhi main pagal hoo jho tujhey ye baat baatiye

She said sulkingly and  said in angry tone

Main jaari hoo ...

Neha was calling priya but she left the place without turning back when neha was calling

When neha said priya was befuddled  but yes somewhere neha's  every word has a lot of impact on priya's  heart .

Priya was thinking about what all neha was saying and walking parallely she went and sat near a  lake which was at the back side of the college the lake  was large and  appealing the azured water lake was surrounded by huge rocks  on all sides  and but there was a place at rth length of the lake  there was a small space constructed with large concrete tiled in 3 to 4 layers horizontally  where only 3 to 4 ppl can seat and have fun enjoying the nature the stream  in the lake the cool air which was flasting from to and fro direction enhances the delightness of ppl who seat there priya slowly went and sat on the concrete flooring with bag beside her and placed her both legs in the lake the cool water  percepted her legs making her quiver for a while and she collected the small pebbles there and started drobbling them in water and they were rising becoz of pebbles placed in it the cool air was hitting her hair and her hair was splaying along with the direction which led her to think about ram and

Why  she could not  tolerate isha near ram what neha was telling to her just now

Priya was asking her heart all this questions

"Do i really love ram"

 "what ever neha said is it true ?"

"how can i love ram??"

 i loved manish if i loved manish then how can my heart forget manish and loved ram

" love only happens once in life time "

then why always my heart only fathom  about ram

why when ever i open and close my eyes why i can envisage  ram's image

why am wishing that i should see him around myself when ram comes late to class why my heart feels so restless and why will my eyes be searching for him why i don't feel like sitting in class when ram is not in class why am feeling bad when ram was talking to isha

Why the impact of ram is more on me why i did not feel the same for manish whatever feelings i had for manish

"Was  is it infraturation  ya love??"

" whatever am doing with ram is it  infraturation or  love"

"What is right"

Am unable to decide what feeling i have for ram

" is it love ya infraturation again"

 she did not want to get hurt just like it happened in the past

what if ram only has infratuaration on me and after sometime if he realise he don't  love me

i cannot again overcome the agony  what i went through once i don't have that strong heart to once again move through that face once again

One more question was also shovering in mind

Is ram loving me ya is he attracted to me

So many questions but priya was not getting a single answer and when she was thinking she was even more driving her into puddle of turbelence

But when we don't get answers for any matter after a lot of trials its better we leave it to time and time will surely answer all the questions which we have and priya also did the same she left the time to answer.  

Time is something which teaches u many lessons which heals the past bitter memories which keeps u happy with some sweet memories when u think about it which answers ur questions which u left it to answer and but it will never return for us but we have to go on with time so once time is lost it will never again return this is the most and precious gift of nature if u use it correctly and ur enemy if u waste it

Ram changed his outfit from sports to formal one and came to canteen where vikram and neha were discussing about priya eventually ram also joined them

Neha:yaar vikram mujhey toh lagraa ha hain ki priya ram se pyaar karne laagi

Vikram:saach ye toh achii news hain apart from this winning sports

Ram slowly joined them and came and sat beside vikram who was sitting opposite to neha

Neha:hi ram congrats

He did not even bother to say thanks his heart was only searching for his love he thought priya will be with neha but he felt disheartened becoz priya was not with neha

Ram:priya kaha hain yaar maine aaj sirf use ek baar dekhaa

Ram was feeling dejected  that priya did not congratulate her

Neha was anticipating to tease him

Neha: woh ram priya ki thabiyat achaanak karab hogaayi aur woh ghar chali gaayi

Hearing the word priya health is not good ram ecstatic face changed to agitated and a somber face

Ram:kyaa hua priya ko with so much restless ness in his voice

Neha:relax mazaak kaari hoo

Ram got so much raged and said

Ram:yaar plz priya ke bare main kuch bhi mazaak maat karoo

Neha:achaa teek baba nahi karungi

Vikram:yaar tere liye ek good news hain jise sunke tum pagal ho javoogi

Ab bool kyaa hain good news said sulkingly

Ram:aab tum bhi teri neha ki tarah mujhey pareshaan karna chahti hoo kyaa

Vikram:abhey nahi saachi tum pagal ho javoogi

Ram:achaa teek hain

With a arrogant attitude face


Vikram:tho badle mujhey kyaa milegaa

Ram gave him 2 tight slaps on his head

Ram:ye milega

Vikram:ouch kyaa yaar tum bhi naa

 achaa sun tumhari pyaar ki devi ko pyaar hogayaa

Ram:kyaa clarity maintain kaar bolo kyaa kisko kyaa hua

Vikram:achaa priya tujhse pyaar kaarne laagi


He just got up from his seat and wanted to scream shouting

"mujhey mera pyaar mil gaya"

But just got up what ever tiredness and somber  was reflecting in his face all went off and his face was filled with ecstasy

Ram:tujhey kisne bataya

Neha:maine bataaya

Ram:priya tujhey baatayi kyaa ki woh mujhse pyaar kaari

Neha:chill relax tum baito main batavungi

Woh tum isha se baat kaari thi naa tab woh priya jealousy se maar jaari thi

Woh mujse kehri thi ki tum uss ladki se  itna dheer baat karne kyu dhiyaa

Ram was so so happy it was just reflecting in his grin his elation was echoing  in every  inch of his face his eyes were waiting to see  the magical words from priya and his ears were dying to  listen the 3 magical words from  priya

Ram got distracted from his memory lane when neha spoke

Neha:but problem is madam don't know that she loves u

Ram:koi baat nahi main usey main aapne taareeke se ye baat use samjavungi

Ram decided that he will explain that what she is feeling for him is nothing but love

All the trio left to their respective places and priya left to her home from the lake

Days passed where ram was waiting to listen magical words from priya and priya was waiting for the answer what time shows her.

so what is priya feeling for ram is it love ya infraturation and will ram be able to make priya realise that it is love

so many questions and to know them keep waiting for my next updt

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Thank u sangeeta for the lovely update. pls update regularly yaar.
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lovely update and thanks for the pm
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