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thank u dear for cmnts Tongue
hm aage aage dekho ram ji ki raang Big smile
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guys this is a long updt the main intention of writing this ff is message i wanted to convey through this part next part will be completely raya i promise u thatTongueTongue
i really want all the forum readers to go through this part SmileSmile
thank u for the cmnts and likes

priya loved manish but manish loved some other girl and he is getting married to her and after knowing this priya tried to end herdelf but seeing the orpahanage kids she realised the value of life and decided to cont but shipra and sudhir came to know aboutt priya love failure from her dairy and they found priya was missing from home and rajat was searching for priya and told ram that priya was not there in home
and ram was worried for priya and he climbs the pipe of priya flat to find about priya and priya parents talk to her

Part 4:

Priya was fathoming about all those matters which her parents discussed with her.

Priya with a very dismal face turned to her mother and asked

Priya:maa kyaa koi mujhey pyaar karne wala iss duniya main nahi hoga

Shipra and sudhir both looked at each other they gave a wide smile

Sudhir caressed priya hair and shipra even moved close to priya on the bed

Shipra:beta kyu nahi karega meri beti hum sabki gudiya hain aur meri rajkumari ko koi kyu pyaar karega

Sudhir:hm priya kyu nahi karega tujhey bhi ek achaa pathi milega jho tujhey bohut bohut pyaar karega aur tera khayal rakhega

Priya felt so relieved listening her parents word

Parents are the most beautiful relations that a kid have when there will be no one with u and ur full of problems when a kid sleeps in their mother lap the warmth in mother's  love and  affection of father and their suggestions for problems and the confidence they give that we are there for u in each and every phase of life gives the kids lot of confidence to grimace through the tenacious phase of their life

Priya used to listen that parents are the biggest support system in their life but she never came across it but when she came across it she felt very blessed she slowly slept in her mother's lap by keeping her legs half folded to her opposite side of bed and was listening very meticulously she could percept the warmth of her mother effection.

Shipra was caressing her hair and priya was listening deliberately listening what her parents were trying to explain her

Sudhir:priya jab hum sabko koi problems athe hum sirf ek baat sonchte ki problems sirf hume kyu aathi hain

Paar ye bhulthe ki bhagwan hume iss problem se kuch seekhana chathe hain jho hoga woh humare bhalayi ke liye hoga

Main tujhey ek chota sa kahani suna vunga

Once upon a time a king and his minister went for hunting in forest and when they were walking in the forest the king hand got lacerated by a spine and the blood was oozing out badly

Priya and shipra both were listening without even blinking their eyes. They got so engrossed in what sudhir was saying

Then king cursed his fate telling all this happen only to me then the minister replied that what ever happens is for our good the king is very tempored person his anguish reached heights and he just assaulted  the minister into a trench which was present in the way where they were walking.

The king so angrily sprinted to his destination the middle of the thicket. But suddenly the aborigines of forest encompassed him and he was screaming out for help but to his misfortune none of them helped him.

His eyes were camouflaged with a black calico and he was taken to their abode and his body was to be abandoned as sacrifice for the aborigines god. The king felt vulnerable his mouth was also tied with cloth and his eyes he was cursing his fate badly.

He felt like it was his last day on earth but when the tribe people saw the cut on his finger they immediately jilted him telling he is not suitable for the sacrifice as he has a cut.

He understood what his minister was telling he realised the fact that whatever god does that will be for our good if he did not have cut his life would have been ceased off that would be his last day on earth but god has saved him by giving a cut

Sudhir:agar king ke saath minister unke saath woh bhi ayaa tho aaj us minister ka death hotha tha un tribes ki wajase

So the moral of the story is

King felt bad becoz his finger got wounded and but this bruise saved him and the minister if he would accompany the king he would been dead

So god has done 2 things good that is by cutting the finger of the king and by assaulting the minister into the trench.

So just like the king have magnified the cut as a big issue we magnifice small matters into gigantic one forgetting the fact that whatever happens is for our good  and we try to end ourselves without analysing the fact that we should not think  about the problems but think to find the solutions for the problems.

Priya understood what ever happens is for her good may be today she got failure in her love but may be this failure could be responsible for a very great achievement of her life.

Priya started being optimistic after learning the great moral from her parents.

Sudhir and shipra left priya and then when priya was thinking about all this ram came to see her by clamber through pipes to see his love well being.

Next day morning:

But just the thinking positively did not let us come from our failures but implementing the positivity is more important

Shipra sudhir took priya to out of station for few days so that she will forget and move on they were travelling through train priya was sitting near the window seat shipra was beside her and sudhir rajat and karthick were on the opposite seat sudhir near the windows seat then karthick and rajath.

Priya was just watching what was happening around her

Many stations were coming many passengers were getting into train and many were leaving


Priya:ji papa

Sudhir:priya life bhi iss train ke jaise hain

In life also many people come to our life and live us  just like passengers get into train at different stations and get down at different stations but life has to move on just like train may be we may take a break for a while but life has to move on without thinking the fact that someone left us and we should be happy that some one will be coming into life

Priya was just listening carefully to her father conversation.

They went to out of station and spent some day there and came back to home

She came to her room and sat and started fathoming

Priya started thinking apart from her failure what is necessary for her

The only thing that she could anticipate is her carrer which mean she should move and reach heights in her carrer so she opened her books and tried to read

But when she sat in her room and opened her books and tried to concentrate the only thing that was coming to her mind was manish it was quite difficult for her to forget him and move on and digest the fact that he is gonna become someone man forever.

The truth is bitter but thats the reality

She closed her book for a while and tried to compose herself again tried but nothing worked

Shipra and sudhir were monitoring her very carefully

She started crying that she is unable to concentrate on it after alots of trials and shipra was passing by priya room seeing priya sobbing in the room shipra sprinted to priya room and placed her hand on priya hair and said

Shipra:beta kyaa hua kyu rori hoo     

Priya what could she say she could not say anything but was just crying

Sudhir also came to priya room

Shipra was asking what happened but sudhir understood her problem

Sudhir:shipra main samaj gaayi

Priya beta tum try karo agar ek baar fail hua toh dusri baar

Dusri baar hotho tesrii baar paar kabhi give up nahi karna beta

Mujhey meri beti paar pura vishwas hain ki tum ye kar sakthi hoo

Priya don't give up


Shipra and sudhir gave her confidence that she can do it

Priya felt so blessed to get such wonderful and understanding parents and with her confidence  After a lots of failure finally she accomplished her task the books which were just a materials for gaining her degree became her good friends after some days

She would sit and engross in talk with her friends the books for late night and she would listen to music in her free time and in this way she came out of her past by her parents and her friends music and books and started living an optimistic life.

Before her love failure priya used to mug up the chapters but after her love failure priya started understanding the concept and in this process the interest in the subject captivated her and the books became her

But just education did not help priya to come from her failure sometimes even though she would try to move on some where her past made a scar in her heart so she would feel the agony of failure so to cheer her selce She would  listen music on her terrace

The terrace was the most beautiful place in priya world

There was a big marbels cushion raised to some height from the rest of the floor attached to wall from 1 side and open to the other side

Priya was just going song by song sitting on the cushion watching the bright stars which once taught her to shine more brightly after overcoming problems and the cool wind was moving smoothly and the tall ashoka trees, gulmohar and neem trees all the leaves were swinging along the cool air which was waving from right to left and priya hair was splaying along the air motion

This song was playing

eh Hosla Kaise Jhuke,
Yeh Aarzoo Kaise Ruke

Manzil Mushkil hai to kya,
Dhundla Sahil hai to kya,
Tanha Ye Dil hai to Kya
Ho Hooo

Raah Pe Kante Bikhre agar,
Uspe to phir bhi chalna hi hai,
Shaam Chhupale Suraj magar,
Raat ko ek din Dhalna hi hai,

Rut ye tal jayegi,
Himmat rang layegi,
Subha phir aayegi
Yeh Hosla Kaise Jhuke,
Yeh Aarzoo Kaise Ruke

Hogi hame to rehmat ada,
Dhup kategi saaye tale,
Apne khuda se hai ye Dua,
Manzil lagale humko gale

Zurrat so baar rahe,
Uncha Ikraar rahe,
Zinda har pyar rahe

priya was analysing the song

even though the route was very difficult but the life has to move on passing the thorns of life even though the evening would hide sun for a while but the sun will come out of it in the morning so a dark night will always have a bright day so priya was thinking all this

that nature itself has set lots of examples to move on in life when problems come in life with confidence and one day the goal what we should achieve would hug us if we work hard and stay confident for the complete path to achieve success.

Days passed when ram was working hard to control his desire to propose her till the end of their 3rd year after the exams  and priya engrossed in her studies

The time when both were waiting

Ram for proposing priya  and priya to move on in her carrer came the external exams arrived

Priya wrote all her exams of third year and ram too have written priya has written all the papers nicely and ram also wrote it just to pass.

After 1 month

The results were awaited by all the family members of priya and all her 3rd yr students

Priya topped the college and a momento was given to her by the most reputated scientist of the india in front of her parents in the college auditorium

Priya understood 1 thing

If love fails nothing happens love is just apart of life but life has to move on taking lessons from the failure if her love with manish did not fail she would not achieve this

Her parents were very ecstatic about her success the pride about priya success were reflected in their eyes.

All were so happy and priya failure agony all just went in vein and vanished when she received the momento on the stage and seeing her parents eternal elation her brothers were also so elated while priya was receving the momento apart from ram

Ram ecstasy had no limitations that day he was just drooling just thinking about how happy priya was while receiving the award

1 year later


 Priya was seating on the chair in the airport and crying closing her face with palm

Priya was cursing herself

Mujhey isaa nahi karnaa tha

Agar main uss dhin woh sab kuch nahi kaarthi toh aaj main ram ke paas hothi thi

Ye sab kuch mere galthi hain

Main apna pehla pyaar ko chuki hoo aur phirse ek aur baar main ram ka pyaar bhi kho javogi


Ram was receiving the momento of the topper of the department award ram was elated and was so so spell bound when he was receiving the award

He came down the stage was searching for priya but her friends told her that priya left the college before 1 hr

Ram was searching for priya badly and priya was sobbing in the airport

Screen fades on ram agitated face and priya sobbing face


So guys what could have happened btw raya why priya is cursing herself what did she do are raya gonna depart forever

Pyaar ek khubsurat ehsaas dega ram ko ya ek khadwi yaad

Ye jaane ke liye keep waiting for my updts

waiting for ur likes and cmntsTongueTongue

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loved this part beautifully  written .. love it to core.  read before ur PM hahah
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superb part...!!!
love the supprt priya gets through her parnts...!!!
and yeah shes blssed to have thm...!! Clap

bt y was priya cryng ??? Cry

contn soon...!!
thnx fr the pm...!! 
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 specially the song 
 i am drooling on it and the situation too good 
thank u for ur pm 
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Awesome update
continue soon...
and thanks 4 pm!!
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Very nice update...enjoyed a lot while reading itBig smile
Thank you so much for PMSmile
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nice update
continue soon
thanks for pm
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