FF Pyaar ek khubsurat ehsaas pg 100 updt(Page 16)

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Ashwin ki top class kavitayien padh rahe honge, usey bhi toh pata chalna chahiye na how irritating (sorry intresting Wink) hai uski poems LOL

thank u dearTongue
hehe hm tum bhi sahi jawab dediya yaar Big smile
hm mazaa jab ayega jab ashwin ki reaction kyaa hoga LOL

pakka Ashwin bolega kiski ghatiya poetry suna kar mujhe irritate kar rahe hai ye logROFL ROFL
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Originally posted by peeyara

Originally posted by .sangs123.

Originally posted by peeyara

Ashwin ki top class kavitayien padh rahe honge, usey bhi toh pata chalna chahiye na how irritating (sorry intresting Wink) hai uski poems LOL

thank u dearTongue
hehe hm tum bhi sahi jawab dediya yaar Big smile
hm mazaa jab ayega jab ashwin ki reaction kyaa hoga LOL

pakka Ashwin bolega kiski ghatiya poetry suna kar mujhe irritate kar rahe hai ye logROFL ROFL

hehe hm dekho naa kya kya hoga ashwin ko LOL
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pyaar ek khubsurat ehsaas updt parts :

introduction Heart

part1 Heart  
part2  Heart  part3 Heart

part 2:

 class room:

ram vikram and some other class mates have abducted ashwin from the boys hostel and seized his mouth with tape and his eyes were blinded by black apparel. And they have brought him to college in ram's car and we all were waiting for all these people in the loby in front of our class room. We were continuosly making calls to ram and group asking them where they are for every 2 min

they got fed up that they even switched off their phones. We made sure that all the windows were closed in the classroom so that ashwin will not circumvate from the windows.

And all our classmates were very much united to accomplish this task of teaching ashwin a lesson of annoying us with his poetry. And the moment he came vikram and ram took him in class room removed the apparel from his eyes and also the tape on his mouth and in jiffy closed the door before ashwin could react what could have happened.

It was 7 pm in the evening and ranjeet took the office keys from the peon by giving him some loads amount of money becoz the speaker connection of our classroom was connected from our office room to classroom.

I and neha went to office room and we already told all our class  mates to keep wax in ears to avoid the torture from the poetry of ashwin which we are gonna to read it. And as obedient friends everyone did the same what we have told and i read a few poems written by the great ashwin very patiently it was almost like reaching death when i was alive.

There were cc cameras for each and every class room and i was reading the poems and was desperately gazing at the screen what could be the great ashwin reaction.

I was just giggling when i saw what he did in the room after 1 poem of his creation

he tried to open the doors by pushing it with all his force and then windows to escape from the class room but to our favour doors and windows were strong enough that he could nt break it

neha continued the 2nd poem from his work

for 2nd  poem

 he started pulling his hair badly and shouting by clasping the doors of our class room

Bachao mujhey bachao

Koi mujhey bachao


Aree bachao ye log mujhey maar dalega

Kiski kavitha sunaare hoo mujhey

Bachao mummy mujhey bachao

Papa mujhey bachao meri khud ki kavithao se

We all our class mates were giggling and giving hifi seeing ashwin reaction

But still sudha continued the 3rd poem

Before third poem completed he tore his shirt and pant and pulled his hair more and more

And by the end of third poem he started wondering in the class room

He took the choc piece from the table and made a powder and poured it on his head and  pulled  his hair

And started biting his nails by jumping and playing in the room

So ram and all our class mates decided to open the door

By sympathising ashwin condition after listening his own creativity in form of poems

Doors were opened by ranjeet and we were in office room watching everything

Finally with the unity of  all our classmates we completely accomplished the task

So ashwin was very gently taken by all the boys to his home

They just left him in front of his hostel and left before the warden of that hostel reached our classmates

The annoying from the great poet the ashwin talwar  son of shiney talwar and niharika talwar  was completely dropped out from our lives by doing all this naughty deeds

And it was like a sec that our exams have happened and we all finished it in an ample of time and we were having a vacation before our third year graduation

It was holidays for me i and my family came back from a mini vacation after visiting some holy places

As soon as i returned i got a news that manish is gonna marry deepthi his office collegue

I was completely shattered and i felt like a stab in my heart. I felt like some one was tearing my hearts into uncountable pieces.

Tears started rolling down my eyes. I just left the living room to my rest room becoz i wanted to hide all my emotions to all my family members.

I just entered my room and bolted the door i threw my duppata on the cot and collapsed on the floor weeping. I cried and cried

I loved manish genuinely.

I could give my life to him if he would ask me

I loved his nature

I loved him it was not infraturation but a true love

I loved his character not his physique

I loved him unconditionally to eternity

But when i got to know that manish is engaged to other girl i was shattered  and the pain what i got by this failure i could not even share it to anyone

My father a business person who will be always busy in his work he don't have time for our family. And i would hardly get anytime to speak to my father. And my mother is a home maker as my father is engrossed in his business for securing  me and my brothers future  my mother was busy in looking after all the necessities of our family. So even though  i had a great bond with my mother its from my mother  and my father i learnt many things manners,

Many things like what is positive attitude, self confidence and discipline but i feared to share my agony of failure with my parents. I know if i share this love failure of my life with my parents they would support me in coming out but they might get hurt thinking there may be fault in their parenting so i could not dare to share my failure with them.

Days passed i was in depression  but i could not share it with my parents nor my brother. I used behave normally in front of my family but the pain inside my heart was tremendous and i could not bare it.

I would hide all my pain in my heart but never vent out in front of my family. I was dying day by day i could not pacify myself with this love failure so i decided to end myself.

I just told my parents that am going to shopping with my friends and left my home and started going  to mountain region by a autorikshaw so that i can jump from cliff and die ya eat poisonous peels on top of mountain  so that no one would rescue me from my death.

I was in autoriskhaw it was 30 min from the mountains  in Mumbai. When i was  in an auto i came  came across a orphanage of physically disabled people. My rikshaw was stopped becoz of heavy traffic. It could atleast take 15 min to clear the traffic.

It is a loby in front of the orphanage and kids are making boquets sitting in the loby . some kids around an age group of 10 yrs for some  were not having hands and some were not having legs and some were blind.

But kids who did not had hands were collecting roses and making a boquets using the legs and kids who were blind were collecting roses to make a boquet by spreading their hands on the floor and picking up the roses. And kids who did not have 1 hand they tried to pick up roses by using a single hand and using 2 legs and started preparing the roses. Kids  failed many times in reaching the roses ya in arranging the roses in the boquets. But still they were making efforts to pick up roses and prepare a boquets. I was just gazing at them and i realised an important fact of life that this life is a wonderful gift of god. For just failure in my love i wanted to kill myself. The reason of love failure was very small when i saw those kids in the orphanage.

I cannot end my life in between by killing myself. i had everything parents hands legs everything but just for failure i wanted to end myself I immediately got down  the auto i went  back to my home walking on the road way to my home. When i was coming back the sky was completely covered by many clouds it looked like evening in the after noon time it was completely dark on the roads even the vehicles were using lights to travel in the afternoon . it rained heavily i got drenched in the rain. The rain joined my tears to hide my agony from the people who were walking on the road.

After the heavy rain fall slowly the darkness disappeared and sun rays were coming making the mumbain roads very bright  i got drenched completely with my tears and rain When i was walking on the road  i felt how would my parents react when they see my dead body.

What would happen to their reputation. What would society think about me and my parents. Girls if they end them selves society would point on the character of a girl. I hided love failure becoz i did not wanted to hurt my parents but what i was going to do. Many questions were shovering in my mind then i realised what blunder i was going to make in my life. Life is a very inestimable thing which will blossom  if u work hard and handle it with care  and depleted when u handle it very carelessly.

 It was in evening when i came back from my home  But still i was in depression i decided to live but how could i live with all the sour memories of my love failure. I just dodged my parents in living room and left to my room  I started crying  by bolting the door of my room. i was unable to compose myself i cried and cried till the agony in my heart was vented out completely. I was in drenched clothes and did not change them

I was emotional i could not think i was just thinking by heart but not my brain. Thats why i wanted to end myself But when i vented out all my agony in form of tears i calm down myself then i started fathoming.

It was night I wanted privacy for sometime. I changed myself into a pair of dry clothes  I wanted to be alone i went to my terrace its the most beautiful place on the world my terrace was surrounded by neem gulmohar trees on all its sides of my house  and surrounded by sky on the top where stars were twinkling continuosly. In  terrace the floor was constructed with white marbels and there was a cushion like thing made by white marbels for seating there this cushion thing was completely surrounded by many green herbs and shrubs which were present in pots.

I just sat on the cushion made up of marble stones. Suddenly the climate changed cool breeze was flowing continuosly i felt like the breeze was comforting  me in its embrace and i find my solace in this cool breeze.

Many questions were shovering in my mind

Why do failure comes

Anticipating about this things in heart i started looking into the azure and black combination sky becoz i felt like stars were telling me like we are with u in this bad time.

I was just gazing at the pole star which was shinning in the sky.

But suddenly clouds came and occupied the pole star for 5 to 10 min the clouds were covering the pole star

I was just gazing at the star but when cloud passed away from the pole star the intensity of bright ness increased 3 to 4 times then the brightness before the star was covered by the clouds

I learnt a wonderful lesson from the sky and stars that  failure comes to us to make us strong emotionally and face us the toughest situation of our life with a smile

There was a question which was shovering in my mind many times

Why do i only get problems like failure ya something else thinking this i was just looking into the sky

There were many stars in the sky

The clouds were covering all the stars one by one and the intensity was rising for every star

The moral what i got was everyone has problems in life but this problems only make every individual strong emotionally and led them a wonderful life once they cross this hurdles in life

ur cmnts and likes are awaited desperately Tongue Tongue

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very good nd a msg to all loved it dear 
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Very nice... life is beautiful nd precious...shld nt b wasted...lovely...
continue soon...
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i will comment tmrw.. very sleepy. 4 hrs hi soti hu since one week.
I will read n comment tmrw pakka. i am giving my update too
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In which way u hv given social mes to our socitey...to all girls...tht way is really beautiful...very nice nd talentfull update..waitting 4 next!
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nice update dear keep rocking
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