OS : Fear

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Wrote this entirely focused on only Ram and Peehu OS in the evening. I have become Rekha di's great fan of writing who writes fan fiction in RKR so tried to write something in her style but believe me it has become miserable. I was thinking to avoid it from posting it here but somehow posted. Give me your mouthful galis for wasting your time if you don't like it. There is lots of mistake on grammer so try avoiding it. Actually confused whether to write it on past tense or present tense so if I mixed both then try ur best to understand in ur own ability. I am too much lazy to correct mistakes once I write anything on computer and papers even after knowing there is a mistake.


"Good night rockstar. Don't over sleep. Be ready on time okay?" Asked Ram Kapoor after their Sunday fun which they have been following since last 13years, one year after Priya gave them two beautiful Angels.He still love to call her Rockstar even though peehu is at last years of her teenage and love her more than other twos. "I can go alone papa. Its 2nd years of my college and you have not missed single days to drop me at college. You need more rest pa, and morning is only time for you and moms romance." Replied peehu winking at him. "Peehuuu. Don't get spoilt okay? You are teasing your mum and dad? Not good beta.." Ram said with firm and a bit roar voice though he was laughing inside the way his beloved daughter teased him. "sorry papa, I won't tease you from today." She said making sorry face but thinking to come wid more other time because she very well knew that he was not upset wid her but happy indeed the way she teased him.
"Peehu." There was the very audible knock on the door when Peehu was dreaming her beautiful moments wid his dream boy. This dream is constantly coming through from the day she entered 15years old and discussed abt it wid her dad. She is more comfortable on sharing her every aspect of her life to him than her mom. Their bonding was this much strong that sometimes they forget abt others member of the family while chatting and discussing abt college life by peehu to him and office days to Peehu by him. Other two daughters have strong complain over him for loving Peehu more than them and He was getting plenty of request and order fr Priya to give time to his other two daughters but when he is wid peehu he forgets all complain and orders. Their bonding was special. When someone sees their bonding then it's hard to believe for them that they are father and daughter but not friends. He was very much close friend to her than his dad indeed. "yeah pa" She opened door and let him enter to her room. He always love to see whether her notebooks and book is in the bag for that day besides he know his darling daughter is more strict in following rule and regulation than him. " kya pa, its only 5am and 1 more hour remaining to be in the college. I was dreaming same dream and you woke me up." Complained Peehu still in sleepy mood. She know that it only takes 20 minutes to reach her college from KM and she completes fresh up within 10minutes because she is fond of simple dress up and strongly hates make up which reduces her time greatly. she was complaining for getting her up exactly 30 minutes before her scheduled time. "Come on Rock star, we had planned to start yoga session to reduce our weight and to be healthy. Did u forgot that?" interrogated  Ram. "Can't we start from next week pa? I have lots of assessment for this week and you know me, I don't want to get even word on my study fr any of my teachers and miss even a dot 5 marks on internals. I have to be a topper and have to crack IIM entrance you know? I don't want to go abroad for higher study. I don't want to leave you." Answered peehu making assessment excuse to avoid yoga session because of her laziness to do any physical exercise. "No peehu, you are going to standford to complete your MBA. You have to be the Best. After all you are going to be a next KI CEO after your Rishab chachu." Said Ram to Peehu stressing more on CEO. "okay leave it dad, 3 more years to complete my BBA and we will make plan some other day. Lets go to the lawn." Replied Peehu to skip this boring foreign degree MBA discussion.
There was not end of chatting whole throughout the very short 20minutes drive from between these two best in the world father daughter duo. They realized end of journey only after Car came into halt. "have good morning session lesson Peehu." Said Ram making a bit of sad face realizing whole day separation from his daughter. "Bye dad, have good breakfast and family moments at home. And don't forget ur romance session wid mum and your daughters." Said Peehu making her instant invisibility from his sight. Ram loved to wait until Peehu makes her class room entry in front of him. He noticed how most happily Peehu was interacting wid her friend from his car's window. He was happy the way her daughter was enjoying her college life too. He made his return when Peehu went inside her classroom wid her friends.
"Good evening dad, how was your office? Dad, we have whole one week summer camp at Manali. Our whole class is going and my closed friends are going as well. I also want to go dad." Peehu asked his permission. "of course, go and enjoy your time darling. Manali is very good choice to avoid this hot Mumbai weather and beautiful mountain range gives u tremendous pleasure to your eyesight." Replied Ram. Peehu started to make her plan which she is going to do wid her friends for whole one week forgetting her stay away moments wid her dad. She questioned more about Manali and thing that could be done there. She was even making hiking plan and it confused Ram that how could making excuse to avoid 30minute yoga session daughter is thinking about hiking. He feared that whether his daughter is going enjoy more wid her friends than him. He feared of losing whole one week miserable time without his daughter... 

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Posted: 2013-08-07T12:11:23Z
Very emotional update...
Precap bht emotional tha...
And soon after that one more emotional os...
Had tears reading the last lines...
Very nice...
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Posted: 2013-08-07T16:39:38Z
Very nice.. Continue soon
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Posted: 2013-08-07T19:47:52Z
well written...both share a amazing bond...cont soon
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Posted: 2013-08-08T01:14:43Z
Very well penned down the bond of Ram nd Pihu.. Clap
Every daughter want this spl bond with her dad that u portrayed through this OS..thank u Big smile
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Posted: 2013-08-08T04:37:55Z
Love this update 
father -daughter bond ..but missing 
mother too..
and her other siblings 
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Posted: 2013-08-08T05:56:51Z
a perfect bond of father and daughter, emotional one but very well penned down, do write such stuffs Clap
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Posted: 2013-08-08T07:19:55Z
Omg that was so beautiful and touching do write moreStar
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