Revised rules for uploading pictures

Posted: 7 years ago

Hey guys Hug We have been having uploading pictures to celebrity profile feature for quite some time now . Still we have noticed that many of the pictures do not get through the approval process due to various reasons like presence of watermark , low quality etc etc .So we have post some revised rules with examples so as to help you in uploading correct type of images.

What will not be approved

-Watermarked pictures:
Please Do Not upload pictures with watermarks /copyrights of other sites .

For example

The image clearly states the image is property of some other site.

Disproportionate Images: Some images looked stretched /contracted such images wont be accepted

For example :

-Low quality pictures :  Refrain from posting images taken with mobile and are of low quality . Low quality images include dark images /images with grains.

For example

Only the best quality images will be taken into gallery of celebrity profile , Rest can be shared in forum galleries for all the members to see.

-Collage / creative arts of members: Edited artwork wont be approved .

For example:

Caps taken from videos: Caps taken from videos wont be approved

For example :

The above image is a screencap.

Cropped Images: Images where a actor is cropped from a group wont be approved into the gallery .

For example :

Here the image is clearly cropped from another image.It not only ruins the natural look of the picture but also looks un-cleanly cropped.

Morphed Images: Merging two pictures and posting is against forum rules .Morphed pictures wont be approved.

Pictures with fans : Actors picture with fans wont be approved as normally they are of low quality (taken from mobile) and it will cause privacy invasion.

Private photos of actor : Pictures taken from actors private profile wont be approved

-Repeated images
Uploading same pictures will only result in delay in approving of other pictures. Please look into the gallery  before uploading whether the picture you are uploading is present in the gallery or not .

For example:

gallery link :

This picture has been already uploaded to the gallery but still this image is being uploaded by several members .

Small sized pictures : Pictures lesser than 400X300  wont be approved .

For example

Magazine covers Magazine covers wont be approved as they are copyrighted to the specific magazine

For example

Duplicate images Only one image of a shot will be accepted , if someone posts the same picture with colour change / cropped size wont be accepted . Even if the image is of larger size of the image present in our gallery ,it wont be accepted . If two similar images are posted at same time the image with higher quality will be accepted

for example:

 Image 1-

Image 2-

In case both the above images are uploaded together,even though Image-1 is of larger size , image -2 will be uploaded as Image 2 is of better quality

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Posted: 7 years ago

Which pictures will be uploaded

The pictures you upload have to be of good quality, large  , without watermark , non repetetive image  .

Photography copyrights: Images with photography watermarks can be uploaded with courtesy filled with photographer's name.

For example

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What all details to be filled while uploading

Title: Fill the area with name of actors in the image you are posting .

For example

Correct way of filling : Karan Singh Grover

Wrong way of filling : my dear karan

wrong way of filling: karan singh grover


Description : Here you can fill with the all the name of actors in the picture

For example :

If you are uploading this picture into Sanaya's gallery , you have to mention Kinshuk ,Mohit in description .The other person is not from television background,so its not necessary to mention her.

If the picture you uploaded is from a specific serial mention in the description ,so that we can tag the pictures with a specific serial name.

Please do not fill with simple letters for the sake of filling.

Courtesy: Here you have to fill with the name of the photographer or  name of the person who the picture belong to.

For example

The above picture is a photography by Pavitr Saith , So incase you were uploading this picture ,you would have to fill courtsey as Pavitr Saith .

Guys you follow the rules and we promise to approve the pictures as soon as possible.

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Posted: 7 years ago
Thanks Nazmeen in putting this up as this will reduce the confusion on why certain images are not approved.

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Posted: 7 years ago
Thank you ! This really helped Big smile
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Posted: 7 years ago
^ Thanks Nazmeen for putting up all details abt celeb pics upload! Hug
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Posted: 7 years ago
Oh nice thanks 
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Posted: 7 years ago

Thanks so much Najmeen...this clears up a lot of confusion Tongue

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