OS-Raya's special day's flashback

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This one is for Priya(RKR friend) 
I don't know, am I  doing the justice or not, making an OS on the epic scenes ..I am still now drooling over the scene..coz to me it is the best romantic scenes ever in BALH..or any daily soap,(after 12th march of course ) without any physical intimacy only RAM and Sakshi can do it ..only they can give the essence of true love in real sense by their superb acting   .yes the eye lock,, those dialogues(jhodiye na ,kaha na nehi chodunga..chodiye na Ram..every words r special to me now, their expressions ,(feeling short of words..)
But Priya requested us ..and only for her I am trying to write it. don't know all  of u like it or not ..but just trying to do so..

Starting scenes 

ram went from there
 Priya kept her hand on her head with disgusted coz still now she could not believe   that RAM does not remember their special day. .he is the changed man after his confession of love to her before 7 years, yes who cares their rockstar/princess even the unborn babies ..and everyone believes that one man cares his babies if and only if he loves his lady love unconditionally..yes it is true that RAM loves her unconditionally and gives same value  to her little stupid wishes..then how he forgets such important date ,though it was not 1st time for them ..
But RAM promised her that every day after their 1st confession,   will be special and more special..
Suddenly Priya felt the light of the room was dimmed   and Ram's presence too in front of her ..
She was stunned to see RAM 
and Ram came close to her ,very close 
Though she is pregnant for the second time but still now RAM's presence , his smell makes Priya nervous..Priya's heart bits increases fast to faster..
Ram: (looking at his beautiful wife with his ever charming look)
Buddha kaha mujhe?
Priya: (totally melt with her man's look but trying to avoid it.)
Ha to..(and tried to leave the place as soon as possible)
Ram caught her arm tightly to stop her 
Ram:firse kaho 
Priya very smartly replied: budha budha budha  
Ram very calmly caught his annoying lady love's arms by his two hands and said
Aj wo din hai jab main ne  tumhe dusri baar "I love you kaha tha ",tumne lal saree pehni huyi thi .lipstick bhi lal thi
Aur tum itna sharmayi  k puri lal hogayi thi and looked at her with all his love and passion.
Priya knows very well that only this man, her man  has the power to melt her fast in his charm, in his love.
Priya looked down and said
Jhut ,bilkul'.
RAM  did not gave her the chance to complete her sentence : bilkul ussi tarah jaise tum is waqt sarma rehi ho.
And by this comments of RAM both of them went  to travel their down memory lane..the pleasant day for  a married couple   who were aged but love each other unconditionally. and Love does not obey the ageing rules and conditions.


Ram and Priya went a business party to attend the dinner ..though  they were not willing  to attend it at all but had to ..
After the party when they reached at   their kingdom
Priya at the  changing room in front of the mirror  
Busy with her bangle to remove all from her wrist 
Ram came from the washroom with his fav dresses kurta .. weeping his face by towel..suddenly Priya's back caught his attention..
He was mesmerized before with her beauty from the starting of the  party ..but he is not over expressive specially in the matter of Love  and appreciation of his wife's beauty...he loves her ..but failed to say her every time .though he knows that  these magical three words give  his wife all time pleasure but according to him love is equal to care ,,and he is the best caring husband ..
But today he again feels to say it in words ..after the long gap of their 1st confession ..also which was not preplanned..
Ram went to Priya very close and kept his hand on her shoulder.
Priya felt goose bump with sudden touch of her man..as she knows Ram is not at all romantic as others ..but he is different in all senses..and for him love means Priya and Priya means love.
Priya faced him and asked by her look 
(kya huya ,kuch kehna hai aapko)
Their eyes speaks a lot .whenever they feel short of words ..their eyes and heart speak the unspoken words for both of them
But this time Ram uttered 
Ram: I love You Priya 
Priya was stunned ..with sudden reply ,specially about  unexpected come of these words  ..
She starred at Mr.Kapoor yes her Ram..
With amazed eyes ..could not believe her ear for the very 1st time.
Ram could understand her situation ..hold her shoulder and again said 
I know Priya main romantic nehi hu..jyada tumhe keh nehi pata hu ..
Par .I love u ..I love u very much..
Sayad kabhi bhi maine tumhari tariff kiya nehi ..\sayad isliye kyunki tumhari tariff jitna hi main karu kam hi lagegi  ..
Aaj tum is red saree me bohut hi khub soorat lag rehi ho..u r the most beautiful woman in my life..
Aur not only this attire u r beautiful in ur mind  the real beuty..jo mujhe nehi meri parivaar ko bhi itna pyar karta hai ..meri har ek budi aadad ko apna kar mujhe ek nayi zindegi di hai ..
Buisness tycoon RAM Kapoor ko hatakar ..ek simple aam Ram Kapoor ko pyar ki hai..jo sayad in 20 saalo me kahi  khogaya tha, use firse dhond nikali hai tumne Priya 
I love u ..I will only and only love u still my last breath.
Priya was felt shy ..blushing ,keeping her head down through out Ram's cnfession ..could not utter a single word but when Ram said the word his last breath
Priya kept her finger on Ram's lips and said
Maine kahi thi na Mr.Kapoor ..aapko agar kuch huya to ..aur koi aapka sath de ya na de main humesha aapki sath dungi. I mean it ..aapki last breath k pehle meri aakhri saas ho jayegi wo..
Ram : plz don't say like this..
Priya kept her head on Ram's chest to soothe her restlessness by her fav rhythm,lub dub of  Ram's heart  ..and Ram tried to lighten the moment 
Ram: priya aaj tumne matching lipstick bhi use ki hai..?
Priya :   taken aback by his another command 
Facing him said..matlab..?
Ram: red color ki lipstick lagayi hai..?
Priya (with her blushing cheek )..hm aapne ye bhi notice kar liya ..wah pehle to ..main kaunsi colour ki dress pehenti thi ye bhi pata nehi hota tha ..aur aab..
Ram: hmm with full of embarrassment   ..hmm tab ki baat kuch aur thi ..
Priya : acha ..aur aabhi k baat alag hai ? kaisi alag..
Ram : hmm' aab main tumhari lipstick ki flavor ko bhi janna chahta hu ..
1st priya could not understand the meaning ..and looked at Ram for the further details

But Ram's eyes speaks his intension, love and desire 
Priya could not match with it so she tried to keep her head down..
But ram cupped her face and put his lips on it ..it became the passionate one 
After few min Ram said  cherry.. ..nice one 
 He took priya in his arm and put her safely on their king sized bed to move further to  enjoy their blissful married life ..
Rest of history

Present time 

Came back from their memory lane 
Priya tried to escape from ram's grip
Priya : chodiye na
Ram: nehi chodunga 
Priya : chodiye na plz mujhe 
Ram: firmly hold her  and said kaha na nehi chodunga ( expressed his right in her  by his looks and voice )
Priya : chodiye na Ram
Ram  was surprised listening his name from his love..in deed it's the sweetest and magical voice to listen his name ..and which is also very rare
Kya ..kya kya kaha tumne?
Priya:Chodiye na
 Ram: Aaa ha  aab to sawal hi nehi utth ta hai  ..mera nam kaha hai tumne 
Aise agar zindegi bhar pakadna para, mera nam sunne k liye to wo bhi chalega 
Priya:Chodiye na plz
Ram: Ok ek bar aur mera naam batao
Priya: Chodiye na Mr.Kapoor.
Ram: O hello' Punjab the puttar hu ek baar jo than leta hu 
Phir piche nehi hatta 
Jab tak tum nam nehi bologi main nehi chodne wala hu
Priya :Main nehi bolne wali hu
Ram: To main bhi nehi chodne wala hu ..( what an expression)
 come on
Priya: Chodiye na plz
ram: Bas sirf ek bar 
(Priya kept her eyes close very tightly ) chodiye na ram
Ram with his satisfied voice said,
 Ram :tumhare sath bita huya har pal  mujhe detail me yaad hai aur jab tak meri saans nehi rukegi , main nehi bhulunga 
Gave her side hug ..
Priya also hugged him..
Ram: Waise Priya maine kaha tha sab kuch details me yaad hai mujhe..
 usdin to cherry  tha aaj kya hai?(and winks at her) 
Priya: this time she tried to move from there  ..
Ram: kya priya sirf falovour pucha tha maine ..aab to taste karna hi padega mujhe and kissed her passionately ..Priya also responded 
After few sec ram helped priya to sit on the bed ..
And  removed her pallu..
Priya : kya..( with her stammering voice)aap kya kar rahe hai ?
Peehu aa jayegi ..
 Ram: O hello madam mai door close karne hi gaya tha study me nehi ok..
Priya:But ye aap kya kar rehe hai, this time we can't effort it.
But ram did not pay attention on his wife's words ..removed her pallu and started to cares her stomach. Gave two kisses on it
Priya was nervous .. but happy in heart too..
she understood RAM will not move further as she knew her man more than herself.
Ram caressing her  belly  and started the conversation with his champs..two bundle of joys.
Hi babies two kisses for my two babies .i know both of u r champ for us..aabhi jaldi aa jao ..aur main wait nehi kar paa  raha hu..
Jaldi se bahar aao aur aapne mumma se kaho ki aap tino k papa aapki mumma se itni pyar krta hai itni pyar k   har din hi mere liye special hai ..to koi khas din yaad karne ki zaroorat nehi hai..sayad main zyada din kahe nehi pata hu k main aaap logo k mumma ko  pyar karta hu ..par 
Maina bohut bohut hi pyar karta hu unse
Mere liye pyar ka matlab hi  wo hai..
Priya felt short of words actually all her words were lost in her emotion to see the love of her man towards her ..
And uttered : RAM'
Ram looked at her ..she spread   her arms 
Ram hugged her ..
Priya : I love u too..aapke sath biti huyi har ek pal hi mere liye khas hai ..to kya huya aap roz batate nehi hai k aap kitna pyar karte hai mujhse ..par aapki aankho se..care se'itna ki aapki gusse se bhi pata chal hi jaati hai aap kitne pyar karte hai mujhe 
Ram caressing her hair and said ..
Priya I know u love me ,..and I love u too.. so everyday r special for us ..and I want to make everyday more and more special for us..for our three babies..and I promised u to do so'..

Plz give ur valuable comments ..

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I think I m firstWink
Romantic & good work..EmbarrassedClapClap
Thank sfor pm

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Originally posted by sinalbest

I think I m firstWink
Romantic & good work..EmbarrassedClapClap
Thank sfor pm

 he he  
u r LOL
 thank u dear  for ur comments 
but i am missing ur one ff :dard ka rista "

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Thx for the PM.
Arre wah darling , kitna accha likha hai yaar..
FB bhi dikha diya laal saree, laal lipstic , laal hona tak to ramji ne serial mein bhi bata diya tha.
lekin uska extension idhar mila lipstic ki flavour. LOLLOL
Romance bhi hai, feel bhi hai. touch bhi hai sabse zyada to dil ka gehra rishta hai , pyaar hai...
loved it darling, rambabu lage raho har din special hi hota hai, zaroori nahi usse yaad rakhe , zaroori ye hai uss ehsaas ko zinda rakhe, taaza rakhe jab bhi dil karein ussee jiye aur chresih karein..

Good write up darling...

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Originally posted by BALHLOVER

Originally posted by sinalbest

I think I m firstWink
Romantic & good work..EmbarrassedClapClap
Thank sfor pm

 he he  
u r LOL
 thank u dear  for ur comments 
but i am missing ur one ff :dard ka rista "

Arre doubt isliye tha bcz sometimes mere comment se pehle kisi r ka rpl ho jata hai..Wink
Need time to update that one..Ouch M still not that well that can spend more time on laptop..Ouch
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Awesome update...
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Originally posted by sinalbest

Originally posted by BALHLOVER

Originally posted by sinalbest

I think I m firstWink
Romantic & good work..EmbarrassedClapClap
Thank sfor pm

 he he  
u r LOL
 thank u dear  for ur comments 
but i am missing ur one ff :dard ka rista "

Arre doubt isliye tha bcz sometimes mere comment se pehle kisi r ka rpl ho jata hai..Wink
Need time to update that one..Ouch M still not that well that can spend more time on laptop..Ouch
 he he LOL
 aj sabne tumhare liye place chod diya Wink
ok ok take cr of urself dear 
update when u will perfect Big smileBig smileBig smile
till then we r waiting Big smile
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Originally posted by Mini1991

Awesome update...
 madam ji itni badi 
comments dene k liye thank u Cry
jaanu fb pe aate kyun nehi ho 
missing u badly 
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