TERE MERE SATH 15th part 25th oct page104(Page 59)

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kayse comment na karu dear..apki ff ahi awesm..cntinue soon..late mat krna

haye haye ..thank u thank u 
ye to ek OS tha ..aap sabne ff banadiya ..aur jo ff main likh rehi hu 
aab uske liye hi time nehi hai 
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hello guys  here is the part 9- read..if u like hit the like button ..and plz comments 
i am waiting 

After  a long drive they reached at  the beach side,

Ram arranged everything to surprise his lovely wife,, it was first for ram to arrange dinner date for any  woman ..he is used to for his business delegates ..but beach side candle light dinner was not his cup of tea ..that's the reason he was feeling nervous..all he wants to make happy his wife ..though he knew whatever he did Priya will be happy ..coz for Priya only his presence matters a lot not this stupid arrangements or anything as for him this feelings are same ..

Ram: Priya..

Priya could sense his man was nervous though she could not recognize the reason behind this..

Priya: hmmm..

Ram: I want to confess something..bahar tumhare liye mai ne ek surprise plan ki hai ..pata nehi tumhe pasand hogi ya nehi ..par its  1st time for me ..and all I want to see u happy..

Priya: hmmm..

Ram: kya hmm  yaar ..main ..kabse nervous feel kar raha  hu..aur tum ho ki hmmm kar rehi ho..

Priya: aare bahar to chale ..pehle mujhe surprise dekhni hai,

At their dinner table ..it was beautifully decorated with scented candles ..and cool breeze makes the place more romantic. Though the  table was not in open place as Ram is very hygienic in this matter..but anyone can bet that this  RK means not ruthless king..this rk means Romantic Kapoor.. Priya's eyes  were getting moist, she looked at Ram

Ram looked at her surprisingly and said

Tumhe pasand nehi aayi..yaar pata hai main Golu hu na is pyar k mamle me..

Priya went close to him and hugged him..

Ram responded it ..but remembered the incident of their honeymoon ..when Priya hugged him outside the station area..then he was shocked but time changed him  lot ,their relation too..now this coziness soothes his heartbeat..which  increases whenever Priya is around him..and every time he is craving for this warm touch..

After few min Priya tried to separate her from him..

But ram caught her tightly ..

Priya : ram ..chodiye na..

Ram: nehi..thori  der aur plz..

Priya: humlog bahar hai...

Ram realized and broke the hug..



Jaldi se khana kha lete hai..ghar bhi to jana hai..

Priya : ha chaliye ..

Dinner table was filled with  all Priya's favorite and Ram's favourite's  too but excluding  Chicken .

Priya was amazed with this sight ..she remembered their first dinner date where ram ordered almost all chicken dishes for himself..now this man was organized a special dinner date to surprise her ..and indeed it surprised her with the menu too..

Priya: aap chicken nehi khayenge..

Ram who was lost in Priya's simplicity  and uttered

Nehi wo..tumhe pasand nehi haina.. isliye

Priya : was  stunned with his reply ..she remembered the incident where Ram expressed his feelings about women

"tum sare aurte same hoti ho..pehle cubboard me kabja karti ho..fir zindegi me"

 Still now Priya could not expect the rustic change of Ram.she said.

Ha mujhe pasand nehi hai..par aap aapne aapko kyun change kar rehe hai..main pyar karti hu..aapse..aap jaise hai ..waise hi ..isliye aapko change hone ki koi jarurat nehi hai..

Ram was mesmerized with her confession ..it shows the eternal love for him ..from the core of her heart ..which is genuine,pure and crystal clear ..he considers him as a blessed man to get her in his life ..his life begins at forty.

Ram : tumhare pyar pane k liye aagar  mujhe change hona pada tab bhi main change ho jayunga ..par mujhe pata hai..tumhara ye ram kapoor jaise hai ..usise hi tum pyar karti ho..par main aaj chicken nehi khana chahta hu ..agar tumhe problem ho gayi to isliye and blushed with his own comments..

Priya could not understand his  words but his blushing face was enough to express his thought and reason behind his decision..

Priya  keeping her head down as she was also blushing ..just said ..thank u  

at night ,at their own kingdom

with the presence of king ..and queen of the king's heart.

This place became the Loveland,

Priya: kal subah puja hai holi k, dadi batayi thi.

Ram hm..pata nehi main kabhi holi pe attend nehi karta hu..

Priya: ap kal bhi nehi jayenge (with disappointment)

Ram: ha darashal meri rango se allergy hai..par tumhe holi pasand hai ?

Priya with all her excitement ..: ha ha mujhe to bohut pasand hai ..and shadi k baat ye humari pehli holi bhi hayna.

Ram: ok main jayunga..

Priya: nehi agar aapko problem hai to rehne dijiye ..firse agar aapko allergy k liye dawai lena ho to..ye acha nehi hai..

Ram could imagine himself on the pedestal which was kept by his wife , what an unconditional love shows Priya to him ..that is really beyond his imagination ..she can sacrifice her happiness only for the sake of Ram's health..

Does  he really deserve such type of love ..and does he capable to return this towards Priya though he knows Love does not require any give and take policy ..

It increases itself to give another ..that's  the reason Priya own the quarry of love.

Ram just promised himself what ever happen in future he will keep the happiness in Priya's face

On the otherside Priya thought how lucky she is as god blessed  her with Ram,his careness,his love..only for her ..he not even thought about his health ,he is agreed to come ..and only for her he sacrificed his fav chicken today..is not  enough to prove that Ram's unconditional love towards her ..is she capable to give ram his love what he deserves.

At morning

Vikram and  Neha were surprised to see Ram and Priya along  the holi arrangements.and the evil trio were hell shocked to see Ram..

Vikram: kyun yaar ..aj pehli baar ..holi k din tu bahar.

Kya baat hai?and winked at him

Neha: sachi me fatty..tu aur holi k din wah wah ..main sapna to nehi dekh rehi hu na.

Priya was silent ..as she  was amazed to feel the unconditional love of her man and also aware of these teasing by their two best buddies

Ram: ha kya karu..Priya ko pasand hai Holi so..

Neha: haye haye Buisness tycoon Mr RamKAoor apne biwi k liye rango se khelne k liye bhi raji..

Ram: biwi sirf nehi aapne pyar k liye ..

Vikram and Neha in unison : what

Ram: are yaar why were u behaving like this ..hold Priya s hand and said main aapni  biwi ko pyar karta hu..so issme budayi kya hai?

Neha hugged Priya nad Vikram hugged RAM both showered  their love towards their best friends..

after few minutes with much more insists Priya applied colour on Ram's face and Ram took some red colour and applied it on Priya' parting hair..as the symbol of his own right on her ..

they enjoyed the holi very much with family and of course the awesome foursome. Priya was wet totally as she is drenched with Ram's love and in this colour festivals Ram wet her with colours too.


After the holi function..Ram was at washroom

And Priya was at changing room..recollected the memory of past few hours the blissful hours of their life, and removing her ear rings

Ram from the washroom .: priya tum ho kya bahar?

Priya : collected herself from the memory lane..

Ha ha ..main yehi hu ..kyun?

Ram: I forgot to bring my towel can u pass it plz..

He was the same ram..who once ordered priya to leave the changing room as he was in washroom and forgot to take his necessary belongings ..and now he wanted from Priya to pass his towel..

Both were lost in their own thoughts..but the water sounds reminded priya about her husband's demand

She took his towel and knock at the door..Ram opened it and tried to grab it but felt her saree's pallu which was totally wet,

Ram: are Priya tumhari Saree to puri tarah se gili hogayi hai..

Aagar thand lag gayi to..

Priya : ha ha aap k hojane k baad hi main change kar leti hu..

Ram: ha par tumhe to bohut jaldi thand lag jati haina..

Priya : ha koi baat nehi I will manage ..

Ram: are agar thand lag gayi to how will u manage..

If u have no any problem then u can share washroom with me now..and bit his tongue asap.

Priya felt shy ..as a new experienced for her.

.nehi... matlab wo...ha ...

Par nehi ...matlab ...

she lost her words. as it was totally unexpected from Ram.

Ram could sense her shyness..he just grabbed her hand and pulled her inside the washroom..

Ram was only with his half portion of cloth on his Waist Priya was surprised with the sudden pull ..but thrilled and charmed to see her man in this attire ,,but felt shy too that she was not able to keep contact through their eyes ..faced him back

Ram also   faced with the opposite and told..tum change kar sakti ho..main aise hi khara rahunga .jaldi se change karlo warna thand lag sakti hai  tumhe ..

When Priya  turned back ,after removing her wet saree Priya could see her deep scratches on his back sight as it was the symbol of their love, their togetherness ...she went close to ram and caressing those ..

In the cold atmosphere ..Ram could sense the warm touch of his wife he faced her and could see PRiya with her petite body which was covered only by wet blouse and petticoat ..

Priya: I am sorry ..ye bohut dard deta haina aapko..

Ram s gaze was fixed on her smooth curve just below her neckline..

Priya followed his gaze and kept her hands on her chest which brought ram again..

Ram: wo kuch keh rehi thi kya tum..

PRiya nodded in no.

Ram cupped her face and tried to face with his eyes..

It does not hurt Priya ..it gives me pleasure whenever I  feel this it gives me the feeling of our togetherness..it proves that ultimately I belong to u..

Both were speechless now..just hugged each other .


At dinner table ..as today is festive day .

So all at the dinner table, kapoors, sharmas.and  shergils

Were enjoying a lot and Ram and Priya also sat side by side,, which was enough to make  Niharika furious over them , she was searching a new trick to create misunderstanding between ram and Priya

At the time of desert .

Dadi expressed her wish in front of all.

Dadi: haye is umar me mithayi khane ka mann to sirf ek baat sunke baad hi hoti hai.

As usual Neha  is more curious about all things so she responded with her question.

Neha: kaunsi baad dadi..?

Dadi: are puttar ..dil to kab se rah dekh rehi hai meri golu puttar and Priya beti jaldi se khush khabri suna de ..aur main ji bhar kar mithayi kha saku..

All eyes were   stared at Ram and Priya .

Priya was felling embarrass so she kept her head down..Ram also going through same reaction but he clutched Priya's hand under table..which made Priya more shy ..

This situation was enough for Niharika to burst out..as she never thinks beyond her own opportunity, image..no one is matter to her ..may be it harmful for her own flesh ..but for her greedy nature she can do everything for one and only herself.

 She spoke

Haa mummy ji Nuts ne to aapko ye khusiya nehi de payi .suddenly all sparkling eyes were filled with sadness, the happy atmosphere turned into a sad one .Priya looked at Nutz who was constantly trying to convince her mother not to tell further ..but all it was going to vain

Nihiarika spoke

Nutz ne to abortion karke ye khushi hum sabko nehi di..aur Priya bhi use sath diya..

Niharika's sentence was not finished yet ..all the present members were in utter shock and those words effected ram more that he left Priya s hand and left the place asap..Priya could feel the situation was  going  to the worst one but for her ..the 1st Priority is ram and she could sense it affected him a lot  and Nutz is just like his own daughter ..

Priya followed him but when she stepped into their Bedroom just heard the voice of her man ..chali jao tum yenha se..tum kaise mujhe jhoot bol sakti ho.. I don't want u right now ..plz leave me alone ..

Priya was shocked too, as she came there to soothe him..but Ram did not want her ..even she could not believe her own ears..

 bye for today again we will meet ..tab tak comments dete raho.Big smile


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awesome updt
raya candle dinner was superb
holi was beautiful
but niharika naa never leaves raya in peace
thanks for pm
cont soon
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it was beautiful, Ram has changed so much...didnt ate chicken, participated in holi and niharika wat to say about her...ladai karwadi dono mai
thanks for pm
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everything was going good but last partAngryAngryAngryAngry

how could ram say that

continue soon
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Originally posted by peeyara

it was beautiful, Ram has changed so much...didnt ate chicken, participated in holi and niharika wat to say about her...ladai karwadi dono mai
thanks for pm

LOVE changed the man 
he he aab dekho aage kya hoti hai 
thank u dear for ur comments  
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Originally posted by shavii

everything was going good but last partAngry

how could ram say that

continue soon
hi shami dear 
Ram is short tempted na 
so he just said 
wait for the next na ..fighting nehi hogi 
to pyar kaise badega ,,
thank u dear for ur comments 
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loved it it was fab part
raya are so adorable ram attended holi function as priya like holi so sweet of him
but this niharika i hate her
thank for the pm update soon
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