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Here is the 7th part..I dont know u like it or not..but if u like this plz hit the like button..and as all ways I am waiting for ur valuable feedback a,nd also jutta chappals r welcome.


Morning time at green room, the room of love,,

Yes this is the room which is the witnessed of every emotion of two matured man and woman, who are totally  different in nature ,witnessed of their  fighting, their friendship, their trust ,their unspoken emotions and now the love, the most sacred relation of being a husband and wife ,couple..and man and wife in true sense..

Every morning is same for others ..sunrise ,birdss chirping everything are same ..but for them todays morning is different ..it is  not only just start of regular day ..rather it is the  start of their new beginning ..beginning of their new life ..as a complete couple without any restriction, without any hesitation. For . now and further ,

Ram opened his eyes  ..a different surrounding for him ,he looked beside him  found his lady angelfound her with smudged vermillion in her forehead, soiled kohled eyes ..and swollen lips without any lip gloss though it looked  like a luscious one..which increased her beauty  more and more ..

RAM who is not at all the priest of beauty..but beggar  of love..as from his childhood he did not get any ones love..but now he means the world of   a lady ..whom he loves too..really to be in loved is a blessed of god..so to him PRiya his love is the Cleopatra  of him as he is the king .still last week he was one of  the king for the world,for his wealth of money  after their confession now he is feeling he is the king of wealth ,,wealth of love..king of his gudiyas heart..who came late in his life but in true meaning to fulfill his all wishes more over taking care of him fullest ,may be this is the bless of God..he dreamt of a lady in his life who cares about his well being ..

And at the age he got it..he cared the non living things ..and as a result his lady love takes care of him..in every sense ..

He started to care Priyas hair..and kissed her forehead lightly.

Priya stirred little in her sleep..as she is still now in her dream..dream of her prince,his love confession and passionate love and desire for her ..

Priya: sone dijiye na..

again ram was overwhelmed by his wifes cuteness ,coz before today he was experienced with Priya s hitler avatar ..but the cute baby inside his priya is all new for him.

Ram again feeling like some urge to move forward again with Priya ..to kiss her those pouted lips .which is so much attractive to his eyes that he could not able to move his eyes for once..but tried to control himself as he does not  want   Priya in pain...

Controlling himself Ram said moving back ward

Ram: priya subah ho gayi hai..

Priya came from her dream after listening her prince voice so near to her ear..

And tried to move backward ..but realized her condition..

Covered herself with duvet properly  she said ..

Good morning Mr..Ka..Ram..and blushed ..

Ram was totally in cloud 9..her attitude,her blushing all r created a storm in his mind,in his heart ..he just starred at Priya ..

But priya could not match her eye contact with him..she was shy..and said..

Ram aise ky dekh rehe hai aap..?

Ram: nehi..matlab wo..tum..tum ..bohut khub surat lag rehi ho Priya ..

Priyas cheek became like fresh cherry ..she said nothing

Ram: wo Priya tumhe kuch dena hai..

Priya: abhi?Kya:

Ram: are baba dikha raha hu ..wait to karlo..

And took out a ring from his side table and slide it in Priyas ring finger on the other hand..

Priya was mesmerized as the ring  was perfect in her finger now not like their arrangement ..and it has a diamond on it which shows Rand P in different angle..

Priya: ye aap kab liya?

Ram us din jab shopping karne gaye   the hum..yaad hai ..main 1 hour k liye gayab ho gaya tha usdin

..kyun tumhe pasand nehi ayi ?aab to sahi hai  na..

Priya went close to him and rested her head on his chest..

Mujhe bohut pasand ayi..thank u ..thank u very much..

Little amount of tears rolled down from her  eyes

As its the symbol of overwhelmed emotion.

Ram positioned him ..with the help of the bed rest in such way that Priya could rest her head on his chest comfortably..

Priya caressing his chest by her left hand..

Ram caught her hand and kissed it

Thank u priya ..thank u very much for coming in my life ..only for u I want to live more and more ..thank u for being there ..u r my world..my love everything..

I will love u only love u still my last breath ..

Priya kept her hand in his lips ..

Plz dont say like that

We will love each other only, still  our last breath ..u r my life ram..if u r saying about ur last breath then how would Priya survive without u?

Ram kissed her forehead..

And caressed her head gently ..

after few min  Priya looked at ram .and  said ..

Kitne baje honge ..mujhe fresh hona hai..

Ram: hmm 7 baje ..late nehi ho jayenge ..hum..

 Again she rested her head in her fav position..

Ram: priya

Ek baat bol sakta hu

matlab ki.

wo .

Priya: aare aap aise kyun bol rehe hai ..boliye na..

Ram: actually ..when I woke up and saw u so much near to me ..ur lips attracted my attention very much .

may i?

Priya kept her head down with shy smile..

Ram: agar tumhe problem hai to ..

Priya looked at him

And her looks expressed that she also wanted the same as ram..

And ram could understand her desire and eyes expression too.

Ram kissed her lips softly but ..as both were willing to move further ..the kiss was end when they felt to breath heavily ..

She kept her head down

Ram: priya ..jaake fresh ho jao ..

Priya : hm..par..

Ram: par kya?

Priya: mere kapde..

Ram: wo ruko main mera kurta de raha hu ..pehen lo..

When Priya was going to washroom wearing Rams kurta ..

Ram thought  ..he was the one who just not gave Priya to touch his suit ..now Priya is wearing his kurta..

After entering the changing room.priya s attention caught by the private tag..she remembered their ph convo when he was at USA ,,she was feeling shy ..and irritate too  to check his drawer as there were some private stuffs of RAM..

But now

Ajeeb Daastaan Hai Yeh

Kahan Shuru Kahan Khatam

Yeh Manzile Hai Kaunsi

Na Voh Samajh Sake Na Hum

At breakfast table ram and priya were accompanied by their best buddies and that are none other than Neha and Vikram..but niharika was not there as she still could not digest yeasterdays breakfast part..and mamaji also missing as his master was absent ..

And dadi was feeling hungry so she was done with it ..only the awesome foursome

Neha sat beside priya and ram and vikram just opposite at them.

Vikram: kya baat hai ram aaj tujhe bohut satisfied look me dekh raha hu..koi business deal pakka hogayi kya yaar ?

Ram: nehi jindegi ki deal..and looked at Priya ..

Vikram: matlab..?

Ram: aabe chodna yaar .breakfast kar jaldi ..aur ofc jaldi chal..ghar bhi jaldi aana hai mujhe..

Neha: wah fatty ajkal ghar me aane me bohut hi energy hai..

Ram: are kuch nehi yaar ..aj nutz aur Ayesha ka fashion show haina isliye

Neha: are ha main to bhul hi gayi thi.

Priya to ek kam kare hum aj dopeher ko beauty parlor chale? What say mam..

Priya: nehi ..neha main aaj na, nehi ja payungi tumhare sath meri ek imp class hai..but the reason behind was different which was discovered by Priya as  her bathing time.

Neha: by the way madam aaj aap to bohut hi glow kar rehi ho ..kya baat hai..

Priya: nehi yaar kuch nehi ..aisa ..bohut dino k baad kal rat bohut achise so payi main isliye

Neha: o..par mujhe laga ..chodo ye sab baate ..now we have to go..yaar sham ko milte hai..baby come soon..

Vikram: ok ram sham ko milte hai..


At car neha and Vikram

Neha: baby mujhe na lag rehi hai k priya and ram  age bad gaye..

Vikram: are yaar tum kya bol rehi ho..

Abhi tak RAM Priya ko propose hi nehi kar paye ..ha ye to pata hai k dono pyar karte hai ek dusre ko ..but batane se pehle kuch nehi hoga in dono ka..

Neha: par mujhe lag rahi thi yaar..

At changing room..

Priya was all set just going to put vermillion on her head.

But saw ram was approaching towards her ..and said ..mam may i?

Priya gave it to ram

Ram put it on her head and kissed her forehead.

Ram priya aaj to tumhari koi class nehi hayna..

So tum to neha k sath ..

Priya: nehi wo ram..

Ram: kya ?

Priya: nehi main aaj Parlour nehi jaa sakti thi

Ram: are yaar wo hi to main puch raha hu ..kyun..

Priya blushingly ..kyunki and showed her neck..a little bit sign of rams love..and said..

Bohut sare hai aisa ..

Ram also blushing but said..tumhe dard ho rehi haina..

Koi ointment ..

Priya just nodded her head in no..and hugged him tightly RAM also hugged her  and said I love u .

Priya: I love u too

Ram kissed her  head ..

And tightly caught her in his arm.


I think this is the most romantic one from me..

Yaar ..i am not at all good in such type of part..

But I tried so plz do comments and the silent readers too ..as always I am waiting for ur comments ..


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Awesome update...
continue soon !!!!
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Originally posted by Mini1991

Awesome update...
continue soon !!!!

 aabhi tak gussa ho..
itna chotusa comments Cry
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romantic update
u penned down beautifully..
loved each part and the description of nature, love all are good.
now this is different. during fashion show in balh priya is angry and Raya yet to consumate their love.
now see how u show this another misunderstandingShocked
continue soon and thanks for PMSmile
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romantic updateEmbarrassed
liked it all

continue soonEmbarrassed
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Originally posted by shamavi

romantic updateEmbarrassed
liked it all

continue soonEmbarrassed
 thank u sham 
thank u very much 

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Hi Smile

Superb yaar..ClapStar 
Good Going..Thumbs Up 
everything nicely portrait-ed ClapClapStar 

Thanks for pm
continue soon..Smile 
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awesome and romantic update
continue soon waiting and
thanx for the pm
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