TERE MERE SATH 15th part 25th oct page104(Page 27)

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Waiting fr the next part madamji...

Update soon...

i will try to update it today yaar

kk...waiting... Day Dreaming
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This is going tio be the last part of this OS..May be or May be not..
But now all I want ur comments and like .from the silent readers  too.

Priya felt guilty ,ashamed on herself about her deed..All she wants  apology from her man, but when she heard Ram's words, it hurts Priya ,more than her guilt, though she is the only one who is responsible to create this situation but how Mr.Kapoor uttered such type of words about her ..she knows   Mr.Kapoor can't control his anger ..and also she knows that in an enraged state when one man utters something must be some how he /she feels like that ..this thought creates a gale in Priya's heart ..1st she can't believes her ear ..on the second thought  she thinks may be all her thoughts were wrong ,there is no feelings for her in Mr.Kapoor's heart..If he feels a little bit for her and can realizes her love towards him  .then never ever he said something like that ..
She went to changing room 
In the other side Ram is standing at window and thinks himself
Kyun priya har time tum aise karti ho..aj main kitna khush tha ,,tumhe aapne dil ki baat batane wala tha ..par tum sab kuch mess kardi priya ?kyun? ha wo aurat ,bat kismati se meri maa hai..aur mujhe ye bhi pata hai  k wo kangan sayad tumhare liye ashirbad k rup me hi unse veji hai ..
Par har time agar main tumhari hat me wo kangan dekhu to it  will remind my mother,my childhood.jisse aj main yaad nehi karna chahta hu Priya ..main aage badna chahata hu ,tumhare sath tumhare pyar k sath ..i know u love me sayad more than I love u ..aur purani yaado me main jina nehi chahta hu priya ..jisse mujhe taklif hota hai ..wo  sare chize main mitana chahta tha tumhare pyar k sath .dosti k sath.apne pan k sath to phir kyun aj tum achanak..aisa kiya..
    But his alter ego thougth: sayad Priya tum bhi sahi thi..iss ghar me abhi tak tumhe apnane wala sirf dadi aur rishab hi to hai ..aur tum sayad ek saas ki pyar ko feel karna chahti ho.jaise choti ko apne shasural me tumhari maa deti hai..but my life is not so simple priya.it was full with thorns..
And after getting u I want to make it bed of roses ..badly I want it..so why r u trying to bring those thorns again in my life ,in our life Priya .why?
Suddenly he heard a sound of opening a door.yes it was from the changing room..and he was stunned to see the site ,coz Priya with her luggage bag tried hard to carry it.
towards  the main door.
Ram: kaha ja rehi ho (with his loud voice which is very much audible to Priya )
But Priya tried to avoid any further conversation with him.so she was silent and engrossed herself in her work.
Now Ram annoyed went in front of her 
Ram: kaha jaa rehi ho itne rat ..aur kuch ans kyun nehi de rehi ho?
Priya: main abhi guest room me ja rehi hu..subah papa k ghar chali jayungi.
It pinched ram directly in his heart..he stayed without her just last night and both of them could not sleep for a single bit so how could she make a decision like that more over without his permission.
Ram: Sharma house .. achanak?
Priya: yes …just want a break .. Ram:Break from what and why?
Priya:I don't wanna stay here and I think I have the right to choose about myself coz it is not related with u and ur past?more over I want  a break from this compromise relation
Ram:What? what r u trying to stay ?..u want to stay out of this room.out of KM,and specially out of my life andu think  it is not related with me..( with his surprised look)
Priya: Yes u heard right ..and main hoti kaun hu aapke life me?
Ram: Matlab tum meri patni ho.( he could not belive himself,,what is  exactly going around  him.
Priya:Hmm..par main aapki life narak hote huye bhi nehi dekh sakti ..and narak banana bhi nehi chati hu ..
Now this time ram realized what mistake he had done.yes he was angry on her ..sayad Priya samajh bhi sakti thi ..par he said such a thing that he never wants to say not even in his wildest dream ..and it hurts Priya ,his love...
(He thinks himself
Priya is the only one who made my life heaven in only 6 months so how could I say like that why I cant control my anger ..)
Priya dekho main aisa kuch mean nehi karna chahta tha
Priya : dekhiye Mr.Kapoor ..i was sorry ..and I am too ..sayad aisi kuch kehne aur aisi wish aapke samne mujhe nehi batana chahiye thi.. actually I am missing her ..coz she is the only one who helps me to realize my feelings ,what ever ,main aapse sorry hi bolne ayi thi ,par aapne bata diya k main kabhi aapko sukh de hi nehi sakti,humesha aapko dukh deti hu..aur isliye ur life is becoming just like hell..sach maniye ..i don't want it,,I don't want in my wildest dream..so  main kal hi chali jayungi..and tried to move from there.
Ram clutched her wrist tightly..
Ram:Main tumhe kahi  jaane du tab na
Priya tried to loose his grip and said aap kyun rokna chahte hai mujhe aur kis haq se bhi?..
Ram:Dadi k liye ,rishab k liye ..aur .
(priya did not give him the chance to complete his sentence)
Priya:I knew it, aap unke bade me hi sochenge ..
Main dadi ko koi bhi reason bata dungi..
Ram: Aur mere liye..
Priya looked at him with her surprised look.
Ram: Yes Priya I love u ..i love u very much ..ek pal nehi reh sakta main tumhare begair ,…to tum puri jindegi mujhe chod kar jane ki baat kar rehi ho..u know I am a hot tempted person..aur jaldi gussa ho jata hu ..
Par tumhe chod kar kiske upar dikhayu Priya? u r my life .u r my love ..yes I am crazily in love with u ..why don't u understand that ..aur main aapni purani sari baate bhul kar aage badna chahta hu ..tumhare sath ..aur isme agar tum mujhe support nehi karogi ..it will not possible alone for me Priya ..akela jindegi ji li maine aur nehi chahta hu main I want to forget my bitter past ..want to enjoy  rest of my life  with u and only with u..u r my family now...
U helped me to breathed again.u r the only one for  whom I am ready to live my life in a different way,which was not so easy for the business tycoon RAM KAPOOR ,phir bhi main change ho gaya ..Buisness tycoon ko chodkar sirf RAM KAPOOR ,tumhare Mr.Kapoor banke jina chahta hu abhi main. ..tum akar meri zindegi hi badal di Priya ..aur agar tum hi mujhe chodne k baat kar rehi ho..then main mar jayunga ..
He did not complete his sentence, priya kept her palm on his lips..
Priya:Aage aur kuch nehi bolenge aap..( with all her love)
Hm maine galti ki ..sayad aapke samne ye baat mujhe kehna nehi chahiye thi ..but I was missing her today ..coz usne hi mujhe ehsaas dilayi ki Pyar kya hota hai..usne hi mujhe ehsaas dilayi k main aapse pyar karti hu ..yes I also love u ..main bhi aapke bina ji nehi payungi..aapke bina ek sec bhi nehi soch sakti hu main.
Meri din k shuruyat hoti hai aapko dekh kar khatam bhi,saanse bhi leti hu to aapke hi nam ki ..
Ram hugged her tightly ..and uttered I love u priya .u r my life ..my love .my everything 
After few min .they broke their hug..
Priya: aabhi so jaate hai ,rat ho chuki hai bohut ..
ram: hm ..tum change to karlo …
(After all done Priya went to her couch .but in mind thinks)..aaj pyar ki izhaar k baad bhi hum aise soyenge ..aap bed pe aur main couch pe..? ek baar to keh sakte haina ..priya aao bed pe so jao..main aapki khane pe ,medicine pe haq jata sakti hu par aapki bed pe nehi ?
Ram thinks in his mind..
Priya aaj bhi tum couch pe sona chahti ho ..ek baar to aake kaho ..apna haq dikhao priya mere life me tumhari haq hai to mere bed pe kyun nehi? 
Priya tried to lie down on her couch ..
Ram: priya 
Ram:Tum chaho to bed pe so sakti ho..
Priya:Nehi agar aapko bed share karne me problem huyi to.
Ram:Priya sayad tum bhul gayi ho ..tum hi ne mujhe kaaahi thi k agar life share karne ki baat huyi ho ..to pehle sab chiz ko share karne ki baade me sochna chahiye ..aur mai Meri life tumhare sath share karne ki soch liya hai to bed kyun nehi..
Priya was pleased by her man's  answer 
She  moved towards the bed and in her surprise ram left his side for priya 
After few min 
They were in bed, lying ..but still now they feel some  bare in between them..this time ram wants to move forward.
Ram in his soft voice:Priya ….so gayi kya?
Priya:Nehi boliye ?
Ram:Tum comfortable ho na ..bed pe .?
Priya: Ha ,,kyun ?
Ram: Nehi matlab…. mere sath comfortable ho na..
Priya could sense ram was feeling something but cant say properly .
Now it was priya's turn 
Priya kept her head on ram's chest and hugged him from side 
Ram was  stunned but gave her more access to keep her head in a well manner.
Priya:Pata hai Mr.Kapoor..jab aap ne beach side pe meri hat aapne dil par rakha tha ..maine aapki dhadkano ko mehsus ki thi ..par aaj mujhe sunna hai aapki dhakdano ko..i can feel the eternity in its .
Ram kissed her forehead and caressing her hair..
Indeed it became 1st touch of his lips on Priya 's skin ..which directly touch her soul..
She knows it is his affection. his  care .and yes his love.
Ram: Priya u r comfortable with me na? matlab ki aab hum aage bad sakte haina.
Priya was  blushing and nodded her head in positive way.
Ram:Matlab ki main aab?
Priya starred at him and looked at his eyes 
Which  was full with his desire ..
But ram looked at her luscious lips ..and which expressed  his feelings ,his desire..Priya understood his man's desire and looked aside ..she could not control it too..
Ram; Priya I want to …
Priya was blushing more and hide her face in ram's chest ..
Ram could understand  her feelings and shyness ..so he uttered ..Priya I love u,I love u   as u r ,main kabhi bhi kuch chizo k liye tumhe force nehi karunga .I promise Priya ..mere liye tumhara sath hi sab kuch hain..
And again priya looked at ram and realized that  he is a true man,a gem person,,and this time priya's kohled eyes expressed that she also want to move on in her life with her man ,with her true  soul mate…
With out wasting a fluctuation of sec ram caught her lips..
It was their first kiss..,which was started as promise of being together ..but end with for the necessity of breath.
Ram hugged priya  more tightly than before .all he wants to loose himself in Priya's fragrance. Priya's body warm
Priya responded him..
Ram:I love u priya .I love u so much 
Priya: I love u too..
After few minutes 
Ram uttered 
So jao ..kal subah subah meeting hai meri ..
Priya:Gd ni8.
They tightly hugged  and went to the dreamland of each other where there is a promise of being together for the eternity. new ray of hope  to fulfill all desires, wish to discover their love life at ancient age..and must be to enjoy fullest  of their life as a teenager or matured  lover which  they missed at  their  proper age but without any regression coz at the last, life gifts them  with the perfect soul mate for whom every one craving ..for this gift they can wait another  long years too..as it is the bless of GOD to be in love with the true love lady or man.

 i think  it is the last update so plz comments 
eagerly waiting for that 

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Nice confession dear loved the way they solved their insecurities and journey from couch to bed was also nice ...dont stop ths pls continue ...thnks for pm
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Originally posted by sakshirambalh

Nice confession dear loved the way they solved their insecurities and journey from couch to bed was also nice ...dont stop ths pls continue ...thnks for pm
 thank u dear 
thank u very much 
Big smile
 again request for continuing Embarrassed
 ok i will try yaar Confused
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Posted: 2013-08-18T08:08:22Z
Superb confession...
Bt y is this last part??? Contn pls...
Liked the way...how ram and priya moved their parts to remove insecurities...
Very neatly descripted...

Contn the next part soon...
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Originally posted by chillpc

Superb confession...
Bt y is this last part??? Contn pls...
Liked the way...how ram and priya moved their parts to remove insecurities...
Very neatly descripted...

Contn the next part soon...
 madam ji ..aa gayi aap ..
thank u ji 
ye aapke liye itna jaldi 
update de di maine
another reqst ..
yaar aab kaise continue kar sakti hu..
feeling sad yaar 
 thank u dear 
aur aap like kyun nehi deti hai Cry

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good end? but i think u shd continue itSmile
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Originally posted by shamavi

good end? but i think u shd continue itSmile
 thank u sham 
no idea still now yaar 
and more over 
not feeling good 
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