Goddess Laksmi reveals 6 secrets in Mahabharat

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Posted: 2013-08-02T01:45:55Z

Goddess Laksmi reveals 6 secrets in Mahabharat. Know them all here

In Mahabharata, there is a context that has been associated with Devraj Indra and Goddess Mahalaxmi. In this context, Mahalakshmi has herself told about the houses of people she likes to live. So, who are
those people who have this special grace of the goddess?

In all ages, every individual hopes to be blessed by Mahalaxmi for which he/she does every possible method to please her.

If you also want to become rich and please Mahalaxmi for it, click on this and know some secrets mentioned by Goddess Lakshmi...

In Santiparva of Mahabharat, Lakshmi goes to Devraj Indra and tells him about gods utthan and their patan. According to the context, when Lakshmi appeared before Indra, both Indra and Narad who were present
their praised her and sand the holy song. After this, Lakshmi told them
how people aal over the world live in her devotion and keep trying to
impress her. This is because I give complete glory and appear from the
lotus, which is why I am also known as Padmalini.

Goddess Lakshmi said that she is Lakshmi, Bhooti, Shri, Shraddha, Medha, Sanati, Vijiti, Stithi, Dhriti, Siddhi, Samridhi, Swaha, Swadha, Niyati and Smriti. And that she lives in the houses of religious people.

Lakshmi showers her blessings on people who do not run away from a battle and those who defeat their enemies without any scheme or plan. She always remains impressed with the warriors.

Lakshmi told Indra Dev that those people who are generous, intelligent, devout and honest, she resides in those houses. She said that initially, she used to reside in the area of Asuras, but since they
used to break religion, she left their place and started living with
the Gods. 

Then Devraj Indra asked Lakshmi asto why she did not bless the Asuras.

Lakshmi replied to Indra Dev that those who break religion, dont respect their parents, never donate, she does not stay with those people. Since Asuras used to follow all non-religious things and Gods on
the other hand were religious and truthful, I moved my place.

In Mahabharat, Lakshmi says that a place where the duffers are respected, she does not live there. A house where women are into bad things, she does not stay there as well. 

So, if you want Mahalakshmi to reside in your house follow these rules and youll never stay unhappy. 

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Nice. (:
Thanks For Sharing Proud India.
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