RAYA - My Way... update 2

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Posted: 2013-07-31T04:28:56Z

Ram caresses her waist nd pulls her closer nd Priya puts her hands in his hairs caressing dem nd gaves a tigghhttt peck on his lips..
Ram too responds caressing her waist nd back nd kiss bcums a long passionate one...
Priya Is Carresing His Hairs Nd Ram Is Moving His Hands Up Nd Dwn On Priyas Back..
He TurNs Her Nd Comes Slightly On Top Of Her Nt Putting Even A Bit Of His Weight On Hers Without Breaking D Kiss..
He Moves His Hands In Her Hairs To Angle Is Head Nd Deepens D Kiss.. Their Tongues R Mating Nd Fighting For Dominance.. A Low Moan Escapes From Priyas Mouth As He Slides His One Hand Thru Her Saree On Her Bare Waist Nd Careesing Nd Pressing Lightly At D Same Tym..
He Is Too Engrossed In D Kiss Nd Is In No Mood To Break D Kiss.. He Wants Her Needs Her Support Want To Feel Her Close To Assure Dt She Is With Him..
Priya Pulls His Hair A BiT Roghly Nd He Bites Her Lower Lip Nd Again Kissing Her Softly Nd Nly Pressing His Lips A Bit On Hers Jst To Stay In Touch Vid Her Nd Nt Moving His Lips.. She Too Dsnt Moves Her LiPs..
Ram Opens His Eyes Nd Sees Priya Gasping For Breath Nd Pulls Himself A Bit Away From Her Lips Nd Caresses HEr Cheeks Near Her Lips Which Were Swollen Cz Od D Passionate Kiss Dey Shared..
Priya Opens Her Eyes Nd Looks Into Dos Chocolate Brown Eyes Nd Colour Raises To Her Cheeks Nd She Shyly Looks Dwn Nd Removes Her HandS From His Hairs Nd Bites Her Lower Lip..
Ram- Priya Dnt Do Dis Yaar Its Nly My Right..
Nd Again Cum Closer Nd Gives A Light Peck On Her Lips So She Leaves Her Lower lip Which She Was Biting..
Priya- I Love You Ram..
Ram- I Love YOu Too Priya..
Ram Caresses Her Lips Vid His Fingers Nd Moves His Hands Nd Tucks Jer Locks Behind Her Ears Nd Says..
Ram- Priya M So Lucky To Have U In My Life.. U Understand Me So Well.. I Love U Soo Much Priya Nd M So Sorry For...
Priya- Enough Ram Nd No more Sorrys.. I Dnt Need Your Sorrys I Kno Hw Much U Love Me Nd Care For Me So Nw Dnt Say Sorry Again Plz..
Nd Vid Dt She PeCks Her Forehead Nd Took him In His Embrace ..
He Rests His Fave In D Crook Of Her Neck Nd Inhales Her Scent Deeply..
She Caresses His Hairs Nd Kisses Dem..
His One Hand Is Caressing Her Waist.. He Gives A Wet Kiss In D Crook Of Her Neck Nd Priya Closes Her Eyes Feeling His Warm Breath...They Jst Stay Lyk Dt For A While Feeling Each Other Nd Absorbing D Closeness.. Dey Jst Want To B Lyk Dis In Each Others Arms Away From all D Worldly Resposibilities Nd B Cid Each Oder In Their Own World..
BUt Alas Its Nt Posb They Have To Come To Real World Nd Face D Challenges Nd Win Dem..
Yes Dey Will Definately Win Any Challengs Thrown Upon Them.in Life As They Nw Know They R Together In Everythng Nd Being With Each Other They Can Face Any Thing And Win Over Any Problem As Long AS They Face IT Together..
ThEy R One Nd Nw ThEy Know That This Is Their Strength Their Love Trust Nd Understanding Is The Support For Them ...
Priya- Ram..
While Caressing His Hairs..
Ram- Hmmm.. Still His Face Hidden In D Crook Of Her Neck..
Priya- Hws Natasha ? Where Is She ? Did U Talked With Her ?
Ram Stayed Silent For A While Priya Again Caresses HIs Hairs Nd Said.. Ram..
She Felt A Wetness On Her Neck She Cupped Rams Face Nd Made Him Look At Her Nd D Sight In Front Of Her Made A Stab In Her Hear..
She Wiped D Tears Away Nd Kissed His Eyes Nd Said..
Priya- Ram Plz Dnt Cry U Need To B StronG Else How Will We Take Care Of Natasha.. Jst Tell Me Ram Where Is She I Want To Talk With Her Plz Ram ..
Ram LookeD In Her Eyes Nd A Tear Again Rolled Down His Eyes..
Priya Noded Her Head Nd Said Kissing Away His Tears Composing Herself So Not To Let Her Own Tears Shed Cupping His Face Said Firmly..
Priya- Ram Plz Dnt Do This.. We Will Handle Natasha Nothing Will Happen To Her.. Its Not Her Mistake And We Will Not Let Her Suffer Cz Of Kartiks Mistake..We Will Handle Natasha Together Nd For That U Need To B Strong Right ??
Ram- Seeing D Positivity In Her Wifes Eyes Jst Noded And Took Her Hands In His And Kissed Them..
Ram- Priya I Promise I Will Not Become Weak And Will Support Natasha In Every Which Way Possible..we Will Not Let Her Suffer..
And Den With A Tinge Of Anger In His Voice He Said.. Priya M Sorry To Say This But I Not Leave Dt Man In Peace He Has Ruined My Sisters Life He Is So Gng To Pay For Hurting my Choti..
Nd With That He Getsup As He Remembers ChoTis StaTe And Tells Priya Evrythng Wt Happen After HE Went Behind Natasha Wt She Did Her Change Of Attitude And All The Things WhicH He Saw IN His Beloved Sisters Eyes D Pain D Anger All Of Which She Was Gng Thru.. Priya Too Sits On D Bad And Is Feeling Very Bad For Natasha Ber Eyes R Wet And She Is On Verge Of Ceying Ven..
Ram - Priya Al This Happened Cz Of Kartik Choti Has Bcum Wt She Was Before Marriage.. She Is Nt Able To Handle Herself.. M Nt Gng To Leave Dt Man..
She Sees D Anger In His Bloodshot Red Eyes..
she HoldS Back Her Tears She And Hold Rams Hand And Made Him Again Sit On D Bed As He Was About To Getup From The Bed.. She Looked In His Eyes And Said..
Priya- Ram U Dnt Need To B Sorry.. I Am Just As Much Angry As U Are Vid Kartik.. He Has Let Me Down And M With U In All Ur Dexisions U Take AgainsT Him And Aboutt Natasha .. She Sighs And Says.. I Know Its Reaaly Gng To B Difficult To Handle Her But We Will Handle Her And Will Help Her to Come Out Of All This Right ?
Ram Squeezes Her Hands Nd Nods In A Yes..He Feels A Kind Of Soothing In Dis Stressful Atmosphere Cz Of Priya Being With Her..
She Nw Can C A Strange Calmness In His Eyes With All Those Anger In His Eyes..
He Smiles A Bit And Takes Her In His Embrace And Kisses Her Forehead..
Ram- Thnx Priya For Being Der With Me Nw I Have No Fear No Insecurities As U R With Me Nw.. I Love U Priya.. nd she Kisses On His Chest In Order To Calm His Racing Heartbeats And Says..I Love Yoo Too & M Alwz With U Ram...
Priya- Lets Go And Get Natasha Home Ram She Needs Us..
Ram Feels Calmness With Her Kiss And Was About To Say Something & They Hear A Loud Knock On D Door...
Both Sees Each Other Perplexed With D Intensity And Loud Bangs On D Door..
He Immediately Gets UP And Runs Towards D Door To Unlock It .. Priya Too Getsup From D Bed..Ram Opens D Door And Sees Somya Standing With Very Tensed Expressions On Her Face..
Ram - Wt Happen Somya ? Y U R So Tensed ?
Priya Too By Nw Comes To Rams Side..
Priya- Say Something Somya Wt Happen ?
Somya - Bhabhi Bhappa Woh Nuts... And She Is Nt Able To Continue..
Priya Holding Somyas Shoulder ..
Priya- Somya Speak Up Wt Hapn To Nuts Whers She ??
Somya- Bhabhi Vo Niche.. Rii...shubh.. Nn..uutTss..
Without Listening Further Ram Ran Dwn As Fast As He Can..
Priya- Come Somya Lets Go Dwn Jst And She Too In A Panixked State Went Down Along With Somya...

Continue... In Nxt Part.
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Posted: 2013-07-31T04:37:15Z
Hey guys sorry for creating dis new thread .. i was hvng probs updating in d original thread...
Bt nw its been updates in d original thread nd all d nwt updates after dis vil also b updated in dt thread only...
So continue reading from der only...

Thankyu...RAYA - My Way..
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Posted: 2013-07-31T04:52:51Z
wow lovely update...
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