RAYA - My Way... Update 38 pg 124

Posted: 2013-07-30T09:02:08Z
Hey guys i hv written dis story on RKR ven kartiks truth came out in d anniversary party...
I thought to update it on dis forum... hope u guys like dis story... :)

It starts from ver after al d drama abt kartik nd chotu nd rams outburst ven priya goes to her room... 


As priya reaches her room she sees Ram standing near d window..
she walks in closes d door nd goes towards him while calling him though she is in much pain she puts her hand on his shoulders nd says Ram...

He dosnt responds..she tries to turn him bt at dt moment she again feels a bit dizzy nd try to handle herself so dt she dsnt fall nd in dt process she glides her hands thru Rams waist from backside nd closes her eyes nd ven Ram feels Priyas hands on his waist he turns nd catches Priya nd took her in his embrace nd starts panicking..

Ram- Priya wt hapn wake up.. Priya..

he shakes her vid his hands on her cheeks..Priya .. Priya..

she opens her eyes.. 

He is nt able to c Priya in dt condition vid teary eyes nd so much pain..

Priya- Raaa..

before she says ne thng Ram.paces his finger on her lips..

Ram- sshhh...Priya..dnt say ne thng..

his eyes r wet ..
he jst carries her in his arms nd puts her carefully on d bed..
he makes her lay dwn nd sit besides her nd caresse her forehead nd hairs nd gives a loving nd caring peck on her forehead nd tears flow freely from both of der eyes..
he sees d hurt in priyas eyes which was caused bcz of wt he had said..
he dint meant to hurt bt it was jst d moment in anger ver dos words slipped out from his mouth..
he knew wt she wants to ask..
Ram den takes her hand in his nd kisses it..

Priya- Ram m fine nd feeling better.. Neha gave me medicines ven i was nt feeling well sometym b4

Ram- ven ??

Priya- ven u went behind natasha i felt dizzy nd was having pain at dt tym she cald d doc nd gave me medicines so.nw m better its jst cz of d stress nd steps which i took to came upto our room nw m fine..

Ram has tears in his eyes.. 
he sees priya deep into her eyes nd den caresses her stomoch removes her saree a bit nd kisses her stomoch..

Ram- m soo soo sorry baby nd again kisses her stomoch nd caresses lovingly nd says.. m sorry i was nt der vid u to take care ven u needed me d most nd above dt in anger i spoke al dt..
nw he was weeping..

Ram- baby i love u so much u mean d world to me nd i dint mean to hurt u..m sorry baby plz forgives me for even saying such a thng in anger..i alwz want to b vid u nd our baby nd my rockstar peehu..

Priya is silently sobbing nd nt saying ne thng ..

Ram- baby plz tell ur mama dt i cant live widout her nd plz tell her dt i dnt mean to to hurt her m really sorry nd he kisses her stomoch again.. 

Priya caresses his head nd pulls him up vid both jer hands in his hairs nd kisses his forehead..

Priya- m nt hurt ram i understand wt u r gng thru bt trust me dis tym m vid u by ur side in wtever u do nd wtever decision u take cz dis tym kartik is wrong nd he shld b punished..

after a pause she says..

Priya- Ram plz dnt ever say lyk dis again i cant bear dt our relationships future nd bonding depends nd is affects cz of d ups nd dwns in natasha nd kartiks lyf plz ram..

Ram- shh priya m sorry bt i really dint meant dt.. nd i promise al dis is nt gng to affect our relationship..

nd he takes her in his embrace she puts her head in d crook of her neck he caresses his hairs..

Ram- i love u priya nd i promise to b vid u nd our family forever..

nd pecks her forehead..

priya raise her head nd looks deep int his eyes nd eyeslock...
priya caresses his cheeks comes close Rams hand is on her back nd one tucking her lock behind her ears..

Priya- i trust u Ram nd i promise to b by ur side in every situation..

nd comes more closer..
dey can feel each oders breath..

Ram caresses her waist nd pulls her closer nd Priya puts her hands in his hairs caressing den nd gaves a tigghhttt peck on his lips..

Ram too responds caressing her waist nd back nd kiss bcums a long passionate one..

to b continue...

Hope u ppl like dis nd do comment... :)


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Posted: 2013-07-30T09:11:04Z
good one, emotional but sweet one, keep rocking with RaYaClap
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Posted: 2013-07-30T09:18:31Z
Emotional one but shows RaYa's love perfectly.. Heart
Great work.. Clap
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Posted: 2013-07-30T09:33:53Z
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Posted: 2013-07-30T11:14:31Z
It s interesting how your own ideals of intimacy between men and women are revealed in this. Would love to psychoanalyze the writers and readers of such fiction...

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Posted: 2013-07-30T11:31:39Z
nice start...
contn soon...Smile
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Posted: 2013-07-30T12:10:37Z
Originally posted by jineejiggs

good one, emotional but sweet one, keep rocking with RaYaClap

Yes vil def keep rocking vid Raya Smile
Thankyu... Big smile
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Posted: 2013-07-30T12:11:38Z
Originally posted by vironikajain

Emotional one but shows RaYa's love perfectly.. Heart
Great work.. Clap

Thankyu   Smile
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