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Hi to all.. this is first time I am writing something which is totally an imaginary idea or can say fictional take on the situation. So please sorry for the mistakes and enjoy the reading.


It all starts after plane crash. Ram somehow finds priya and now they both lead to search for pihu. After some searching and difficulties they found pihu also who is scared and they both consoles her, they both comes to know that pihu is also searches  for them along with a boy of age 9 or 10 years of age named Rohit  who also searching for his parents. Ram priya along with pihu consoles him and starts searching for his parents. In mean time rescue team arrives on the spot and Raya decides to take rohit along with them to KM and from there they can try to find his parents by using MR. Kapoor's contacts. They all reach to KM along with Shekhar and padma. Walls of KM along with its members have no bounds of happiness.  After gaining normality to life Ram decides to begin search for Rohit's parents through his contacts but comes to know they died in crash. Raya decides to bring up Rohit by themselves. Now back to life all members of Km decides that love birds Shekhar and padma should tie the knot in KM as marriage will bring laughter to KM once again after such a huge accident. All make arrangements of their marriage and Shekhar and padma ties the knot with all love for each other. All family members give their good wishes and blessings to them.

Now Raya have forgiven each other and have once again found love for each other. After some months priya gave birth to a healthy kid and as usual Ram n pihu has no bounds of happiness and ram behaves like a small baby and priya says by looking her husband with both kids '' bache to bache bap re baap'' and all laughs. Now all leads a peacefull and lovely life.

After three years Rohit gets the scholarship and go to London for studies, Raya feel proud on him as he has done it on its on by his hard work and without their help. Raya brought up their kids by all love and putting all good values in them.

18 Years later:

Raya are leading a lovely life along with their kids who are now grown up. Pihu turns in beautiful jovial girl and respects her parents a lot. Her life revolves around her parents and other family members as she till now she doesn't have a love life. On other side of world is Rohit who is now turned in a very handsome, dashing, humble, caring, intelligent, hardworking and successful businessman. He is a self made man.  He started his business in London without anyone's help even when Ram try to help him he requests that he only wants his moral support and every other thing he will manage himself, that day raya really feels proud on him they decide to respect his decision. Pihu and Rohit are good friends and share their every single and small talk of heart with each other by using phone calls and internet. Rohit is a successful business man and by his hard work is bringing his business to new heights in business world, sometimes Ram also ask for his opinion in his own business as Ram thinks rohit carries the most innovative ideas. Rohit respects raya very much and loves all members of KM specially pihu who is special for him. He is love with her but never pour his heart in front of any one not even to pihu though he shares every small and silly talk with her,  Ladkiyan uss par marti hain aur wo pihu par. He only wants to see pihu always happy and smiling. He loves her unconditionally.  As now he is successful businessman and is capable to lead happy and pros perous life he decides to return to India and propose pihu and also thinks if pihu says yes to him then he will ask her hand from raya with all respect and honor.

Here Ram decides that pihu should get married to one his businessfriend's son named sumit. Sumit is a handsome, humble, intelligent and hardworking businessman. He sees pihu and fall in love with her. Here pihu also says yes for sumit as she doesn't have love partner till now, so she decides to go with her parents choice with full faith on them. All members of family become happy by listening to pihu's yes. Pihu informs rohit about good news but doesn't tell him on phone call and asks him to return back as early as possible.  

When Rohit returns and comes to know about this he stood all heartbroken. But since he respects Raya and sees pihu's smiling face he decides to sacrifice his love. He only wants pihu's happiness and want to see her always smiling at any costs if it means to burn his own heart for her one smile he is ready to do it with all happiness in him. He talks with pihu and meets sumit and comes know that he too is a good guy and loves pihu therefore he also become happy for pihu. He talks and spends time with his childhood friend and love i.e pihu and helps her in shopping and all other stuffs with all his smiling face but pain in his heart. In meantime pihu also falls for rohit after spending time with him. She laughs, eat and share every single choice or ideas of her with him, he always encourages her with her choice of work and ideas. When pihu realizes love for him she gets happy and sad at same time as she has said yes for marriage with sumit, as she respects and loves her parents she decides to shut her mouth and to pour her heart in front of any one, she cries lot but remains silent for her family's pride as marriage date is after one week and it will bring bad name for both families if she decide to break marriage at this point when invitations are aready been distributed to all relatives, friends and in business world. After some days priya comes to know about this and decides to talk with both of them and that too face to face. When she talks both lovers come to know that the person whom they have loved also loves them and becomes happy. Priya decides to talk to Ram who in turn when comes to know about this first gets angry that why didn't they told him earlier but after priya shows him her wife's and mother's power and makes him listen to everything calmly, after coming to know everything he cools down and feel happy for his daughter for falling in love with correct boy. He decides to talk to sumit's father as at this point of time he should also be informed about this, but sumit's father gets angry on him ask for marriage should be done as if it doesn't happen then it will bring lot of insult to them . Ram doesn't agree with this and in result sumit's father says that he will break all business tie ups and joint ventures with him and it will bring great financial loss to ram, and he will also destroy rohit also. Ram in turn says he can do whatever he wants to do but he cannot gain his business profits on cost of his daughter happiness. When sumit comes to know this he with broken heart ask his father to not to do any wrong with ram. He also says that it's good that they come to know this before marriage as it saves three lives and their love and he will never stay happy with girl who loves someone else. His father feels proud on his son's maturity.

Sumit himself gives pihu's hand to rohit and ask him to keep her always happy.  Pihu and rohit's marriage took place and all give them their blessings and good wishes for life ahead.

After some months sumit finds a good girl and settles with her happily.

Along with Raya all love birds rest in nests happily ever after.

 The End.


  Hey guys this just an imaginary piece of work and if anyone is hurt from my words than I am extremely sorry for that. This is just my view which leads to happy love life and please do tell me your views for this work.

Thank you.

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Good attempt, nice one, keep it up, from next time do PM me if u post ur write ups Clap
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Posted: 2013-07-29T23:56:55Z
Lagta hai Ekta ki prerana hai..Smile

Good work. Generation to generation leap, RaYa love, Pihu love life in a single page.
Goood attempt.Thumbs UpClap
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Posted: 2013-07-30T01:56:06Z
Originally posted by jineejiggs

Good attempt, nice one, keep it up, from next time do PM me if u post ur write ups Clap

Thank you for liking. This comment of yours really means a lot as it comes from a great writer.  Smile
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Originally posted by bpatil3

Lagta hai Ekta ki prerana hai..Smile

Good work. Generation to generation leap, RaYa love, Pihu love life in a single page.
Goood attempt.Thumbs UpClap
Thank you for liking.Smile

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Originally posted by vironikajain

Good one.. Clap
Thankyou so much.Smile
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Posted: 2013-09-27T01:51:38Z
nice attemp very gud imagination... i felt it intesrting story... do PM me next time if u update anything...
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Posted: 2013-09-27T02:00:08Z
good oneSmile
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