AestheticArts#2 MehBeer,Arrow,TVD,JDJ,DebLan+(pg120,july25)

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Posted: 7 years ago

Banner credit: Prima/Trouble.

wanted something simple and without any pics in it. and she made the banner for me.. thank you so much Hug

Hello and welcome everyone to our second Shop Party
Heartiest thanks to everybody who likes, commented and encouraged us and we reached shop#2. 
I'm Tanzie aka Phoenix and we have Chakku_dayan aka Chakku. we started making stuffs for PKYEK forum and thn we opened our shop finally since that time she used to make siggys and me just avis so we both are perfect partners LOL 

I can make 
animated and non animated signatures
gifs of all size
Long and small icons
videos siggys etc

Mostly I use textures from devinatart and tumblr. from IF I use only Kinma, Mema and Jenzcreations's textures. my skills are varnished from tumblr styling anf tutorials mostly. Neethz aka blackbeauty taught me how to make avis for the first time..thanks to her . her tutorials helped me so muchHug
I usually make my own coloring because i like experimenting. if i use anybody else's psds and textures I will always credit them. Embarrassed

I try my own style all the time. so my siggys r usually different from each other. if anyone things it;s inspiration of their style. feel free to PM me and I will surely credit you. 


Aesthetic Arts
A. Arts (on avis)
P.Xeelan (on all the previous works)
P.X (icons only)

Special thanks to Mandy, Shreya, Diya, Nidu, Nafisa, Ninja, Renu for always appreciating, loving and encouraging my work and to all my fellow abhiya fans and RM fans for always using my stuff.  Love you guys Hug

Do I take requests? 

Yes when shop is open. For the rules for requesting please see the next post. 

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Posted: 7 years ago

Aesthetic Arts#1 

Req List

Massive update (Telly+ bolly)

Update (RM+Ap+VD) + Req+ PSD+ Annoucement

Update (MB+Ap+AsYa+Jaan+Bollywood+DD+SK+VD+OPEN

Update: Beauty and the Beast + TVD+ AbhIya+ RamLeela/Deepika+Open

Req List:

Update: MB+PKYEK+ RamLeela+DP+BnB++Sugg

Req List

Mixed update (JA+QH+Surbhi+PKYEK+KMH+Jaan+MB+Deepz+Req and more)

TVD+BnB+ Sukirti Bday+ RangRasiya+Rishbala+Icons+Requests

Req list

PKYEK + PaRud + DP+PC KWK + PC photoshoot + DP Bday + MJHT + Anshu-Pakhi + Req

DP, HTP , Sid, 2 States, Shraddha + Aditya KWK, Khuda Jane, The Originals, Shilpa, VD, PKYEK, VD, Ek haseena Thi

ZGH,AunZara,VD, PKYEK,MB,JDJ,Sandhir,Bolly+(pg95)

Rules for request

Give me HQ quality pics. Do not give more than 6 pics. Give me text to be written.
Give me atleast 4-5 days to complete the request.
Please use your requested siggy for atleast 3 days.

For avis, 
  • please give YT link only and HD.
 I won't be able to stack more than 4 avis. and if you are requesting for avis, please mention the size, how many etc.
  • Per person 4 avis only. 
  • Not more than 2 videos.
  • PLEASE dont pm me a request UNLESS it's birthday request. 
  • For siggys, HQ pics only and not more than 10 pics. If you want any of my particular style, please mention. thank you. Embarrassed

...: Shop Status: closed:...
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Posted: 7 years ago
...:PM List:...

If you want to receive PMs for the update please send a buddy request to this accountEmbarrassed:

Its easy to send PMs if we can follow just the list or LIKE this postto receive Pms and will add you from the PM account. Smile
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Posted: 7 years ago

Just a small view of my previous works. dont wanna make the page too heavy to load so just posting only few of my creations. 

Icons: (all size)



GIFs: (all size - 10)



Animated Siggy  n Video siggys:

Signatures (total -12):



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Posted: 7 years ago
I am ChakkuLOL

I won't say much about myself, but I joined IF way back in 2010, and got hooked to PKYEK forum. I am a big Abhiya pankha. Infact, I started making siggys in 2012 for Abhiya only.

Currently, I am loving RishBala and am obsessed with them. So most of my creations will be on that couple only since I don't watch any other show religiously at the moment.

I can make siggys and icons. I don't make avis.

I take requests when the shop is OPEN. I am open to all couples. But do provide me with HQ pics and the text you want to be written.
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Posted: 7 years ago





VD icons stacked.

ViSu icons stacked.

Long icons.

Made for VD's birthday.



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Posted: 7 years ago
Banner would be updated soon. rest first page updated LOL
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Posted: 7 years ago
congo on new threadSmile
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