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go amisha Big smile , i like her also
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Originally posted by sp_2012

go amisha Big smile , i like her also


Welcome Big smile

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Amisha Patel



I wait in her parlour, as in walks the fragile-looking girl with long hair that reaches down to her bottom, dressed in casual jeans and T-shirt with trendy slip-ons. She has an almost transluscent skin, devoid of make-up.

"Did they offer you anything at all," she inquires, as she settles down to a comfortable, hour-long chat, legs folded, hair rolled up. Then we get started.

Was a career in films always on your mind?
I'm the grand daughter of Rajni Patel, the late Indira Gandhi's right hand man. My father is a businessman, who has studied law and runs a chemicals and audio-magnetic tapes business. My joining films was out of the question. I've been a Bharat Natyam dancer from the age of five and that's been my only exposure to the arts. In fact, I'm sure I wouldn't be acting, were it not for the fact that the Roshans, who happen to be family friends, offered me the role in Kaho Na... Pyar Hai. My dad and Uncle Rakesh were classmates at school, you know, and they go back a long way. In fact, the role was offered to me almost seven years ago.

So when did you eventually decide to take up the Roshans' offer?
When I announced I was going to act in a film, there was World War Three at home. My parents are against it, to this day. But they said if that was what I wanted to do, I should go about it in a dignified, clean manner.

You also dabbled in theatre, didn't you?
I did. I was already modelling on and off, because Arti and Kailash Surendranath, who had done an ad with me when I was very young and another one just before I left for the States, got me to do several more campaigns with them. I did a play called Neelam, written by Tanvir Khan.

So how did you feel when Kareena was signed to play the lead in the Roshan film?
The fact that I wasn't interested at all in the film offer isn't their fault. They couldn't have waited all my life for me to say yes. The show had to go on. But I guess Uncle Rakesh's offer was so heartfelt that, ghoom-phirke, the movie had to come to me. And how does it matter who was the first, second or third choice. What is important is who does the film eventually.

Were you under some kind of contract with the Roshans?
My mom and I were lunching with the Roshans, when the offere was made to me again. And this time, all it took me to say yes was 15 minutes. That's how informal the whole thing was. All I did was sign a letter saying I would not do any other film until 70 per cent of the film was completed. Otherwise, there was no contract, only a verbal understanding.

What was your parents' reaction this time?
They were happy I was acting in a film by a family friend, and a good director like Rakesh Roshan. So they had nothing really to worry about.

Did you get to know your co-star Hrithik quite well?
I'd met Hrithik quite frequently but my memories of him were of a very thin, painfully shy boy who kept to himself. We used to meet as families at Uncle Jeetendra's and Hrithik never came to those dinners. Then I went away for four years to the States to study, and that's when he changed into the handsome hunk he is now.

How was it playing his lady love on screen?
Very easy. He was very heplful, but still very shy in the beginnnig. He never once made me feel this was his film, a home production. Of course, there was an air of confidence about him, and he knew what he was doing. He had all his homework done, from line to scene. Also, the fact that he'd been assisting his dad for seven years obviously helped.

Were you equally confident, too?
Oh, not at all. I was totally raw, whereas he'd had dance lessons, been to acting classes and so on. I began shoot within the week from that fateful day at the Roshan household, which changed my life forever.

Your attire and get-up in the film left a lot to be desired...

Uncle Rakesh has never been the sort to focus on such things as far as any of his heroines are concerned. He is more focussed on extracting the right performance out of you, which he succeeded in doing even with me. But wait till you see my next film. I have my own dress designer, now. Wait till every one sees the new me.
Tell us about the experience of working with Rakesh Roshan.
Well, he's an ace director. And on the sets he was very disciplined, very efficient, always finishing ahead of schedule, and always extracting the best out of you. He was like a director on the sets and an uncle off it.

How would you describe your first film in hindsight?

KNPH for me was a complete learning experience, a growth platform. I grew everyday, learnt new things. I was completely raw to start with, but I soon learnt how the film industry functions. For me it was like being back in school.

So did you sign any other films since taking on this one?

Even considering the fact that I wasn't supposed to, until 70 per cent of my first film was complete, I've signed quite a few films. The first was the Telugu film, Badri, released two months after this one, which became a huge hit as well. Then I signed Gadar & Aap Mujhe Acche Lagne Lage

What would rate as your dream role?

A role in a Yash Chopra film, of course, something like, say, Chandni, Lamhe or Dil To Pagal Hai. I'd love to do an Umrao Jaan or do a Madhuri Dixit in Mrityudand.

How do you deal with the adulation that's part of the profession?

As with everything else, there are two sides to it, both an upside and a downside. The upside's fun, of course, but I'm still struggling to come to terms with the latter.


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Amisha Patel


The world would be happier without money : Amisha Patel

You don't really value money till you start working for it. To me, money means being able to afford the necessities without it pinching. Enable me to fulfill my thirst for knowledge. Enjoy the good things of life. As children, we had very innocent pleasures-Rs 10 was so much of money. I remember buying those Kwality mango or orange sticks, it was like the highlight of my day!Money should be the servant, not the master. In a country like ours, it works wonders, it definitely plays a very important role. it is equated to class and respect here, where there are so many 'have-nots' as compared to the 'haves'. Money talks, bullshit walks.
It can be evil or good-it depends on how you use it. It is up to the individual.

I love all the feminine things, pretty things. I have this thing for perfumes. I spent my first salary on make-up. It really wasn't all that much, trust me! Mr Rakesh Roshan didn't pay me much-the amount was negligible. I don't mind spending a couple of lakhs on a watch! I don't drink, I don't smoke, no vices, but-I'm a complete shop-a-holic.

But, if someone left me a million dollars, I'd invest it, and out of the interest, I'd open schools, sponsor needy children. See, the things I enjoy I can do with the money I already have.

I think that within reason, star prices are justified. You've got to see that, over a period of time, this is all they have. This is the only source of income, and the span of working is a few years. In a government job, at least you're guaranteed a set amount every month. Here, there are no guarantees.

What is wrong with stars doing ads? There was a time when the public didn't want to see stars with a product-today, it is only stars who can sell a product. It's completely individualistic.

I'm not really money savvy, I wish I was. My dad is a very shrewd investor and businessman, so I've left it all to him. If I had to control my money, it would be gone sooner than it came.

I think the world would be happier without money, but human beings being human beings would find some other medium to destroy themselves. I think money can ruin relationships, because not a lot of people know how to rise above something as trivial as money. Anything that you want too much of is bad, even multi-vitamins! Maybe I can speak like this because I'm a 'have', and it's easy for me to discount something I take for granted.

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Smiles to go: Amisha Patel
She's grown up, has Amisha Patel. From the sweet young thing to a scheming, calculating temptress playing around with two men.

"The credit goes to Abbas-Mustan, my directors in Humrazz,"she says in that husky voice."They've potrayed me in a way that no one else has till now.My character is that of a strong and confident girl;sh belongs to today's times. For me, Humrazz will always be special because it's the first time I' ve played a character with shades of grey."

Is that the reason why Amisha went out of her way to complete the film? "Hey, that's not true," she retorts. "No one can blame me for being partial to any film or any producer. So far, all my films have released in the same order that I signed them. Humraaz was the only film I'd signed after Gadar and it was completed in six months."

Akshaye Khanna came and kissed me on my forehead. Does that mean that we're having an affair?

In fact, she says, signing a film, completing it and then moving on to the next is the right way of working. Ideally, she'd like to allot bulk dates and work on one film at a time. In an industry which works around the availability of busy stars, is that ever going to be possible? Even completing a project on schedule sometimes proves a tough task. Amisha sighs, "I don't mind doing just two or three films a year. But I must enjoy what I'm doing."

She reflects, "It has been a process of growth for me. When I came into the industry, I had no one to advise me. I was a babe in the woods who wanted to try her hand at everything. Now I know the kind of people I want to work with.

"One of those must be Akshaye Khanna. For, here he is, dropping in on Amisha to say bye, holding her face fondly in his hands, kissing her on the forehead before he leaves.

Au revoir over, I steer her back to our conversation. Now that she's figured out who she wants to work with, how does she pick her movies? It's the role all the way, she says. "Money has never been the criterion. I want to be a good actress. But if film-makers think my work deserves a good price, why shouldn't I build my own bank balance?"
If film-makers think my work deserves a good price,
why shouldn't I build my own bank balance?

Continues she, "It would be great if I could be remembered as Amisha Patel, a versatile actress, and not just as the daughter of Amit Patel. It's a great thing to stand on your own feet. In addition to that, its important for me to earn the respect of my fans as well as the people from the industry. And I hope good money follows."

In that case, she should be ready to cut her price for a good role; is she? "I did for Tanuja Chandra's Yeh Zindagi Ka
Safar," Amisha tells me. "I'm not greedy. If I was, I'd have been doing a lot of run-of-the-mill stuff. What I want is
creative satisfaction."

With a dreamy look in her eyes, she adds, "I would like to be a part of the films Mira Nair and Deepa Mehta make. I hope I make it big as an actress in commercial cinema so that I can do two popular films and one offbeat film every year. While the former will reach a larger audience, the offbeat one would be interesting to do."

One of her commercial films coming up is Suneil Darshan's Mere Jeevan Saathi which also stars Karisma Kapoor. This is the first time she'll be doing a two-heroine project, but she's confident: "I'm sure I'll learn a lot while working with Karisma who has years of experience. Plus, it'll help boost my self-confidence. I want to find out whether I'm ready to compete with such an established heroine."

I eat almost every hour.Thank God I don't put on weight easily.

I'm stumped by Amisha's gushing over Karisma. Just a few months ago the two actresses made news when they fought during the film's earlier schedule. Sez who, asks Amisha. "That was blown up by the media," she insists. "Nothing of that sort happened."Really?

Curioser and curioser, I think, as Amisha says, rolling her eyes, "C'mon, we are thorough professionals. We've done two
schedules together. Karisma doesn't allow anything personal to get in the way of work. In fact, she's someone I can relate with. She's worked very hard to make her own place in the industry. Even though she came from a film family, it wasn't a cakewalk for her. I've also worked hard to prove myself. Both of us know how to leave our differences at home."

What about Kareena Kapoor? After all, it's an open secret that Amisha and she can't stand each other. I blink as Amisha retorts, "This is a classic case of how the media creates rivalry where there's none. I don't know Kareena, ours is just a 'Hi' and 'Bye' kind of contact."

Hey, what's happening here, I wonder. Has she forgotten the long and bitter exchange of fire between the two? Taking a deep breath, Amisha asks, "Have you seen these remarks? They're all one-sided. I've never said anything. There's no need for that. It doesn't bother me if someone says I have two stupid hits which don't matter. Because I know that they are the biggest hits of the decade. I don't need to prove this to anyone. My worth and calibre as an actress is well-known. I know she's not a bad girl. And I'd rather not say anything about a colleague."

Looks like Amisha has matured after three years in the film industry and has understood the importance of success. "No one is going to help me because I'm Amit and Asha Patel's daughter," she volunteers. "Out here, everyone worships the rising sun. After Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai, all the attention went elsewhere in spite of my successful debut. Suddenly, after Gadar-Ek Prem Katha, I was the new No 1. This really shocked me--one day you're up there and the next, you're down with a thud."
The highs and lows can get to you badly, she points out, but "That's where your education, your family background and friends come in handy. Far from treating me like a star, my friends keep reminding me of my roots!"

Hmmm, and what about her love life... and a certain Mr Bhatt? She says in an irritated tone, "If a heroine associates herself with a single man, does it mean they're having affair? Vikram is a very sweet person; he is my director first and then a friend. My brother is working under him so now he's a family friend. Nothing more than that. It's awkward being linked with someone you work with."

But the buzz is that Vikram and she have reached a stage where horoscopes have been matched, I butt in. "Puhleeeeeeeeez," she bristles. "Do you think I'm a fool to get married when my career's going great guns? Getting along with someone doesn't mean that I'm having an affair with them. You saw how Akshaye Khanna came and kissed me on my forehead. Does that mean that we're having an affair? If Abbas-Mustan or Anil Sharma weren't married, I'd have been linked with them too.

"You know, it's embarrassing when you're on the sets and people look at you askance. It's especially weird working with a person you've been linked with," she complains.

Ok, so let's move to her business venture--she's opened a food joint called Fire Place in Mumbai. "Oh, that's my father's brainchild," the actress beams. "He knows how much I love food. I eat almost every hour. I'm lucky that I'm blessed with a good metabolism. Thank God I don't put on weight easily."

Lucky her--Amisha really has a lot to smile about!
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Amisha Patel to do a south indian Movie "Nani" with Mahesh Babu & other, Movie produced by Manjula Mahesh Babu's sister music scored by  " A R Rahman,Costume designer Neeta Lulla, Rocky S & movie directed by  SJ Sunray checkout Amisha's new interview on the set 'Nani'

watching Amisha Patel handle Telugu, and her role is fun. On one side is the placid lake of Kondapur and on the other, frenzied action of the shooting crew. Director S J Suryah enacts a scene for Mahesh Babu and Amisha Patel, and they are ready to roll.

We are on the sets of Nani, produced by national award winning producer and Mahesh's sister Manjula. After a strenuous shot, Amisha takes a breather.

And talks about her second Telugu film. "After Badri, a lot of Telugu offers came my way. In fact, Suryah approached me for the Telugu Khushi. But I was doing Gadar and had no dates. So when this film came up I found the dates somehow. It's wonderful movie. And I'm acting with Mahesh, who's a young, hot and happening star here like Hrithik Roshan is in Bollywood."

Amisha is also set to debut in Tamil films opposite Vijay. "I accept a southern project if I'm greedy for the role," she says.

In the span of three years between Badri and Nani, she has observed a lot of change in Tollywood. "There's a lot of difference, even in the way I look. In Badri, I was wearing more traditional costumes.

Here, we've got Rocky S and Neeta Lulla to design costumes for us. The sarees, the accessories – all are very with it and hep."

Hyderabad finds a special mention in her conversation. "This city is my lucky charm. I shot here for Humraaz, which is a huge success."

From Kaho Naa Pyar Hai to Humraaz, it's been a satisfying journey for this economics gold medallist who shifted to films since she was tired of a nine to five job. "I've often felt that I have no time to breathe now. But I think I am lucky since a lot of talented stars are sitting at home without good roles. It's the survival of the fittest in Bollywood and I am lucky to have had one hit a year."

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