Happy Birthday Mini aka Desigirl <3

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Posted: 7 years ago

P.S Mini I Hope the PM zee sent u didn't scare you ROFLROFL All part of the planWink

Credit: EmaraldRockstar (it was her birthday present for you, but i loved it so much that i decided to use it as the bannerEmbarrassed)

[FLASH width=400 height=30]http://www.freewebs.com/dillmillgayye/Example/player2.swf?trackfile=http://sound11.mp3slash.net/indian/dostana/dostana02(www.songs.pk).mp3&title=HappyBirthdayDesiGirl[/FLASH]

*Desigirl hears a knock at her door. She puts her angry face on and goes to open it to be confronted byBebo and Chikni Chameli*

DG: what are you doing here? >_<

Bebo: ubaa---umm, Uncle jiii, hello namaste, how are u how's the dog w-

CC: *whispers* shut up B... umm *giggles* Uncle jii we came here to  uhh talk to you.

Bebo: uhh yeah..you see...well...there is this thing...uhh at the..at the

CC: LIBRARY! *Forces on a smile*

Bebo: Yes, the library *weakly smiles * What? really we are going to the library?

*CC stomps on Bebo's foot*

CC: Just go with it.

Bebo: *whispers angrily* Kamini out of all the places you thought of the library when it's summer and nobody is in school, I applaud your ingeniousness.

CC: HOLD the applause, i know i'm awesome but *snorts*  it's not a good time! And it's your fault for stuttering, i mean out of ALL people you who doesn't know when to shut up decides to have a brain fart now? *rolls eyes* It made me nervous so i blurted out the first thing that came to mind! Deal with it *crosses her arms*

Bebo: ok ok, like hold the cockiness bro, ughh!

CC: I'm sorry were you talking to me because for a moment I thought you were referring to yourself *bursts out laughing*

Uncle jii: Are you ok Chemeli beta...? *queered*

Bebo SHE WON'T BE ANYMORE *glares at CC*

*DG sees that Bebo is going to pounce on CC any second and so for the safety of all she intervenes*

DG: Yeah the L.I.B.R.A.R.Y *emphasises on each letter whilst attracting the heated items' attentions towards herself*. There is a famous doctor coming in who is going to be discussing with us about his profession, and the experiences he's had thus far. It's going to be at our local library. I think we should go, it's good if we get on his good side, and he sees how dedicated students we are so in the long run if we need an internship or a college recommendation letter, he could act as bait *smiles* right girls?

*glances towards Bebo and CC without her dad noticing*

*Bebo and CC were gaping at her with jaws open in shock*

CC: umm what...yeah...totally!

Bebo: What she said ehh he he.

Uncle jii: Well then when you put it that way! Go ahead! By all means don't come home until you have him where you want.

Bebo: INSIDE ROFL O_O?  *giggles*... *the three heads simultaneously turn towards B, with the father daughter duo, their  gaze piercing through her flesh and CC who was merely restraining from collapsing with laughter*... w-what *LOL* I-I-I uhh... we should go INSIDE... to uhh DG's room... get ready  *smiles*

*CC and Bebo try hard not to giggle, but couldn't help it. DG gives them the glare and they shut up*

DG:  Anyways dad. Just like always i will make you proud. You go watch your news. I don't want you to miss anything important.

Uncle jii: Alright have fun girls.

*CC and Bebo walk up to DG*

Bebo: Daayyumm and I thought u were the innocent one ...not bad girl *hi 5*

DG: Oh you guys are so dead, just you wait and Bebo can't you keep your dirty jokes to yourself... sheesh!

Bebo: *scowls* 

CC: Oh shut up and get ready for the night we got plans for you *winks*

DG: *rolls her eyes* and closes the door on their face but internally she was on cloud 9.


DG: Guys come on, this blindfolding thing is so Cliche. I am 16 now!

Bebo: Will you stop whining sheesh! Are you trying to replace bhudi aunty? *snorts* 

CC: *glares at Bebo* Sweetheart you are trying too hard, I know ur screaming inside. You can thank us later *Removes DG's blindfold*

H.A.P.P.Y  B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y

*Screamed all the items*

 *DG opens her eyes to find herself in the middle of the dance floor*

DG: You guys are crazy *Her eyes enlarged and full of excitement*

Munni: Woah woah, Did she just call us crazy?

Challiya bitch.

Dhanno: You haven't seen anything yet *naughty smile*.

Dhunki: *blows a kiss to DG* This is for you moi desigirl *wink*

*DG innocently gives a puzzled expression  at Bebo and Chameli who were busy giving each other mischievous grins.*

Bebo: Remember you asked for it *giggles*

*lights turn off*

*Spot light falls on Munni who was on a stripper pole*

Munni: Dhek lakh lakh pardesi girl

Challiya: Ain't nobody like my desi girl

Dhunki: Dekhi lakh lakh pardesi girl

Chandarmukhi: Sab toh soni saadi desi girl

All item: Who's the hottest girl in the world?

*Bebo pushes DG out of the spotlight*

Bebo: ME?! ROFL

CC:Get out attentions wh**e Evil Smile 

Bebo: *Gasps*


Dhunno: I think she's officially lost it o_O

Chaliya: Get the f**k down before I come up there


Chundarmukhi: I knew this would be a bad idea -_-

Munni: Oh can it!

Chundarmukhi: haye DEVAAA now I'm being verbally harassed 

Munni: *FACEPALM*  we have bigger problems, holy mother of GO-

DhunnoMunni, heres an advise why dont u stop bossing everyone around and use your peanut brain to THINK ' but don't hurt yourself ROFL

Munni: OH NO U DI-INT!!

The three items explode into heaves of bickering whilst attracting the attention of all , including DG's*

DG: ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!... CC get the hell down here and you three just zip it >_<

CC: hehe... ermmm about that... the thing is i don't know how... sooo... CATCH ME!!

Bebo: i got you bro!

Munni: No wait I got her.

Dhanno: *pushes Bebo and Munni away* Horsy to the rescue, I got her bitches!

*CC falls right on her beautiful ass*

Dhanno: oops eh he he.

*All the items burst into laughter, even DG*

CC: *yells* DHANNOOO! Imma make you pay for the surgery now for deforming my beautiful ASS! 

Challiya: *shrieks* Better be a HOT doctor! I will be holding your hand through the whole surgeryCC, you can count on me *fans herself*

*CC turns to pounce on Challiya*

Dhunki: Well what do you know, God couldn't tolerate your whiny and annoying complaints that he granted your wish. Doctor at 9 o'clock CC.

Chandarmukhi: Sorry to burst your bubble, but how can you tell he is HOT from behind, he can be a guy in his 40s or something for all we know.

Bebo: Guess the "famous Doctor" just walked in *nudges DG and winks at her*

Bebo: *helps CC up* Oh get your lazy ass up.  Ummm I am going to go with her and see what suggestions he will give for fixing her deformed ass! *giggles*

*CC gives Bebo a glare, while the other Items start laughing*

Bebo: *whispers* I don't give a shit about your deformed ass, so just move will ya. I got a plan *winks*


CC: Yeah Girls, i think it's serious, and you know how important my beautiful ass is to me!

Munni: Yeah yeah, we all know you two want to hit on that doctor.  Let me remind you it's DG's birthday not yours.

DG: Let them go, just don't fight over the guy Please!

CC: This is why i love her the most!

Dhunki: *rolls her eyes*

Dhunki: You know if you don't go, I will just take him before u can get ur so called beautiful ass over to him.

Bebo *whispers* focus on the plan CC

*CC calms down*.

CCDhunki, we'll talk when i get back, on the dance floor baby.

*CC and Bebo walk over to the Mysterious famous doctor*

Munni: tauba tauba, the guts of that Besharam CC! Look at how she is flirting with him!

Challiya: Oyye don't talk Munni badnaam hui

Dhanno: Darling CC kiliye ROFL

DG: *clears throat* Who's the birthday girl? oh wait is there a party going on here, cuz i can't tell anymore.

Dhunno: Open ur eyes sistah... do you see people dancing... Getting high on booze and other shiz *disgusted*... As your older amiga I say we leave O_O... Something bad is bound to happen... OMG see that guy just bit her neck... Are we in a po*no?!?

DG: what the..?!? Gahh ugh.. I mean... GUYS I SHOULD BE THE CENTER OF ATTENTION... Not CC with her deformed buttox -_-


*CC and Bebo spot the doctor through the crowd and head towards him*

Bebo: hey doc I've got a patient for you... She agreed to pay in any form you please. *winks*


Bebo: Did the fall affect your hearing as well? Aww you poor thing. here doc treat her.

*pushes CC towards the mysterious doc*

CC: Don't touch me bitch *glares back at Bebo*

*CC turns to face the "doctor" shell shocked, at what she sees*

CC: ddaayyyaamm u are sexy!

Bebo: FOCUS, gettcho mind outta the gutter! *turns toward the illegitimate doc* wanna join us on the dance floor? *bats eyelashes* we can make your night VERY memorable

*CC pulls him to the dance floor*

*CC starts to dance, slipping one hand through her luscious hair, using her other hand to pull Mr. Doctor close, swaying from hip to hip*

Bebo: *taps CC's shoulder* Ahem.

CC: *moves back to give Bebo her turn* Oooh he is mighty fine *bites lip*

*Bebo starts to dance, and then smacks his ass* 


*DG watching them with enlarged eyes*

DG: W*F, are those two besharams doing :O! Abhi mein dono ka band baajha thi hoon!

*DG intervenes between CC and Mr mysterious from behind, mimicking Bebo's actions*

*POLICE SIRENS, doors get smacked down, and Police raids in from the windows for having inappropriate activities* 

CC: Save us Doctor!

*DG get's a glimpse of who the doctor is, goes mute and almost loses her balance with shock and embarrassment*

*Munni catches DG*

Munni: Kamini Chameli, this is all your fault. Who plans a birthday party and makes the birthday girl Faint! 

CC: My fault, how is this my fault? You wanna blame someone blame Bebo!

Bebo: Bitch don't you even go there. You are the legal one who booked this place! Police sahab jii, i am just 15, i was peer pressured by this Kamini *points at CC*

*Dhunki and CC look at each other, puzzled, *

Dhunki: Shut up you idiot! You are underage, and so are the rest of us, wanna make us end up in jail!

Chandarmukhi: I am too young to go rot in jail, there is no space to maar dala over there! 

HJ and Paro: SORRY we're late!

HJParo ki bachi took forever, i ain't picking up  nobody next time.. *crosses arms*

Paro: Beauty takes time, kamini *adjusts her hair*

Bebo: Well, girls you joined us on the perfect time *drapes her arms over HJ and Paro's shoulders* so which one of you has an escape plan?

Paro: escape plan?! for what?!

Dhunki: WE ARE GOING TO DIEEE!!! This won't look good in my college application!

Munni: Imma deform CC's face before i die *Pounces on CC*

CC: DUDE, i know i'm the biggest sex bomb here but no need to be so touchy!

Munni: *Moves back and gives her a glare* ok, one, NO... and two, imma keel you BITCH! this was all ur idea!

*While CC and Munni are fighting and pulling each other's hair, everyone except the Items manage to run away*

Police Officer: Handcuff and lock them up boys.

*All the items including CC and Munni freeze*

Challiya: No no officer, this is some mistake. You can't lock up the item girls! *holds head up with pride*

Chandarmukhi: *falls on the floor* Maar dala ohhh maar dala!

Police officer: With that confession, now I can my dear Item girls *sarcastic*

Paro: But, we just got here!

HJ: We are innocent I tell you! We just got here, and have no idea what these girls have been up to, qasaam se!

Police officer: Night ki naughty kahani end hogayi, yeh halkat jawani! *Sings mockingingly*

*CC looks at Bebo, giving her the signal*

*Both pounce on the police officer*

DG: Lock me up and take me away as far away from these girls as possible, I BEG of you!

*All the items girls freeze and comply*

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CC: I could of so beat that bas***d. What the hell does he even think of himself!

Munni: You're not even a match for me, let alone that police officer.*scoffs*

CC: Oh puleez, don't flatter yourself with your pole dancing skills!

Munni: Don't hold me back Bebo...Don't hold me back!

Bebo: Ain't nobody got time for that!

Paro: If only you let me get ready for five more minutes instead of rushing me, we would not be in this pot hole!

HJ: Oh so now it's my fault! Not the person who booked that damn place!


Dhanno: Oh she is going to have a BF! Brace yourselves!

Challiya: What the hell is a BF?!


Chandarmukhi:  Anybody have some popcorn?

Dhunki: I said SHUT UP Moonface!

Chandarmukhi: *Scowls*

Dhunki: You should all be ashamed of yourselves! Today was supposed to be all about DG, and look she is depressed sitting in a corner, but u guys can't even see that.

Bebo: *looks at CC* should we tell Miss Angry pants or let her continue with her rant?

CC: It depends *grins*. Alright okay, we tortured the Birthday girl enough.

Bebo: FINE... u know i really thought dhunki should've let her frustration out... *evil laugh*

CC: Oh, shut up *smacks B on the back of her head*

Bebo... u were in on this don't forget... I ain't the only pea in the pot here, bitch 

CC: Ya ya, whatever *rolls eyes*...

*CC turns towards the rest of the items* 

CC: GUYSSS we have a surprise 

Dhunki: What? are we going to a brothel for Dhunno's birthday?

Bebo: *stutters* pffttt i was so not planning to do that.. hehe

DG: Can i get my surprise, NOW -_-

CC: Move Bebo *pushes out of the way*

Bebo: uhh... COONTTRROOLL, if this dress rips mujhse bura aur koi nahi hoga, i paid more for this then it took to bring you to this world... you don't know what i'll do  *glares*


DG: CAKE!! ahhh... OMGG!! 

Munni: make a wish and blow out the candles :)

DG: hmmm what do i want...? *taps her finger on her chin*

Dhunno: You know what i want? THE CAKE! so hurrryyy

*DG contemplates on what she should ask for, if this really works then it shouldn't go to waste with something money can buy any day. These opportunities are not handed over but are earned with time. So, why not ask for something one in a million, right? She finally made a wish, anonymous to all but herself and blew out the candles*

HJ: SO? what did you wish for? *raises eyebrow*

DG: Its a secret *giggles*

Bebo: Hey, DG wanna hear something hilarious? This WHOLEE thing was a setup! Me and CC bought the officers and made them arrest us hahahahaha ROFL *pats self on the back* I KNOW classic.

All the items: 

Bebo: IT WAS ALL CC 's idea (insert a "hands in the air" gif)

CC: Whoa whoa whoa HHOOLLUP what did u just say? Girl THIS was all ur idea, I just made it a million times better by helping ROFL

Paro: Guys, not again, will you both stop arguing and tell us your motives, I mean what was the point of all this?

Bebo: To make the day way more exciting then how CC planned it. Her idea was as OLD and BORING as herself ROFL *grins*

CC: umm... Ya, right whatever helps you sleep at night *pats B's back, with more force than needed*.. WELL moving on from Bebo's bull talk *smirks* we've got someone very special to bail us all out.

Bebo: He's here to teach the birthday girl a lesson *winks*

All items: oh hoyeee!

DG: Oh shut up guys and stop pulling my leg!

HJ: *whispers in her ear* You could've wished for Ian Somerhalder u selfish kamini *giggles*

DG: Idk what you are ta--*freezes*


Mysterious Doctor: If the bailing procedures are taken care of now, could you please open the door to their cell.

Police officer: Of course Mr. Dhawan. Right this way.

Challiya: Omg omg omg Ohhh EMMM GEEE!

Chandarmukhi: He is coming this way *nudges DG*

Paro: Eeeh he is alright nothing like my devdas, but finally Moonface! Eyeing someone else's man instead of mine.

DG: oh shut up guys and catch me! I am going to faint! I didn't know my wish would be granted this fast! *Hyperventilates*

*Policer Officer opens the door to the cell and Varun walks in, Bebo and CC were leaning on the Cell bars with a sly smile*

Varun: Hello girls *flashes a crooked smile*

CC: Tera Pant Bhi Sexy

Tera shirt bhi sexy

tera baal bhi sexy

Ummm neeed a rumaal? *smirks*

*Item girl's erupt in laughter, while CC could feel the glare DG was sending her *

Bebo: Tera ass bhi sexy hai!! *goes to grab his ass*

*CC Pulls her back*

CC: We both had fun tonight, but don't take it to heart, you are just not our type.

*CC takes Bebo hands and they walk out*

Bebo: EH!! bitches lets go and leave them ALONEEE


DG: H-h-h-HIII... eee

Varun: Hey, birthday girl, your friends tell me you're in LOVE with me ROFL...  but it's not like i'm very surprised... after all i am irresistible  *smirks*. But you don't look any less yourself. I hope this would be a big enough thank you for your support *kisses DG on the cheek*


*Varun catches her before she hits the ground*

Varun: Desigirl... *pats her cheek*... desigirl... wake up...


CC: BITCH !! wake the hell up!

DG: Varun...

HJ: wait up CC i got this!

DG: AHH.. im drowning im drowning.. SAVE ME VARUNNN!!

*DG wakes up to realize that the previous night was a mere dream*

All Items:  HaPpY BiRtdDaY ! 

Bebo: You have noo idea what we've got planned for today!

DG: OH, I think I do... *winks*

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Posted: 7 years ago
Happy Birthday Mini! Hug Gosh I'm SO Late in wishing you ughh i feel so bad! Cry
Ahem...I know you like, sorry, LOVE Varun so ehm..i made ya something. Hope you like it hun. EmbarrassedLOL

Wishing you a very happy birthday Desigirl. Hope you had a great time. Munni Loves Ya kiddo! Hug

Sadiie x

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Posted: 7 years ago
Mini !! Big smile !!

** !!

Enjoy Your B'Day , Have A Blast !! Big smile !!

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Posted: 7 years ago
res for my message :)


AAAhhh it's ur birthday damini ...ur finally 16!!!Party

I hope u had a blast, and that ur sister smashed some cake from my side Evil SmileLOL

Ur one of the sweetest, kindest, and amazing person i knowEmbarrassed whose favorite phrase is IDK ROFL  I am just pulling ur leg :P

I wish i could of done more for u, but i was busy making ur thread with Bebo! man that felt like writing a story LOL I hope u liked it though and it made ur day a little bit more special hehe :P

Here is anothe gift from my side. It's not much, and i ain't a pro, but just made it for u. Hope u like Wink  

Muahhh! love you mini HugI hope i did not give u a heart attack with my pm ROFL But i bet it was all worth it Wink
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Posted: 7 years ago

Happy wala Birthday Minii aka Mrs Dhawan.!HeartHugHug You are such a sweet girl. <3 Its been long since I've talked to you.. You are a person who was always so supportive. On this special day, your birthday, I hope you had loads of fun and joy around. I hope you were smiling all day with your full set of teeth shown brightly.- like this: Big smile.

Happy Birthday and Happy Birthday! May God Bless you to the fullest and enjoy every tiny bit of your life. <3 You deserve all the happiness in this whole world! Big smile I wish and pray that you achieve all success in your life. Have a great great year ahead filled with surprises and happiness! Big smile

I am looking forward to talking to you soon.. I hope that soon is really SOON! ROFL Wish you a happy birthday once again and loads of love to you from me. Heart

Loads of love and hugs,

P.S: I am drooling over the thread! Its such a lovely thread for a fantastic girl. <3

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Happy Happy Birthday Mini!Party
I hope you have an awesome day!Big smile

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