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Love Never Dies
This is my 1st os  I wrote this for some special reason..and now post it here ..plz read and comments..it means a lot to me..
At morning, In Jaipur, 
Priya wake up from sleep, She Could hear the  birds  chirping and  a   cool  morning  breeze  , and warm  rays of  sun. she  stirred in the  bed . stretched her arms ,she open her beautiful eyes . She gently rubbed them and woke up.  As she opened her eyes , it was her most fav sight in front of her. Her husband. She smiled at him.
"Good morning Mr.Kapoor" Ram also greeted her Good morning with a cute smile. Priya tentatively reaching up to run her fingers gently through his hair.He stirs,raising his bright brown eyes to priya and pulled her closed to him.Priya kept her head on Ram's chest and kiss his heart and said.
Priya: paata hai duniya ki sabse khub surat chiz ko mehsus ki jati hai, aur this heart and its beats are the most beautiful things for me.
Ram: caressing her hair.Hm….. pata hai  ye duniya ki beautiful chiz kyun hai,kyun ki yeha par jo hai wo duniya  ki sabse khub surat ladki hai.Mrs.Priya Ram Kapoor.
Janti ho priya paanch saal me iss din k liye main tadpata raha,aaj ka din tumhe yaad hai na priya?
Priya: aaj ka din main kaise bhul sakti hu,Mr.Kapoor, paanch saal pehle aaj k din hi to aapne yehsaas dilayi thi mujhe ki I belong  to u.I am special for u.I also craving for  this day in five years Ram.
 After hearing RAM  from priya Ram raises his head and winks at her and said :haye…..priya  aaj k din ka start wakai bohut aacha hua na,after 6 months you called me RAM again.wow……. I am so happy.par pata hai tumhe tum jo koi occasion me ya special din me mujhe ram bulati ho na ye mujhe bohut pasand hai,aur ye special din mere liye aur bhi special ho jata hain,par ha mera life to aise hi special ban gaya,mere life me tumhare  aur peehu k aane ke baad.and kisses her forehead.
Priya: ha ha ,aaj mera GOLU bohut romantic mud me hain.aab uthiye barna peehu aa jayegi.
Ram: tighten his grip on priya's waist and said: no darling aaj tumhe chodne ka bilkul bhi mud nehi hai.
Priya: PLZ Mr.Kapoor bohut kaam hai,peehu ka school bhi hain,aur aapko factory bhi to jana hai na.
Ram: hm,……but Priya……..
Priya: hm.kya hai boliye..
Ram:par ,aaj rat main tumhe chodne wala nehi hu ye yaad rakhna.mujhe aaj rat bhi special karna hai….and smile naughtily at priya,  also losses his grip.
Priya:  she gives him a shy smile and went to washroom.
After some time peehu was ready for her school Ram and priya also ready for their respective work.
At noon,lunch time.
Ram called Priya
Priya: ji kahiye.
Ram: kya kar rehi ho?
Priya: peehu ko school se lene ayi  hu.
Ram: factory aa jao na Aj sath me lunch karenge.
Priya: ok mai ghar ja k lunch lekar aapki factory aa rehi hu,par peehu ghar pe kha legi kyun ki factory me uska khana thik nehi hoga and more over she is the daughter of ram kapoor to wo jyaada time bhuka nehi reh payegi….and gave him a naughty  smile.
Ram: annoyingly.Priya…… phone par bhi tumhara tana dena chodogi nehi  tum,ok jaldi aajao tumhara Mr.Kapoor ko  bhi bohut  jorose  bhook laga hai.
Priya: ok bye I am  coming within 30 mins.
Ram: bye sweet heart.LOVE YOU <3 and MISS YOU
Priya: ok ok …..bye and 143.
Ram: teasingly ,,,,kya priya ye 143 ka matlab kya hain?baato me kaho na jo kehna hai.I  HATE YOU bhi to ho sakta hain.
Priya: Ram….said angrily, main bahar hu aapki beti ki school k bahar,aur I  HATE YOU kabhi nehi ho sakta hai.aapko pata hai.
Ram: ok then  I took it as I KISS YOU. Ok chalo then meri biwi bhi aaj romantic mud me hain,to mujhe rat me practical dena padega ok?
Priya: blushingly uff wo…Mr.Kapoor main aap phone rakh rehi hu bye.see u in 30 min. and taking her phone very close to her mouth  and whisper I LOVE YOU TOO. <3
Ram: oye hoye main maar jaoya.
After some time priya reached at ram's factory.Peehu was playing outside from her papa's cabin with stuffs. Priya and Ram completed their lunch together, share some quality of time with each other lovingly.
At night Priya is standing at the balcony admiring the beauty of night with the moon light and twinkle stars and with her memory of 12th march five years back. which was not only memorable also  a very special day for her and her love, life means her husband RAM. 
Ram came there , standing behind Priya and holding her from her waist. rest his chin on her shoulder. and nuzzles  along her neck.  And said I LOVE YOU PRIYA, <3 I MISS YOU TODAY VERY BADLY.
Ram kisses her shoulder first then nuzzles along her neck.
An started to give her wet kisses along her neck.bit her earlobe, sending delicious tingles through her.
 Priya: nervously and shyly  said kya kar rehe hai Mr.Kapoor  Peehu aa jayegi.
Ram: continuing his work replied back.nehi aa sakti tum khud use sulakar ayi ho.aur main abhi dekh kar aa raha hu  ghode bech kar so rehi hai,akhir Ram  Kapoor ki jo beti hain.
Priya: ji.rested herself at RAM.
Ram: aaj na main tumhe kuch gift karna chahta hu.
Pata hain ye tumhare liye bohut chota hain par ab ye tumhare the ram kapoor tumhe sirf ye hi de sakta hain.
Priya: firse gift? Aaj ka humare pehle baar hain? ??
And saying this priya blushes and face to him hide her face in Ram's broad chest.
Ram: wo to nehi hai madam.par fir bhi , aaj ka din jo special hain and give her the ear rings which brought from market on Peehu's birthday.
And help her to wear this
Priya: pata hain Mr.Kapoor aap ka diya hua sabse badi gift kya hai mere liye aap khud.THE RAM KAPOOR HIMSELF,par  aaj aapko dene k liye mere pass koi bhi gift nehi hai.
Ram: also giving her the necklace and said nehi priya tum aaj bhi de sakti ho sabse khaas gift .sirf promise karo  agle har janam me tum meri hi hogi.
Priya: hm par hum na saadi jaldi kar lenge ok?to peehu ko bada karne main koi tension nehi hogi aur peehu ka koi bhai bhi……..
Ram: laughing loudly,and winked at her and said tum chaho to abhi bhi peehu ka koi bhai ho sakta hain..stared at her naughtily  then helped priya to wear this necklace also. at that time ram came too much close to priya that  priya can feels his warm breath on her face and closes his eyes tightly.
Ram: can see her condition also feels it.which was reflects by ram's action so he said to priya, are Priya humare 6 saal ki beti hai, fir bhi tum aise sarma rehi ho?  ? Jaise ki main pehli bar tumhare paas hu,aur pehli baar tumhe chu raha hu ,,,,  aur waise bhi ye ear rings aur ye necklace jyada time tumhare ears  pe nehi rehne wali hai.kyunki main thori der baad use utaarne wala hu….saying this naughitily. as I promised before  today I want to make this day very special again. And as soon as possible Ram kisses priya on her lips very softly. Priya was shocked by ram's sudden action and mean time it started rain.
Priya: face to balcony again. and stretched her hand to the rain drops. Ram also accompanied her,
Priya stared at ram surprisingly and said aap aur barish?
Ram: hm actually Priya jo log pyar karna jante hai na une duniya ki sab chize ache lagte hai,and tumhare ye ram kapoor madly  and crazily in love with his beautylful wife Priya.

For some time they enjoyed the rain together, from some where they can hear a song and lost in each other …….. 
yeh saajish hain boondon ki koi khwaahish hain chup chup si
yeh saajish hain boondon ki koi khwaahish hain chup chup si
dekho na dekho na
dekho na dekho na
hawa kuchh haule haule zubaan se kya kuchh bole
kyon duuri hain ab darmayaan
dekho na dekho na
dekho na dekho na. 
ram came very close to priya. and hold her hands.
phir na hawayen hogi itani besharam
phir na dag mag dag mag honge yeh kadam
ram tighten his grip on priya's wrist
haa saawan yeh seedha nahi khufia bada
kuchh toh baraste hue keh raha
priya looks  at ram lovingly……..
samjho na samjho na
samjho na samjho na

now ram proceed again and  hold priya from her waist…..
hawa kuchh haule haule zubaan se kya kuchh bole
kyon duuri hain ab darmayaan 
dekho na dekho na
dekho na dekho na
priya rested her head  on ram's chest and gave him a soft kiss on his heart.
jugnu jaise chahat dekho jale mujhe
meethi si mushkil hain koi kya kare
hmm hothon ki arzi aaise thukraaon na
saanson ki marzi ko jhuthlaaon na
ram gives priya a tight hug…….
chhuu lo na chhu lo na
chhuu lo na chhu lo
hawa kuchh haule haule zubaan se kya kuchh bole
na duuri hain ab darmayaan
dekho na dekho na….
dekho na hmm hmm hmm

priya also respond back. she gave ram a tight hug. they stay  in this manner  for   a long time…..

.they drenched in rain. now ram can not move is eye from priya.He took priya's face in his palm.priya felt very nervous by ram's proximity. Ram kissed her lips and this time he  deepens the kiss and priya also enjoying and respond back .she parted her lips and ram slips his tongue. they enjoy their sweet nectar through their tongues, some  time later they separated as need for air.and ram picks up priya in his arm ,Priya hold ram's neck tightly.and hide her face in ram's chest.
They came to their room.Ram insisted priya to change herself in front of ram as he also wanted to do the same .priya agreed after a little bit later  and the screen went black.coz the rest of all we know.
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Yayyy me 1 LOL
lovely update yaar..Thumbs Up
hayyy ram ji etne naughtyEmbarrassed
are yhi hota rha to peehu ko abhi bhi chota bhai mile skta hai..Wink
143 hayyy raya bade ache lagte h Embarrassed
thanks swetu Hug
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Originally posted by Mini1991


arrrghh alyaaaAngry

good one yaar... write more things
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very romantic OS song selection was perfect, pls write more Clap
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Originally posted by shamavi

Originally posted by Mini1991


arrrghh alyaaaAngry

good one yaar... write more things
 thank u yaar  ..are is baar bhi alya aage nikal gayi..ok next time main pejle tumhe pm karungi pakka 
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Originally posted by Dsudipa

very romantic OS song selection was perfect, pls write more Clap
 thank u yaar ,,yes one of my fav song
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sweet and lovely updt dear
its so beautifully written
thanks for pm
waiting for more write ups from u
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Originally posted by shamavi

Originally posted by Mini1991


arrrghh alyaaaAngry

good one yaar... write more things
uhu uhu,..tum mujhko gussa kr rhi ho CryCry
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