RAM AT DELHI 2nd part is updates on 15th july

Posted: 2013-07-14T22:21:00Z
As I promised I will update on Monday so here is the next  part-
This is a continuation part of RAM at DELHI..
I dont know how will be the 2nd part..but I am enjoying to write this only because f u guys..who inspired me a lot..
 last part for my darling MINI/alya 
The scene start  with RAM dials priya's no,( As his darling girl told him to call her before catching the flight..
)but after fluctuation of sec he cut the call as he wants to surprise priya..
At KM-
Priya is busy with her princess
Peehu –Mumma.papa kab aayenge..main to unhe aaj bohut miss ki..(with a puppy face)
Priya: (thinking just same like Peehu but cant express infront her dadi aamma..)hmm…aa jayenge ..papa bhi to apne  rockstar ko  bohut miss kar rehe hayna..(thinking about their last ph convo)
Peehu: par mumma apne kahi thi na ki papa  Delhi chodne k pehle ph karenge to abhi tak ph kyun nehi kiya???
Priya:  hmm…sayad  papa busy hai abhi..
Peehu: ok mumma ,main abhi meri room me  ja rehi hu .home work karne..papa ph kare to mujhe bata dena ..and mumma plz take rest ..papa  apko rest karne k liye bataya hayna..aur mujhe bhi  bol kar gaye hai ki main aap aur  chote baby ki khayal rakhu so ..mumma plz so jao..
Priya: (thinking Peehu is so like her papa ,kitna caring hai wo)
Ok meri maa main rest kar rehi hu.ok tum jao jaldi se apni home work khatam karlo..
After few hours..
Priya went to washroom and coming from washroom she just thinking something about herself ..and going to near the mirror..and starts to comb her hair,and that time priya also singing with her swt voice 
Aaja piya tohe pyar du, gori baiyya tope var du
And staring at ram's pic (one she removed  before 5 yrs from the side table of the bed)
Kis liye too itna udaas, sukhe sukhe honth ankhiyo me pyas
 Kis liye kis liye ho...
Just then RAM reaches at their washroom's door
And also can hear the song which one priya sings actually ram enters their room before few sec but could not find out Priya at room but can hear the melodious voice of priya from washroom
And Priya who is totally engrossed in her thought and unknown about ram's arrival just singing-
Aaja piya tohe pyar du, gori baiyya tope var du
RAM is smiling  very cutely, though he is not so called romantic husband but cant ignore the line ,
Jal chuke hain badan kayi piya isi aag me
 Thake huye inn hatho ko dede mere hath me
Ram hug priya from behind resting his  hand on her waist
And his chin on Priya's shoulder
By his sudden arrival and this action priya shivers and shocked too..but  calming down with the well known gentle touch and stared at the mirror through which she can see her life RAM.
RAM: slowly said 
Mere hat me tera hat ho sari jannate mere  sath ho
Tu jo pass ho fir kya ye jahan tere pyar me ho jayu faana
By this line priya was really shocked coz she never in her dream think about this type of action or rly from ram so she forgets about everything and turns at RAM looking at ram with all her socking face..
RAM can understand her condition and sudden change so he said
RAM: Priya ghabrao mat main tumhara GOLU hi hu actually mujhe aisa rly nehi dena ata hai ..par isme na mera koi galti nehi hay .actually jab mai flight me tha to 
Ye gaana chal raha tha 
Aur tumhare gane me bhi HAT word tha to main ne bol diya
Priya: just looking at his innocent face and  laughing loudly,said-

Jab aapne gane ki line batayi main sock huyi thi ye soch kar k DELHI ja kar aap kaise hogaye hai par abhi aapke confession k baad main sure hu aap meri GOLU hi hai..and  hug him..
RAM also hug her tightly but said : Priya tumhari song achi thi,
Aur main to aa bhi gaya so mera pyar kaha hain  
Makes priya blushing  with a naugty grin on his face
at this time Peehu enters their room
Peehu: mumma papa abhi tak ph nehi kiya?
To her surprise ram coming from washroom with his smile and take peehu in his arms
Ram: hello meri rockstar ,kaisi ho?
Peehu: papa aap aagaye?maine aj aapko bohut miss kiya..
Ram: ha meri rockstar main bhi aapko bohut miss kiya..and kisse her chick
Peehu: papa meri doll aur sweet kaha hai.
Ram: with his cute smile ,yes my princess ,main tumhare sab kuch laya.and goes  to his suit case to bring the doll for his princess.
Peehu: excitedly taking the doll,Wow papa ye doll kitni achi hai..meri best doll hai and kisses  ram on his chick
Interrupting the father daughter Priya said 
Priya: pata hai peehu bachpan me na tumhare papa bhi doll se khelte the and looking at ram
Ram looks at priya and murmuring  yaar ye batana jaruri tha peehu k samne
But pehu our pathaka
Peehu: wow papa aap bhi gudiya se khelte the ? par aap to boy ho na..and giggles
Now ram embarrassed with her comments but says ..ha kya hayna mujhe meri life me bhi ek gudiya chahiye thi to us time to main bohut chote the to doll hi tha mere pas  par bad me meri gudiya mujhe mil gaya aasal wali..and looking at priya with all his love,,
Priya looks at him with same , with all her love
But  peehu could not understand anything 
So she said
Matlab  main jab badi ho jayungi mujhe bhi ek badi wali gudiya milegi..wow mumma papa,I love u
Priya: hm   par kya hayna peehu tumhe ek rajkumar milega bilkul apne papa ki tarah.
Peehu : looks at her mom and dad ..and making funny faces
Priya: ok peehu aabhi k liye time out tume nind nehi aa rehi hai…its already ur bed time..
Peehu : ok mumma main ja rehi hu..gd nit papa ,gd ni8 mumma ..i love u..and take her doll and went from there.
Priya  to ram  :ok ap abhi jaldi se fresh ho jaiye ..main dinner ready kar rehi hu aap k liye.
Ram: ok..i am feeling hungry..jaldi se fresh ho jata hu
Priya thinking khane k alawa kuch soojhta hai kya aapko..but with a cute smile coz she already  prepared a surprise for ram  at dinner..
After some time ram came from washroom with his trade mark dress white kurta..
But cant found priya in their kingdom 
So he thinks for a few sec and  goes to his study he has to send some imp mail which are related with his delhi meeting..
And in this time period priya set the surprise according to her plan and went for freshen up..
Some time later Ram came back from his study room and found priya at the mirror 
His jaw drops as he sees the beautiful sight of the world in front of  him.
Coz Priya wears red green combination saree with minimum works ,simple jwellery ,deep cut blouse ,,.looks like  an angel .she is already ready just  try her lip gloss.
Ram goes close to her ..and embraced in his arm from behind and ask: piya aj kya koi special date hai?
Delhi se aane baad hi dekh rehi hu  tum bohut mood me ho..
Priya: already became quite with one touch of her man..
Hmmm..nehi ap mujhe surprise dena chahte the na to aap k liye bhi maine surprise arrange karli
Ram: hmm..looking so beutyful priya..
Par ek baat bolu?
Priya: hm permission le rehe hai?
Kahiye na ..
Ram: mujhe na chocolate bohut pasand hai
Priya : thinks for a lit that Mr.Kapoor sach me golu hai  main yeha ready ho rehi hu unke liye aur wo hai ki  meri tariff karne k begair  chocolate k bare me soch rehe hai..
Annoyingly says ,aap to apni beti k chocolate bhi kha lete hai ..
Ram: hmm par is bar na mujhe   meri beti ki nehi uski mumma se chocolate chahiye..
Priya: mere paas abhi nehi hai kal khila dungi..
Ram: nehi mujhe to abhi ,matlab aj hi chahiye .aur tumhare pass abhi hay bhi..main dekh bhi sakta hu..
Priya: with  a surpise face looks  here there but cant find any chocolate 
So she says kaha hai mujhe to dikhayi nehi de rehi hai..
So ram  take chockolate flavor lip gloss and give to priya
And says

Hayna tumhare pass ,to ye chocolate mujhe tumse hi chahiye hayna priya and winks at her 
Priya 's chick is turn  red ..its totally  beyond her imagination ..even she cant looks at ram  through mirror…
RAM: priya   abhi se itna blushing..ready ho jao jaldi se bukh bhi laga hay ..aur surprise bhi dekhna hay.
Priya: hmm I am ready   surprise is waiting for u at terrace
They go to the terrace 
Terrace is well decorated with artificial flower for a romantic candle night dinner for the two love birds ..with most romantic and soft music which creates the atmosphere more romantic..and also there is bed on the terrace
RAM is really surprised to see the arrangement and  after the work load he thinks he again entries to his paradise with his queen .and with all love.
Priya takes him to the dinner table 

They start to feed each other with their non stop chatting ,
love is in the air. and  with blessing of god, these  two most lovable person in this world,the couple who tie in a knot for the sake  of family but now forgets about all thing try to close with each other with their eternal love.
After their romantic dinner according to plan Priya and ram goes to the bed and  lie under the open sky full of moon and stars.
With the bg song
Jab koi baat bigad jaye, jab koi mushkil pad jaye
Tum denaa saath meraa, o, humnavaaz
Jab koi baat bigad jaye, jab koi mushkil pad jaye
Naa koi hai, naa koi thaa, zindagi mein tumhaare sivaa
Tum denaa saath meraa, o, humnavaaz — 
Ram catches priya's hand..and says I am sorry priya for all my words to u..i know all time u r beside me,,

Ho chandani jab tak raat, detaa hai har koi saath,
Tum magar andheron mein, naa chhodna mera haath
Ho chandani jab tak raat, detaa hai har koi saath,
Tum magar andheron mein, naa chhodna mera haath
Looking at sky -  I am lucky to have u in my life …yaad hain jab pehle bad tumne meri dil dhakdan ko mehsoos kit hi  beach par..tabse  ye dil dkadhak ta bhi hai sirf aur sirf tumhare liye par tab main keh nehi paya kuch..kyun k main khud hi us time duniya ki sabsi khub surat chiz mehsus nehi kar paya tha jo hai tumhari pyar.care sirf mere liye nehi ..meri life se juri sabhi chizo k liye

Jab koi baat bigad jaye, jab koi mushkil pad jaye
Tum denaa saath meraa, o, humnavaaz
Naa koi hai, naa koi thaa, zindagi mein tumhaare sivaa
Tum denaa saath meraa, o, humnavaaz
Thank u for being with me priya

Vafaadari ki vo rasamein nihayenge hum to kasame,
Ek bhi saans zindagi ki, jab tak ho apane bas mein
Vafaadari ki vo rasmein nihayenge hum to kasame,
Ek bhi saans zindagi ki, jab tak ho apane bas mein
Jab koi baat bigad jaye, jab koi mushkil pad jaye
Tum denaa saath meraa, o, humnavaaz
Priya keep her head at ram's chest to listen the melodious song for her ear..and says: …hmm  ab main   duniya ki sabse khub surat rhythim ko sunna chahti hu …mehsoos k sang sang  and kisses ram's heart..
Naa koi hai, naa koi thaa, zindagi mein tumhaare sivaa
Tum denaa saath meraa, o, humnavaaz

Dil ko mere hua yakin, hum pahale bhi mile kahin
Silsila ye sadiyon ka, koi aaj ki baat nahin
Dil ko mere hua yakin, hum pahale bhi mile kahin
Silsila ye sadiyon ka, koi aaj ki baat nahin

Both of them lie at the bed and think about their 1st meeting at the lift and the aunty's prediction..
Ram: pata hai priya 6 saal baad jabhi main wo aunty k bade me sochta hu na mujhe bohut acha lagta hai..
Us time main bohut hi guassa hogaya tha par  she is realy god for me now…for her prediction about us..and takes priya's hand to his lip and kisses on it..

Jab koi baat bigad jaye, jab koi mushkil pad jaye
Tum denaa saath meraa, o, humnavaaz
Priya tights her grip on ram waist and   buries her head on ram's chest more and again kisses him on his chest 
Jab koi baat bigad jaye, jab koi mushkil pad jaye
Tum denaa saath meraa, o, humnavaaz

Naa koi hai, naa koi thaa, zindagi mein tumhaare sivaa
Tum denaa saath meraa, o, humnavaaz

Tum denaa saath meraa, o, humnavaaz
Ram:  priya room me jaana hai ya nehi …tumhe apna surprise nehi dekhni hai kya?
After a few min  
They r in their green room at their king sized bed
Priya changed herself in her nightgown…and ram in his kurta..
Ram: priya apni aankhe band karo plz..mujhe surprise dena hai..
Priya: aap na abhi bhi Peehu k jaise hi hai..
And closes her eyes..
RAM: give her  the ear rings which he bought before 5 yrs and said..now madam plz  apni aankhe khol sakti ho..
Priya: just looking at the gift..excitedly..wow ..aapko abhi bhi yaad hai wo ear rings kho gayi thi..it was one of my fav..aj aap cenapi market gaye the …itne saalo baat   bhi ye ear rings onha sell hota hai..
Ram : pata hai priya is maamle me na tum bilkul peehu jaisi ho..
Priya: matlab..
Ram: gift milne k baat  itne saare sawal kyun karti ho..
Priya: smiling cutely but cant say nothing as she is very much excited coz after a long 5 yrs she has gotten her fav ear rings
Ram: pehle to ye batadu k ha main aj cenapi market jarur gaya tha par ye ear rings aj kharida nehi ye 5yrs pehle ki hai,,
And after this he narrates her the all story on the dinner date
And priya remembers  her reaction also
Ad says  all things to ram and tears are rolled down from her kohled eyes
Ram: weeps her tear and said  these all are destiny priya..plz forgets about all thing ,now I want to move on  with u ,with my children..in a heaven of love .care for family ,just true love will be around us.
Priya : hug ram  and says pata hai wo lady na sahi kaha aapse main is duniya me sabse lucky hu ..luckiest wife in this world jise aapki jaisi  husband mili..
RAM: smiles cutely and says by the way priya tumhare liye aur ek gift hay…and  gift her one simple pendant  of heart shape ..where raya is written by diamond..
Priya loves this  gift and try to wear it..
RAM  wants to help her so he goes close to priya to help her  and lost in her with her fragrance. and started to  nuzzle her neck..and cup her face With his index finger resting just below her ear and  caressing her neck, earlobe  he slowly lifted her head up and placed a soft yet firm kiss on her forehead. Than with the same passion he kissed both her eyelids, still caressing her neck he placed several gentle kisses  along her cheek
Priya lowers her gaze at shy but enjoyed every bit..
caressing her cheek making her grip his kurtha in her tight fist.and helps her to look at him. Her lips parted as her eyes closed and he whispered against it, "as I said before now u have the permission to turn ur chick red like tomato".
And catches her lip..priya also responds him with same passion..after few sec they parted for taking breath and ram comments ..:wow I m really in love with chocolate flavor..its amazing yaar far better than black forest..
Priya blushing through out his full comments
Again ram ran his fingers down the length of her arms intertwining with her delicate fingers and wrapping his arms around her abdomen pulling her closer. and kisses along her belly ..suddenly he feels a kick and  control himself..and hugs priya tightly
Says:priya aaab so jayo ..chota saitan abhi bhi jaage huye hai…abhi tumhe rest karna bhi to hai..
Priya : can understand his situation and and hugs him tightly and thinks ..how it is possible that one  man is so caring and rest her head at ram's chest ..
Ram and priya lied on bed.priya's head on ram's chest and she is playing  with ram's kurta..
RAM: par sach me  priya chocolate bohut achi thi agar mujhe ye desert roj mil jaye to main bhi duniya ki sabse luckiest huband ho jayunga..and winks at her..
Priya: with blushing cheeck
Pata hai mr. kapoor aap na abhi do bacho k baap bane wale hai..
Ram: main peehu ko bulayu kya ..tum mujhe firse  Mr.kapoor bula rehi ho..aur do bacho ka hi to ho raha hu..par agar main aisa rahu to tin bacho ya char bhi ho sakta hayna and tumhe to pata hai is mamle me bhi main vikram k piche nehi rehna  chahta hu  and naughtily smile looking at her ..
Priya said nothing just smile and lowered her gaze 
But again ram  catches her lips…
And scenes fades..;)




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Posted: 2013-07-14T22:48:34Z
Well written Clap Star
Thanks for pm
Do write up more
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Posted: 2013-07-14T23:18:30Z
Very nice n romantic part...
Raya are simply awesome...
Pihu is too cute...
Rams dhamki with pihus name was lovely
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Posted: 2013-07-14T23:30:42Z
Awesome update... aaja piya tohe pyaar doon...lovely song Embarrassed ram ji jaldi aa jaaieye... priya ji full mood mein hai...Blushing Ram ji aur gana Shocked hayyy ram ji in white kurta Embarrassed Haila kya mast chocolate hai yaarWink Ram ji k liye advice roz ye chocolate khaye LOL Terrace wala love Embarrassed Wow akhir priya ko uska gift mile gya Wink 3-4 babies ho bhi gye to chalega Wink bhai the ram kapoor hai kisi bhi mamale mein peeche thodo rhenge LOL Thanku darling for lovely update Thumbs Up
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Posted: 2013-07-14T23:38:18Z
sweet and lovely updt dear
loved it to core
thanks for pm
dear want 1 os a week
waiting for ur os next week
cont soon
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Posted: 2013-07-14T23:38:52Z
lovely update
all scene are well connected
terrace wala love and raya romance Blushing
ek baat sahi kahi. kisi bhi mamle mein Ram kapoor peeche nahi rehana chahiye. 3-4 bachhe toh banta haiWink
do write moreSmile and thanks for PM
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Posted: 2013-07-14T23:44:45Z
comment laterSmile
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Posted: 2013-07-15T00:35:43Z

 dude.. u made my morning..  thanks a lot... 

the update is brilliant  and romantic. awww. that kick, so sorry for ram ... lol

expecting more and more  from  u  send me a PM of all what u write 

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