RAYA's anniversary

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I have written this OS long before exactly after RAYA's anniversary party ..actually one of my best buddy amrit request me to write this but now I am postig this on in IF..plz do comments..its a lot for me… 
I don't know how will be the OS or at first I want to say that I am not a good writer actually I am not a writer xactly there r few writers in this forum who writes awesome amrit too.but she is one of my best buddy so I cant hurt her thats  why  I am writing

Ok now starting 
Os on RAYA's wedding anniversary. Thursday episode was not as good as our expectation so I want those scenes vary badly- all the situation was same park wala love , car wala love all are same its beginning at the spot where RAM is busy with his cricket match-
RAM is sitting on the bed with a remote and totally engrossed  in the match looking  little difference as  he is wearing only white shirt and black pant. Looking so handsome,
Ok here I want to tell that I was missing Peehu very badly in this episode so. in my OS Peehu will come but she will be dressed by her mami bua.as she is so attached  with nutz and Kush is also at Sharma house.so nutz took her to the Sharma house promising priya that she will take care of two bandars.ok now coming to the part
Ram is sitting all alone in the room and he does not know anything about his wife's  where about and also he is not worried because he is watching cricket. Which is more imp for our golu .. Right now.
All of a sudden Priya comes to their room she is tensed about Peehu and also angry with ram after seeing his condition, she starts her Hitler mood also it is a so called mood swing-
Priya: Mr.Kapoor aap abhi bhi taiyar nehi huyi hai.party me jana hai ya nehi ?
RAM: who is totally engrossed in the match can't hear anything what  Priya said.he just ans her casually.
RAM: ha ha party to ghar pe hi haina to aise hi chala jayunga kya farak padta hai……
Priya now becomes so annoyed by his answer so she just stares at him and then say 
Priya: ok bakai party me aapko kaun dekhne wala hai.kash dhoni aa jate to maja hi ho jata,
Waise dhoni ka batting ho gaya kya nehi to main bhi thori match dekhlu,akhir dhony ko dekh payungi.
After hearing dhony's name RAM feels very jealous(kya kare yaar man haina jo bhi huya ho cant control his emotion na)
He switched off the tv and goes towards priya very close put his hand on Priya's waist and brings her very close to him and says
RAM:o darling hitler kyun ho rehi ho aaj k din to chordo plz….
 Priya is starting to  play with his shirt button. And says to him
Priya: o ho aaj k din kuch special  hai kya aapko dekh kar to aisa nehi lagta hai
RAM; are haina special aaj k din hi to mujhe meri hitler mil gaya full life time k liye
Priya: (hits on his chest softly) o aap ko afsos hai is din k liye ok chod dijiye mujhe.main mumma papa  k ghar chali jaati hu.
RAM: he comes very close to priya ,Priya can feel his breath on all her faces and very nervous too.
Haye haye darling agar tum chali jayogi to main humari rule no  1, 2 ko kaise apply karungi.? 
PRiya: offo baate banana koi aapse sikhe.meri GOLU.
Ok aab chodiye mujhe aur kahiye kaunsi saree pehnu
RAM: darling jo tum pehnoge wohi tumpe achi lagegi ,maine kahana ajkal tumhare aankho me bohuti  chamak dkhti hu main aur main to sirf tumhari aankhe hi dekhti hu,coz there only I can see the unlimited love and faith for me.bas mu pe hi dhony etc k nam leti ho…..
Priya: o ho jealous ha…
RAM; no no bas aaj k din sirf mera hi naam……<3
Priya: ok bohut hogaya  aapka ye melodrama aab mujhe chodiye aur ready hone dijiye aur aap bhi jake ready ho jaiye
RAM: tumhe attention du to melodrama nehi du to hitler mood ,kya hai yaar .aur main kya pehnu.ye to thik hi hai
Priya: nehi koi ache se tuxedo pehen lijye ,usdin jab vikram aur neha ki shadi me aapne pehenthe  bohut ache lag rehe the par main keh  nehi payi,ok aab   aap jaiye mujhe bhi ready hona hai,
RAM: ok madam aap kahe to hum ek sath bhi fresh ho sakte hai or ready bhi and wink at her 
Priya shyly says no way Mr. Kapoor and she goes to the washroom.
Ram is watching her ,after few min Priya comes from wash room and says ram for freshen up.
Priya is wearing a green saree with red border (it's my di's  choice SARAS di)but can't handle her blouse hook and that time ram comes from the wash room almost ready but stay there with his mouth open as he is watching the most beautiful sight of his life that is his beautiful wife is struggling with the blouse hook.
Priya can feel RAM;s presence although she is going to be a mother of her man's 2nd child but though she feels very shy in front of ram in such situation.
Ram naughtily  SAYS: PRIYA kuch madad chahiye main kisiko bulau?and steps towards her with tiny steps but naughty face.
Priya's nervousness is arising very much with his every step,all of a sudden RAM helds her hook and try to close it and Priya closes her eyes tightly with shyness and nervousness,ram can feel his wife every bit of shyness so he takes more time to close it and njying the moment very much at first he staring her back very keenly then touch her back and moves his hands on it and priya shivers with his every touch and panting more and more.after few moments ram closes the hook and rest his chin on her shoulder Priya slowly open her eyes she can see ram and her image through mirror with shyness she says 
Priya: aap kabse itna naughty hoagaye hai?
RAM: kya karu aapni changing room apni anniversary k din aapni biwi k sath thora romance karlu to wo naughtyness hai kya?waise priya tum 2 months ki pregnant hona to abhi bhi to sab kuch normal ho sakta  hai as a husband wife haina main book me pad raha tha.
Priya:,priya very blushingly just nodded her head in positive and says wow meri romantic pati hume aap niche jana chahiye nehi to sablok wish karne upar hi aa jaynge.
Saying this she started to fill her mang with vermillion and try to wear the mangalsutra,but RAM stops her and says
RAM: agar mam aapki izazat ho to 6th yrs baad ye chiz main firse doh rana chahti hu?
Priya gets very emotional and gives him the mangalsutra.
RAM ties the knot at her neck and putting the vermillion on her  maang says : priya bindi bhi dedo yaar mujhe pata hai wo to waise hi tum teri lagani wali ho to pehle hi main kar deti hu.and stare at priya with a naughty grin on his eyes.
Priya hits his arms and says: dashing table pe hai koi bhi matching pehna di jiye 
When RAM set the bindi that time they hear nock on their door and ram says yaar anniversary k din bhi koi nehi chodta hai hume akela…
Ram goes to open the door and Priya after her final touch up comes with RAM's coat .After opening the door peehu enters the room with cheerful mood and  says wo ho mumma papa aao na mujhe aapko ek sath happy anniversary wish karna hai wo bhi sabse pehle
Priya: wo ho meri baby u r looking so sweet, and pretty  too with the pink dress just like your fairy tail 's princess.
Peehu: thank u mumma..ye to mujhe meri mami bua ne di hai.
RAM is watching his two beautiful angels from one corner of their bedroom
And Peehu says:o ho papa come here na I want to wish u both. RAM goes there and takes peehu on his lap and says: u r looking so sweet dear, like a princess and stares at Priya and again says bilkul apni Mumma ki jaise sweet ho.
And kisses her on her check and again says: one kiss for my another prince is still now pending.and wink at priya,
Priya blushes more and biting her lower lips
RAM sees this and through his eyes he just says to priya that don't do this as he can't control himself.and Priya blushes more after this Peehu wishes them and RAM priya come to the party and take blessings from every elder persons….
Neha Vik starts their teasing by saying that why they were late so much and also Nutz and Kartick came there
Nutz says: bhai bhabi apne itne time tak room me kya kar rehe the ,waise anniversary to humari bhi hain par hum to jaldi aa gaye.
And Neha joins with them : ha ha bolo waise to in logo ko der hona chahiye tha kyunki  kartick itne dino baad lauta hai,
RAM and Priya look at each other blushes more
RAM says : are Priya ready ho rahi thi.
Aur main usko help…..
Priya : stare at him with stern looks and says nehi neha ye to match dekh rehe the isliye late hogayi aab chodona baatao main kaisi lag rehi hu,looking at RAM kisine bhi to ye bhi nehi bolte hai…..
Neha: haye haye kaun dekh kar aaj tumehe kahega k tum do bacho ki maa banne wali ho u r glowing each and every day
Hearing these words from Neha Priya remembers RAM's words at the park and looks at his husband and RAM is directly looking at her eyes Priya can see the true love for her.they remain like that and soumya joins them with a cough RAYA breaks their eye lock feel embrassed and go to the opposite direction.
At that time rahul declares that he had made a VM n this is for the  loving couple who r married for the sake of their family but now tightly bond with the unconditional love right now.and with a promise to stay with each other for ever and ever.
The video started with the pic on a Priya 1st engagement day when suddenly she felt on the ram , and seeing this RAM holds her very tightly…and the video going on till Peehu's bday party with  the last pic of valentine's day..
Throughout the video show Priya keeps her head on ram shoulder and RAM secures her with his tight embrace along her shoulder.
Then the light on again and Kartick declares that no dancing completion as all couples are not present Shipra feels very bad for Sudhir as  he is not present at the party.
So now the game is every couple have to go to the stage and say something about their spouse or sing something which cane describes his/her feelings for another. so every couple does this, now its turn for RAYA. RAM is feeling very embarrassed coz still  he does not say anything about Priya and his love in front of so many people.but today he has to..so  first turn is for priya.Priya decides that she can share her feelings about RAM with a song so she takes some time and started the song-
pyar k liye char pal hi kam nehi the kabhi tum nehi the kabhi hum nehi the ,
pyar k liye ye hasin mausam kam nehi the…. kabhi tum nehi the kabhi hum nehi the ,ye din baarso k baat aaya kuch tum he kuch humhe yaad aaaya ,kasak ye dil me uthi hain.hooton pe bat aake ruki hai,kabhi kitne majboor hum nehi the

And it also strikes on RAM's minds so he starts his  fav song –bade ache laggte hai .ye dharti, priya sings ye nadia, again ram sings-ye raina then Priya says-aur….still now whenever the situation has came that they have to sung this song then the last part was unspoken by both of them but now RAM very happily brings priya in his embrace and says looking at Priya TUM.<3.Priya just blinks her eyes for the approval.
All start clapping for the couple and pray to god for blessings.after some time soumya and rishab come with two cakes ,the cake reminds RAYA their marriage night at wistein as it was same only the missing thing on it "the MSG –welcome to the love land." Coz now love is in the air where is RAYA love is there,with limitless boundary.after the party all were gone to their respective places,but priya does not know that  a surprise is waiting for her at their bedroom.
She comes their after Peehu went into a deep slumber.with her happy and tiger.when she enters her room she feels so surprised that she stay at the door with open mouth, as the room is totally decorated as their wedding night  but bed is not full of flower.ram comes behind her closes the door and put his hand on her waist and rest his chin at his shoulder.
and says:  darling pasand ayi ye aapko? wo din to kuch ho hi nehi paya,par aaj….
Priya: can't utter a single word… she is so mesmerized by the scene and RAM's effort.
Suddenly RAM kneels down in front of her and says : maine suna hai ki har pati apni patni ko suhag rat pe kuch deta hai to 6th saal pehle main to nei di tumhe aj tumhare liye ek gift hain and slids a ring on her finger.
Priya can't control her tear now she just looks at her husband with all her love for this man,her man,RAM stands in front of her 
Priya hugs him very tightly and ram also tighten his grip on her waist.Priya  says: Mr.kapoor aapko dene k liye meri pass koi bhi gift nehi hai
RAM: tum mujhe duniya k sabse badi gift de chuki ho aur dusre dene wali ho .aur plz aur ek promise karo.
Priya: kya boliye aapke liye kuch bhi kar sakti hu..
RAM: then mujhe aaj k baad plz Mr.Kapoor mat bolna .mera nam RAM hai..
PRiya : looking at her husband and says ok kosis karungi…
Aab main jayu fresh hona hai.
RAM: ok jaldi se fresh hoke aajao……cupboard me tumhare liye aur ek surprise hai  agar tum usse comfortable ho to try karna main khush ho jayunga.
RAM already wear his kurta

Priya  goes to the cupboard and found a red nighty same as their honeymoon in Australia. with a note where a msg is written by RAM
The  msg is:
priya agar tum comfortable ho is dress  k sath then pehenna, mujhe khush karne k liye nehi darling,main tumhari har decision  ko respect karti hu.
                                              -with love Your  RAM.
Priya read this and kiss on the word your RAM and thinks how could be a man is so gentle like him.now its her turn to surprise her husband so she wears the dress without any hesitation and come their room.ram is busy to set a  romantic  song -
RAM stares at her with open mouth again and Piya comes too close to him , RAM has just stunted to see her
Suddenly the song starts to play
Hooo…Rasiyaa… rasiyaa
Baanwli si preet mori
Ab chain kaise paaye
Aaja rasiya mohe
Ang lagaa le

PRIYA comes very close to RAM and hug him tightly
RAM also hug her very tightly after a few seconds they break their hug .RAM cups her face and comes very close to her lips.priya parted her lips its very clear to ram that Priya also wants more.RAM catches her lips with his and the kiss becomes very passionate.
Baanwli si preet mori
Ab chain kaise paaye
Aaja rasiya mohe
Ang lagaa le
Ang lagaa le
Ang lagaa le
Ang lagaa le
Ang lagaa le
They broke their kiss and stare at each other with so much passion in their eyes.
(Tan ek, jaan ek
Apna ho jahaan ek
Aise lipte ruh se ruh
Ke ho jaye imaan ek)
RAM lifts her in his arm and takes her to their bed.gently put her   on the bed and stares at her with so much passion…
And priya turns on the bed RAM touches her back with his hand ,and caressing her back very gently.
. Ohhoo…
Gesuoon si kaali ratiyaan
Adharon pe kaape batiyaan
Sanwli si saanse mori
Araj sunaaweee
Aake mori shwet preet pe
Rang sajaa de
RAM comes close to her and started to nuzzle her along her neck..earlobe….and showers with enormous wet kisses.
Baanwli si preet mori
Ab chain kaise paaye
Aaja rasiya mohe
Ang lagaa le
And again catches her pink lips with his. with desperate passion…….
Baanwli si preet mori
Ab chain kaise paaye
Aaja rasiya mohe
Ang lagaa le
Ang lagaa le
Ang lagaa le
Ang lagaa le
Ang lagaa le
The scenes  fade………

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Posted: 2013-07-12T01:27:17Z
omg an perfect anniversary giftClapClapClapClapClap
wonderfully written write more Smile
Edited by shamavi - 2013-07-12T04:37:45Z
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Posted: 2013-07-12T01:36:33Z
Hey Sanjukta am already read it its fully romantic & hot ClapClap
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Posted: 2013-07-12T01:58:26Z
Nicely written.  Enjoyed it a lot.  Khaas isme 50 percent ideas CVs ki dimag mein aaye.  But kya kare CVs tho Raya ki har achhi khaasi situations ko kharab  karke hi chodte hain.  Thank u for the OS.
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Posted: 2013-07-12T02:19:38Z
I already have gone through
awesome updt
loved it
thanks for pm

waiting for more works from u
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Posted: 2013-07-12T02:19:58Z
beautiful update.
loved every bit of it.
right from the beginning till end everything is so romantic.Embarrassed
now, I can expect one OS everyweek from u.Wink
expecting more from u. waiting...Big smile
thank u very much for PMSmile
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Posted: 2013-07-12T02:51:45Z
Good one.
full Raya tocuh
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Posted: 2013-07-12T04:03:11Z
Originally posted by shamavi

 thank u for the comments yaar par ress..cant guess..plz xplain  
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