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"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." 


"If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it." 

 I don't even remember how I became obsessed with Qubool Hai but it was the first indian show I had ever watched, followed by IPKKND. Although I don't usually watch brown shows, I am a Bollywood romantic at heart! 


I don't even know why I started writing on the forum but the two quotes above kind of explain it. I've always loved telling stories, I was one talkative kid! So I decided to put my, uh hobby I suppose, to use here! And astonm was born LOL.


Sooo, I am sorry if I bored you to death with the things above. I'll get to the real purpose of this thread. THE INDEX FOR MY STORIES! I decided to get organized and post it since my list of my stories keep growing and the other day I read my own story and tried to comment on it thinking it was someone else. LOL. I was sleep deprived, don't judge me. 

As of April 29, 2016 everything on this list is complete except "Cupcakes & Barbells" which is officially on hiatus. 

Any works with " ** " denote that the story is not completed and is in progress, it will be listed under the "currently writing" section along with anything that I am working on and haven't posted yet. Anything that doesn't follow the story line of the show but uses the same characters and relationships will be marked [AU] - alternate universe.

Qubool Hai:

AsYa OS: Jahapana, Jahapana Bond [AU] - Zoya is a technology whiz known worldwide, but fame brings her trouble. Asad Ahmed Khan is a secret agent assigned to help her. This OS was later turned into the FF - Classified Love. 

AsYa OS: So you meant it? Really? - Based on the precap from April 23, 2013 where Asad is mesmerized when Zoya walks into his family friend's Walima after the airport proposal fiasco. It is my take on what should have happened. 

AsYa OS: Bhaijaan Ki Sagai? - Dilshad announces that Asad is already engaged leaving Ayaan and Nikhat flabbergasted. But a chance run in at the hospital shows them that their Bhaijaan might really be engaged...and in love.

AsYa OS: The Joys of Being A Woman A future-take with pregnant Zoya and a look inside what might really happen when the Zoya Farooqui is expecting and dealing with an overprotective Asad. 

AsYa OS: May I? - Based on the June 17th 2013 episode where Asad feeds Zoya because she had mehendi on her hands. I felt the scene in the show was lacking and let my imagination run wild, this is utter fluff.

AsYa OS: Handcuffed...Again! - This takes place before the second wedding (after Ajmer) but Tanveer has been handed over to the police and there is no ZoYaan. Asad and Zoya get an...interesting present at the bridal shower. 

AsYa TS: The Architect and The Corporate Golden Girl [AU] - Zoya Farooqui is the corporate golden girl, the youngest and the most successful business woman in the world. Jaded by her past she had built up walls around her, but what happens when she hires Asad Ahmed Khan as an architect for her new office? Will he break her walls down and get to know the real Zoya? (This is my absolute favourite work of mine, if I ever write professionally this will be the basis of my first story.)

AsYa TS: Seducing Asad Ahmed Khan [Mature] - What if Asad and Zoya had gotten married the first time around, without confessing their love to each other? Zoya is frustrated and uses her trusty iPad to seduce Asad, will it work? Pallu drops, yoga and loud moans anyone?

AsYa OS: Coffee Makes the Heart Grow Fonder [AU]- He saw her and couldn't look away and kept coming back, but she didn't notice, or did she?

AsYa OS: Christmas Miracle - Just a drabble of sorts on what would have happened if Zoya had left Asad before their nikaah. 

AsYa TS: La Doleur Exquise [AU] - La Doleur Exquise - a french phrase that means the "heart wrenching pain of wanting someone you can't have". Asad has been pushing Zoya away for years, not because he doesn't love her but because he loves her a bit too much. But will he be able to watch her marry another man?

AsYa OS: Stuart Little [AU] - There was a girl screaming like she was being murdered, but the murdered...well, I wouldn't call it a murderer!

AsYa OS: The Wrong Foot [AU] - A disastrous first meeting and even more disastrous subsequent meetings, can two people who hate each other so much ever get over their differences? 

AsYa OS: Maybe [Mature] - A flashback in a flash-forward, AsYa's second Holi together as I imagine it.

AsYa + SaHil (and SeHan)

AsYa ft. (Litte SaHil and SeHan): Happily Ever After - Following the first season of Qubool Hai but ZoYaan never happened and Tanveer is in hell somewhere. Just cute everyday moments of AsYa with their children, no plot line, just fluff that makes you melt and smile.

AsYa + SaHil OS: A Father's Sacrifice [AU] - What if Asad and Zoya had never died? How would Asad deal with another man in his little princess' life? Would Aahil Raza Ibrahim be good enough for his daughter? 

AsYa + SaHil OS: The Confessions of A Drugged Man - Life doesn't really end after death, you get your happily ever after in the heaves above and you get to watch over your family. Zoya has always loved to meddle and it hasn't changed, she's not happy with the pace Sanam and Aahil seem to be moving and she has a plan. Will her plan work?

AsYa + SaHil OS: Mr. Dhurandar Bha-Bhatarwadekar - Sanam and Aahil run into a person that has a lot to say about Asad and Zoya. 


SaHil OS: You Promised - What would have happened if Sanam had confronted Aahil about his behaviour after Tanveer makes him think he'll be a bad husband. And what exactly was Aahil's last surprise? Utter fluff.

SaHil TS: Unidentified [AU] -  Sanam finds a bruised and battered man outside her building, he doesn't remember anything about himself apart from his first name. Sanam takes him in because he has nowhere to go but can she trust him?

SaHil OS: Our Little Princess - A future-shot of the show, a pregnant Sanam and an ecstatic Aahil with Seher up to her usual antics and Rehan being adorable as he is!

SaHil OS: Dogs & Babies - Sanam finds a dog and cuteness ensues, features Rehan and Seher as well. 

Sahil OS: The Student & The Tutor [AU]
 - Aahil does horribly on a test and needs a tutor...or does he?

SeHan OS: Calvin Klein Boxers [AU] - Someone pulled the fire alarm and now my hot neighbor is standing outside in his boxers.


Zaya OS: You - Zain Abdullah is falling in love with the little things Aaliyah does, but does she find out?

Zaya OS: The Green-Eyed Monster - Jealousy brings out the worst in people, but it may also bring out confessions?

Zaya TS: Breaking News - Co-anchors, friends or something else? A new story has Zain and Aaliya in the middle of a dangerous situation, but perhaps that is all they need in order to realize the importance of each other.

Zaya OS: Good Morning Princess [18+] - Aaliyah wakes up the morning after and remembers the previous night all to well. 

ZaYa OS: The Joys of Being A Woman - Pregnant Aaliya and protective + clueless Zain anyone? Originally a AsYa story reworked to fit ZaYa.

ZaYa TS: |8 Years| - Zain and Aaliya were best friends for years until Aaliya realizes her love was unrequited and leaves. She comes back eight years later but has anything changed?

Short Stories

AsYa SS: Busted (Busting Tanveer) - Why did no one question how a live wire got into Zoya's tub? Zoya and Asad team up after the airport proposal fiasco and set out to discover what Tanveer really wants.

SaHil SS: Appetence (ft. AsYa + Sehan) [AU] - When the captain of the Indian cricket team hurts himself, Aahil Raza Ibrahim lands in the hands on Doctor Sanam Ahmed Khan and things obviously brew. Add another sexy cricketer by the name of Rehan Imran Qureshi and Sanam's twin, Seher, to the mix along with a overly enthusiastic mother and their father who tries his best to keep his wife away from, and I quote, young and hot cricketers.

SaHil SS: Breaking News ft. SeHan & AsYa [AU]  - The world of journalism is tough, not many are able to thrive in it. But Sanam and Aahil seem to beat all the odds, they are journalists and co-hosts of a prime-time news show, all before the age of 30. Co-hosts...or perhaps something more? A story of a unique relationship, two years in the making, at its culmination, is there love brewing behind the news desk? Or is everyone else seeing something that doesn't exist? Also features Seher and the guy she wants to have dimpled babies with - Rehan. 

ZaYa SS: Busted - The age old "we can't tell anyone about our relationship" story but with a twist. But you know what they say about love, it can't be hidden. A story about the series of events that expose Zain and Aaliya's relationship to someone...but who?
Fanfictions (Long Stories)

AsYa+ArShi FF: Classified Love Thread I - Inspired by the OS: Jahapana, Jahapana Bond. Zoya is a technology whiz, but that doesn't mean she can get herself out of trouble which inevitably finds her when she comes to India. But her Jiju enlists the help of Secret Agent Asad Ahmed Khan whose job is to protect her...but there is more to the story than meets the eye. Things get more complicated when Zoya's best friend Khushi Gupta comes to India and finds her - she finds her own protector in Arnav Singh Raizada, Asad's partner-in-crime, uh, protection. 

AsYa+ArShi FF: Classified Love Thread II - Asad and Zoya leave for New York along with Arnav and Khushi but will their families accept them? And who is this Rehan Malik and why is he so close to the girls. 

AsYa FF: Clueless [AU] Asad and Zoya have always had an...interesting relationship.  Neither enemies nor friends - I guess you could call them frenemies... if the definition includes immense attraction to each other. After five years of living with her aunt in England, Zoya Farooqui comes back to Bhopal only to keep running into her sworn "enemy" since the age of four, Asad Ahmed Khan. But things in Bhopal aren't the same anymore, and neither are they. Add a few years of growing up, a pinch of family rivalry due to unknown causes, a tablespoon of sarcasm, a cup of mystery, a tub full of attraction and a whole lot of hormones to get a very...interesting mix that may just include new relationships at the cost of old ones.

Currently Writing

AsYa & ArShi FF: A Clean Slate. - This will be a rewrite of "Cupcakes and Barbells".

AsYa ft. ArShi & AyRa - Cupcakes and Barbells [AU] ** - A sugar addict and a fitness freak, a match made in heaven? Uhm, probably not. The story of two people who annoy each other, their friends who seem to have it bad for each other, and a ton of sugary stuff. The recipe for the perfect love story? **being rewritten**

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Omg Anjali!Dancing You may know me or not but I love your stories!

You are one of the best writers on the forum, after me of course! LOLLOL

Jokes apart, I loved "Seducing AAK" LOL and I am absolutely in love with Classified Love!

Its like the best story ever!

I am so happy that you have your own Index and I hope you have more writings in it!Dancing

I was wondering if you would want to do a Collab with me? 

I hope to write with you one day.Hug


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Yay!! Anjali's Index Dancing
Congo for the index loveParty
Really great writer over here 
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Thank you so much for the Index..I love your writing <3

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