AsYa TS: Seducing Asad Ahmed Khan[Mature](Complete)

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Hello :) So kmh2lover and I were talking about how intense the AsYa relation will be post-separation. And she was all like "yeah, how awkward would their suhaag raat have been if they actually got married" then. And we got talking about how Asad would still be trying to admit his love and Zoya would probably have to seduce him using her iPad. And then she was like "WRITE A STORY ABOUT IT". So here it is, I was a but hesitant to post it at first, but she keeps tweeting me to post it. So let me know what you think about it! 

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Seducing Asad Ahmed Khan

Tick Tock, Tick Tock. Zoya bit her nails glancing at the clock. She'd been sitting like that in front of her iPad for an hour now willing herself to solve this problem.


'Let's go Zoya, you can do this. You need to do this, google it.' She thought as she closed her eyes and hit search. She slowly opened one eye and hit the first link. She glanced at the contents and pressed back.


'Nope. That's not it.'


She clicked on the next link.


'Haha. I am sure that is definitely not the reason. Mr Khan and...' She giggled. 'Maybe I need to search this in a different way.'


She pressed back and slowly erased 'My husband won't have sex with me' and pondered what else she could search. There was no way she could write 'I got married last week to my emotionally challenged husband who is still trying to say that he is in love with me, but hasn't been able to. And he won't have sex with me for some reason.'


Zoya sighed. Being married to Asad Ahmed Khan was wonderful. Waking up next to him made her smile all day, the way he looked at her sent fire through her body and his sweet gestures made her feel like the happiest woman on Earth, for the most part.


He'd kiss her forehead every morning and sometimes even pecked her lips, but still hadn't kissed her. He would leave her presents every morning, sexy saris with backless blouses, jewelry, flowers and things. He'd hold her hand and hug her, but carefully, never with unadulterated passion. Zoya could literally feel the sexual tension between them. It all started after she'd fallen asleep on their wedding night. It wasn't her fault that he was taking too long to come to his, now their, room. She had a long day and she was tired, so she fell asleep.


The next morning she woke up snuggled next to him, his arms around her waist and her nose buried into his chest. It was absolutely perfect. She had smiled and laid her chin on his chest to admire him, his straight angular nose, his long eyelashes, that little empty space in his right eyebrow, his lips curled into a light smile and his sexy jaw. She freaked out when he moved slightly and pretended to be asleep.


That was the first time he kissed her forehead, he then traced every inch of her face with his fingers and left. Zoya, who was holding her breath through the exchange, sighed as she heard the bathroom door shut. She had hoped that he would wake her up with a kiss, but to no avail. Zoya opened her eyes when he came back twenty minutes later only to find him standing in front of his- no their- closet in nothing but a towel, the muscles of his back rippling sexily causing heat to pool between her legs. Her mouth had watered when he turned around the towel low on his hips exposing his sexy pectorals, perfect washboard abs and that sexy V that led into the towel.


And this sexual tension grew day by day, Zoya's thoughts and dreams turned more erotic as she imagined what it would feel like to make love to Asad. To feel those muscles bunch underneath her hands, to taste him, to hear him moan.


The second night passed but nothing happened, then the third, the fourth and so on. On the fourth morning he pecked her lips gently and left. Zoya's hopes went up only to be shattered, he refused to move from the small pecks and she wanted to be kissed properly. Zoya grew more and more frustrated by day. All those eye locks and their closeness before the wedding, along with the last few days had led down to constant sexual frustration. Zoya would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night completely aroused from dreams of her and Asad together -his hands on her body, his lips on her neck trailing down her torso to where she needed him the most.


To her it seemed as if Mr. Khan wasn't going through any of that. There were times where she felt like he was going to kiss her but stopped himself. She sighed staring at the generic


'How to seduce your man' she typed and hit enter. She clicked the first link.


Step 1: give him a sneak peak. Bring out that sexy lingerie.


Zoya groaned. If she came out wearing skimpy lingerie Mr. Khan would lecture her about tameez and tehzeeb, not rock her world. He would probably take one look at her, turn red and then yell about how wrong it is for a woman to wear clothes like that.


Ya Allah, why did I marry Akdu Ahmed Khan?


Step 2: Talk dirty.


'Uh no. This is not working! I need something more innocent.'


She pressed back and cleared her google search.


'Aha!' She thought. How to be innocently seductive. She typed and hit enter. The first few links were a bit too risque for her purposes. The thought of doing strip teases and "innocently" sucking on lollipops mortified her.


Her eyes grew wide as she read the fourth link: How to seduce your emotionally challenged husband: the brown edition - an article by astonm.


Zoya squealed and hit the link happily.


'So you got married to the love of your life but sadly he is a bit on the...let us say, shy side. So you haven't consummated your marriage yet. But you dream of making sweet sexy love to him but don't know how to accomplish this? Well then, you have come to the right place. Welcome to the class of innocent seduction with a twist.'


"Yipeee!" Zoya squealed happily.


'Step 1: never underestimate the power of the sari, a desi girl's best friend. 

Yes, you read that right. The sari. Elegant, traditional, innocent with the power of being downright sexy and on par with lingerie. How? You ask. Imagine a deep necked and backless blouse with two doris, just begging to be unknotted, a sheer pallu scrunched together to show your cleavage and stomach as the sari is tied very low on your hips. Sounds sexy right? Now imagine the sheer pallu "accidentally" slipping off to show your midriff and assets. Your eyes go wide and lock with your man's eyes, his eyes get darker as he gulps and looks at you up and down. Perfect right? The classic "pallu drop". Now go ahead, complete this step and move to the next one. Remember you are the seducer, you have the power of the sari with you, be confident yet innocent. Your husband, who is already in love with you, will be completely smitten.'


Zoya grinned just reading the first step, she could imagine it perfectly. It was completely doable and perfect for today because Najma and Phuphi weren't at home, it'd just be her and Mr. Khan for dinner! Plus, he hadn't left her a sari to wear she could choose her own. She ransacked the closet to find the perfect blouse she had in mind. She pulled out the sheer red chiffon sari that had been gifted to her. The blouse was sleeveless, cut very deeply and the back was held together by three doris. It's just one more dori, the more the sexier right? She thought smiling.


She looked at the clock to see that it was 5:30pm, the perfect time to put her plan into action as Mr. Khan would be arriving any time. She quickly grabbed sticky boobs and a pair of red underwear, there was no way she could wear a bra under the blouse. She skipped into the bathroom and changed quickly, draping the sari as low on her hips as possible and adjusting her blouse to maximize the amount of cleavage. She fought the urge to drape the sari across her front and folded it neatly so that a thin piece went from her hip across the middle of her blouse to the other shoulder.


She left the bathroom feeling confident and stood in front of the dressing table in the room putting her hair over one shoulder and combing it when the bedroom door opened to reveal Asad. Zoya watched through the mirror as he stopped dead in his tracks and gulped, his eyes wide and on her back. They moved back up and their eyes met through the mirror. Zoya gave him a slight smile, trying hard not to blush. She gave herself an internal pep talk and then turned around.


"Hi." She smiled.


"H-Hi." Asad stuttered his eyes scanning over her. Zoya smirked as his eyes were still wide. Time to implement step 1. She thought and then "accidently" tripped causing her pallu to fall on the ground. She looked up to see Asad's eyes widen more, his eyes moving from her cleavage to her stomach and back up again. Their eyes locked and that electricity that was always present between them resurfaced. Zoya did a mental happy dance noticing that his eyes were darker than the chocolate brown she was used to.


"Oops." Zoya said bending down slowly and picking up her pallu, she was sure she heard a groan. "Uh-" She said pretending to be embarrassed, it was easy since she kind of was. "Kya hua Mr. Khan?" She said trying to keep the smugness out of her voice.


"Woh, actually...woh, kuch nahi." He stuttered gulping his eyes still wide and locked on her cleavage.


"You should go, uh, freshen up." She said.


Asad snapped out of his thoughts and nodded walking towards the bathroom quickly, like he was on fire. Zoya started dancing happily around the room at the success of Step 1. She rushed to her iPad and opened the article again.


Step 2: Now that your man in dazzled due to the sari, ambush him with sexual thoughts. How? Use the situation to your advantage. If you are eating dinner lock your eyes with his as you slowly move the fork out of your mouth. Moan at the taste of your food. If you are sitting around somewhere move your hands to touch your neck brining his attention to your chest. And never underestimate the power of yoga, if you are one of those lucky stretchy girls use it to your advantage. Watching you stretch in different positions will automatically trigger his brain to think of the different positions he'd like to be in with you ;) Now close that mouth of yours that's wide open right now and go get him! Good Luck!


Zoya closed the tab blushing. She could not do that...could she?


Maybe I'll try. She thought putting on a light sheen of clear lipgloss and a bit of mascara. She made her way to the kitchen and heated the pasta she had made earlier. She set the table just the way he liked it, down to the fold of the napkin.


Asad walked in smiling wearing a black shirt and his jeans, the top three buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned and his sleeves rolled up. Zoya tried not to hyperventilate over how hot he looked right then, as he always did.


"I made pasta." She said as she sat down. "Najma and Phuphi left for the wedding." She added as she sat down.


"Smells good." Asad said smiling at her while digging into his plate. "This is delicious." He said causing Zoya to grin.


"Really?" She said taking a bite and then letting out a deliberate moan closing her eyes. "This is good." She said moving the fork out of her mouth very slowly and looking at Asad who was sitting gaping at her, the fork halfway in between his plate and his mouth. "Kya hua?" She asked smiling innocently.


"N-no-nothing." Asad said looking down to his plate.


Zoya smiled as she ate occasionally letting out a little moan. "So how was your day?" She asked causing Asad to look up at him.


"Hectic. There are a few new recruitm-." Asad started to say but stopped midway watching Zoya pull both her arms up to tie her hair, her chest jutting out in the process. His eyes automatically went to her sexy blouse, which put her cleavage on display, as he gulped and willed the thoughts away.


"Asad?" Zoya said while internally doing a happy dance at his blatant appreciation of her.


"Uh...I am not feeling well. I am going to go shower..." Asad said to her getting up.


Zoya was sure she heard him mumble "a very cold shower" as he walked away. She waited until the door to the bedroom closed before getting up and doing her happy dance around the kitchen. She quickly put the dishes away and skipped to their bedroom taking out her iPad.


Step 3: Doesn't it feel absolutely wonderful when a man is reduced to incomplete sentences and stuttering due to you? Enjoy the feeling. If you have gotten to this point you are now sure that your husband is interested in you, so we can now take things up a notch. Be confident, be sexy and be seductive. Now this next step is pretty much ensured to get you a hell of a make-out session at the least (If not, then no one in this world can help your man). You are going to need a bathroom, sexy lingerie and some acting. Go to take a shower, making sure to leave the door unlocked, and put on some sexy lingerie. Make sure your husband can hear you, and pretend to fall (don't actually do it, just sit on the floor and drop something!). He is sure to come running at your voice, and the rest is up to him. Seeing his wife in sexy lingerie should chip away some of that restraint for sure! If this leads to some sexy loving, your man is not as emotionally challenged as you think. If it doesn't, you know your man! He might pull away due to shyness or he may be yelling at himself for loosing control, the latter will apply if he is a total gentleman. So don't be discouraged and move on to the next step, or implement step 2 again. Good luck!


No No No! I can't do that. Can I? Zoya thought. He does seem to be affected by everything maybe. But, it's a bit...but I want this.


Zoya was broken out of her thoughts by one of the sexiest sights she was now accustomed to. Jahapana Six Pack abs in just a towel, wrapped low on his waist, showing off his chiseled perfection.


He stood still staring at Zoya giving her a perfect view of his defined pectorals, his washboard abs and that sexy 'V' leading into the white towel. Zoya watched intrigued as a drop of water ran over his sexy jaw and trailed down. Over his neck, down in between his sexy pectorals, through the chiseled valley in between his sexy washboard abs and down, in between that sexy 'V' leading into the towel. Zoya willed the towel to fall away but to no avail. The urge to jump him was stronger than ever before, and it was pretty strong before.


That's it, I am doing this. I am going to die of sexual frustration if I don't. Zoya thought getting up.


"I am going to go shower!" She announced going to the closet and grabbing the matching red bra to her thong and her night clothes. She walked past a frozen Asad and into the bathroom. She closed the door and leaned against it taking a deep breath before stripping out of her sari and putting on the red bra. She admired herself in the mirror and smiled, she fixed her ponytail and slowly creeped towards the door and opened it a bit to check if Asad will still there.


She smiled and sat on the floor and dropped the huge bottle of shampoo on the floor while letting out a loud scream.


"Zoya!" She heard Asad say as the bathroom door shot open to reveal her shirtless frantic husband who just stood there for a moment staring at her.


"A-are you -f**k , I mean are you okay?" He asked not moving towards her.


Zoya nodded as she got up, but he stayed rooted on the spot, his eyes moving from the top of her head all the way down to her feet. When his eyes locked with hers she let out a small moan, his eyes were dark as coal, filled with desire.


The little moan was all it took for Asad to cross the distance between them and pull her towards him crashing his lips onto hers. His arms wrapped around her bare waist as he pulled her towards him. They both let out a loud moan as their shirtless bodies touched each other for the first time. Zoya was on cloud nine, the sensations running through her body at the feel of his body against hers and his lips upon hers sent sparks shooting through her body.


 This reality was way better than her dreams. She hesitantly slid her arms around his waist, trailing her fingers over his sexy muscular back until they reached his shoulders. She fisted her fingers into his hair and inhaled the deep groan that he let out as his tongue swept against hers.


Asad's hands moved from the small of her back down her waist, to her ass pulling her closer to him as they both moaned again as he hungrily possessed her mouth, his tongue probing hers as she ground against him unconsciously. She smiled against his lips feeling the affect she had on him, he was hard against her, all over. The room filled with sighs, moans and groans as they moved against each other. Zoya moved her hands from around his neck to the front of his chest, feeling the muscular planes of his chest and stomach as she'd dreamed of for months. Her hands strayed on his abs as Asad broke away but just trailed his lips over her neck making her moan in delight.


"A-Asad." Zoya moaned as he sucked on her neck. And all of a sudden he was gone. Zoya opened her eyes to see that he had moved away, his eyes wide. "I-I am..." He tried but walked out of the bathroom leaving Zoya confused as to why he pulled away. Zoya groaned as she stepped into the shower. To say that she was hot and bothered was an understatement. She turned the water as cold as she could stand it as she thought about her next move.


It was barely 8:00pm, perfect time to implement the yoga technique. She smiled getting out of the shower, and rubbing vanilla lotion all over her. She put on her snug t-shirt and shorts and stepped out of the bathroom. Asad was sitting by the window in his room working away on his laptop. Perfect. Zoya thought as she walked into her old room to grab a yoga mat and head outside to the area perfectly visible from their room.


She lay down the mat, close enough to the window so that she could hear Asad and stood on it, she was standing so her side was towards the window where Asad was sitting. She smiled as she noticed that she had his attention and bent over to touch her feet with her hands. She looked sideways and noticed Asad staring at her, she then sat on the mat and spread her legs, as wide as she could and stretched to both sides making sure to groan loudly when she did so.


She did an internal happy dance as she heard Asad shut his laptop. She put her legs back together and went into the boat pose, holding it for a few seconds. She then decided to do the camel pose, she got on her kness and leaned back, touching her feet with her hands and jutting out her chest. She switched into the warrior pose. She thought she heard a faint groan coming from inside the room. She decided to take things up a notch and got into the downward facing dog pose, she was sure that she heard a groan this time. Zoya was grinning by the time she switched to the forward bend pose, she made sure to turn and face the window for this one, giving Asad a perfect view of her boobs and her ass. She lay back down to the side and got into the plough pose and grinned as she heard something fall inside the house. And now for the finale. Zoya thought getting up. She grabbed her leg around the thigh and pulled it up straight so her foot was near her face and holding the pose. She did an internal happy dance as she heard the word "f**k" escape Asad's mouth. She put her leg back down and rolled up the yoga mat and made her way inside. To her surprise Asad was not in the room but in the shower.


Zoya laughed as she heard the shower start followed by a little shriek. She danced around the room and grabbing her iPad.


Step 4: The sexy dream. This one will be really easy to pull off if you already talk in your sleep. But have no fear if you do not! Wait at least thirty minutes after you get in bed and then pretend to have an erotic dream. Wiggle around a little, let out a few breathless moans, gasp your husband's name once in a while. If this doesn't do the job, press yourself flush against your husband and continue the breathless moaning and wiggling. If he doesn't "wake you up" and attack you, you can have your money ' wait, you don't even pay me for this. But you get the gist! Sexy dreaming ;)


C'est Part 1! Let me know what you think Big smile

& Part 2 is right below this. So hit that sexy scroll bar, or caress your trackpad/mouse LOL

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OMG! YOU GUYS ARE SO AMAZING! I never expected such a response, thank you for all those wonderful comments, I am glad you guys liked it! So here is the final part, let me know what you think Embarrassed I've never written anything like this before. 

Recap: Step 4: The sexy dream. This one will be really easy to pull off if you already talk in your sleep. But have no fear if you do not! Wait at least thirty minutes after you get in bed and then pretend to have an erotic dream. Wiggle around a little, let out a few breathless moans, gasp your husband's name once in a while. If this doesn't do the job, press yourself flush against your husband and continue the breathless moaning and wiggling. If he doesn't "wake you up" and attack you, you can have your money - wait, you don't even pay me for this! But you get the gist! Sexy dreaming ;)


Part 2


Zoya laughed reading the article; that would be an easy one. She had those dreams every night, but she was pretty sure she never said anything out loud.


"Didn't you just shower?" Zoya asked Asad as he walked into the room.


"Uh...woh...actually, I..." Asad said turning red running his hands through his hair.


"Okay then." Zoya laughed internally and then let out a fake yawn. "I am so tired." She said getting into bed and pulling the covers over her. She smiled at Asad patting the spot next to her. He smiled back as he crawled in next to her.


"Good night." he whispered kissing her forehead. Zoya smiled snuggling into her favorite spot, his chest, as she closed her eyes. She counted to sixty thirty times in her head before she implemented step 4.


She wiggled around a bit before letting out a loud breathless "ahhh", she felt Asad move in the bed at the sound of her voice. His eyes fluttered open as he felt Zoya wriggling around in bed and breathing heavily. His eyes grew wide as she let out a loud "uhnnn' followed by a rush of air. She was moving her hips as she groaned. Asad stared at her wide-eyed, that was the sexiest sound he had ever heard, and the sound alone made blood rush down to his cock as he felt it harden. Not again. He thought willing for it to settle down.


Zoya grew frustrated at the lack of response for him and moved so that she was right up against him and let out a breathless "A-Asad," followed by "Oh god, ahhh, Aaasad," as she started grinding against him.


"MMM, Asad more." She whispered breathlessly.


"F**k." Asad let out as he tried to wake her up. "Zoya." He said shaking her. Zoya slowly opened her eyes, pretending that she had been a sleep.


"Wha-." She started to say but Asad cut her off claiming her lips with his.


His hand fisted into her hair as their mouths melted together. Zoya moaned as he traced her lower lip with the tip of his tongue before thrusting it between her lips. She fisted her hand into his shirt pulling him towards her. She needed more, she needed to feel him touch her, to make her feel wanted and she needed to touch him. She put all her strength into it as she rolled back pulling Asad on top of her. Zoya moaned deeply as she felt the weight of him on her, their bodies flush together as she felt the hard length of him pressed up against her. She pressed herself against him, wrapping her legs around him causing Asad to stop.


"Zoyaaa." He groaned, his eyes clenched closed and his brow creased in concentration. "Stop." He said unwrapping her legs from around him.


"What?" She asked.


"You have to stop."


"But why?" Zoya asked.


"Because, I-I want to do this right damn it."


"You were doing it right..." Zoya said confused causing Asad to groan.


"No...I mean that I can't, not until..."


"You don't want me..." Zoya said her voice full of hurt.


"No, it's not that." Asad said.


"It is. You won't touch me and you are always so quick to pull away from me...I am so stupid, I can't believe..."


"You silly girl." He said grabbing her face between his hands. "You think I don't want you? Are you crazy? Of course I do...but I want to do this right. I mean, I haven't even told you that I love you yet and I can't just-" Asad stopped short his eyes widening when he noticed what he had said.


Zoya's eyes grew wide as she heard him say the three words.


"Shit, this wasn't how I was supposed to say it. I had it all planned, you deserve so much better- I can't believe I-."


"Asad, shut up." Zoya laughed. "Say it again."


"I love you Zoya Ahmed Khan." He said smiling. "So so much."


Zoya grinned so big that she felt her face hurting. "I love you too." She smiled.




"Of course." She laughed. "Why else would I have married you? By the way you took waaay too long to say the three words." She pouted.


"I tried..."


"Yes, 'hum ek doosre sai bahut alag hai...' every single time."


"You knew?" He asked shocked.


"Yep, you might be emotionally challenged but your eyes aren't." She smiled pecking his lips lightly.


"I love you." Asad said again.


 "So you only pulled away because you wanted to say I love you first?" She asked as Asad nodded. "So you do want me right?"


"Zoya." he groaned. "Of course I do. Why do you think I've been taking so many showers all week?" He laughed. "You are driving me absolutely crazy."


"AHA! My seduction plan worked!" Zoya laughed and them clamped her hand over her mouth.


"So all of today crazy girl. You're going to be the death of me."


"Well it is not my fault okay. You weren't even touching me." She pouted.


"Zoya." He breathed rolling back on top of her. "I want to touch you. I want to memorize every inch of your skin and find every little spot that makes you sigh and moan my name," he whispered, trailing his index finger down the length of her throat.


"Aaasad." Zoya moaned as he traced her collarbone.


"I f**king love it when you say my name like that," he groaned, pressing his hips against hers so she could feel every inch of his hardness. "Do you feel what it does to me?"


Zoya nodded shocked at his words, she couldn't believe they were coming out of Asad's mouth. It's always the quiet ones! She moaned softly in response to his words and moved her hips against him desperate to feel more.


"You have no idea how good that feels," he said kissing her neck and trailing his hands over her waist. His hands were suddenly everywhere, they trailed down her sides and hooked to the end of her t-shirt.


"May I?" Asad asked, being a total gentleman. Zoya nodded smiling as he pulled the shirt over her head and neatly placed it on the side of the bed. Zoya looked up at him and tried not to laugh at his OCD. Asad got on his knees straddling Zoya, looking at her clad in the red bra she was wearing earlier. The color was sinful against her white skin.


Zoya smiled and lifted her back off the bed unhooking her bra. Asad took over, sliding the straps down her arms and exposing her chest to him.


"You are so beautiful." He said gazing at her lovingly.


Zoya watched his eyes darken with desire. He looked at her as if she was the most beautiful thing in the world. She propped herself up on one arm, curling the other hand around his neck urging his head down and raising herself up to brush her lips against his.  She lifted her other hand and put it around his neck, tugging him on top of her again. He hovered above her moving his kisses from her face down to her neck, between the valley of her breasts but avoiding the parts where she ached to be touched.


He tentatively brought his hand up to her breast and squeezed it. A loud moan escaped Zoya as Asad's mouth locked onto one of her nipples. Her back arched as she stared at the ceiling trying not to let her eyes roll to the back of her head.


Asad alternatively kissed, licked and bit her rapidly rising and falling breasts, amazed at the taste, the softness, and the feel of them in his hands. He curiously took her nipple in between his thumb and forefinger pinching and pulling it lightly causing Zoya's back to arch off the bed completely.


"Uhnnn, Asad, faster. " She whimpered grinding against him while locking her hands in his hair and pushing him closer.


"Nope, I want to take my time with you. I want to memorize every inch of your body." He whispered trailing his kisses back to her neck. "Do you know how have a beauty mark right here?" He asked kissing the spot right in between her boobs. Zoya nodded as he trailed kisses down her stomach.


She shivered when he kissed the spot right beneath her belly button. He backed away a little and traced around her belly button with his finger causing goosebumps to appear all over her body. He switched gears then moving to her right arm, he trailed open mouthed kisses from her wrist, over her scar and to her shoulder. And then down the other arm as Zoya shivered in anticipation. On and on he went, spending time on every part of her, observing every little scar, beauty mark and mole. Zoya had never before felt so noticed.


"Asaaad." Zoya moaned as she lifted off the bed and pulled his shirt off throwing it somewhere across the room.


It was now Asad's turn to shiver as Zoya's hand explored his upper body, the clean line of his back and his abs. She ran her hands over them, again and again. They felt even better than she had imagined, she wanted to roll him over and lick every indentation but he had other plans as he moved away.


She writhed in bed trying to create some friction to ease the throbbing she felt in between her legs. Zoya let out a loud moan as Asad removed her shorts and thong in one go. His long fingers strayed between her legs, making her ache in want. Zoya's eyes widened as she felt his slightly cold finger trace the lips of her womanhood. She grasped the sheets and let out a gasp as his finger felt around her wetness before sliding into her.


"Oh god...Aa-Asad." Zoya whimpered thrashing around as she felt his warm breath between her legs.


She let out a growl of frustration as he kissed her inner thigh. Asad smirked at her growl and moved to the other thigh, his finger still inside her


"Asad." She whined locking her hands in his hair guiding him to where she needed him. Asad kissed the lips of her core causing her to gasp and scream as she bucked her hips into his face. He gripped her hips to keep her still as he dragged his tongue from the bottom of her slit all the way to the top.


Due to her cries and moans, he moved his thumb to her c***, rubbing it, producing the largest scream he had ever heard out of Zoya. She writhed in bed as his fingers and tongue drove her crazy, finding all her secrets. Zoya let out a groan as he stopped his ministrations and pulled away.


She opened her eyes to yell at him when she noticed that he was standing trying to take of his pants. Zoya eyes drifted over his frame, inhibited by any barriers for the first time. She soaked up the sight of his body with awe, following that perfect V, she felt her heart pounding as she continued to stare, unable to tear her eyes from the smooth flesh between his muscular thighs.


One thing ran through her mind over and over again, how was it supposed to fit?


Asad smiled at her as he rolled on top of her again, kissing her lips. "It'll be fine." He whispered reassuring her as she waited for the oncoming discomfort.


"You have to relax." he soothed kissing her as her tense body loosened. She glanced down to see that he was settling between her thighs, leaning in to kiss her again. "I love you." He whispered against her lips.


He rubbed himself against her, sliding his length along her warmth causing Zoya's body to light on fire. He stilled and looked at Zoya making sure she was okay with it. She nodded and closed her eyes as she felt his tip nudging against her. She winced as he entered her.


"f**k...Zoya." He groaned. "You...feel so..." Zoya watched mesmerized, his head was thrown back, his face twisted in pleasure as his eyes bore into hers. He lowered his lips onto hers as thrust forward gently and broke her barrier.


He held still allowing her to adjust to him fighting the strong urge to move. Zoya waited as the initial sting started to fade and rotate her hips telling him he could move now. Zoya's back arched off the bed in pleasure as he slid back out and in again.


"Ohhh, Aaasad." She screamed at the feeling of him inside her.


"You feel so good." He groaned thrusting into her slowly as she met his every thrust. The room filled with moans and groans as Asad sped up.


Zoya felt incredible being this close to him, the fact that they were joined together as closely as two people could physically get made her smile as she pulled his head down to kiss him. She took his face between her and tangled their tongues passionately.


"Oh god, faster." She moaned against him wrapping her legs around him again.


Asad pulled out only to thrust in as hard as he could, hitting her very depths and making them both scream. Zoya screamed as his hips rocked against hers as she moved her hips in a circular motion.


Asad took one hand and trailed it down her body, running it across her c*** causing her to shriek and claw his back.


"A-Asad! f**k!" She screamed as she clenched around him. "Yes!"


 Asad had never heard her curse before and it was enough to send him over the edge with her, both of them crying in pleasure as they hit their release. Asad collapsed on top of her as she wrapped her arms around him, both of them breathing heavily.


"Are you all right?" Asad asked looking at her.


"Perfect." She smiled still dazed as Asad rolled over beside her and pulled her to him. Asad watched her as she rested her head on his chest. Her face was still shiny with sweat, her whole body glistening and a content smile on her face.


"Wow..." Zoya breathed against him. "I can't believe we waited that long to do that...that was..." She giggled.


"You should have seduced me earlier." Asad laughed.


"That is what I was trying to do!" Zoya said.


"By the way...that yoga thing, how do you do that stuff?" He asked rubbing circles into her waist as he hardened again.


Zoya giggled, "Again?"


"Again." Asad laughed. 


TADAAA! THE END! Now for some shameless advertisement, check out my fanfic here:

FF: Classified Love


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Posted: 2013-07-08T11:19:11Z
So hot
Plz cont soon
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Posted: 2013-07-08T11:21:09Z

OMG! This is way better than I expected! Its so hot. Love the whole article things, lmao, the sari thing! EPIC. Why do I feel like you've perfected that? ;) hahahahhaha. And bendy yoga, damn girl. I am sadly not that flexible, thats hot though! haha, Asad blubbering like an idiot and staring, awww. He's so sexually frustrated w. the cold showers. Wanna send me the next part in advance? PWEASE? 

I am going to read it again, because its that hot. Post the next part ASAP please!Big smile
Edited by kmh2lover - 2013-07-08T11:25:15Z
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Posted: 2013-07-08T11:26:35Z
DAMN woman! I think I'll use this when I'm married. Whether my husband is emotionally challenged or not LOL


The yoga, the food, OMG the sari! Finally putting those backless blouses to good use Wink. And of course the LINGERIE. That kiss was sooo good. You're just too good at descriptions, it's not even fair LOL

I don't understand Asad. He loves her. He knows she loves him. They're married. WHAT IS THE DEAL!? 

Looking forward to the second part. Embarrassed
Edited by mochhug - 2013-07-08T11:36:20Z
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Posted: 2013-07-08T11:33:03Z
OH. MY. GAAWWWDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was HAAWWTTT!!!!!!! *fanning myself wildly with my palm!!!*

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Posted: 2013-07-08T11:33:10Z
omg...that was awesome..
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Posted: 2013-07-08T11:35:09Z
Wink i think poor Asad will sleep in the fridge,cold showers are no useful! waiting for the next part
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