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Sab kuch is welcome juta chappal..tommato…par egg nehi ..doc ne maana ki hai ..abhi main egg kha nehi sakti …L

Starting with the precap scene-(not exact)

Ram is sitting at his big chair in  his study room.Priya came with a glass of water and medicine for RAM.

Priya:  Mr.Kapoor  ye medicine le lijiye…

Ram:  (RAM is very much angry and annoyed with Priya ) nehi lunga main

Priya: haaawww….Mr. Tablet Kapoor medicine lene k liye na bol rehe hai..ajib hai..(actually Priya tried to make the atmosphere light and cheer up RAM as she know about shoumya 's plan in deed its her plan to make a responsible Rishab towards his family)

RAM: after hearing her taunting RAM becomes wild enough and started to shouted on Priya again

Kaha na mujhe nehi chahiye ….ek  baat tumhe ek time me samajh nehi ati hai kya?tum jao yaaha se

Priya: was shocked about this unwanted outburst of ram towards her ..this time Priya speaks  very softly

Priya: Mr. Kapoor  ye medicine le lijiye warna aapki BP high ho jayega firse

This time RAM's anger is reached to the highesr  peak and said ..

Kaha na tum jao yeeha se..ok got it tum nehi jana chahte ho na main hi chala jata hu..and tried to move away

Now Priya is very much hurt and   tears r also started  to form in her kohled eyes..which is also seen by RAM..

But Priya said nothing   and kept the glass along the medicine on the table and went from there…

Now this is the time for self realization- 

RAM is totally engrossed in his own thought

He is thinking about his  activity with his wife

RAM: why I am doing this all time with Priya yaar

What the hell I am doing with her ..she is innocent totally..and  also very upset and tensed about the current situation she is also suffering  a lot..kartick uska chota bhai o bhi abhi thik nehi hai…Priya ki tabiyat bhi thik nehi hai..upar se Nutz bhi use vala buda sunati hai..aab Rishab

This time  he remembers the words by rishab flash back

"Ye bilkul aapki middle class samajh ki bahar hai ..phir bhi 7 saal me kuch bhi  sikh liye hote.."

These words are echoed in RAM's ear and he is very much angry on Rishab and as well as on himself

How dare rishab to say such type of cheap words about Priya ..she is my wife ,RAM Kapoor's wife..more over  badi bahu hai wo is kapoor khandan ki  .. jo rishab ko bilkul apni  chote bhai jaisa hi manti hai..again flash back hits in his mind  when one of his employee commented about Priya just same words  he tried to snatch his job..so now what happen to him his own family members disrespect Priya his love,life..Priya's disrespect means indirectly his.coz  he respects Priya, her every thought so how could he did the mistake how could he angry with Priya and  shouted on her..this time he felt ashamed with his own behavior  he is coming out from his study room and  start to climb up stairs to their room coz he is well known about that whenever Priya is unhappy she keep herself engrossed in their room with book..

RAM is just entering their room but stayed at the door as he is hearing his  Rockstar 's swt voice

And Priya is not engrossed with her book this time rather she is busy with their chatterbox..

So RAM stood there to listen the conversation of his two princess 

Pihu: mumma   aap sad kyun ho?mujhe bilkul bhi buda nehi lagi competition chodne k liye (though she was hurt but don't want to show it to her mother as  Priya is looking  very much sad ,after all RAM's gin  ;)  )

Priya: no baby mumma is not sad…main to proud feel kar rehi hu ki meri beti kitni samajhdar hai…ki wo mumma ki har bat samajhti hai..(in mind Peehu I am really sorry for u baby  ..u r pretend to be happy but I know u r very much hurt dear and I am the only reason for u..but I was also helpless dear but I must say u r  not only  brave we   will really feel proud about u  in future.)

Peehu : sachi na mumma ??????? isliye  jab Ayesha masi ne kaha ki aapko pasand nehi main koi bhi competion jitu

Ye baat mujhe sach nehi lagi..kyun ki aaphi hi ne mujhe skit completion me help ki thi na..

Tab to mujhe pata hi nehi thi ki GOLU uncle meri papa hai.. aur aap mujhe PAPA ki har ek habbit sikha rehi thi..

Priya  : thought for sometimes  and ask Peehu about the Ayesha and her nonsense words..

Peehu narrates her the whole convo

Priya   again feel restless and said peehu next time plz don't talk too much with Ayesha masi ok?

At the door RAM is in heaven after hearing about the skit competition…

Peehu: ok mumma abhi aap khush ho na  ….happy happy ho na

Priya: ha baby ..aap meri pass ho aur mumma sad ho aisa kabhi ho sakta hai kya?

Peehu: aur mumma chota baby bhi happy haina kyunki uska peehu di bhi happy happy  hai…

Priya : yes my princess chota baby bhi happy happy hai..

Hearing about chota baby..RAM came back to the reality and remembered that in deed today  is the best day for his life for their life as the baby inside Priya's tummy is started to kick  how could he forget about this one..so he just  waiting for more time when his chatter box goes to downstairs or outside their room ..as this time he wants to spend some lonely moments with priya and also try to make her happy..

Just at the moment

He hears peehu saying to her mother

Peehu: wo mumma main to bhul hi gayi…Rahul bhaiya ne mere liye chocolate cake laye the…main wo khane ja rehi hu  and dadi or badi dadi ko bhi share deni hai..aap k liye .papa k liye or chote baby k liye bhi to rakhna hai

And tried to jump from the bed

Priya  ok baby par jara dhire se jao nehi to gir jayogi…

Now Priya is smiling  for peehu's activity and said bilkul apni papa ki tarah hai..khane k bade me sochne  ki baat hui to or wait nehi kar sakti…

At that time ram enters their room and  asked her what did u say about me and my rockstar?

Priya:tried to avoid him

As RAM knew this type of  behavior is waiting for him from his hitler so it does not affect him more and as an expert of handling this situation he already cooking up something in his mind so ..very quietly he goes to their bed where Priya is half lied down with help of the headrest of the bed..

RAM:  keep his hand on Priya's stomach  and  very softly said baby aap sun sakte ho na meri baat ??

To suno : aj na papa bohut sad hai kyunki wo na mumma ko bina wajay daanta hai..

Par kya kare bolo…tumhe to pata hayna baby ki tumhare papa ki gusse bohut jyada hai..aur   gussa to wo use hi dikhate hai jo apne hota hai na?to mumma to papa ki aapne haina ,sabse aapne..she means the world to me..so wo gussa bhi to use hi dikhati hai…aur pyar bhi to usise hi karta hayna?

And looking at Priya from the corner of his eyes..

But still now Priya pretends to be angry but in heart she is no more angry as she know RAM's anger about the situation is perfect and as well as its her plan..and these words r really true coz she knows her man..he is genuine in heart.

Again RAM said to the baby : pata hai baby aaj na   bohut special day hai humare liye aap pehle baar kick kiya par abhi bhi maine wo mehsoos hi nehi kar paya..duniya ki sabse khubsurat chiz to mehsoos ki jati hai na…aur aapki ye pehla kick ye to mere liye sabse khub surat chiz hayna…again looking to his lady love and this time Priya can't pretend to be angry .she is melting by her man's innocence, his love towards his family towards her..so she is also looking at is husband

RAM can feel that jwala mukhi se chandramukhi ho rehi hai  uske Priya

But all of a sudden this time Priya feels a kick on her tummy and RAM also. 1st time when RAM felt it he withdraw his hand but when he understands exactly what happened before his joy has no bound now   and  again he keeps his hand on her tummy to feel it again and yes he feels it for the 2nd time and the happiness overflowed in him he kisses on her tummy ..

Priya taken aback of sudden kiss but she is also happy now and looking at  her love of life and his happiness.

RAM sat beside Priya and  take her hand and kisses on it

Said-I am sorry Priya…tumhe to pata hayna main aapni gussa control nehi kar pati hu…aur tumhi ho to jo mujhe handle kar sakti ho..

Priya: don't say anyting just a little drop of tears is fallen from her eyes as she is knew partially she is the reason to hurt her man…

RAM: don't cry Priya ..I am sorry ..really I am sorry …par tumhe kya hogayi thi tum aise chup chap kyun chali ayi….tum meri hitler ho na to ..mujhse gussa karke mere upar bhi to chilla sakte the…

Priya: this time the hitler comments makes her happy and cant control her smile too and  hits ram's arms slowly   and also   keeps her head on ram's broad chest..

Ram: embraced her in his arm from side and kisses her on her head..said

Ok jo hagaya hai  chod do use priya I m sorry again ..

Priya: nehi Mr.Kappr aap itne bar sorry kyun bol raha hai….its ok…main samajh sakti hu …aur aapka to hak banta hai na..kyunki  I  mean the world to u and u r my world…so no more sorry..

RAM: again catch her with side hug very tightly and said pata hai priya ye chote baby na cut to cut tumhari tara hone wala hai..

Priya :  (looking at RAM ),aapko kaise pata boy hoga?meri tarah matlab?

RAM:  ha ye paakka hai..this time boy and wo bhi tumhari tara ..kyunki dekho ..tumhare liye or tumhare nature therapy ki wajay se maine  tablet lena band kardiya ..

Aur aaj is chote shaitan ki wajay se mera gussa bhi khatam  aur BP bhi normal hai so  no more tablets..

PRiya : smiles with his innocent comments and again  rest her head at her fav place that  is RAM's chest to hear  the beautiful rhythm of his heart ..but rly him: par iska matlab to ye nehi na ki boy hi hoga  ..girl bhi to ho sakti hayna..

RAM:ok agar girl huyi to  next time boy k liye try karenge what say ???????and looking naughtily  and  Priya

Priya: hits him softly and said besharam kahika….












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sweet oneSmile
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Originally posted by shamavi

sweet oneSmile
 he he thank u 
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loved it
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Originally posted by tulshan1989

loved it
 thank u dear  Smile
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Sweet and lovely osEmbarrassed
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Originally posted by Ukppriyafan

Sweet and lovely osEmbarrassed

o thank u thank u I am not a writer yaar ..its my 4th os...but thank u for ur comments  
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it was sweet n nice update Smile
no one will throw tomato cos tomato prices are touching sky LOL
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